The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 243

Chapter 243 Upgrade All The Staff Of The Company

Chapter 243 Upgrade All the Staff of the Company

After playing a trick on Zhu Hao, Qin Haodong took the little fellow directly to the Daddy Security Company.

After lunch, he let the little fellow play with Damao and Ermao on the training ground, and he started to upgrade all the company’s staff.

The order of upgrading was from high to low. Qi Waner reached the second level of Covert Power after taking the Big Spirit Culturing Elixir last time. Her level was the highest in the company. Next her were Nalan Wushuang, Zhang Tieniu, Chen Fugui, Yao Qianqian and six members of the Divine Mercenaries, who were stuck in the bottleneck of the ninth level of Overt Power.

Qin Haodong sent people to take place of Yao Qianqin, Chen Fugui and the Divine Mercenaries who were on duty. He concentrated all of them in underground warehouses and began to cultivation.

First, he let Qi Waner sit cross-legged and take a Spirit Strengthening Elixir.

Everyone was silent and their eyes were focused on Qi Waner’s delicate cheeks to see how effective the medicine was. Generally speaking, it was a huge threshold for her to upgrade level after she reached the Covert Power. She had just broken through, and it was very difficult to break through again.

But with Qin Haodong, the Medical Sage, they have a variety of high-level pills. Breakthroughs seemed to be very simple. After taking Spirit Strengthening Elixir for five minutes, Qi Waner’s breath began to climb gradually. After 20 minutes, she hit the top with a bang and made a breakthrough.

Qin Haodong nodded his head. It seemed that the effect was good. He asked Qi Waner to go to the side to consolidate the practice. Then he gave Nalan Wushuang and other people two pills, one Foundation Core and one Spirit Strengthening Elixir.

Half an hour later, Nalan Wushuang took the lead in breaking through, and then others broke the bottleneck of ninth level of Overt Power, reaching the level of Covert Power.

Qin Haodong was not satisfied with this, so he let them take an hour to consolidate the cultivation and take Spirit Strengthening Elixir again. Originally this kind of continuous breakthrough was extremely risky, but with Emperor Green Wood guarding beside, there was no possibility of failing.

In the process of breaking through, Zhang Tieniu appeared a little deviation, which was corrected by Qin Haodong soon. He redirected the chaotic Genuine Qi back to the right track.

Another hour later, all people reached the second level of Covert Power. From now on, Daddy Security Company had more than a dozen masters of Covert Power. It was more than all the masters of Covert Power in Jiangnan City.

When they were breaking through and upgrading on this side, Liu Yage’s courtyard was very lively at the moment, and it was full of hubbub of voices. The threshold was almost broken.

After Liu Yage and the lame man spread the news of Blood Revival Elixir in advance, more than thirty people came in the morning. These people either had last seen Qin Haodong’s magic medical skills or were pulled by them.

There were also many people who have received information but chosen not to trust. In their opinion, the complete cure of leukemia by Chinese medicine was a joke, and there was no such possibility at all.

Liu Yage announced the price and requirements of Blood Revival Oral Liquid to them, and began to officially sell drugs. The first one to buy it was Ma Sanbao, who witnessed the magic of Qin Haodong’s medical skills and the magic effect on lame man. So he believed most in the medicine created by Qin Haodong.

After paying two yuan for medicine and a deposit of 500 yuan, he took a bottle of Blood Revival Oral Liquid and drank it up. Others were not in a hurry to buy medicines, but wait to see the effect on Ma Sanbao.

Five minutes later, Ma Sanbao became more and more energetic. The whole person seemed to be 10 years younger, and his pale face was also rosy. Several obvious lumps on his body had disappeared.

He cried excitedly, “I’m all right, I’m really good. Let’s buy it quickly. The medicine developed by the Medical Sage is absolutely effective. Anyone who doesn’t believe the Medical Sage is a fool. I’ll go to the hospital to have a blood test now.”

After that, he ran out of the courtyard and headed for Jiangnan Hospital.

With his live advertisement, people in the yard couldn’t wait to start buying Blood Revival Oral Liquid. The total amount of it was only two yuan. They needn’t to afraid of being deceived or lose money. What they just feared was that would harm their bodies. Now when they saw energetic Ma Sanbao, they had no worries anymore.

Quickly, more and more people took Blood Revival Oral Liquid. These people couldn’t help crying excitedly. The original fever disappeared. The original lump disappeared. The original weak body became energetic. At this time, all of them rushed to the hospital for blood test. While they were on their way, they took their cell phones and called their own friends.

“Third Brother, come on, Blood Revival Oral Liquid is real. I just drank it. Now I feel so good. I’m going to the hospital to have a blood test.”

“Second Uncle, my blood test results come out. Guess what? All indicators have returned to normal, I’m all right! I am a healthy person now! Come on, or the Blood Revival Oral Liquid will be sold out soon.”

“Tiezi, Medical Sage’s medicine is really good. I not only drank it, but also had blood tests. All indicators have returned to normal. I’m all right! I tell you, the Blood Revival Oral Liquid only has one hundred copies, and so if you’re too late, you may miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!”

Under the propaganda of many real advertisements, a large number of patients with leukemia rushed to Liu Yage’s home. Fortunately, there were Ma Sanbao and other cured patients here to maintain order; otherwise it would really be chaotic!

In Wilson Pharmaceutical, General Manager’s Office, Huang Weili was pacing ceaselessly. He felt bad when he thought the loss of two million yuan. He secretly decided that he must find ways to make this money back.

Just then, a shaved little gangster ran in from outside.

“Boss, something’s wrong, something’s wrong!” The gangster gasped.

“Look at your disgraceful appearance. You’ve been following me for so long, haven’t you learned to calm down yet?” Huang Weili suddenly thought of something and said excitedly, “What’s up? Did you find where Liu Yage hid the goods?”

After he came back that day, he was not reconciled to it. He arranged for several little gangsters to watch Liu Yage’s house in turn. As long as they found out the clue, they would report it to him immediately.

“No, it’s not about goods!” The gangster’s breathing finally stabilized a little.

“So what’s the hell is it?” Huang Weili said with a disappointed face.

He now dreamed of finding out about Liu Yage’s goods and getting a bonus from the headquarters to make up for his loss of two million yuan.

“Boss, Liu Yage is selling medicine in her home.”

Huang Weili said angrily, “Is your brain sick? Just now, you said that there was no news about the goods, and now you say that she is selling medicine. Is there any medicine or not?”

“Boss, that’s not what I mean,” said the gangster. “Liu Yage sells a kind of Chinese medicine that can cure leukemia.”

Huang Weili looked at the gangster with disdain and said, “Did you drink too much? How can you talk nonsense? Leukemia is incurable all over the world. How can there be cured? Let alone traditional Chinese medicine. Chinese medicine can cure nothing!”

“It is real,” said the gangster hurriedly. “I heard that the medicine developed by the so-called Medical Sage can really cure leukemia.”

Huang Weili became more and more impatient and said, “The more you talked, the more energetic you are, right? You don’t have leukemia, how do you know it works?”

“Boss, I don’t have leukemia, but I saw it with my own eyes.” said the gangster. “Now there are many people with leukemia who buy medicine there. After they take it, they just like another person. And many people have got back the results of the blood tests. I heard that the indicators of the tests have returned to normal.”

“I pretended to be a leukemia patient and looked at several people’s test sheets. Indeed, all the indicators were normal.”

Hearing this, Huang Weili grabbed the collar of the gangster and said, “Are you sure you’re not kidding me?”

“Boss, how dare I lie to you? I know it’s very important, so I came back and reported it to you as soon as possible.”

Huang Weili cried with bloody eyes, “Did you really see those people’s test sheets?”

“Yes, it’s not only their test sheets, but also their previous medical records. It’s absolutely true. Liu Yage sells medicines in a special way. Everyone has to pay a deposit before buying medicines. When they get back the test results, they will hand in the medical records together with it and get back their deposits.”

“This is what I have seen with my own eyes. Those people are really healed!”

Huang Weili loosened the collar of the gangster and began to pace fast on the ground. His brain was working fast.

Everything in front of him was absolutely a golden opportunity which was hard to find in a thousand years. A Baikangsiding that could only inhibit leukemia had already sold at a high price. What a fortune it would be if he could get a formula that could cure leukemia. He could easily get 400 million yuan, let alone two million yuan.

I must get that medicinal liquid in my hands!

After making up his mind, he turned to the gangster and said, “Is Liu Yage still selling medicine now?”

“It’s still on sale, but it’s supposed to be sold out. I heard there are only 100 copies, and they won’t be sold out any more.”

Huang Weili took out a bank card and said, “Take this card with you and buy one back for me, no matter how much it costs.”

The gangster said, “Boss, we can’t buy their medicine, or I’ll bring you one back.”

“How much is it? I have one million yuan in this card. Isn’t it enough to buy one?”

Huang Weili asked. In his opinion, this kind of medicine which could cure leukemia at one time absolutely had to be sold at a high price.

“It’s not a matter of money. Their medicine sells very cheaply. It’s two yuan for a bottle.”

“What, how much is it?” Huang Weili almost bit his tongue.

“Two yuan.” The little gangster stretched out two fingers and said.

“Are you sure you’re not kidding me?”

It was a little hard for Huang Weili to believe it. Boxed lunch was also 10 yuan for each one, so how could the amazing medicine like this sold at two yuan?

“Boss, it’s really two yuan. I see a lot of people buy it like that,” said the gangster with a grieving face.

Huang Weili said angrily, “Then you say it is hard to buy. Is your brain a pig brain? Why not bring a few copies back?”

“Boss, it’s not about money.” The little gangster said. “When they sell medicines, they require everyone to come up with their own medical record of leukemia, and they also require that the medicinal liquid should be drunk on the spot and not allowed to take it away.”

“That’s it!” Huang Weili thought for a moment and said, “Anyway, you’re going to get me a copy of that medicine. As long as you get one, I’ll reward you 20,000 yuan.”

Hearing the bonus of 20,000 yuan, the little gangster brightened his eyes, but then said with disappointment, “Boss, it is really impossible to buy it. I have no medical record of leukemia. They require buyer to drink it on the spot, and they are not allowed to bring it back, unless we rob it!”

“Then go and rob it! Anyway, you’ll get it back for me, or you’ll be fired!” Huang Weili said, “If you can’t do it alone, call a few more people. I don’t care what you do, but get a one medicinal liquid back for me.”

“Yes, boss. I’ll go now!”

The gangster left the general manager’s office, and then he called several colleagues and hurried to Liu Yage’s house.