The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 269

Chapter 269 Can You Be More Shameless?

Chapter 269 Can You Be More Shameless?

Although Lang Sanyuan was arrogant, he was very skilled in music. He had earned the position of the president of the Jiangnan Music Society thanks to his own musical achievements.

However, this was not helpful when it came to the dilemma he was facing. Yagyuu Shizukumo’s Killing Skill of Sound had nothing to do with the understanding of music, unless Lang Sanyuan could also use it.

This was completely separated from the scope of music, as it was not an exchange between Guqin, but an exchange between a warrior and ordinary people. It was a very shameless tactic.

This was Yagyuu Hirai’s back-up plan. He had originally thought that they would beat Huaxia’s competitors at the first three games and the Killing Skill of Sound would not be used at all. However, Qin Haodong had unexpectedly completely ruined their plan.

He had no alternative but to send Yagyuu Shizukumo, hoping that the Killing Skill of Sound could help them Nihon people save face.

Qin Haodong checked Li Mu’s pulse and discovered that his injury was not serious. His srvana had been disturbed by the Killing Skill of Sound. Qin Haodong injected Green Wood Genuine Qi into Li Mu’s body to help him recover.

Li Mu opened his eyes soon after his srvana returned to normal. He quickly stood up from the ground and said, “There’s something wrong with the Guqin of that Nihon guy. After listening to it, I felt like my head was going to blow up.”

As soon as he was finished, he heard Lang Sanyuan fall to the ground. His teacher Lang Sanyuan had only lasted a few seconds longer than Li Mu.

Immediately, another medical worker lifted Lang Sanyuan off the stage. This time, before Gao Fengwen could speak, Qin Haodong reached out and patted him on the chest several times, rescuing him with Green Wood Genuine Qi.

After getting up from the ground, Lang Sanyuan turned red. He looked at Qin Haodong and the others in shame and said, “I’m sorry, I’ve humiliated and shamed our country.”

Qin Haodong, who did not care about his earlier rudeness, said, “This has nothing to do with you. It’s not a fair game at all.”

Gao Fengwen asked, “Doctor Qin, what’s the matter? Why is everyone fainting upon listening to that song? We have no problem listening to it.”

The Killing Skill of Sound was not easy to explain. Thus, Qin Haodong said, “It’s very complicated. I’ll beat him anyway.”

After two successive victories, Yagyuu Shizukumo said proudly, “You’re all sick men. You still have one last chance. Who dares to come on the stage?”

“I’ll come!” Qin Haodong said loudly before he picked up the tea cup on the table and slowly stepped onto the stage and sat opposite Yagyuu Shizukumo.

“This damn bastard! Why is he here again?”

Yagyuu Hirai gnashed his teeth when he saw Qin Haodong.

Chiba Mieko said, “Don’t worry, the Killing Skill of Sound has been lost in Huaxia for many years. Even Yagyuu Shizukumo learned it only by chance. It is useless for him to come to the stage.”

Yagyuu Shizukumo looked at Qin Haodong with a sneer and said, “Boy, would you like to try my Guqin too?”

Qin Haodong picked up his cup and leisurely took a sip. Then, he said, “It’s wonderful to listen to music and drink tea. Let’s start!”

Yagyuu Shizukumo’s face changed, and he said grimly, “Boy, I will kill you today!”

As his fingers started playing the Guqin wildly, the music transformed from a gentle tune to a murderous one.

The sound of the Guqin came out in a hurry. It was like a powerful army sweeping away Qin Haodong with a cold murderous intention.

Yagyuu Hirai looked at the stage with a grim expression, hoping that Qin Haodong would die on the spot when he heard Yagyuu Shizukumo’s music.

Qin Haodong, however, seemed to be unaware of all this. He sat in a chair and lifted his legs leisurely. Then, he took the cup in his hand and took a sip.

The sound of drinking tea was not loud, yet it was like a sword piercing through Yagyuu Shizukumo’s music. The murderous intention disappeared instantly.

Yagyuu Shizukumo frowned. He had not expected that Qin Haodong would be able to break his Killing Skill of Sound. In his opinion, this was an unintentional move. When he played the Guqin again, the murderous intention appeared once more.

Qin Haodong laid the tea cup on the table in front of him while shaking his legs and whistling leisurely.

Everyone under the stage looked nervously at Qin Haodong, fearing that he would faint on the stage like Lang Sanyuan and his disciple had.

Unexpectedly, Qin Haodong not only remained in a good state, but he also blew his whistle leisurely. The tune he whistled was a famous tune in Huaxia that everyone was familiar with. It was about Zhu Bajie and his wife. This immediately caused the audience to burst into laughter.

The sound of Qin Haodong’s whistle was quiet, but each tone accurately disturbed Yagyuu Shizukumo’s music, making his breath unorderly. Yagyuu Shizukumo was so uncomfortable that he wanted to vomit blood.

If the Killing Skill of Sound was compared to ripples in water, every musical scale of Qin Haodong’s whistle was beneath those ripples. This not only suppressed Yagyuu Shizukumo’s scales, but also influenced the beats of Yagyuu Shizukumo’s heart in accordance with his rhythm.

“Damn, I met a master!”

Yagyuu Shizukumo was no longer foolish. He did not think that this was just a coincidence. Obviously, Qin Haodong was also proficient in the Killing Skill of Sound. Actually, Qin Haodong’s level was higher than his.

If this had not been a competition, he would have escaped immediately. Unfortunately, he was competing with Qin Haodong on the stage. If he lost the game, their team would lose four games in a row and he would surely be punished by the Yagyuu family.

As he tried his best to use the Killing Skill of Sound, Qin Haodong obviously used his power fully. While the notes of the two sides met each other, it was like a competition of Genuine Qi that was impossible to be stopped unilaterally.

If he stopped now, Qin Haodong’s Killing Skill of Sound would be unstoppable and he would get injured or even lose his life. His heart might even jump out of his mouth.

“I didn’t expect him to be so patient.” Qin Haodong sneered. Then, his whistle became louder. His scales were just like swords piercing Yagyuu Shizukumo.

Yagyuu Shizukumo, who was very weak to begin with, couldn’t resist anymore. He just puked a mouthful of blood on the Guqin in front of him. Then, he fell into a coma and collapsed on the ground.

The audience did not really understand what had happened. At first, two competitors had fainted. Now, Yagyuu Shizukumo, who had been playing the Guqin, had just puked blood. What was going on?

However, that was not important anymore. They knew that Qin Haodong had won the game again. This young man constantly surprised them, so everyone was glad to warmly applaud him.

“Doctor Qin is good! Doctor Qin is amazing! Long live Doctor Qin!”

“Doctor Qin, you are my idol. You are our country’s hero!”

“You lost this game. Get out of here!”

Chiba Mieko looked pale while hearing these overwhelming cries. She looked at Qin Haodong with glazed eyes, unable to say a word for a long time.

As soon as Yagyuu Hirai waved his hand, two warriors came to the stage and took Yagyuu Shizukumo away. He turned his head and told Chiba Mieko, “Miss Mieko, the last round of the competition is Huaxia medicine. It’s your turn.”

Chiba Mieko sighed heavily and said, “Mr. Yagyuu, let’s admit defeat. We have already lost four of the five games, and we will lose the last one. I can’t beat Qin Haodong at medicine.”

“No, this is not in line with the samurai spirit!” Yagyuu Hirai cried frantically with blood-red eyes. “Anyway, we’re going to win once. Otherwise, how will we go back with our heads held high?”

He was the young family master of the Yagyuu family and the leader of this team trip. If they really lost all five games, his name would be ignominious in his country and even his position as the young family master of the Yagyuu family might be lost.

Chiba Mieko cried, “But we tried last night. I can’t beat Qin Haodong at Huaxia medicine!”

“Miss Mieko, you can do it this way…”

Yagyuu Hirai whispered something to Chiba Mieko.

“Mr. Yagyuu, how can we do that?”

Chiba Mieko looked shocked.

“It’s alright. We must win one game, no matter what! Besides, this man will definitely become a big enemy of our country in the future. We can take this opportunity to kill him or at least maim him.”

Yagyuu Hirai said with a crazy look, “For our family, for our country. Don’t hesitate any more, Miss Mieko.”

Chiba Mieko thought for a moment and finally said with a determined look, “Well, I’ll do as you say.”

On Huaxia’s side, Gao Fengwen and the others were cheerful. They were ready to celebrate this success, which was a great victory of this day.

Lang Sanyuan thanked Qin Haodong before bowing his head and apologizing. “Doctor Qin, please forgive me for being rude to you.”

He had been completely convinced by Qin Haodong’s ability and character now.

Qin Haodong waved his hand and said indifferently, “Forget it. Let’s make every effort to prepare for the next game.”

Suddenly, Qian Duoduo shouted on the stage, “Next, we will have the last game. Please come on the stage.”

Gao Fengwen said, “Doctor Qin, let me try participating in this game. If I fail, you can do it.”

Qin Haodong smiled and nodded. He didn’t want to be too arresting. Besides, Gao Fengwen should be able to win this competition given his medical skills. After all, Huaxia medicine was Huaxia’s medicine, and a lean camel was bigger than a horse.

“Mr. Gao, I’ll be your assistant!”

Qin Haodong went on the stage with Gao Fengwen. However, he stood behind Gao fengwen and did not get on the stage as the representative of Huaxia.

The only person who came to the stage from the Nihon’s side was Chiba Mieko. She had changed out of her kimono and worn a Nihon samurai suit. A long knife was hanging by her waist.

Qin Haodong frowned slightly. He didn’t think that Chiba Mieko was here to have a medical skill competition, but a martial arts competition.

When they got on the stage, Gao Fengwen said excitedly, “Miss Chiba, what do you want to compete against me at? I will accept any challenge, including acupuncture, massage, bone-setting, cupping or decoction.”

“I will not compete with you at any of those things!” Chiba Mieko drew her knife and said, “I want to challenge you to a martial arts contest.”

Upon hearing this, Gao Fengwen said in confusion, “Miss Chiba, what did you say? We will have a traditional Huaxia medicine competition during this round. Why did you mention martial arts?”

Qian Duoduo said angrily, “Is there a mistake? Clearly, this is a cultural exchange competition. As we agreed before, this game should be a traditional Huaxia medicine competition. How can you suddenly change it to a martial arts competition?

If you want to do that, you can go to Shaolin Temple and Wudang Mountain in our country and get beaten. How can you have a martial arts competition with a traditional Huaxia medicine practitioner? Can you be any more shameless?”

The spectators, who had not expected that she would do this either, all shouted.

“Go and challenge Wudao Mountain and Shaolin Temple! We are sure you will be beaten!”

“Why don’t you go to old people’s homes and challenge them to Huaxia martial arts so that your chances of winning will be greater?”

“You’re shameless! If you can’t win, just admit defeat…”