The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 246

Chapter 246 Luo's Group

Chapter 246 Luo’s Group

“Fallen Chinese medicine is so shameless that it fabricates false news about the cure of leukemia…”

“Leukemia cannot be overcome. Chinese medicine claims to have cured it, can you believe it? I don’t believe it anyway!”

“Young Chinese medicine doctor calls himself Medical Sage and spends money on the hype that he can cure leukemia. Where do we draw the line of humanity?”

When these posts came out, they immediately aroused strong opposition from the supporters of traditional Chinese medicine and the patients who had been cured by Qin Haodong. From the beginning, the two sides argued with each other before finally railing on the Internet.

Zhu Hao and his six naked bodyguards had been brought into the police station by the police. In the end, they used a lot of connections to get away. When they put on the clothes that their women had sent them and went home, it was already late at night.

“Little bastard, wait for me. I must teach you a lesson!”

Zhu Hao stepped into his home after cursing Qin Haodong 10,001 times. When he entered the living room, Zhu Baiwen, the director of the pharmacy administration, was sitting on the leather sofa and looking at his laptop.

Upon seeing Zhu Hao enter the door, Zhu Baiwen scolded him. “Where did you go? You’re not young anymore. Can you do anything right? Stop spending all day eating, drinking, gambling and playing around with women.”

Zhu Hao, who was full of anger, immediately said, “Why am I not doing anything right? You’ve made so much money! Who should you spend the money on except me? Besides, I’ve made money for you during all these years.”

Zhu Baiwen said angrily, “If I hadn’t, who would have given you money?”

Zhu Hao’s neck stiffened as he said, “So what? If I hadn’t been a middleman, would you have dared to collect the money they sent directly?”

“You…” Zhu Baiwen choked thanks to his son. Then, he pointed to his laptop and said, “Look at him. He is also in his 20s and he has developed a new medicine for leukemia. You are almost a 30-year-old man. What else can you do all day except spend money and cause trouble?”

Zhu Hao said indifferently, “How good can he be? Is he your son? I’m not going to help you until you retire.”

After he said that, he sat down next to Zhu Baiwen, grabbed an apple from the tea table and bit into it. Zhu Baiwen shook his head and continued to look through the website. He had no idea how to discipline his son.

Zhu Hao ate the apple and glanced at the computer screen indifferently. Suddenly, his face went numb and he exclaimed, “Don’t move. Let me have a look.”

He took the laptop from Zhu Baiwen and opened the last page. He suddenly saw a picture of Qin Haodong on it.

“Isn’t this the guy I met today?” Zhu Hao browsed through the content of the website again. It turned out that this was the man who had invented a new drug to cure leukemia, just like his father had said.

Zhu Baiwen asked, “What’s wrong? Do you know Qin Haodong? I’m telling you, this young man is amazing. If you know him well, you must be close to him. You will surely benefit from him in the future.”

“Sh*t!” Zhu Hao said angrily, “I hate him and I’ve been looking for him!”

Zhu Baiwen said, “He is the Medical Sage who can cure leukemia. What did he do to annoy you?”

“Sh*t,” Zhu Hao said, “Don’t think that I don’t understand. Leukemia is a terminal disease. Who can cure it? This must be false news. Didn’t you see all the people scolding him for the hype?”

Zhu Baiwen said, “Nonsense. I have checked with the hospital. Those patients have indeed been cured. All the indicators of the test have returned to normal. Don’t doubt others just because you can’t do it yourself.”

“Are you telling the truth?” Zhu Hao said with wide eyes.

“Of course I am. I don’t have time to joke with you!”

Zhu Hao said excitedly, “Old man, if we take the formula that can cure leukemia in our hands, we will make a fortune! When we get the money, we could go abroad. You wouldn’t have to worry about the money you have all day.”

Zhu Baiwen glared at him and said, “This formula is a treasure trough. If you can get it, of course, you will make a fortune. But why would he give you his research?”

“Don’t worry about it. I have a way. Tomorrow, I’ll go and find that guy. I’m sure he’ll hand in the formula obediently.”

In the past, depending on Zhu Baiwen’s power, Zhu Hao had blackmailed many people. Thus, in his opinion, it would not be difficult to get the leukemia formula from Qin Haodong.

Zhu Baiwen said, “Boy, I’m telling you. Do not do anything foolish. If something happens, you’ll get in trouble!”

Zhu Hao said confidently, “Don’t worry. I know what I should do. Nothing has happened for a long time.”

In a luxurious villa, a middle-aged man was sitting on the sofa with his eyes fixed on the computer screen in front of him.

When the door opened, a gloomy young man came in and told the middle-aged man, “Father, I have asked my friend at the hospital. The news is true. That guy really developed a Chinese medicine that can cure leukemia. It is called Blood Revival Oral Liquid.

A total of 99 bottles of Blood Revival Oral Liquid were sold today. All leukemia patients who took this medicine recovered after all the tests. They are all cured.”

The middle-aged man leaned his head on the sofa and said, “It’s amazing that someone has really developed a drug to cure leukemia thoroughly.”

He was Luo Jin, the owner of Luo’s Pharmaceutical Industry in Jiangnan City. The young man was his son, Luo Chengming.

They were also well-known figures in the Jiangnan pharmaceutical industry. Three years ago, they had led Luo’s Pharmaceutical Industry to successfully list in M Country, becoming the only listed pharmaceutical company in Jiangnan City. Their company was the leader of the industry.

Luo Chengming said, “We used to look down on traditional Chinese medicine, but I didn’t expect that it would give us such a big surprise. It can really cure leukemia by relying on some grass-root bark and rotten vegetable leaves.”

“It doesn’t matter if a cat is white or black. As long as it can catch mice, it is a good cat. Who cares if traditional Chinese medicine or Western medicine discovered the cure? As long as it can cure the disease and make us money, this Chinese medicine formula is a golden hen that can lay eggs.”

Luo Jin stood up from the sofa and said with shining eyes, “The formula of the Blood Revival Oral Liquid is in the hands of that little Chinese medicine doctor. As long as we can get it, Luo’s Pharmaceutical Industry will soar into the sky instantly in our hands.”

Luo Chengming said gloomily, “Father, should I take someone to tie him up now? If he is in our company, I believe he will give us the formula.”

“You should reconsider. Don’t think about fighting and killing all day long,” Luo Jin said, “Although Luo’s Group started out as a mafia gang, we are now all serious businessmen. Our company is run legally.

It was not easy for us to create a legitimate business. Now that we’ve finally become legitimate businessmen after all this trouble, we can’t go back. I don’t know how many eyes are staring at that little Chinese medicine practitioner. If you tie him up today, you’ll be caught by the Public Security Bureau tomorrow.”

Luo Chengming said, “What shall we do then?”

Luo Jin said, “Let’s follow the legal channel first. Tomorrow, you can go talk to that little Chinese medicine practitioner. You can either invest in him or buy the patent rights of the formula. Extraordinary means will only be considered as a last resort.”

“If we negotiate with him, what is our end game?”

Luo Jin said, “If a joint venture is made, we can allow him to invest in technology. The equity can be negotiated. We could even give him more than 50 percent.”

Luo Chengming answered eagerly. “Father, how can we do this? In any case, we need the absolute rights. Otherwise, the company will not be under our control in the future.”

“You aren’t thinking right.” Luo Jin waved his hand and said in a sophisticated manner, “As long as he cooperates with us, no matter how many shares he controls, the enterprise will be in our hands. He is a Chinese medicine practitioner who knows nothing about business. Can he manage the enterprise by himself?

Our priority right now is to get his formula. As long as we have the formula, he may have a sudden accident someday.”

When he said that, Luo Jin sneered. He used to be an underground warlord in Jiangnan City. He had done that years before Long Haisheng had entered the underground world. Although he had begun his own business later, it was still difficult for him to get rid of the Mafia mentality.

“I understand, father. You really think ahead!” Luo Chengming nodded repeatedly. Then, he said, “If he does not cooperate with us and asks for a one-time sale of the formula, what’s our floor price?”

“Two billion! If he’s willing to sell the formula, we can give him two billion yuan.”

“Two billion yuan? Isn’t that too much? How many female stars can he sleep with, how many luxury cars can he buy with that kind of money?” Luo Chengming said with a pained expression.

“You are still too short-sighted. You should think ahead about everything. As long as we get the formula of this medicine and advertise, just the rising prices of our group stock in the stock market will exceed that amount.”

“I know, father,” Luo Chengming said.

“Very well. Tomorrow you will go find Qin Haodong to negotiate. No matter how you cooperate, no matter how you use our power, you must get the formula.”

After discussing the details, Luo Chengming left the room.

Luo Jin poured himself a glass of red wine and took a gentle sip. His face was filled with uncontrollable excitement. It seemed that he had seen the hope of success.

He did not know that Luo Chengming had no intention of spending two billion yuan on the formula. In Luo Chengming’s opinion, since he could get the formula by using other means, why should he spend money on it? He could not spare such a large sum of money anyway.

In the Wilson Company Jiangnan Branch, a middle-aged fat man in a white coat stood in front of Huang Weili. He was Dr. Jiang Tao, the chief researcher of the company’s laboratory.

Huang Weili asked expectantly, “Dr. Jiang, I heard that the result of the test of that liquid has come out. So? Can you get the formula?”

Jiang Tao waved his hand as he spoke. “I don’t know what the use of the thing you gave me is, let alone what kind of formula you’re talking about. After a series of tests, I found nothing useful in it except plant fibers.”

At first, Huang Weili had not told Jiang Tao what he was testing to keep it a secret. However, he couldn’t keep it a secret anymore. Thus, he said, “Dr. Jiang, it’s a medicine that can cure leukemia. It’s called Blood Revival Oral Liquid. If we find its formula, the head office will reward us.”

“This green medicine, all of which is composed of plant fibers, can treat leukemia? Are you kidding?” Jiang Tao said scornfully, “Leukemia is an incurable disease. There is no possibility of finding a cure. Even if we could overcome this problem in the future, it would not be solved in Huaxia first.

Manager Huang, I’m busy. I hope you don’t disturb my work with such boring things again.”

Huang Weili said hurriedly, “Dr. Jiang, what I said is true. This medicine is effective. It has cured many leukemia patients.”

Jiang Tao sneered completely at his remarks. “Manager Huang, I’m really busy. I can’t waste any time on you.”

As soon as he said that, Jiang Tao turned back to the laboratory, leaving Huang Weili to stamp his feet in anger.