The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 245

Chapter 245 Repentant Wen Changjiang

Chapter 245 Repentant Wen Changjiang

“An intern? And he was fired?”

Zhang Shaoan and Zhang Shaoping opened their mouths in surprise. Unexpectedly, the excellent doctor who had been able to develop the magic medicine for leukemia had once been an intern at their hospital before he had been eventually fired by the director. How could such a rare genius have been fired?

Qin Haodong had not worked in their department during his internship, and the dismissal of a small intern would not have caused a great impact. Thus, they had not known this.

After Wen Changjiang sighed again, he gave a brief explanation of what had happened to Qin Haodong at Jiangnan Hospital. In the end, he said bitterly, “It’s all Ma Guoqiang’s fault. Otherwise, how could a medical genius like Qin Haodong have left our hospital?”

He was very repentant. If Qin Haodong had been in his hospital, it would have been easy to get the prescription.

Only then did the Zhang brothers realize why Ma Guoqiang, who had once been very popular, had lost his position as a chief physician.

Zhang Shaoan said, “Director, we are familiar with Qin Haodong. It has been a long time since he left. If we come and offer him a higher salary, he may come back.”

Zhang Shaoping said, “Yes, Director. Even if he doesn’t come back, we could also spend the money to buy the patent for the formula of his drug.”

Wen Changjiang said, “You are right. We should try our best to develop Jiangnan Hospital.”

Then, he took out his cell phone and began to dial Qin Haodong’s telephone number. When Qin Haodong’s operation had cured old Maldini’s tumors last time, he had realized that the future of this young man was limitless. He had gotten Qin Haodong’s telephone number From Pan Gaofeng, the Director of the Sanitary Bureau. It only came in handy now.

Unfortunately, after a long time, he was informed that the call could not be connected.

“What’s wrong, Director? Can’t it be connected?” Zhang Shaoan asked.

“It can’t be connected. Maybe he has turned his phone off.”

Wen Changjiang didn’t know that Qin Haodong was upgrading his staff and had put his phone in the Storage Ring.

Zhang Shaoping said, “Director, does he know that, after the birth of the Blood Revival Oral Liquid, many people will surely look for him? Is he hiding intentionally?”

“He could be.” Wen Changjiang thought for a moment before saying, “Qin Haodong is working with Lin’s Group now. Let’s go to Lin’s Group early tomorrow morning and talk with him face to face.”

At the same time, Jiangnan Central Hospital and Jiangnan Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital were also discussing the problem of the Blood Revival Oral Liquid urgently. They wanted to talk with Qin Haodong about the patent purchase as soon as possible, but none of them could find him.

In the evening, Qin Haodong walked out of the basement of the Daddy Security Company after helping Nalan Wushuang and the others with the upgrade. He didn’t know that he had caused a tremendous shock in Jiangnan City. He took out a large bag of Big Spirit Culturing Elixir and handed it to Zhang Tieniu. He asked him to distribute it to the employees of the company to further upgrade each security guard.

Zhang Tieniu sighed silently. He had really chosen the right boss. Any medicine that could be used to upgrade would sell at a high price. It could even set off a bloody disturbance, while Qin Haodong usually handed them out like beans.

Subsequently, Qin Haodong packed some Spirit Strengthening Elixirs and Big Spirit Culturing Elixirs and sent loyal, reliable people to take them to Ma Wenzhuo in Shanghai.

As soon as he had arranged this, Ma Wenzhuo called him.

As soon as he answered the phone, Qin Haodong said, “How are you, mate? Did you have a good time in Shanghai?”

“Of course. Who am I?” Ma Wenzhuo said excitedly, “Dong, I’m already at the second level of Covert Power. Am I strong enough? Have I suppressed Waner and become the first master of our company?”

He often said that he was the best master in the world, but he knew that this was only a joke. However, being the first master of Daddy Security Company had always been his ambition, so when he arrived in Shanghai, he practiced as often as he could. In combination with his Kirin Genius, he made rapid progress and reached the second level of Covert Power.

This guy was so excited that he had immediately called Qin Haodong to show off as soon as he had stabilized his cultivation.

Qin Haodong said, “Waner? She has just reached the third level of Covert Power.”

Ma Wenzhuo, who had just taken a sip of water, burst out with a puff and exclaimed, “What? How can this be possible? Are you kidding me?”

“It’s true. Wushuang, the Divine Mercenaries, Zhang Tieniu, and Chen Fugui just reached the first level of Covert Power, so you have to train hard. Otherwise, you’re likely to become the worst person in our company.”

Qin Haodong attacked Ma Wenzhuo without hesitation. He seemed to have seen the distorted face of his good brother.


Ma Wenzhuo was subdued. He had tried to show off his progress, but he unexpectedly had the slowest cultivation speed in the company now. However, he was still somewhat reluctant as he said, “What about you? How are you now? Anyway, am I better than you?”

Of course, he was not willing to be outdone. He wanted to score a goal back this way. When he had left last time, Qin Haodong had only been at the ninth level of Covert Power. Even if he has a fast cultivation speed, his speed will not exceed mine.

Qin Haodong smiled and said, “I am a little slow. I just reached the fifth level of Covert Power.”

After he finished speaking, the sound of a falling chair was heard over the phone.

Ma Wenzhuo, who had fallen really hard, got up from the ground, picked up his cell phone again and said, “What kind of monster are you? Did you take a rocket? How did you rise so fast?”

Qin Haodong said, “A new batch of medicine has just been refined. I have sent someone to take it to you. It is estimated that he will arrive tomorrow in the early morning. This medicine will at least enable you to upgrade by one level.”

Ma Wenzhuo knew why all the others had upgraded. It was not because they had better qualifications than him, but because they relied on Qin Haodong’s medicine. Thus, he said excitedly, “That’s great. You’re my good brother. If you surpass me, it’s alright. However, I can’t let Waner do that!”

“Keep on practicing. Stop playing with girls all the time, or you might become the worst in our company.”

“I’m so gifted that it would be impossible for me to be the worst. You are all waiting to be surpassed by me…”

The two men bickered for a while and then hung up.

After everything was done, Qin Haodong took his daughter and Damao and Ermao to Liu Yage’s home.

Upon seeing him, Liu Yage said guiltily, “Doctor Qin, I’m sorry. I haven’t done what you told me…”

“What’s wrong? Wasn’t the medicine put up for sale?” Qin Haodong asked in dismay. In his opinion, the effect of the Blood Revival Oral Liquid was amazing. It should sell very well.

“No, the medicine is selling well. Soon, it will be sold out. However, one of them has been stolen. I only have 99 of the recovered medical records in my hand.”

Liu Yage told him while giving the medical records that were in the file bag to Qin Haodong.

“Oh! It doesn’t matter. Losing one of these medicines isn’t a big deal!” Qin Haodong consoled Liu Yage. “How can anyone grab medicine? Do you know who did it?”

Liu Yage told Qin Haodong about the bald ruffian who had pretended to be a leukemia patient and stolen the Blood Revival Oral Liquid. Finally, she said, “I don’t know that man, but I later heard from other people that they had met him at Wilson Company. He was a ruffian working under Huang Weili.”

“Huang Weili? This guy moves fast.”

Qin Haodong smiled indifferently. Once the Blood Revival Oral Liquid was on the market, it would inevitably attract Wilson’s attention. He had expected this, even though it had happened fast.

Liu Yage said worriedly, “Doctor Qin, I guess Huang Weili didn’t have good intentions. The reason he sent people for the Blood Revival Oral Liquid is to study it. Wilson’s laboratory is very strong. If they discover the formula, you will lose a lot. You still need to take the time to apply for the patent.

An old classmate of mine is working in the patent office. Would you like me to contact him?”

Qin Haodong smiled confidently and said, “No, let them play with it. No one in the world can discover my formula.”

Any medicine made by Emperor Green Wood could not be cracked casually by others, even if their instruments were advanced. This was a joke.

“Oh! Then I can rest assured.”

Liu Yage breathed a sigh of relief. When she had learned that the stolen Blood Revival Oral Liquid might betray the formula, she had been really worried. Now, she was finally relieved.

After collecting the medical records, Qin Haodong asked, “Sister Liu, Niu Niu is cured. What are you going to do next?”

Liu Yage said, “I haven’t thought about it yet, but I’m going to take care of Niu Niu first. Then, I can find a job.”

Qin Haodong said, “I am about to set up a pharmaceutical company. Come and help me!”

Through his recent observation, he had appreciated Liu Yage very much. Even though this woman seemed weak, she was persistent. She was also educated, intelligent and capable of handling affairs. She would be the best assistant for Lin Momo if she was trained well.

“That’s great. Thank you, Doctor Qin!”

Liu Yage seemed surprised. She had been taking care of a sick girl at home for two years. As a result, her resume lacked working experience. It was very difficult for her to find a job.

“Well, that’s settled. You can arrange your affairs at home quickly. When I call you, you should get to work soon.”

Qin Haodong returned to Lin’s Villa with the 99 medical records.

Lin Momo was already done with work. Upon seeing Qin Haodong walk into their home, she said excitedly, “Today, the board of directors preliminarily agreed that as long as you can show evidence that the Blood Revival Oral Liquid can cure leukemia thoroughly, the company will agree to your proposal and give you 51% of the shares.”

“No problem, here’s the evidence.”

Qin Haodong handed over a hundred copies of the lame man’s medical record to Lin Momo.

“That’s great. When they see these, the board of directors will surely agree with you.”

Lin Momo spoke excitedly.

After this discussion, they went out to dinner together. Unfortunately, they did not know that they had made a big impact on the Internet.

In the era of new media, the speed of news was amazing. News leaked almost as soon as something happened. After interviewing the lame man in the afternoon, the reporters had immediately shared the material in their hands on the Internet. All of them had wanted to compete with their colleagues and break the news first.

“Medical Sage brought the leukemia patients back to life once again for the benefit of Huaxia…”

“Chinese medicine shines again. Leukemia patients can be completely cured. This is the world’s largest medical miracle…”

“The Blood Revival Oral Liquid has completely cured leukemia. Each dose only costs two yuan. The doctor’s benevolence warms people’s hearts…”

For some time, similar news dominated the headlines of various major media websites. Some patients who had been cured came out and said that they had been cured by the Blood Revival Oral Liquid. At the same time, they expressed their infinite worship and admiration for Medical Sage Qin Haodong. His photos were now available on various websites.

Soon, there were also voices of opposition. Various posts that questioned Qin Haodong’s falsification sprang up like mushrooms.