The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 244

Chapter 244 Medicine Is Robbed

Chapter 244 Medicine Is Robbed

At Liu Yage’s home, Blood Revival Oral Liquid was sold like hot cakes in the morning. Because at the beginning, everyone was in a wait-and-see state, they just sold the Blood Revival Oral Liquid 30 or 40 bottles at the beginning.

But as more and more people got the blood test reports, the leukemia patients who got the news rushed to here. After noon, the whole courtyard had been filled up.

Fortunately, Ma Sanbao and the crippled man did not leave. They stayed with Liu Yage to maintain order, to collect deposits and to check medical records.

The quantity of Blood Revival Oral Liquid was limited. When one bottle was sold, there was no more replenishment. Soon, there was only the last bottle of the Blood Revival Oral Liquid.

At this time, a bald patient wearing a large mask came to Liu Yage. He gave Ma Sanbao a deposit of 500 yuan and two yuan of medicine money. Next he handed the medical record book to the lame man. Then he reached out to Liu Yage for medicine.

The lame man took the medical record book and thought it was the last one. He just wanted to finish his work. But suddenly he found out that it was wrong. The medical record was much newer than that of others. The date was obviously today, and the cause was a cold.

“No, this medical record is false!” The lame man shouted to Liu Yage, “Don’t give medicine to him, this man is a liar!”

Liu Yage had handed the medicine to the bald patient at this time. When she heard the lame man’s cry, she was a little stunned. She didn’t expect this situation.

Just then, the bald patient grabbed the glass bottle in her hand and turned his head and ran away. He was Huang Weili’s bald-headed gangster who was sent to grab the medicine. Fortunately, he caught up with the last one in time.

Only then did Liu Yage realize that this man came to grab the medicine. She hurriedly cried, “Grab him. That man robbed the last bottle of medicine.”

The patients in the courtyard were disappointed. When they heard Liu Yage’s cry, they got excited immediately. The last drug was stolen. It was probably their own as long as it was snatched back.

“Grab that bald man and grab the medicine back…”

In the loud roar, people rushed to the bareheaded gangster together. But the man was prepared. He rushed out of the yard under the cover of several of his partners and jumped on a motorcycle that was started and ran away.

The people in the courtyard shouted at the little gangster’s back, but there was no way.

Liu Yage’s medicines sold out completely. Some patients in the courtyard were happy that they had bought medicine. Some stood here and thumped their breasts. They regretted that they didn’t believe it at first. Although the medicine had been sold out, these people still gathered in the yard and did not want to disperse for a long time.

The crippled man sorted out the medical records and test sheets and handed them to the Liu Yage.

He sighed and said, “It’s a pity that a bottle of medicine has been stolen. Now there are only 99 medical records and tests results.”

Liu Yage said, “When Doctor Qin comes, I’ll explain to him. It shouldn’t have much influence. Plus your share, there are just 100 copies.”

Ma Sanbao scolded, “I don’t know where that bloke came from. It’s strange to grab drugs.”

Liu Yage said, “Although Doctor Qin only sells two yuan of one bottle, if he gets 200,000 yuan on the black market, it’s normal for people to think about it. It’s because I’m too careless, and I failed to Doctor Qin’s hope.”

At this time, her face showed a trace of guilt.

The lame man said, “It’s also my fault that I didn’t check his medical record in time, and it was too late to find out.”

Just as they were criticizing themselves, there was a noise outside the courtyard. Seven or eight journalists carrying their equipment came in and immediately surrounded Liu Yage in the middle when they learned that she was the host.

A reporter named Lu Haiyang happened to the hospital for blood test. He met a large number of patients who had been reexamined after leukemia was cured. When he learned that a drug could cure leukemia, his keen professional sense made him realize that it was heavyweight news.

So he did not care to see a doctor and immediately reported to the head of the newspaper office. Then with colleagues and interview equipment, they came here to interview. It was not only his newspaper office that found out the news here, but also journalists from several other news media.

“Miss Liu, I’d like to ask, are you just selling a drug that is claimed to cure leukemia?”

Liu Yage was a highly qualified graduate of Jiangnan Foreign Languages College. She had worked as a translator for many years. She was not unfamiliar with reporters, but also had strong sensitivity. She wondered whether Qin Haodong would like to be interviewed by reporters or expose Blood Revival Oral Liquid to the media. She hesitated to answer this question.

But the lame man did not have so many ideas. He was grateful after Qin Haodong cured him. When he saw journalists interviewing him, he immediately wanted to make Qin Haodong famous. He rushed to say, “Yes, we just sold 100 bottles of Blood Revival Oral Liquid, which were handed over to us by the Medical Sage.”

Seeing that the lame man said everything, Liu Yage could not stop him, so she could only let him go on.

Lu Haiyang continued to ask, “Sir, can this Blood Revival Oral Liquid really cure leukemia? Everyone knows that leukemia is an incurable disease. Would it be hype?”

Hearing someone questioning Qin Haodong, the lame man immediately became unhappy and calmly said, “Leukemia can’t be cured because you haven’t met the Medical Sage. If you met him early, it would be a piece of cake in the eyes of the Medical Sage.”

Then another reporter asked, “Who are you, sir? Why do you always speak for the Medical Sage? Who is this Medical Sage?”

“You’re still a journalist. How come you don’t even know the Medical Sage? Haven’t you seen the news that the Medical Sage cured old Maldini some time ago?” The lame man scorned the journalist for a moment and continued, “The Medical Sage is Doctor Qin. Although he is only in his 20s, his medical skills are absolutely unparalleled.”

“You asked why I speak for him, because my illness is cured by him. He not only cured my leukemia, but also cured my lame foot which was more than 10 years.”

From a professional point of view, journalists wanted news points and click-through rates. Then another journalist said, “This gentleman, I think what you said is too absurd. Is Medical Sage so magical? Would you be an actor he got?”

This question, which was similar to the agitation method, immediately aroused the lame man’s anger. He said angrily, “How can I be an actor? Today, Medical Sage sold 100 copies of Blood Revival Oral Liquid and cured 100 leukemia patients. Ask them if they are actors?”

“We’re not actors. Medical Sage is our savior. You are not allowed to insult him…”

“Doctor Qin is the best doctor in Huaxia. He is the Sage of Medicine with unparalleled medical skills…”

“Doctor Qin is a really good doctor, a benevolent doctor. Long live Doctor Qin…”

These cured patients were really grateful to Qin Haodong. He not only cured their leukemia, but also charged only two yuan for a medicine. For them, he was a living Bodhisattva who saved lives. For a moment, the cry of “Long lives Doctor Qin” was loud.

Meanwhile, the cameras in journalists’ hands crackled and captured the rare scene.

Near the end of work in Jiangnan Hospital, Zhang Shaoping, the chief physician of the hematology department, rushed into the office of vice director of the hospital Zhang Shaoan with a thick copies of medical records.

“Yesterday’s medical record is not my misdiagnosis. It is really someone can cure leukemia.” Zhang Shaoping excitedly said.

Zhang Shaoan said, “How can this be possible? Leukemia is an incurable disease, which is the consensus of the world. Even if one day it can be cured, the first case will not appear in our Jiangnan City, and it will inevitably appear in the World Medical Association of M Country.”

Zhang Shaoping said, “Brother, you’re wrong this time. Look what this is!”

Then he sent a stack of medical records to Zhang Shaoan.

Zhang Shaoan looked at the medical records in his hand, and his expression became more and more surprised. Finally, he said, “So many leukemia patients have been cured at once? Is this true? Can it be that the computer program is wrong?”

“Absolutely not!” Zhang Shaoping said, “First of all, I have seen all the patients in these cases. They are really in a good mental state. They are no different from normal people.”

“In addition, I have also inquired that not only our hospital has received so many cured patients with leukemia, but also other hospital such as the central hospital and the traditional Chinese medicine hospital have received many similar cases. They all suffered from leukemia in advance. Now they are cured once, so this is not the problem of our computer.”

“My God! Who is this man that cured so many leukemia patients at one time? Is it a world-renowned expert who came to our Jiangnan City?”

Zhang Shaoan raised his hand and clapped his head that was shocked and confused. He asked, “Have you ever known what is going on? How many leukemia patients have been cured? What expert did this?”

Zhang Shaoping said, “Brother, you are wrong again this time. I inquired about it. The doctor who cured these leukemia patients is a young Chinese medicine practitioner in his 20s. His name is Qin Haodong. He has just invented a new medicine called Blood Revival Oral Liquid. As long as the patients take this Blood Revival Oral Liquid, they will be cured immediately.”

“According to those patients, Qin Haodong only sold 100 copies of Blood Revival Oral Liquid today. All the patients who had taken this medicine recovered 100 percent. That is to say, this medicine has no risk and the cure rate is frightening.”

“Oh, my God, how could this be possible? How could this be possible?”

Zhang Shaoan was so shocked today. As an expert in Western medicine, he had not been optimistic about traditional Chinese medicine. But it was surprising today traditional Chinese medicine had taught him a lesson and magically developed an effective medicine to cure leukemia.

After calming down, he said, “Take your equipment with me to meet the director of the hospital.”

Zhang Shaoping did not respond for a while and asked in dismay, “Brother, is it necessary to report this to him?”

Zhang Shaoan said, “Are you silly? Don’t you see how important this matter is?”

“As long as the doctor named Qin Haodong can be invited to our hospital, or his formula can be bought for patent application, then our Jiangnan Hospital will develop. Only by treating leukemia patients, it can become the top hospital in the world.”

“Yes, I didn’t realize that!” Zhang Shaoping patted his head and said, “That’s why you can be a vice director, I can only be an attending doctor. I really don’t have a big picture in my head.”

After that, they hurried to the office of Director Wen Changjiang. After listening to their introduction, Director Wen Changjiang checked the stack of medical records and then made a sigh.

Zhang Shaoan was puzzled and asked, “Director, why do you sigh? I think this is a good opportunity. If Qin Haodong is invited to our hospital or the patent right of his formula is bought by us, our hospital will go forward several steps and become the first-class hospital in Huaxia and even the top hospital in the world.”

Wen Changjiang said, “You two don’t know yet. Qin Haodong was originally an intern in our hospital, but later I fired him.”