The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 239

Chapter 239 Misdiagnosis?

Chapter 239 Misdiagnosis?

After leaving the Night Eye Bar, Qin Haodong first found a pharmacy, bought a large number of glass bottles and syringes and other utensils, and then returned to Liu Yage’s home.

The cripple and Niuniu kept their eyes on the door all the time. When they saw Liu Yage coming back, Niuniu immediately threw herself into her arms and both of them cried on each other’s shoulders.

“Well, don’t cry. Things have passed. ” Qin Haodong comforted Liu Yage and her daughter, and then said, “Look, what do I bring here?”

Then Qin Haodong took out the glass bottle filled with Blood Revival Oral Liquid.

Liu Yage wiped his tears, looked at the emerald green liquid in the glass bottle and asked, “Doctor Qin, what is this?”

“This is my newly developed Blood Revival Oral Liquid, which can cure leukemia thoroughly.”

Then he took two glasses, poured a little in each, and gave them to the cripple and Niuniu respectively, “Drink it, and you’ll be all right after you drink it.”

“Doctor Qin, is this true?”

Hearing that this medicine could cure leukemia thoroughly, the cripple trembled with excitement. Fortunately, the Blood Revival Oral Liquid in the cup was only about five milliliters, otherwise it would have to be spilled out.

Qin Haodong laughed and said, “You will know when you’ve taken it. Besides, I don’t charge you any money!”

If that was what others said, the cripple would scoff at it, because there was no effective treatment for leukemia at present. Since he had witnessed Qin Haodong’s magic medical skills yesterday, he now had full confidence in the young doctor.

The cripple raised his head and drank all the medicine in the glass, and Niuniu followed suit.

Niuniu’s disease had been cured by Qin Haodong for the most part. At this time, the Blood Revival Oral Liquid dealt with the internal cause of her disease, so she didn’t feel much difference.

The cripple was different. After five minutes of drinking the liquid, he began to feel feverish all over, as if he had drunk fresh soup. Every pore on his body could feel unspeakable comfort. His weakness disappeared, and the pallor of leukemia patients on his face was replaced by a ruddy color.

Qin Haodong took the pulse of Niuniu and the cripple respectively, and finally said, “You have recovered, and you will never have to take medicine again.”

“Thank you, Doctor Qin. Thank you so much.”

The cripple had never felt better since he got leukemia. He immediately knelt to kowtow to Qin Haodong.

“It’s nothing. That’s what I promised you.” Qin Haodong raised the cripple and said, “Helping people to the end, sending Buddha to the west. I’ll cure your legs as well.”

“My leg has been injured for more than 10 years. Can it be cured?” The cripple asked excitedly.

“It’s much easier than treating leukemia.”

Qin Haodong said, let the cripple lie in bed, and then took out the silver needles, using the Revival Acupuncture Method to repair the atrophied muscles of his leg due to injury.

10 minutes later, the cripple threw away his cane and walked happily on the ground.

“Doctor Qin, you are a Medical Sage. You deserve it. Thank you so much!”

The cripple was so excited that he burst into tears and wanted to kneel and kowtow to Qin Haodong again.

Qin Haodong stopped him and said, “You don’t have to kowtow to me. Now you go to the hospital for a test to see if the blood indexes are back to normal.”

“Okay, I’ll go!”

Although the cripple felt that he had recovered, he still had to prove it with the data. He flew out of Liu Yage’s yard and took a taxi to the hospital.

After the cripple left, Qin Haodong let the little fellow and Niuniu play in the yard. He took Liu Yage with him to extract the Blood Revival Oral Liquid by syringe and injected it into the glass bottle according to the standard of five milliliters per bottle.

“Sister Liu, you can contact your sick friends later and sell them these medicines!”

“OK, Doctor Qin, I thank you on behalf of my sick friends. They must be crazy to know the good news!” As Niuniu’s mother, she knew how painful it was for leukemia patients to live.

“Doctor Qin, how much are you going to sell for a bottle of this medicine? I’ll tell them in advance so that they can prepare the money.”

In Liu Yage’s view, the price of this one-time cure for leukemia couldn’t be low, so those patients with leukemia needed to prepare money in advance.

Qin Haodong looked at her with a smile and then stretched out two fingers.

Liu Yage was shocked. Qin Haodong asked Huang Weili for two million yuan the last time he stretched out two fingers. It was understandable that a one-off cure for leukemia could be sold for two million yuan, but the vast majority of those patients couldn’t afford it.

“Doctor Qin, isn’t two million yuan too expensive? Those patients who have been suffering from leukemia for so many years have gone bankrupt. I’m afraid they can’t taking out so much money.”

Qin Haodong laughed and said, “Who said two million yuan? Do you regard me as a black-hearted businessman?”

“Oh! 200,000 yuan is much easier. I’ll inform them immediately.”

Liu Yage breathed a sigh of relief, although 200,000 yuan was not a small number, but one-time medicine of leukemia absolutely worth the price.

“Sister Liu, you are still wrong, not 200,000 yuan.”

“Then how much is it?” Asked Liu Yage in surprise. If the medicine was sold for twenty thousand yuan per bottle, it would be cheaper than Beconstantine, which could only relieve symptoms for one month.

“Two yuan!” Qin Haodong said, shaking two fingers.

“Two yuan? Oh, my God, did I hear you correctly?” Liu Yage almost bit off her tongue.

“Yes, just two yuan.” Qin Haodong said with a laugh, “Yesterday I promised to treat you all. The materials of this medicine were all picked from the mountains. They cost nothing. The medicine is free of charge. I just need to take back the cost of the glass bottles.”

In Jiangnan Hospital, the cripple took the test results in his hand and jumped up excitedly. The test sheet in his hand clearly indicated that every blood index of him was normal, that was to say, his leukemia was completely cured.

“What’s the matter, buddy? Why are you so happy?”

A doctor in a white coat came over. He was Zhang Shaoping, the chief physician of the Hematology Department of Jiangnan Hospital. He diagnosed leukemia for the cripple in the past.

“Doctor Zhang, my leukemia has been cured, completely cured!” The cripple shouted excitedly. It attracted the eyes of countless people in the corridor of the hospital, but they all looked at him with pity, thinking that another sick man was mad.

Zhang Shaoping shook his head and said, “Since you have got sick, you should receive treatment positively. Don’t make yourself mad because of this.”

“Doctor Zhang, I’m not mad. I’m really cured.” The cripple waved the test sheet in his hand. “Look at the test results, every blood index of mine is normal. I’m really completely cured.”

But instead of handing the test sheet to Zhang Shaoping, he rushed out of the hospital to tell Qin Haodong the news.

“What happened? Did he really recover?”

Zhang Shaoping didn’t believe it, but the cripple really didn’t feel like a person with leukemia with his good condition.

With a trace of doubt, he went to the laboratory and turned on the computer. He opened the test record of the cripple. When he saw the data displayed on the computer, he immediately got shocked. The test results of the cripple were all normal, totally different from the results of previous tests.

He beckoned the nurse in charge of the blood test and said, “Little Wang, are you sure you didn’t make a mistake in drawing blood for this person?”

The little nurse said seriously, “Yes, he is also a regular patient in our hospital. How can I make a mistake?”

“That’s weird!” He printed out the whole medical record of the cripple and hurried to the office of the vice director of the hospital.

The vice-director Zhang Shaoan was Zhang Shaoping’s cousin. After entering the door, Zhang Shaoping said, “Brother, a strange thing happened today. A leukemia patient even said that he was cured.”

Zhang Shaoan laughed and said, “Shaoping, you are a hematologist in our hospital. Do you believe that? Leukemia is now an incurable disease. It can be alleviated to some extend by spending more money. It is impossible to cure it completely unless he meets a fairy.”

“That’s what I thought at first, but as you can see from his test results, he’s really cured.”

Then Zhang Shaoping laid out all the medical records of the cripple before Zhang Shaoan.

Zhang Shaoan looked at it carefully and the smile on his face slowly disappeared. Finally, he said with a serious look, “Are you sure the results of today’s test are correct?”

Zhang Shaoping said, “I’ve asked the nurse on duty. She’s sure she’s right.”

“We have to be prudent about this. I’ll confirm it again.” Zhang Shaoan said, opened the computer on his desk, and got the surveillance video of the blood test department to confirm that the blood was drawn from the cripple himself.

“That’s strange. Since there’s no problem in drawing blood, how did he recover from his illness?” Zhang Shaoan held his chin, thinking for a long time, and finally he said, “Shaoping. So far as this matter is concerned, we shall not mention it again in the future.”


Zhang Shaoping asked with amazement.

“Does it need to be asked? Leukemia is impossible to cure. Since there is no problem in the blood test today, it is that you misdiagnosed him at the beginning. He was not ill at all. If this matter is spread out, it will not only affect the reputation of our hospital, but also bring huge losses to you. So we must keep it secret.”

“I misdiagnosed him? It’s impossible.”

Zhang Shaoping said in dismay.

“If it wasn’t misdiagnosis, do you have other explanations? Even if you do, can anyone believe it?”

“Er… I will do as you say and keep it secret.”

Zhang Shaoping had nothing to say for a moment. It was true. If it was spread out, everyone would think that he had made misdiagnosis at the beginning. And it had been too long. He was not sure whether he had made mistakes at that time.

Qin Haodong and Liu Yage just finished distributing 100 bottles of liquid medicine.

The cripple rushed in from outside.

“Doctor Qin, look at me. I really have recovered!”

Then he handed the test sheet to Qin Haodong.


Qin Haodong took over the test sheet and only glanced at it. This result was within his expectation. His pulse-feeling was much more accurate than hospitals’ instrument. However, in order to convince more people, he still need the test sheet as a proof.

He told the cripple about selling Blood Revival Oral Liquid tomorrow, and then said, “Sister Liu may not be able to handle it alone. You come and help her tomorrow.”

“No problem.” The cripple happily agreed, and he said, “Doctor Qin, you offered to treat everybody free of charge. You really have the heart of Bodhisattva.”

Qin Haodong said, “Oh, there’s another thing. Although the medicine is free tomorrow, everyone has to hand in the test results and all the medical records after that.”

Liu Yage asked in puzzlement, “Doctor Qin, what do you want these things for?”

Qin Haodong said, “There are only one hundred bottles of this medicine. I can’t cure so many patients by myself, so I need to rely on the mass production of this medicine.”

“I want to set up a pharmaceutical company to produce this liquid medicine in batches.” “But mass production is conditional. The formula of this medicine should be approved by the Drug Administration, so I need the treatment data of 100 patients.”