The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 272

Chapter 272 Yagyuu Shinji

Chapter 272 Yagyuu Shinji

Despite so many calculations and intrigues, he hadn’t expected to be deceived. Qin Haodong injured her internal organs directly with the Genuine Qi like stormy waves. His cultivation should be at least at the fifth grade of Covert Power.

Qin Haodong made a beautiful knife flower with the Thousand Blades and said playfully, “Can’t I hide my cultivation? You can do nothing about it!”

“Cunning man, I will kill you!”

With a roar, Yagyuu Hirai waved his knife and pounced on Qin Haodong again.

He was the God’s favored one in Japan, the successor of the Yagyuu family, and one of the top ten figures of the youngest generation. He had originally wanted to stabilize his status by taking this trip to China. Who knew that he would meet Qin Haodong and suffer a crushing defeat?

After losing five matches during the cultural exchange, he didn’t even have a pair of pants left. His dignity was lost. He had wanted to take revenge through this assassination, but Qin Haodong had seen through his tricks. He also had a much higher cultivation than him.

These successive defeats had made Hirai, who was an arrogant man, go mad. He wanted to die along with Qin Haodong.

However, this required both courage and ability. It was impossible for him to die with Qin Haodong.

Hirai had done his best, yet instead of hurting Qin Haodong, his arm had been chopped off by Qin Haodong. His knife fell to the ground and blood gushed from his broken arm.

The intense pain turned Hirai’s rage into panic. Upon looking at Qin Haodong’s blood-dripping Thousand Blades in his hand, he cried, “You have disabled Mieko and cut off my arm. The Yagyuu family will never let you go!”

“You dare to threaten me when death is upon you? I can handle your family’s retaliation. However, you will not see it, because you are going to meet the King of Hell!”

Qin Haodong was about to kill Hirai, but Hu Xiaoxian stopped him by saying, “Wait a minute, this guy is still useful to us.”

“What’s the use of such a good-for-nothing?” Qin Haodong said.

“He’s still the young master of the Yagyuu family, so he has something we can exploit. I’ll take him back for a few days and then bring him back to you.”

Qin Haodong retrieved his Thousand Blades and said, “Fine, do whatever you want.”

“Thank you for doing me this favor.” Hu Xiaoxian’s sexy figure clung to Qin Haodong as she kissed him heavily on the face.

Then, she whispered, “Was your happiness spoiled when you had to kill the Japanese woman? Don’t be sad. I’ll compensate you when I’m not busy!”

“Er… Never mind, you don’t have to compensate me!”

Ever since the moment Yagyuu Ai had appeared, Qin Haodong had sensed her murder intentions and raised his guard. How could he possibly have had a relationship with her?

“No, I’ll make it up to you,” Hu Xiaoxian said, “However, I’m going to ask you to stop this guy’s bleeding now, or he’ll die before we get there.”

“Where are you going to take him? To the capital?”

Qin Haodong hit several of Hirai’s acupoints. First, he blocked his practice, and then he helped him stop the bleeding on his shoulder.

“No. If he was the leader of the Yagyuu family, I’d take him back to the capital. However, an insignificant individual like him can be tackled by the Jiangnan Branch.”

Hu Xiaoxian grabbed Hirai’s other arm and walked straight out. Hirai, who weighed more than 100 kilograms, was like a floating chicken in her hand. It seemed as though he had no weight at all.

After she left, Qin Haodong disposed of Hirai’s left arm and Yagyuu Ai’s corpse with the Body Melting Powder and flushed them into the sewer.

At Jiangnan Airport, a private chartered plane was parked on the runway. The relevant facilities of the airport were ready, and the staff was about to take off.

The pale-faced Mieko and Yagyuu Jenna sat in the cabin. The two of them shared the same pain. They had both been destroyed by Qin Haodong.

A Secretary ran over to Mieko and said, “Miss Chiba, the airport has given us the last notice. If we don’t fly in ten minutes, we will miss today’s departure time. Then, we will only be able to go back to Nihon tomorrow.”

Although they took private chartered flights from Nihon, they had to obey the airport arrangements in order to use the airports and scheduled routes in China.

Mieko sighed and said, “Notify the airport that we’ll take off in five minutes.”

The Secretary said yes and went to contact the airport. Jenna Yagyuu said, “Miss Mieko, the family master hasn’t come back yet. Should we really go back?”

Mieko answered. “Yagyuu-kun made these arrangements before this assassination. If they don’t come back at the scheduled time, we will go directly back to Japan and ask the master for help.

It’s one hour later than the scheduled time. It seems that the assassination did not go smoothly. Yagyuu-kun must be in trouble.”

Jenna Yagyuu gritted her teeth and said, “Can’t the master kill that abominable man given his cultivation?”

Mieko did not say anything. She was not optimistic about the assassination. Qin Haodong’s strength was so amazing that it seemed that no one could see its limit. The Yagyuu family’s trip to China had been ruined by this person.

Howeve, after being disabled, she was full of hatred for Qin Haodong,. Thus, she had not stopped Hirai. Unfortunately, it seemed that the assassination had failed.

Five minutes later, their plane took off and headed straight for Nihon.

At the headquarters of the Yagyuu family in Japan, Mieko knelt on the ground. In front of her was a Nihon man in a kimono. Although he did not look tall, there was a kind of superior momentum in him. He was Yagyuu Shinji, the master of the Yagyuu family.

“Mieko, where is Yagyuu Hirai? Why can’t I see him? Is it because he failed and did not have the courage to face me?”

Communication technology was extremely developed, so Yagyuu Shinji had been informed about the failure and seen the whole video of the game.

Mieko talked about Hirai’s plan to assassinate Qin Haodong before she finally said, “Master, Yagyuu-kun hasn’t come back, so he must be in danger now. It’s all because I was disabled by Qin Haodong. Otherwise, I would probably have fought with him successfully.”

“Asshole! What a shame!”

Yagyuu Shinji smashed the tea table in front of him with a punch. Yagyuu Hirai was his favorite son. Otherwise, he would not have made him the heir. Now that his life was in danger, how could he not be annoyed?

However, he was the head of the family. Thus, he soon calmed down and said, “Mieko, you are not to blame. Qin Haodong is the culprit.”

Mieko said, “Master, you must find a way to get rid of this person. If you wait for him to become strong, he will cause great trouble for our country.”

“Go back to your teacher for recuperation!” Yagyuu Shinji said fiercely, “This man must die. No one has ever provoked us and managed to survive.”

“Master, it’s all up to you!”

Mieko stood up, bowed before Yagyuu Shinji, and then walked out of the room.

Yagyuu Shinji thought about it and told the attendant at the door, “Go get Yagyuu Waaka.”

Soon, a 30-year-old Nihon warrior appeared in front of Yagyuu Shinji. He was Yagyuu Waaka, one of the top ten ninjas of the Yagyuu family.

Nihon ninjas were also graded. Each Ninja had cherry blossom marks on his collar. A cherry blossom equaled a Chinese warrior between grade one and three of Covert Power, two cherry blossoms equaled grade four to six, and three cherry blossoms equaled grade seven to nine.

Yagyuu Waaka had three cherry blossoms on his collar, which represented grade seven of Covert Power.

Waaka bowed and asked, “Master, why did you ask to see me?”

Yagyuu Shinji briefly explained the situation and said, “Take some people to China immediately. You must try to rescue Hirai and kill that man.”

“Yes, I promise to complete this task.”

An hour later, hundreds of ninjas of the Yagyuu family flew to China.

The team that went to China was extremely large. It included a three-blossom ninja, two two-blossom ninjas, two three-blossom ninjas, 40 middle-level ninjas, and 50 lower-level ninjas. This was almost half of the strength of the Yagyuu family, which showed that Yagyuu Shinji was extremely angry.

Qin Haodong knew nothing about all this. After disposing of Ai Yagyuu’s body, he excitedly took the Upper-Level Spirit Stone out of the bronze head of the twelve zodiacs. The room was immediately filled with abundant spirit.

At present, the effect of a medium Spirit Stone on his cultivation was negligible. If he wanted to break through quickly, he could only rely on an Upper-Level Spirit Stone.

He held the Spirit Stone in his palm and began to practice. Due to the successful operation, the indoor spirit rushed to his body like sea waves and turned into Genuine Qi before flowing into his Dantian.

Time passed. It was not until the sun rose and the cock crowed that he woke up from his practice. He shook his head when he saw that the Spirit Stone had turned into powder. The higher the cultivation, the greater the demand for Spiritual Qi.

The last piece of Upper-Level Spirit Stone, which he shared with the little fellow and Hu Xiaoxian, directly upgraded him from grade nine of Overt Power to grade five of Covert Power. Although this piece of Upper-Level Spirit Stone was used by him alone, he only advanced to grade nine of Covert Power without touching the threshold of the master level.

It seemed that in order to make Golden Elixir and restore the Master rank, at least one more piece of Upper-Level Spirit Stone should be found.

He went to Lin’s Villa. The little fellow got up and they played for a while. Then, Lin Momo said, “Why did you leave the pharmacy issue to me? Where did you go yesterday?”

Qin Haodong laughed and said, “I don’t need to do anything. I have a capable wife. I can’t help you with this kind of thing.”

“You are so self-righteous when it comes to evading responsibility.” Although Lin Momo scowled, she was happy with what he’d said. Thus, she said with a happy expression, “I have good news. The factory has already been built.”

“That was really fast. Have you chosen the location?”

“Not only has the location been selected, but the factory has also been built,” Lin Momo said excitedly, “There is a Chinese medicine factory for sale. We weren’t involved in the pharmaceutical industry before, so we don’t know much about it. This factory has been on sale for two years and nobody has bought it.

In fact, the factory’s plant is very new, and the production line is straight. They just went bankrupt because of improper operation. If we take this enterprise into our hands, the Blood Revival Oral Liquid will be put into production immediately.”

Qin Haodong said excitedly, “Really? That’s very good. Our priority is to take advantage of time.”

After thinking about it, he asked again, “How much money will it take to get this pharmaceutical factory?”