The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 255

Chapter 255 A Family Disaster

Chapter 255 A Family Disaster

Qin Haodong was amused. The guy was so interesting. He peeked on his badge and found three words on it; Zhang Lai-fu.

He smiled and replied, "The secret is to be handsome looking. Be handsome and theyll chase you."

"Well thats something hard to achieve. I was born this way and it wont change even if I want to. But please rest assured. Ill give you the 50% discount anyway."

Zhang Laifu had left a good impression on Qin Haodong. Qin Haodong waved his hand and sat in front of Qi Waner.

"What were you whispering?" Qi Waner asked curiously.

"Nothing, he asked me for your phone number."

"Did you give it to him?" Qi Waner asked.

"Of course, since he asked."

Qi Waner asked with dissatisfaction, "How can you give my phone number to another person so easily?"

Qin Haodong smiled and said, "I mean I gave him a number, but not yours."

"Youre just so full of it."

Qi Waner couldnt help giggling when she pictured how Zhang Laifu talked to Zhang Tieniu on the phone. She looked even shinier with the smile on her face. The men around them kept swallowing, looking at Qin Haodong with envy and hatred.

The seafood was soon served in big plates. The two ate it with beer, enjoying the view of the river.

A while later, the door was opened. Three men came in.

Riverside Tower was filled with guests at the moment. Other people would only pay attention to beauties, not men, but that time, the three men were different. One of them is from Huaxia, and the other two seemed like Japanese.

One of the Japanese was taller than the other, but 1.7 meters tops. He had a pigtail behind. The shorter one may have been 1.6 meters, with a handlebar on his lips, looking like rabbit droppings.

The Huaxia man was much taller. He was about 1.8 meters, but he kept bowing and smiling, so he looked even shorter than the two Japanese. The flattering appearance and his anointed hair reminded others of the traitors to China in World War II.

Qin Haodongs face slightly changed when he saw the three people. The two short Japanese were all warriors, but of low level. Maybe at the sixth level of the Overt Power, but not beyond that.

"Mr. Sato, Mr. Yagyuu. This is the most famous seafood restaurant in Jiangnan. How about eating here?"

The traitor hair said with a flattering face.

"Its fine. Lets make it here." Said Sato Junichi, the man with the beard.

"Thats good. Ill order a private room."

The traitor hair said as he turned to Zhang Laifu immediately. The guys face changed so soon, it seemed as if he had been practicing on it. He turned and straightened his back, looking quite arrogant.

"They are honored guests from Japan. Get them the best private room."

Zhang Laifu frowned. He didnt like them, as most people wouldnt. He felt even more disgusted by the traitor hair; however, he kept smiling vocationally and explained, "Sorry, sir. Weve run out of private rooms. You can take the tables outside if you want to have dinner."

"What, sitting on those tables?" The traitor acted like he was greatly insulted. He screamed, "Do you even know who they are? Theyre honored guests from Japan. How can they take those tables? Get us the best private room, now!"

Zhang Laifu said, "Im really sorry, sir. Weve run out of private rooms here. You may check other restaurants if you insist."

"What kind of waiter are you? Are you driving us out?" The traitor hair screamed, "Just empty one of those rooms. How can anyone be more important than our Japanese guests?"

Zhang Laifu said uprightly, "No, sir. We dont discriminate people here. We treat all our guests in the same way. You can wait in the waiting zone if you do have to use a private room."

"You punk, do you have any idea who youre talking to? You want to keep us waiting? I can get you fired!"

The traitor head wouldnt let it pass. At the same time, the pigtailed Japanese asked, "What was going on?"

His name was Yagyuu Genpachiro. He knew a little Huaxia language but he didnt know what the traitor hair and Zhang Laifu had been talking about.

The traitor head told him the basic situation in Japanese, mainly about running out of private rooms.

Yagyuu Genpachiro frowned and said, "Its fine. We wont argue with those low-level people. Well pick a random table."

Zhang Laifu seemed to have had understood what Yagyuu Genpachiro said. He turned wrathful, but he held the wrath back.

The traitor hair turned back and said, "Youre really lucky today that the two honored guests decided to forgive you. Arrange a table for us there, now."

Zhang Laifu remained silent. He led them to a table near Qin Haodongs, and helped them to sit.

When the three had sat down, the traitor head started to wipe the chair and the table. He ordered, then poured the wine and the tea. He was so busy and so happy. What a nice servant he was!

The guests around despised him so much because of his flattering traitor acts.

Qi Waner looked at the three people disdainfully. She said, "The Japanese are already enough of an eyesore, but the Huaxia man? Cant he act like a normal person instead of ingratiating others like a dog?"

Qin Haodong shook his head and looked reluctant. He said, "Thats my cousin."

It turned out that the traitor hair was Li Donghai, who had been kicked out by the Lin Group. He didnt work hard at school, and was addicted to Japanese porn. So he had studied further in Japanese, and could speak it fluently. That time he had taken the opportunity and was hired by Yagyuu Genpachiro as an interpreter.

Li Donghai cherished the opportunity very much, and tried his best to please Yagyuu Genpachiro and Sato Junichi. He wanted the two to take him to Japan, so he had been flattering them.

Given that idea, he had been sticking to the two people; therefore, he ignored Qin Haodong who had been sitting next to them.

Qi Waner asked in surprise, "Hes your cousin? How could that be?"

Qin Haodong sighed and briefly told her his relationship with Li Donghai.

Qin Waner listened to him and said, "Grandpa Li, what a nice person. Why would he have a grandson like that?"

Qin Haodong said, "Who knows? Grandpa would get ill if he saw how hes acting right now."

Qi Waner shook her head and said, "Thats a family disaster."

Li Donghai was serving the two guys so well. They ate seafood and drank happily. Soon they were slightly drunk.

Yagyuu Genpachiro watched the beautiful scenery on the river and said, "Huaxia is such a nice place, occupied by some pathetic people. It has to be owned by high class, like the Japanese."

Sato Junichi said with a nasty smile, "The men here are stupid, but the women are just fine. Well definitely have a try if we have the chance."

Yagyuu Genpachiro said, "My grandfather used to fight brave battles here. He killed over 100 people in Nanjing and was awarded a title. Its a pity that we were born in the wrong age, or we could be national heroes, just like him."

Sato Junichi said, "No worries. That day will come sooner or later. The Yagyuu family come here this time to challenge the Huaxia culture. If we beat them in culture, then soon we will be able to achieve a military occupation."

Yagyuu Genpachiro said, "The rich land shall be ours sooner or later. Lets drink a toast to our future."

The two Japanese raised their glasses. Li Donghai bowed and scraped with a flattering face, acting like he had no idea what they were talking about.

At the same time, an angry voice went over, "Youre not welcome here. Get out of here, now!"

Yagyuu Genpachiro looked at the direction where the voice came, only to see Zhang Laifu standing there with an angry face. He yelled in the Huaxia language, and then he repeated in Japanese.

The other guests didnt know what the two Japanese were gabbling, but they knew it couldnt be good, given Zhang Laifus angry look.

"You speak Japanese?" Sato Junichi asked in surprise.

"Save the crap. Now get out of the restaurant, get out of our country!"

Zhang Laifu spoke Japanese, fluently, and even more fluently than the traitor hair.

"You punk, have you lost your mind? Do you have any idea who youre talking to?"

Li Donghai stood up and wanted to impress his master, only to be slapped onto the ground by a wrathful Zhang Laifu.

"You bastard, you traitor. Have you no shame?" Zhang Laifu shouted furiously, "Whats got into your brain? Is it full of sh*t? They insulted our country and called us names. They want to invade our land and steal our women. Why can you still laugh?

"How can you be so shameless? Wheres your conscience?"

The guests didnt know what was going on until they heard what Zhang Laifu said. The two Japanese turned to be swearing against the Huaxia people. The guests could no longer put up with it. They stood up and scolded the two Japanese and the traitor.

"You animal. Are you a Huaxia person or not? How dare you betray us?"

"Get out of here, you! Our country is no longer how it used to be. Its no place for you to act so arrogantly!"

"Get out of here! Youre not welcomed!"

The crowd turned furious. The scolding and yelling gathered and scared Li Donghai pale. He hid himself under the table and dared not to show himself.

"Enough, enough with the yelling!"

Said Sato Junichi. He spoke the Huaxia language better than Yagyuu Genpachiro. It sounded rough, but understandable.

"We were telling the truth! Your nation is a low-class one, and youre the sick man of East Asia. Anyone who has a problem with that can challenge me right now!"

The guy said it as he patted on the table in front of him. Crack! The wooden table collapsed into pieces. The soup and drinks on the table splashed on Li Donghais face.

Seeing the Japanese was a warrior, the voice of the crowd was lowered. Zhang Laifu yelled, "As the old Huaxia saying went, better to be killed than to be scared to death. Ill see how tough you can be!"

After that, he raised his fist and smashed it on Sato Junichis face.

However, Zhang Laifu was no more than a physically strong guy. He knew little about martial arts, or free combat, or Taekwondo. The punch of his carried little threat to Sato Junichi.

"Sick man of East Asia, how dare you challenge a Japanese warrior!"

Sato Junichi smiled scarily. He raised his hand and grabbed Zhang Laifus wrist. Crack. He snapped it into two.

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