The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 274

Chapter 274 The Most Powerful Strength

Chapter 274 The Most Powerful Strength

When Wang Rubing regained consciousness, she found herself in a narrow valley. A Nihon man in warrior armor was staring at her with a sword in his hand.

She wanted to speak out, but she realized that her mouth was taped and her body was firmly tied up.

Upon seeing Wang Rubing wake up, Yagyuu Waaka waved his hand. A few Nihon warriors came over and tore off the tape on her mouth.

Wang Rubing gasped and asked, "Who are you? Why did you bring me here?"

After all she had been through with Qin Haodong, she had grown much more mature mentally. Although she was slightly panicked, she was still rational. She wasnt making any irrational moves because she knew that, instead of helping her out, they might cause her more harm.

If these people had made so much effort to bring her here, she knew they wouldnt let go of her easily. She was just wondering what they were after.

"Miss Wang Rubing, youre beautiful."

Yagyuu Waaka spoke roughly the Celestial Empire language.

Wang Rubing did not respond. She was watching the man, so she knew he was up to something by kidnapping her here. His motive was obviously not to give her a compliment.

Liu Sheng and Ming said lightly, "Young lady, we heard that you had a brother named Qin Haodong."

Upon hearing that, Wang Rubing immediately realized why she had been kidnapped. It turned out that they were after Qin Haodong. However, she would rather get hurt than be the hostage the Nihon man used to threaten Qin Haodong.

She said, "I dont have a brother. I dont even have a friend with that name. I guess theres been a misunderstanding."

"Miss Wang Rubing, under the circumstances, denying the truth wont do you any good."

"Im not denying the truth. I dont know anyone named Qin Haodong."

"Miss Wang Rubing, you can rest assured that we will not harm you. Qin Haodong caught our young mater. Were taking you as a hostage to exchange you, but you have to do as we say. Otherwise, I might get too impulsive around a beauty like you."

Wang Rubing said, "I dont know what youre talking about. I dont know anyone named Qin Haodong. You should let me go now."

"We traveled thousands of miles from Nihon to the Celestial Empire just for this. Thats a mistake well never make." Yagyuu Waaka smiled. "Since you wont admit it, Ill introduce a man to you. Youll know soon that denying this wont do you any good."

After he said that, he waved his hand and a person popped out from behind the tree. It was Li Donghai.

"Mr. Yagyuu, what can I do for you?" Li Donghai asked with a flattering expression as he bowed.

"Miss Wang said that she doesnt know Qin Haodong. You can help her correct her statement."

"You can count on me, Mr. Yagyuu. The three of us grew up together. Im sure theres nothing wrong about that," said Li Donghai as he walked over to Wang Rubing. Then, he said, "Rubing, just admit it. You cant lie about this forever."

Wang Rubing now fully understood what was going on. Li Donghai had always been a running dog for the Nihon people. No wonder he had changed all of a sudden. He had taken her to the Milan Restaurant so that the Japanese could kidnap her.

"Li Donghai, you bastard. Im gonna kill you!"

Although she was firmly tied, she still yelled angrily.

"Rubing, whats all that rage for? Mr. Yagyuu said they wont do any harm to you. All they want is that bastard, Qin Haodong.

Mr. Yagyuu is a generous guy. Theyll pay you well if you work for them."

"You get away from me. You traitor, you bastard, you beast"

Wang Rubing was full of rage at the moment. She cursed at Li Donghai by using every word she knew.

Based on what Yagyuu Genpachiro had said, Yagyuu Waaka had contacted Liu Donghai as soon as he had arrived in the Celestial Empire.

He had offered 1 million as a reward and immediately bought Li Donghais full assistance, including his promise to kidnap Wang Rubing to threaten Qin Haodong. That had been his plan.

Her swearing made Li Donghai feel embarrassed. "How can you say that, Rubing? Were sister and brother. Youve got no blood bond with that gigolo boy," he said.

"Sister and brother? Yet you had me kidnapped?"

Wang Rubings angry eyes were glaring at him.

"How is this a kidnapping? Mr. Yagyuu promised he wouldnt do any harm to you, and hell pay you generously after this is done. How much do you earn by working now? Several grand? Just think about it. His money will support you for your whole life."

"Li Donghai, have you no brain? How can you believe him? Youll be lucky if you dont get killed!"

"I dont think so. Mr. Yagyuu promised me some serious money. Plus, hell take me back to Nihon. Ill be living there in the future."

Li Donghais facial expression made Wang Rubing lose any interest in talking him out of this. The guy had no dignity or brain.

Yagyuu Waaka said, "Miss Wang, my beauty. Do you have anything to say now? Wealth and nationality wont be a problem as long as you work with us."

When Wang Rubing turned back and refused to talk to the man. She was praying and hoping that Qin Haodong would not be fooled by these people.

Yagyuu Waaka said, "Miss Wang, looks like you dont want to work with us."

Wang Rubing looked at him coldly and said, "Save your crappy ideas. Li Donghai wants to be a traitor, but I dont!"

"Miss Wang, I admire your courage." Yagyuu Waaka sneered, "Whether you work with us or not wont make any major difference for our mission this time. Qin Haodong will have no choice but to die today."

Wang Rubing said, "In your dreams! Hell die after all of you die!"

"You dont believe me? Well see how Qin Haodong gets minced by me later."

As he spoke, Yagyuu Waaka waved his hand at the man beside him. A warrior handed him the phone.

Wang Rubing knew that the man was going to threaten Qin Haodong by using her. She wanted to rush over and grab the phone, but she was tied firmly so she couldnt take even one step further.

Qin Haodong glanced at the phone on the table. He instinctively felt that it had something to do with Wang Rubing. He took a deep breath and picked up the phone.

Meanwhile, Qi Waner held the laptop in her hand, her fingers clicking fast. She was trying to locate the call in the shortest time possible.

"Is that Qin Haodong?"

Yagyuu Waaka spoke in rough Celestial Empire language.

"Whos that? Did you kidnap my sister?"

"Smart. Since you already know, lets make a deal. You bring us the young master of the Yagyuu, and well give Miss Wang back to you. How does that sound?"

Qin Haodong said, "Any other options? You have to prove to me that youve got my sister."

Yagyuu Waaka put Wang Rubing on the phone and asked her, "Miss Wang? A word to your brother?"

Wang Rubing yelled by the phone, "Haodong! Just ignore them! They wouldnt dare do anything to me!"

Yagyuu Waaka took the phone back. He was very satisfied with what Wang Rubing had done. The more she yelled like that, the faster Qin Haodong would come over and help them.

He said on the phone, "How about that? You believe me now?"

"Lay one finger on her and youll wish you were never born."

Qin Haodong sounded extremely cold. What he hated most was being threatened, especially if someone used his relatives. Those people had really crossed a line.

However, Yagyuu Waaka seemed not to care about it at all. He smiled evilly and said, "Shes way too pretty, and you know Ive brought all my strongest friends this time. I can only guarantee her safety for one hour. Its hard to say what will happen after that.

Bring me the young master within one hour or risk her safety."

Qin Haodong said, "Give me your address. Ill take Yagyuu Hirai to you right away."

He had sentenced all of them to death. Anyone who dared to touch his family would bear the consequences.

"See you at the western suburbs of Jiangnan in one hour"

Yagyuu Waaka hung up the phone after he gave him the address. He squatted on his legs across Wang Rubing, knife in hand. As a jonin, he had to adjust to his best self before every war.

Qin Haodong hung up the phone and asked Qi Waner, "Did you locate him? Is this real?"

"Yes, I did. The place he called from matches Wang Rubings phone call. Thats a real address."

"Can you check out how many people they have? Are they powerful?"

Although he was filled with rage, Qin Haodong remained rational. One had to know themselves as well as the enemy. Otherwise, instead of saving Wang Rubing, he might get into big trouble.

Qi Waner checked on it again and got the result in two minutes. "Besides regular flights, a private jet flew from Nihon to the Celestial Empire this morning. That must be the flight those kidnappers were on."

"How many of them? And how strong?"

Qin Haodong was totally impressed by Qi Waner hacking abilities. Her assistance saved him lots of trouble.

"There were 96 people on the plane, but Im not sure about their cultivation or strength. Theyve prepared a long time for this, so they wont be kind to us. Well have to be careful."

"One hundred people! Theyve spent generously on this." Qin Haodong sneered. Now that they had dared to piss him off in the Celestial Empire, he would make them pay the price.

"Make an announcement immediately. Things are sinister now. Have someone replace the Divine Mercenaries. They are protecting Momo and I need them to join this mission."

Since he couldnt figure out the opponents strength, hed have to mobilize his strongest forces.

After Qi Waner left, Qin Haodong quickly called Hu Xiaoxian. He had to keep Yagyuu Hirai under his control, as the enemy had asked for a hostage exchange.

The phone was soon picked up. Hu Xiaoxian giggled and asked, "Little man, miss me already?"

Given the urgent situation, Qin Haodong said as fast as he could, "Nihon people kidnapped my sister. Send Yagyuu Hirai to Daddy Security Company in ten minutes. Ill need him for a hostage exchange!"

Hu Xiaoxian immediately became serious. "Take it easy. Ill be there in ten minutes!" he promised.

Qin Haodong hung up the phone. A siren was coming from the yard of Daddy Security Company. That was the No.1 Alert set up previously. This was the first time it had been put into use.

The members of Daddy Security Company were all experienced soldiers from special troops. They all gathered in the training court upon hearing the siren. In 30 seconds, a team of one hundred people had been assembled.

Nalan Wushuang rushed to the court and saw Qin Haodongs stern expression. "Whats going on?" she asked.