The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 235

Chapter 235 I Will Do You Justice

Chapter 235 I Will Do You Justice

Qin Haodong said, "I have a prescription that can cure leukemia. As long as the raw materials of the medicine adjusted, we can produce medicine in batches."

Lin Momo said with glowing eyes, "How about we cooperate? You invest technology and our Lins Group invests money to form a large pharmaceutical company."

As the head of Lins Group, she had long noticed that the Jade Industry-based business model was too single. She wanted to expand the field of investment. If a medicine that could cure leukemia thoroughly was developed, it would be a highly profitable business, so she was quite interested.

"Cooperate? No, I just want to set up a pharmaceutical company myself."

"Its not easy to build a large pharmaceutical company. First of all, the investment will be as high as billions of dollars. There are also factories, production lines, managers, sales channels and so on to consider. Are you ready for that?"

"Er Not yet."

Qin Haodong was not particularly good at business management. He only had an idea and a prescription.

Lin Momo said excitedly, "So, joint venture is the best choice. You take out the prescription, and the rest will be handed over to our Lins Group. This is absolutely a win-win situation of mutual benefit."

Qin Haodong looked at her and said, "Are you my woman or the president of Lins Group?"

Lin Momo embraced his neck and said in a coquettish voice, "No contradiction. Arent all the profits made by Lins Group ours?"

Qin Haodong thought about it. Now that Lin Momo was the only heir of Lins Group, he wouldnt reject the joint venture. He said, "Well, joint venture is OK, but I have to get 51% of the shares to be the major shareholder."

"Another point is that my purpose of setting up a pharmaceutical company is not to make profits, so the medicine should be sold at a fair price after it goes on market in Huaxia. The profit cannot be too high."

"Pricing is simple. The cost of traditional Chinese medicine is low. We can make profits by pricing properly. We will never be a black-hearted businessman," Lin Momo said. "And we can set different price in different channels. We sell the medicine to the people of Huaxia at a fair price and then sell them abroad at a high price. After all, leukemia patients are not unique to Huaxia."

"Is it really a good idea?"

Qin Haodong said hesitantly. From a doctors point of view, he did not want to treat patients differently.

"Why do you think its not a good idea? This is the practice of foreign pharmaceutical companies. Otherwise, why is it that Baikang Sting here is so expensive, and not only Wilson, but other pharmaceutical companies in Huaxia are selling medicines at 100 or even 1,000 times higher prices. Why cant we do the same?"

"Well, you are right. Lets do what you say."

Qin Haodong was not one-track minded, why should he return good for evil?

Lin Momo continued, "But the stock issue is a bit troublesome. According to market practice, if you only invest in technology, you should have 30% to 40% shares. The board of directors absolutely doesnt want you to be a major shareholder."

Qin Haodong said, "Being the major shareholder is my bottom line. First, you can find someone to calculate the funds you need to invest. In addition to technology, I can also invest a sum of money."

He knew the value of leukemia medicine very well. This medicine must be 100% controlled by him. Otherwise, it would be controlled by black-hearted businessmen. In a twinkling of an eye, it would become a means of earning money for them exploit the people of Huaxia. Therefore, it was necessary to be the major shareholder.

"Well, thats good." Said Lin Momo. "Today Ill let my team make an investment plan. Then well discuss the shares. Its imperative that you develop the prescription."

After the discussion, they embraced each other and fell asleep. The next day, Qin Haodong did not take the little fellow to the kindergarten. He took her to his villa and began to develop the prescription to cure leukemia.

As Emperor Green Wood, he had learned to extreme about the medicinal properties of herbs. After several experiments, he replaced the expensive medicinal materials of Blood Revival Elixir with several very common herbs. Although the effect of the refined elixir could not be compared with that of Blood Revival Elixir, it was enough to cure leukemia.

In order to facilitate the mass production, Qin Haodong transformed the elixir into liquid medicine. As long as the company got the original liquid which he refined, and then made a rough processing, the medicine could be listed and sold.

Since the form of the medicine had changed, it could no longer be called Blood Revival Elixir. Qin Haodong thought about it and named it Blood Revival Oral Liquid.

When everything was done, he took out the Nine-Dragon Furnace and began to refine medicine with the little fellow. Half an hour later, a pot of emerald-green Blood Revival Oral Liquid came out fresh. Qin Haodong tried its medicinal properties. He nodded satisfactorily and took out the glassware which had been prepared for a long time and put the medicine in.

Putting aside Blood Revival Oral Liquid, Qin Haodong and the little fellow did not stop and began to refine todays major medicine the Foundation Core and Spirit Strengthening Elixir.

With the Foundation Core, it was no longer difficult to develop from Overt Power to Covert Power. His men of the Divine Mercenaries and Daddy Security Company could easily break through the bottleneck of Overt Power and become masters of Covert Power.

Spirit Strengthening Elixir and Spirit Culturing Elixir had the same function of speeding the cultivation of warriors, but their efficacy was quite different. At the level of Covert Power, the effect of Spirit Culturing Elixir was worse, so Spirit Strengthening Elixir was suitable for masters of Covert Power.

Qin Haodong couldnt refine Spirit Strengthening Elixir until he was promoted. Now he could since he had reached the Foundation Realm.

After a busy day, they both walked out of the house together in the evening. Besides Blood Revival Oral Liquid, there was a lot of Foundation Core and Spirit Strengthening Elixir in the Storage Ring.

Qin Haodong drove with the little fellow to Liu Yages house. He wanted to cure Niuniu completely first, and then deliver Blood Revival Oral Liquid to those leukemia patients through Liu Yage.

When he came to the courtyard, he heard a child crying. It was Niunius voice, but he did not know why she cried so sadly.

He parked the car and took the little fellow into the yard. Niuniu, wearing a new pink skirt, was sitting on the ground crying. Liu Yage was not there. Yesterdays cripple was watching Niuniu. He looked sad and angry.

Qin Haodong asked in surprise, "Niuniu, what happened? Why are you crying?"

Seeing Qin Haodong, Niuniu immediately jumped over and embraced his thigh as if he were her relative, "Uncle Qin, my mother was taken away by bad people, you must save her, you must save her!"

Qin Haodong asked gloomily, "Dont worry, speak slowly, what happened?"

"Bad guys, bad guys, they came and took mom away"

After all, Niuniu was only five years old, and she could only give so much information.

The cripple beside him said, "Doctor Qin, Yage has been taken away by usurers. You must find ways to help her."

Qin Haodong asked, "Why did usurers take her away?"

The cripple said, "You dont know yet. This time Yage used usury money to buy Baikang Sting from Tianzhu. In recent years, in order to cure Niuniu, she had sold their houses. They had no money. This time, in order to buy the medicine, she took the risk of borrowing 300,000 yuan from usurers."

Qin Haodong said, "300,000 is not a big number. Didnt she take two million yuan from Huang Weili yesterday? Why didnt she pay back the money?"

"Its not that simple. Those usurers are vampires!" The cripple said indignantly, "Thats what Yage thought. In the morning, she took out 1.5 million yuan to buy a school district house for Niuniu, and bought several new clothes for Niuniu, leaving over 400,000 yuan for usury and future life."

"However, when the usurers came, they did not follow the agreement at all." "When Yage borrowed money, they said that they would lend 300,000 yuan, receive 100,000 yuan interest a month and 1.2 million yuan a year."

Now she had just borrowed the money less than a week, and 100,000 yuan was already a very high interest. However those people were not satisfied, they asked her to pay one-time interest for one year. They took her away when she didnt have so much money."

Qin Haodongs face grew more somber. Those people were not lending money, but robbing money.

He asked, "Do you know where Sister Liu was taken to?"

The cripple shook his head. "I dont know. They took her into the car and drove away."

"Who is the boss of them? Whats his name?"

The cripple said, "I dont know his name. Everyone called him Crown Prince. He is a famous hooligan. Nobody dares to provoke him."

"I had heard that the Crown Prince had long been interested in the beauty of Yage and proposed to keep her, but Yage refused him. I think he was taking the opportunity to get Yage."

"I see. Youre here to take care of Niuniu. Ill bring Sister Liu back later."

Qin Haodong was furious at this time. Liu Yage was a beautiful and kind woman, but God treated her unfairly. She met a jerk, and then her daughter suffered from leukemia. After so many years of hard work, she finally met him who could cure Niuniu.

He thought that they could live a happy life in this way, however in the blink of an eye she was kidnapped by gangsters. It was what people called "Beauties are often ill-fated". God was so unfair to her.

A cultivation artist should fight against God. Qin Haodong said in his heart, "Dont be afraid, Sister Liu! Since God is not fair, then I will do you justice!"

He took the little fellow back to the car and dialed Qi Waners phone, "Theres a very important thing, help me locate a telephone number."

Then he gave Qi Waner the phone number of Liu Yage.

"Wait for me for two minutes."

Qi Waner hadnt seen Qin Haodong for more than 10 days. But knowing that he had an urgent matter, she helped him deal with it immediately. Two minutes later, she called back, "The owner of this phone number is in the Night Eye Bar now!"

Qin Haodong drove straight to the Night Eye Bar, swearing in his heart, "Whether you are a real Crown Prince or a false Crown Prince, today I will let you pay the price for bullying such a kind woman!"

In a luxurious private room of the Night Eye Bar, a nasty young man was holding a glass of wine while gazing obscenely at Liu Yages sexy figure.

He was the owner of this bar, known as the Crown Prince of the underground world, Long Xiang.

"Beauty, this is a fine red wine. Would you like to have a drink with me?"

As he spoke, Long Xiang reached out and touched Liu Yages face.

"What are you doing, asshole?" Liu Yage pushed Long Xiangs pig hand away and said angrily, "I borrowed 300,000 yuan from you and gave you 100,000 yuan interest in just seven days. What do you want? Why did your men get me here?"

"Bitch, youd better be sensible. Do you think I really need that little money? I want you. Having longed for you for so long, I must have you today!"

Then Long Xiang slammed his glass to the ground and pounced on Liu Yage.