The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 277

Chapter 277 Total Destruction

Chapter 277 Total Destruction

Yagyuu Ken glared at Yagyuu Waaka and looked at Qin Haodong.

It turned out that Yagyuu Shinji had felt restless after sending Yagyuu Waaka and the others to the Celestial Empire. Should anything happen to them, the Yagyuus’ position would suffer a disastrous demise. He had hesitated for a long time before deciding to send the Great Senior, Yagyuu Ken, to the Celestial Empire.

Yagyuu Ken, who was a proud man, thought Yagyuu Shinji was overreacting by sending him to the Celestial Empire to deal with a college boy. Thus, he hadn’t shown up. Instead, he had been protecting Yagyuu Waaka and the others secretly.

After arriving at the valley, he had been hiding in the tree. In his opinion, there was no doubt that Yagyuu Waaka and his fellows would win. Therefore, he had stayed still in the tree. That was why he hadn’t noticed Chen Fugui and Zhang Tieniu’s besiege.

It had never occurred to him that the situation would go bad so easily. In the blink of an eye, almost all the people sent by the Yagyuus had died. That was why he had jumped off the tree.

His main task during this trip to the Celestial Empire was to save Yagyuu Hirai. Now that almost everyone had died, he would feel too ashamed to go back to Yagyuu Shinji without saving Yagyuu Hirai.

Thus, he said coldly, “Let go of our young master now, or I’ll kill you all!”

Hu Xiaoxian yelled and argued, “That’s big talk! What if we don’t?”

“Then I’ll teach you a lesson!”

Yagyuu Ken turned stern and smashed his fist against Hu Xiaoxian. The punch seemed light and weak, but the skinny fist was exuding wind. This strong wind made everyone around retreat.

Hu Xiaoxian’s face changed sharply. She raised her hand and blocked the fist. The two fists collided and banged aloud. The echo traveled everywhere in the valley through the grassroots and the leaves.

Hu Xiaoxian flew backward for dozens of meters because of the strike. She had been making some progress cultivation-wise, yet she was only at the fifth level of the Covert Power. The old man was just half a step away from entering the Supreme Power Realm. She was four levels behind him.

Qin Haodong rushed to catch up with Hu Xiaoxian, who was falling fast. He tried to ease down her disorganized meridians. She was lucky that he had moved in time, or Hu Xiaoxian could’ve been puking blood by now.

Qin Haodong, who seemed to have detected how powerful Yagyuu Ken was, told everyone else, “Go back! Hurry up!”

Upon hearing his orders, Nalan Wushuang, Qi Wan’er, and the others took a few steps backward, staying dozens of meters away from Yagyuu Ken and his fellows.

Yagyuu Ken sneered, “What’s that for? Did you finally realize how powerful I am? Now, give the young master back to us, or you’ll all die miserably!”

Qin Haodong said, “Your cultivation level is high enough, but we’ve got way more people than you. If you’d like to perish along with us, the Yagyuu family will have to suffer the consequences too. I’m afraid you are the only one who can survive this.”

Yagyuu Waaka said, “Death is no horror for me. The warriors in our country cherish Bushido, the fearlessness to die.”

Yagyuu Ken said coldly, “Young man, give our young master to us now. I’m too old to slaughter people.”

Qin Haodong hesitated for a bit and turned back to Saber. Then, he said, “Bring him here.”

Saber went back to the off-road vehicle with the others and dragged a man out of the trunk. This time, it was the real Yagyuu Hirai.

Yagyuu Hirai, who was covered in wounds, looked dispirited. This was the most miserable time of his life. His dim eyes lit up when he saw Yagyuu Ken. He opened his mouth in an effort to speak but failed to make a sound.

“You bastard, how dare you do that to him!”

Yagyuu Ken felt so outraged because Yagyuu Hirai had been around him ever since he was a kid. He had treated him like his grandson, so it was hard for him to imagine that one day he would meet a miserable end.

“What’s the big deal? We’ve already given him back to you!”

Qin Haodong said as he grabbed Yagyuu Hirai by the belt. Then, his arms shook and shot Yagyuu Hirai out like a fast cannonball, sending him flying fast towards Yagyuu Ken.

Liu Shengjian lifted him quickly and used some soft power to pick Yagyuu Hirai up.

As his hand touched Yagyuu Hirai’s broken shoulder, the pain made the guy scream like a howling ghost.

“You bastard!”

Yagyuu Ken scolded when he found the injuries on Yagyuu Hirai’s arm. He reached out to support his other hand, only to find that this one was actually worse. It fell off and landed on the ground on his watch.

Although he was freaked out, he later realized that the falling arm was a fake one. It turned out that Yagyuu Hirai’s original arm had been chopped off!

“You bastard!”

Yagyuu Ken yelled angrily and threw the fake arm hard on the floor. Then, he pulled out the sword on his waist and pointed it at Qin Haodong. “Given how much you’ve insulted our young master, you’ll have to die today!”

Qin Haodong smiled lightly. “You wish! We’re in our country now. It’s no place for you to act wildly!”

Yagyuu Ken yelled at the others, “You can go now! All I need is to kill him!”

He was angry but rational. He was half a step away from the Supreme Power Realm, yet the enemies were too many. Besides, some of them were powerhouses. If he perished along with them, no one would stand a chance of surviving. They were all elites of the family, so it would be better if none of them died.

Therefore, he wanted to scare away Hu Xiaoxian and the others so that he could kill Qin Haodong alone.

He was really surprised when Qin Haodong waved his hand and told the other members of the company, “You’re dismissed now.”

Although Zhang Tie Niu and the others were hesitant, they still obeyed the order. They were soldiers after all. They started to retreat and stepped dozens of meters away. All of them departed, including Hu Xiaoxian, leaving Qin Haodong on the court alone.

When Yagyuu Ken raised the sword in his hand, his aura increased sharply. Then, he called out in anger, “Young man, bring your weapon. I’ll give you a fair chance to fight me.”

“Idiot!” Qin Haodong looked at him with a disdainful smile. He then took out something casually. It was not a weapon. It was a remote control.

“Try not to intrude again in your next life. The Celestial Empire is not a place where intruders can act wildly!”

As soon as he said that, he hit the red button on the remote and quickly hid behind a big tree.

Yagyuu Ken was so nervous that a restless feeling welled from the deepest part of him. He cried out suddenly, “Run! It’s the fake arm!”

Unfortunately, it was already late. The broken arm he tossed on the ground gave out a dazzling red awn. After a blare, the whole valley started to shake.

It was a violent explosion. God knew how many explosives Qin Haodong had put in the broken arm. After the dust settled, the spot where Yagyuu Ken and his fellows had stood was a large hole.

The people of the Yagyuu family had been torn apart. Only Yagyuu Waaka had survived because he had protected himself by using his powerful Genuine Qi. However, he was also lying on the ground, puking blood.

Although Yagyuu Ken looked better, one of his arms had been blown up. The residue of flesh and blood caused by the explosion had painted his pale face. His right hand was still holding the sword firmly.

Yagyuu Yoshida and Yagyuu Hirai had already been turned into chunks of flesh. Their dead bodies weren’t even intact.

“You bastard!”

Yagyuu Ken started screaming out when he realized what had happened. He was a powerhouse half a step to the Supreme Power Realm and a well-known powerhouse in Nihon. However, he had been seriously injured before he’d made any move. A hundred of his fellows had died. He couldn’t find a way to vent his anger.

The members of the Daddy Security Company had now returned and surrounded them firmly.

Yagyuu Waaka climbed off the ground and struggled to pick up his sword, but Hu Xiaoxian’s Purple Flash Sword had penetrated his throat. A bloody fog was rising.

The three-flowered jonin from the Yagyuu family had died. His intense unwillingness to admit defeat was evident in his eyes.

Qin Haodong took out the Thousand Blades and smiled at Yagyuu Ken as he asked, “Old man, do you want to fight me? Let’s get started.”

Yagyuu Ken cried out, “You despicable brat! How dare you set me up! You have no warrior’s honor!”

Qin Haodong sneered, “Warrior’s honor? Do you know what your people did when they first came here? You’re one to talk! Where was Yagyuu Waaka’s honor when he kidnapped my sister?”

Yagyuu Ken’s face froze before he yelled, “Go to hell!”

Meanwhile, he waved the sword in his hand and tried to split Qin Haodong apart. He might be injured, but he was half a step away from the Supreme Power. Thus, his all-out strike seemed extremely fierce.

Although Qin Haodong’s eyes showed some disdain, he didn’t avoid the strike. Instead, the Thousand Blades in his hand blocked it and the two swords collided heavily with a loud sound.

The situation was totally different from the last confrontation. Yagyuu Ken flew dozens of meters backward like a broken sack. He had been severely injured inside during the explosion. Thus, his Genuine Qi, which had become unstable, made him suddenly puke blood.

When he got to stand again on the ground, he inserted the sword into the ground and used it as a crutch. That way, he could at least support himself and avoid falling on the ground.

“You… you… you are also half a step away from the supreme power realm?”

Yagyuu Ken looked at the young man with terror in his eyes. He had thought that the most powerful person here was Hu Xiaoxian. It had never occurred to him that Qin Haodong would be almost as powerful as him.

Qin Haodong waved the Thousand Blades beautifully in his hand, smiled and asked, “Isn’t that a great surprise?”

“Despicable! You’re really despicable!” Yagyuu Ken said furiously, “As a powerhouse of this level, you should challenge me directly.”

Qin Haodong smiled and said, “I prefer doing it this way. It has saved me a lot of trouble. Why do we have to fight and kill? I cherish all my friends, so I’d feel bad if any one of them got injured by you.”

He might not be as powerful as Yagyuu Ken cultivation-wise now, but thanks to his upper-class cultivation script and endless tricks, it would not be difficult for him to defeat Yagyuu Ken. However, killing the old man was now too hard. He might be able to go back and become a great potential threat.

He had made Yagyuu Hirai a fake arm filled with c4 explosives brought by Hu Xiaoxian just in case. He had thought that he would never use it at first, but Yagyuu Ken had popped out of nowhere and put those explosives to good use.

“You despicable man. We’ll see how the people who offended the Yagyuus will end up!”

After speaking, he jumped into the air. Then, he rushed to a big tree next to him. He had finally realized that he was not Qin Haodong’s match so he had decided to run away.

“Are you trying to escape? Where’s your honor as a warrior?”

A ray of light flashed in Qin Haodong’s hand as the Thousand Blades shot out like a thunder flash.

It was already too late for Yagyuu Ken to dodge. He was in the air. The sword penetrated his back and he fell heavily on the ground, producing some dust and smoke.

The Great Senior of the Yagyuu family, the well-known powerhouse who had been half a step to the Supreme Power Realm, died miserably in the valley. All the 96 members of the Yagyuu elite troops who had invaded the Celestial Empire had also died.