The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 236

Chapter 236 Night Eye Bar

Chapter 236 Night Eye Bar

Liu Yage was a woman soft outside but hard inside. Otherwise, she could not support her dilapidated home by herself. Seeing that Long Xiang was trying to rape her, she began to fight hard and slapped him severely.

"Bitch! How dare you beat me?"

Long Xiang wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and said with a grim look, "If I dont rape you today, Ill eat my hat. Have you forgotten what I do? Believe it or not, I could sell your sick daughter to Africa now. There are many rich people who have special hobbies there. Anyway, she already has leukemia. It doesnt matter if she gets AIDS."

"You dare!"

Although Liu Yage spoke toughly, she was terrified to the extreme. She was not afraid of death, but she was afraid that her daughter would suffer.

"Theres nothing in the world that I dare not do. From now on, you obey me, or youll have to go to Africa to pick up your daughter."

Then he pounced on Liu Yage with an obscene smile on his face. This time, Liu Yage completely lost the courage to resist. She held her fists tightly and shed tears of grievance. For the sake of her daughter, she could only endure all this.

When Long Xiang was complacently preparing to enjoy the beautiful woman in front of him, suddenly a yellow-haired gangster rushed in from outside.

"Crown Prince! We are in trouble now."

The yellow-haired gangster gasped.

Long Xiang lifted up his trousers and said angrily, "If you dont give me a proper reason, I will cut you off."

"Crown Prince, here comes the big boss!" Yelled the yellow-haired gangster.

"Big boss? What does he come for? Where is he now?"

Panic flashed through Long Xiangs eyes. He got dressed immediately.

"Hes already at the door, so Im anxious to let you know."

Long Xiang said to the yellow-haired gangster, "Keep an eye on this woman, dont let anyone find her, and dont let her run out."

Then he hurried out of the private room and headed for the bar lobby.

As soon as he went out, he saw a middle-aged man coming head-on, followed by more than 20 bodyguards in black.

"Sworn father, youre here. Why dont you call me first so I can pick you up?"

Long Xiang stepped forward with a smiling face. The middle-aged man opposite him was Long Haisheng, the underground leader of Jiangnan City.

Long Xiang smiled like a chrysanthemum, but he was very nervous inside. His sworn father entrusted half of the industry to him and had never intervened. Why did he come here suddenly? He had a bad feeling in his heart.

"Nothing important. I just come over and look around."

Then Long Haisheng went straight to the private room.

Today, besides the Bodyguard Captain Dafei, there was another young man beside him.

The man was barely 1.7 meters tall and his skin was dark. At first glance, you could see that he was not a person of Huaxia, but his muscles were like cast iron, his expression was fierce and unruly.

His name was Banier, a well-known Thai boxing champion, who was invited by Long Haisheng from Thailand after the last murder to strengthen his bodyguard team.

Long Xiang was shocked when he saw Long Haisheng rushing towards the private room. Liu Yage was locked up in it. If Long Haisheng found out what he had done, he had to kill him directly.

He hurried up and said, "Sworn father, there was a little problem with that room two days ago. Its being renovated. Lets go somewhere else for a rest."

Then he led Long Haisheng to a private room next door. Fortunately, Long Haisheng did not care about it and followed him into the room, which made Long Xiang feel a little relieved.

After Long Haisheng sat down on the sofa, Long Xiang rushed to bring him cigars, and then brought him tea with flattering hospitality.

Long Haisheng sucked on the cigarette and then said, "Hows our business recently?"

Long Xiang said, "The business is good. Everything is fine."

"Oh!" Long Haisheng glanced at him and said, "Bring me the books and let me have a look."


Long Xiang was shocked. He didnt expect Long Haisheng to come to check the account today.

He was a distant nephew of Long Haisheng. He had no other skills, but he was good at flattering. After Long Xiaobao got leukemia, he kept sucking up to Long Haisheng and recognized him as his sworn father, so that Long Haisheng handed over nearly half of his industry to him.

In the past few years, Long Haisheng only focused on the disease of Long Xiaobao. He seldom asked about the business and turned a blind eye to Long Xiang.

Because of this, Long Xiang relied on Long Haishengs favor and credited himself as Crown Prince. He not only did evil everywhere, but also embezzled Long Haisheng a lot of money. He never thought that his sworn father would suddenly come to check the accounts, which caught him off guard.

"Is there something wrong?" Long Haisheng looked at him and asked.

"No Nothing." Long Xiang said, "Its just that the accountant asked for leave today, so the books cant be taken out from the safe."

He still wished to muddle through.

"It doesnt matter. I have plenty of time today anyway. I can wait." Long Haisheng turned to Dafei and said, "Ask someone to pick up the accountant immediately."

Seeing that he couldnt meddle through, Long Xiang had to arrange a little gangster to take Long Haishengs bodyguard to pick up the accountant.

However, he was not too afraid. After all, Long Xiaobao, Long Haishengs son, was doomed to die. His godfather would depend on him in the future. Even if something fishy was found in the accounts, He would only be scolded at most.

He even imagined that the reason why Long Haisheng came to check his accounts was to better train him to be an heir.

In front of the Night Eye Bar, two tattooed gangsters were sitting on chairs to guard the door, beside which was a sign indicating the bar was closed.

First, it was not yet the peak time for business. Second, Long Haisheng had brought people to check the accounts, so Long Xiang arranged to close the bar for the moment.

Two little gangsters were smoking and chatting, and a little gangster with ear holes said, "Brother, you dont know, the woman we just brought back to Crown Prince was quite beautiful. Shes got a pretty face and nice curves. Shes really hot!"

"Ive been in society for so many years, and Ive never seen such a beautiful woman before. If I could sleep with her for one night, it would be worth dying for."

"Really?" Said the other gangster with tattoo on his arms. "Is she that beautiful? There are many beautiful girls in our bar. Cant any of them compare with that woman?"

The gangster, who had his ears pierced, said, "Yes! They are definitely not her rivals! This woman is stunning. Although she has a child, her figure is perfect, and her coquettish look makes people itch. Oh I just want to fling myself on her."

"You mean this woman had given birth to a child before?"

"Whats wrong with having a child? You dont know anything. Mature women are the best. Otherwise, how could Crown Prince pay so much effort to get her here! "

"Im moved by what you say. Maybe with the disposition as a playboy, Crown Prince will soon get tired of her, and then we can also have this woman!"

The two men couldnt help giving out obscene laughter together. Just then, a man with a little girl appeared in front of them.

Qin Haodong, a keen listener, heard the conversation clearly, and was furious. He grabbed the collar of the tattoo gangster and asked in a cool voice, "Where did you hide that woman?"

"Boy, do you want to die? Do you know where it is? This is Night Eye Bar, Crown Princes place! Let me go or tomorrow your whole family will be thrown into the river to feed the fish"

The tattoo gangster was ignorant. At this time, he even dared to intimidate Qin Haodong. Before he finished speaking, he flew out and smashed the glass door of the bar. His bones were broken and he was lying on the ground spitting blood.

After knocking down one of them, Qin Haodong reached out and grabbed the ear-hole gangster. He asked angrily, "I only asked you once, where did you hide the woman?"

Seeing his partners miserable appearance, he urinated with fear at once. He pointed to the upstairs and trembled and said, "Shes in in Upstairs, in Crown Princes room, please dont kill me"

Qin Haodong kicked him off and went into the Night Eye Bar. As soon as he entered the lobby, 40 or 50 little gangsters with knives surrounded them.

"Tang Tang, are you afraid?"

Qin Haodong asked the little fellow.

Her daughter was destined to be unusual in the future. The reason why he brought the little fellow today was to exercise her courage and vision.

"Im not afraid. These are bad people. If Papa agrees, I will burn them all."

The little fellow deserved to have the Suzaku Sacred Body. There was no sense of fear in her eyes. On the contrary, there was some excitement in her eyes.

Qin Haodong hastily said. "Your father can deal with these bad guys by himself. Dont use fire casually!"

He was nervous for a reason. If the little fellow really set fire here with the Eyes of Phoenix, it would be a big trouble. Maybe the surrounding buildings would be burned together.

The two of them were surrounded in the center, but they did not even take the gangsters in their eyes. The gangsters got angry and waved the knives in their hands and rushed over.

They could only bully ordinary people in daily life, but now they were confronted with a master of fifth level of Covert Power. Qin Haodong would not take them seriously.

Moreover, he was annoyed that these little bastards had done so many evil things that even the gentle and kind Liu Yage could not be let go. So he showed no mercy. With arms and legs broken, the gangsters flew out in screams.

Long Xiang was accompanying Long Haisheng cautiously. Suddenly, a pub gangster rushed in and said in frightening voice, "Crown Prince! We are in big trouble now!"

Long Xiangs face sank. The title Crown Prince was given by himself. This silly man called out it in front of Long Haisheng. Wasnt he making trouble for him?

He stared at the little gangster fiercely and said angrily, "Didnt you see that I was talking with my sworn father? Whats more important than my sworn father? Get out of here!"

The gangster was completely confused. He didnt realize the meaning of Long Xiangs words at all. He gasped and cried, "Crown Prince, something really happened. Somebody was smashing the bar!"

"What, someone dares to smash my bar?" Long Xiang was indeed surprised. His bar belonged to Long Haisheng. Nobody dared to make trouble here these years. How could the bar suddenly being smashed?

It also made him feel ashamed. He shouted angrily, "Where are our people? What do you get paid for? Didnt you chop off the guy that smashed the bar?"

The little gangster said, "Crown Prince, all of us went to fight him, but the man was so fierce that our brothers suffered heavy casualties. Im afraid hell rush in soon!"

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