The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 275

Chapter 275 I Want Him To Die

Chapter 275 I Want Him to Die

Qin Haodong said, "The Yagyuus from Japan sent about one hundred people to the Celestial Empire and kidnapped my sister. Well have a serious fight with them today."

Nalan Wuxia processed this for a minute and said, "Do you need me to tell Wuxia about it and ask her to send someone from the special troops?"

"Not necessary, weve got enough people."

On one hand, Qin Haodong totally trusted his fellows. On the other hand, if the special troops didnt listen to him, they might hurt Wang Rubing.

Nalan Wushuang spoke no more. She knew how powerful the companys team could be. They had dozens of people in the Covert Power realm, and even those at the lowest level had reached the seventh level of the Covert Power. They were more powerful than any special troops in the Celestial Empire, except they had no guns.

Zhang Tieniu walked fast over to Qin Haodong and reported loudly, "Boss, the 100 members of Daddy Security Company are all here. On your call!"

Qin Haodong took two steps forward and said loudly, "Todays mission is different. One hour later, well be fighting with some intruders. This is not a security mission or a maneuver. Its an out-and-out win-or-die battle.

Its your call whether you take part or not. Id appreciate it if you joined in, but those who dont want to join can quit now. Fear not, youll still be members of this company.

Its your call. Those who want to join the fight today, stand on my right. Those who dont want to, stand on my left."

These members were all experienced veterans. When they heard about the fight with the intruders, they showed excitement about the battlefield instead of fear.

Within ten seconds, the whole team moved to Qin Haodongs left. No one was quitting.

"Great. I would like to thank you all!" When all the members decided to join the fight, Qin Haodong had Nalan Wushuang and Qi Waner allocate equipment to these people and called Zhang Tieniu and Chen Fugui over to discuss the operational plan.

They had both served as senior commanders, so they knew combat commands better than Qin Haodong.

Five minutes later, all members of Daddy Security Company were divided into two combat squads. Nalan Wushuang and Zhang Tie Niu would lead one squad from the east, and Qin Waner and Chen Fugui would lead the other from the left. They would be besieging their enemies. Theyd launch a general attack as soon as Qin Haodong saved the hostage. The overall goal was not to let go of any of the intruders.

Soon, all of them started marching, leaving Qin Haodong and a few people who stayed to take care of things. At the same time, two cars drove over fast. The first one trasferred the six people from the Divine Mercenaries, and Hu Xiaoxian was in the one behind it along with the badly-tortured Yagyuu Hirai.

"Boss, we are here!"

Saber went over to Qin Haodong with the other five people. He knew they would have a serious fight today. Therefore, he looked quite excited.

Qin Haodong waved his hand and told the six people to stand aside. Then, he pointed at Yagyuu Hirai and told Hu Xiaoxian, "You tortured him really badly. How can I use him for the exchange?"

The Nihon people would be furious once they saw how miserable Yagyuu Hirai was and they would take it all out on Wang Rubing, or even kill her.

"What can I do? The guy wouldnt say anything, so I had to come up with a way to make him crack." Hu Xiaoxian felt awkward while asking, "Arent you a doctor? Just treat him."

It was already too late to do anything. Qin Haodong looked at the Divine Mercenaries and told Saber, "Bring him and come with me."

After saying that, he walked into the medical room next to him. Li Jian carried Yagyuu Hirai and followed him.

In the narrow valley, a warrior approached Yagyuu Waaka. The man, who had two Sakuras on his collar, was a jonin named Yagyuu Yoshida.

"Sir, the time is drawing near. I wonder if the young man will dare to come!"

Yagyuu Waaka held the sword in his hand and said, "Yes, he will. According to the profile we have, that guy is quite proud. He will definitely come to rescue the woman."

Yagyuu Yoshita looked at Wang Rubing, his eyes looking erotic. Then, he said, "Sir, the woman is so beautiful. Do we really have to give her back?"

"Yoshida, dont forget our mission. No one gets to do anything to her before we get the young master back."

An intriguing smile formed at the corner of his mouth. "You can do whatever you want once the exchange is done. Weve got so many people. Theres no way we will let that young man go back. He has to die, and the woman will be the reward of our bravest warrior."

No wonder Yagyuu Waaka was so confident. Theyd brought one three-flowered ninja, two two-flowered ninjas, forty chunins, and 50 genins. Their lineup was so powerful that he couldnt see any possibility of defeat.

"Understood, sir. As the Celestial Empire saying goes, theyll be in our pocket as soon as they arrive."

When Yagyuu Yoshida was finished, the two of them laughed out loud. Wang Rubing glared at them. However, she was tied-up too tightly, so she couldnt do anything except curse the two mens relatives silently.

After they laughed, Yagyuu Waaka said, "Times up. Is everyone well-prepared?"

Yagyuu Yoshida answered. "Yes. Weve sent 50 genins to the outermost circle, 40 chunins to the middle, and 6 jonins to the core space. Weve got so much power that the young man will never be able to get away from here, no matter how powerful he is."

Wang Rubing felt desperate upon hearing this conversation. She knew her brother was powerful, but he had to face more than a hundred Nihon people now. No matter how powerful he was, he couldnt possibly fight more than a hundred people by himself.

Liu Shenghe Ming looked at Wang Rubing and said proudly, "Soon, youll watch your brother get split into two by our warriors."

They were so proud that they forgot that no one had said that Qin Haodong was fighting alone.

Meanwhile, Chen Fugui and Zhang Tie Niu had already surrounded the valley with their fellows.

All the members of Daddy Security Company had once been excellent soldiers. They had later become warriors, so their cultivation was at least at the seventh level of the Covert Power. The team was super powerful yet extremely swift. They moved without any sound.

They were the best mercenary group in Jiangnan City, so Nalan Wushuang had bought them the best equipment in the world to ensure excellent attacking capability, night vision, and wireless communication.

While Liu Shengjitian was arranging everything, he sent all the warriors into the center of the valley. Theyd kill Qin Haodong as soon as he returned Yagyuu Hirai. That was quite an aggressive formation.

The arrangement was convenient for Zhang Tie Niu and Chen Fugui. The two of them set an anti-besieging layer outside the formation. After everything was done, Zhang Tie Niu, Chen Fugui, Nalan Wushuang, and Qi Waner had a meeting in a cave.

Zhang Tieniu said, "I used an infrared scanner to scan the valley. There are 98 people in it, including Miss Wang Rubing. The other 97 people must be Nihon warriors."

Qi Waner said, "I just sneaked in and explored. Their circle was guarded firmly in the center, but it was loose on the outside. The warriors at the outer layer were the weakest ones. All of them were under the sixth level of the Overt Power. They took up nearly half of the total. The ones inclining toward the center had high cultivation levels. They were between the sixth and ninth level of the Overt Power.

At the center of the formation were a few warriors hitting the Covert Power realm. I didnt want to alert them, so I didnt approach them."

Nalan Wushuang said, "In general, we surpass them in terms of power. We can kill all of them. However, the tricky part is how to ensure the safety of Rubing at the same time."

Chen Fugui said, "Lets prepare and not act rashly. Well wait until Boss saves Miss Rubing, and then well attack with our full strength and kill all of them in one strike."

Zhang Tieniu said, "To maximize attack efficiency and minimize casualties, well optimize the arrangement. Weve got almost the same group scale as them, and well assign the task according to the ancient horse racing strategy.

Weve got about 50 people at the seventh and eighth level of the Overt Power. Ill have each of them pick a low-level Nihon warrior as a target. Well lead warriors above the ninth level and let them pick a middle-level warrior as a target.

That way, everyone will have a clear target and surpass their opponent in cultivation by an overwhelming difference. They will all kill their targets within a second.

As soon as the outer layer is cleared, the Covert-Power warriors in the center wont be much of a threat."

Nalan Wushuang nodded and agreed. "Good idea. Ill go get prepared right away. You watch out and hide well. Try not to alert them."

After this discussion, they immediately went back to make their fellows prepare and wait for Qin Haodong to come and launch the devastating strike.

As time went by, the appointed time was coming up and engines were roaring out of the valley. Two off-road vehicles stopped at the mouth of the valley. Qin Haodong and Hu Xiaoxian walked into the valley side by side. Behind them, the Divine Mercenaries were escorting Yagyuu Hirai.

Wang Rubing yelled out immediately upon seeing Qin Haodong, "Go away, Haodong! Theyve got so many people here! This is a trap. Theres no way you can save me!"

Li Donghai shouted hastily, "Stop yelling! Well all be screwed if he really runs away."

As soon as he said that, he reached out and covered Wang Rubings mouth. Wang Rubing bit hard on his hand and tore some flesh off. The wound looked bloody.

Li Donghai screamed and slammed Wang Rubings face. "You b*tch! How dare you bite me? Are you sick of living?"

Qin Haodong understood everything upon seeing Li Donghai. He realized that Li Donghai had sold out Wang Rubing and let the Nihon man hold her hostage to threaten him. When he saw Li Donghai hit Wang Rubing, he became as furious as he could ever be.

"Li Donghai, you dirty, obscene pig! Im gonna kill you!"

Li Donghai covered the wound on his hand and screamed arrogantly, "Qin Haodong! Stop being a poser when death is upon you! No one can piss off Mr. Yagyuu and get away with it. Well see if you will still be able to yell at me in the future."

He had heard the conversation between Yagyuu Waaka and Yagyuu Yoshida and thought Qin Haodong was already dead. That was why he was acting so arrogantly.

"Well see wholl end up miserable!" Qin Haodong turned back and looked at the enemies in front of him. "Whoevers in charge of this, come out!"

Yagyuu Waaka stepped forward and said, "Young man, youre courageous. Im Yagyuu Waaka, and I am a jonin. I am the director of the trip to the Celestial Empire this time."

Qin Haodong sneered, "Yagyuu Waaka, right? Is it okay for you to kill him?"

He said and pointed to Li Donghai.

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