The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 273

Chapter 273 Even Heroes Fall For Beauties

Chapter 273 Even Heroes Fall for Beauties

"We didnt spend much money. Only 500 million yuan, which is at least 300 million less than expected," Lin Momo said.

"Why is the price so low?" Qin Haodong was quite surprised.

"The competition between traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine is becoming fiercer and fiercer, so that traditional Chinese medicine factory went bankrupt," Lin Momo said, "Given the recession of the Chinese medicine industry, who would take over such a Chinese medicine factory? Thus, theyve been trying to sell it for two years in vain."

Qin Haodong sighed. This was good news as well as bad news for him. Fortunately, he could take over the pharmaceutical factory at a lower price and soon open Tangmen Traditional Chinese Medicine Company. The bad news was that the Chinese medicine industry was in a bad state. There was still a long way to go to revitalize it.

They took the little fellow to the kindergarten and then went to the Lin Group together.

Lin Momo said, "We have basically finished our preparations now. I am going to hold a press conference on the establishment of Tangmen Traditional Chinese Medicine Company tomorrow. Today, we need to contact the major media and do some promotional work."

Qin Haodong nodded and said, "The sooner, the better. We should immdiately build our pharmacy and put the medicine into production. The sooner the Blood Revival Oral Liquid enters the market, the more people will be saved. Otherwise, many patients will die of leukemia every day."

While they were talking about the construction of the factory, the car pulled up in front of the gate of Lin Group. As soon as they got out, a group of journalists surrounded them.

"Dr. Qin, I am a reporter from Jiangnan Metropolis Daily. I would like to ask why there is no follow-up information about the Blood Revival Oral Liquid. Is it because the treatment is not effective?"

"Dr. Qin, Im a reporter from Jiangnan TV station. Id like to interview you about the thorough treatment of leukemia with the Blood Revival Oral Liquid"

"Dr. Qin, Im a reporter from Jiangnan Gossip News Network. Id like to ask why you stopped making Blood Revival Oral Liquid after treating 100 patients. Is this hunger marketing? Do you want to sell it at a high price?"

Qin Haodong, who had not expected to meet so many reporters in the morning, said, "Dont worry, everyone. The Blood Revival Oral Liquid is very effective. I have decided to cooperate with Lin Group. I will produce this medicine in batches soon."

Before he had finished speaking, many reporters began to ask questions. Everyone was eager to raise their own questions.

Qin Haodong said, "Dont worry, I know you have many questions, but Lin Group has scheduled a press conference on the establishment of Tangmen Traditional Chinese Medicine Company at 9 oclock tomorrow morning. I will answer your questions on the spot. Please come tomorrow!"

Then, he waved his hand and several guards working for Saber came and escorted Lin Momo to the groups building. The reporters no longer bothered them, as they went back to prepare for the conference.

Wang Rubing had been in a very good mood in the past two days. After being driven away by Qin Haodong, Li Donghai had never come to harass her. However, when she came to work, her mobile phone rang. Li Donghai was calling.

She felt a headache when she saw his name on the screen of her phone. She was tired of Li Donghai already, but he was still her cousin. She could not completely blacklist him.

She reluctantly pressed the answer button and said in a cold voice, "Whats the matter?"

Li Donghais voice was heard over the phone. "Rubing, why are you so distant? Arent you happy to answer your cousins call?"

Wang Rubing didnt want to say an extra word to him. Thus, she said coldly, "Ill hang up if you have nothing important to say!"

"Dont hang up," Li Donghai said, "It was my fault the other day. I want to treat you to dinner tonight and apologize to you in person."

"Treat me to dinner? Do you want to borrow money from me again? Im telling you, you have borrowed all my money. I havent gotten this months salary yet."

Li Donghai said, "Why are you talking to me like that? Im rich now. If you lack money, you can ask me for it. Even tens of thousands of yuan would be no problem."

Wang Rubing was puzzled. She didnt know whether the rogue was telling the truth or not, but it wasnt important. Therefore, she said, "Its good that you have money now, but you dont need to invite me to dinner or apologize to me. You can just harass me less in the future."

Li Donghai hurriedly said, "No, Rubing, I sincerely apologize to you this time. You must accept my apology and invitation, or I will come to your home to wait for you."

Wang Rubing had no choice but to say, "Well, where do you want to have dinner?"

"Ive reserved Room 302 at Milan Restaurant. Ill be right there."

Then Li Donghai hung up excitedly.

Wang Rubing was somewhat baffled by Li Donghais behavior. She wondered why he had suddenly changed. Had he really turned over a new leaf?

She wanted to call Qin Haodong, but after taking out her mobile phone, she put it away again. Lately, Qin Haodong had been having too much trouble.

Besides, a dinner with Li Donghai was no big deal. He would borrow some more money from her at most.

While thinking of this, she drove straight to Milan Restaurant. When she entered Room 302, she didnt see Li Donghai. As she was about to call him, she suddenly felt someone covering her mouth from behind. Then, she lost consciousness.

Qin Haodong worked for a day and was just about to call Lin Momo when it was after hours. However, his cell phone suddenly rang in his pocket.

It was Qi Waner, who said weakly, "Haodong, come here. Im sick and very uncomfortable!"

"How could you possibly be sick?"

Qin Haodong was somewhat surprised. He knew very well how strong Qi Waner was. She had taken many elixirs and reached grade three of Covert Power. She would not get sick easily.

Qi Waner said discontentedly, "Whats wrong? Im human too. Why cant I get sick? Come and see me soon."

"Well, dont worry. Ill come now."

Qin Haodong hung up the phone and drove straight to Daddy Security Company.

Qi Waner had been living there, so Nalan Wushuang had arranged a two-bedroom suit for her. This suit was no different from an ordinary home.

When Qin Haodong walked through the door, Qi Waner was wearing a household dress with a flower pattern and an apron around her neck. She was serving food from the kitchen and bringing it to the dining table.

Upon seeing her bouncing around, Qin Haodong said sulkily, "Didnt you say you were sick?"

"Yes, Im really sick. If you dont believe me, you can check my pulse."

Qi Waner led Qin Haodong to the sofa and sat down. Then, she put her white hand in front of him.

Qin Haodong checked her pulse and quickly let go of her hand. "You are not sick at all. Even cows are not as strong as you are, so stop this joke."

"I am a beautiful woman, you vulgar man. How can I be compared to a cow?" Qi Waner sat down on Qin Haodongs leg and hugged his neck before she said with blushing cheeks, "Actually, Im really lovesick. Ive been alright since the moment you entered the room."

Even heroes fall for beauties. Qin Haodong felt the meaning of this sentence deeply at the moment. As he faced Qi Waner, his heart melted instantly.

Qi Waner kissed him gently on the cheek, jumped down from his leg, and pointed to the dishes on the table. "I cooked these dishes by myself. Why dont you have a try?" she asked.

When Qin Haodong took a look at the dishes on the table, his face turned black instantly. He had to admit that Waners cooking was terrible. The green vegetables were black and burned, and the chicken wings looked as green as if they were poisoned.

"Haodong, try them quickly. Ive been busy all afternoon," Qi Waner said eagerly.


Although Qin Haodong was immune to all kinds of poison, he was afraid of being killed by her dishes. How could he refuse without hurting Qi Waners feelings?

"Im not hungry, so Im not in a hurry to eat." Suddenly, he saw the computer on the dining table and said, "Why do you take it with you even when you eat?"

As a top hacker, Qi Waner couldnt live without a computer. After hearing Qin Haodongs words, she immediately shifted her attention and said, "Because I want to see you all the time!"

"See me?" Qin Haodong asked in surprise, "Can you see me with this?"

Qi Waner said, "Of course, the whole monitoring system in Jiangnan City is now under my control. Its easy to watch you."

Then, she pointed to the computer screen and said, "Look, I was just watching you get out of the Lin Group and get into the car Then, you went to our company "

Qi Waner skillfully operated the computer and showed all the recorded scenes to Qin Haodong.

Qin Haodong was deeply moved by her affection. However, what kind of privacy would he have if things went on like this?

Qi Waner did not know what he was thinking. She still operated the computer and looked affectionately at Qin Haodong through the security camera.

"Wait a minute."

Qin Haodongs expression suddenly changed before he told Qi Waner, "Move to the last scene as soon as possible!"

"Whats wrong?" Although Qi Waner was puzzled, she immediately returned to the last scene.

It was the video of Qin Haodongs car passing through the intersection of Milan Restaurant. While one was waiting for the signal light, the monitor could reach the corner of the parking lot.

Two young men were carrying a girl into a black car. The girl was Wang Rubing. Qin Haodong could tell with a glance that she was in a coma.

Qin Haodong suddenly had a bad feeling. He took out his mobile phone and dialed Wang Rubings phone. The voice stated that her phone had been turned off.

It was absolutely certain that Wang Rubing had been kidnapped. However, she was only a girl who had just started working. Why would anyone kidnap her? Was this related to him?

He forced himself to calm down and turned his eyes back to the surveillance screen.

The two men were wearing sunglasses and peaked caps. He couldnt see their faces at all. The upper right corner of the screen showed that this had been recorded an hour ago. Wang Rubing had been kidnapped for an entire hour.

"Why, what happened?" Qi Waner asked in surprise.

"My sister was kidnapped."

Qin Haodongs body was filled with murderous intent. Whoever had dared to kidnap Wang Rubing would have to pay the price.

Suddenly, his cell phone rang on the table. A strange number was calling.

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