The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 289

Chapter 289 The Advantage Of Striking First

Chapter 289 The Advantage of Striking First

“What did you say?”

Qin Haodong hit the brakes and pulled over.

“A moment ago, a man claimed to be a friend of yours. He broke into the kindergarten and knocked me out. Tang Tang has been taken by him.”

Wang Jiani knew that time was precious, so she simply told him that the little girl had been kidnapped.

“Were there any other children kidnapped besides Tang Tang?”

Qin Haodong quickly calmed down after his initial astonishment. He might be worried about his daughter, but he knew that panic wouldn’t make a difference. Only calmness could save the little girl.

“No, Tang Tang was the only one kidnapped. Then, he drove away.”

“Okay, I get it.”

Qin Haodong hung up the phone and drove straight to Daddy Security Company.

Lin Momo listened to him, so she knew almost everything about the accident. She immediately panicked and asked, “What’s going on, Haodong? What happened to Tang Tang?”

“Someone kidnapped her from the kindergarten,” Qin Haodong said, holding Lin Momo’s hand. “Don’t worry, it must be Wilson’s Company. They’re here for the formula. They won’t harm our daughter.”

Upon seeing that Qin Haodong was really calm, Lin Momo also relaxed a bit and said, “What should we do? Where are we going now? Shall we go to the police?”

“We can’t get the police involved in this. We’d better handle it on our own.”

The resources Qin Haodong had now were as powerful as the police’s resources. Therefore, he didn’t call the police. The situation would no longer be under his control once he did that, which might cause him trouble.

He added, “We’ll go back to Daddy Security Company as fast as we can. The kidnapper will call us for the formula. It will be much easier if Qi Wan’er helps us locate the kidnapper.”

This time, he did not use Blood Tracing, as the kidnapper’s aim was clear. He was after Qin Haodong’s formula, so the little girl would be safe until he got the formula. If Qin Haodong rushed there, the result would most likely be counterproductive. He had to keep the guy stable first.

He drove fast while they were chatting. Soon, they arrived at Daddy Security Company and he rushed to Qi Wan’er’s room hastily.

He briefly described what had happened before the phone in his pocket suddenly rang.

“There it is!”

Qin Haodong made a gesture at Lin Momo and Qi Wan’er. Lin Momo stopped talking immediately and her fingers clicked fast.

“Doctor Qin, hello. Are you busy now?”

Huang Weili’s cheeky laughter came from the other side of the phone.

“Huang Weili, did you kidnap my daughter? Where did you take her?”

“What? Your daughter was kidnapped?” Huang Weili asked, not sounding surprised. Then, he said, “I run a serious business. Although I’ve never done anything illegal, I’ve got enough friends who can save your daughter if you give me the formula.”

Now, Qin Haodong was sure that the little girl had been kidnapped by Huang Weili.

“Tell me, what do you really want?”

“I think I’ve made it clear that I can help you get back your daughter as long as you give me the formula of the Blood Revival Oral Liquid.”

Qin Haodong said, “Let Tang Tang talk to me. I want to make sure she is safe.”

“That’s impossible,” Huang Weili said, “Her photo will be sent to you later. Should you give me the formula of the Blood Revival Oral Liquid within ten minutes, then you will be able to see your daughter.”

As soon as he said that, he hung up the phone. A while later, he received a message with a photo of the little girl eating chicken wings.

After seeing their daughter safe and sound, Qin Haodong and Lin Momo felt relieved. It seemed that the kidnapper wanted nothing but the formula, so he hadn’t lost all his humanity.

Qin Haodong turned back and looked at Qi Wan’er. “Did you locate him?”

Qi Wan’er said, “I found him. He’s in the basement of Wilson’s company!”

Lin Momo cursed angrily. “Huang Weili is a bastard! How could he kidnap a kid just for a formula?”

Then, Qin Haodong spoke. “They are willing to take the risk because the Blood Revival Oral Liquid is really crucial for Wilson’s Company.”

Qi Wan’er said, “What are we going to do now? Get over there and save her?”

Qin Haodong thought for a moment and said, “Of course we’ll save Tang Tang, but he gave me just ten minutes. I have to give him a formula first to keep him calm.”

Qi Wan’er said with concern, “But if you really give the formula to them, all your previous efforts will go to waste and Tangmen Traditional Chinese Medicine Company will go bankrupt soon.

The little girl will be safe until Huang Weili gets the formula. Once he is given the formula, no one knows what he will do.”

Qin Haodong sneered and said, “Fine, I’ve got my own plan. If he wants to dance, I’ll dance with him.”

The kindergarten had been in a mess ever since Tang Tang had been taken. Other parents also panicked when they heard that a kid had been kidnapped. They all picked their kids and took them home in a hurry.

Upon receiving the report, Nalan Wuxia went to the kindergarten as soon as she could. A young man with a swollen face ran over to her and said angrily, “Ma’am, the two jerks just knocked me out and stole the campus card I use to pick up my kid.”

The man, who had to be some kid’s father, had been knocked out while parking in the parking lot. Then, the guy had stolen his campus card.

He had freaked out after waking up because he’d thought that the guy was after his kid. However, his kid had been intact when he went to the kindergarten. Therefore, he went over to report this to the police.

Nalan Wuxia let the young policeman behind her take the statement of the parent. She walked fast into the kindergarten, only to see the director and Wang Jiani walk over to her.

“Ma’am, somebody kidnapped a kid. You have to save her and put the guy in prison…”

The kindergarten director was nervous and angry. He had never expected that anything like that would happen. This would cause great damage to the reputation of the kindergarten.

Nalan Wuxia said, “Tell me, what is going on? What is the name of the kid who was kidnapped? Did you tell the parents?’

Wang Jiani briefly told the story and said, “The kid is Tang Tang. Her mother is the president of Lin’s Group, and her father is Qin Haodong…”

“What? Tang Tang was kidnapped?”

Nalan Wuxia was so startled and surprised that the kidnapped kid was the little girl that she interrupted Wang Jiani.

Wang Jiani, who hadn’t expected such a big reaction from Nalan Wuxia, answered, “Yes, Tang Tang has been kidnapped. The guy must’ve planned this, for he was after her.”

Nalan Wuxia took out her phone and quickly dialed Qin Haodong’s number. Then, she said, “Tang Tang has been taken away. Where are you?”

Qin Haodong said, “I already know. The kidnapper just called me.”

Nalan Wuxia said, “Who’s the guy? Give me his number and I’ll have the technicians deal with it.”

“No, I can handle it by myself. You can get help and wait for my call to arrest the guy!”

Qin Haodong said before hanging up the phone.

In the Jiangnan branch of Wilson’s Company, Huang Weili held his cell phone. He was so excited about the formula sent by Qin Haodong.

“You punk! Didn’t you say that you wouldn’t give it away? We’ll see if you can win this fight against me!”

After talking to himself, he rushed to the laboratory with the formula excitedly and told Jiang Tao, “Dr. Jiang, stop all your current work and confect a medicine according to this formula.”

“Manager Huang, what fresh hell is it this time? I’m busy now!” Jiang Tao said with dissatisfaction.

“Dr. Jiang, stop all your work. This is urgent!”

Jiang Tao had to respect him, as Huang Weili was the person in charge of the Jiangnan branch. He had no other option but to stop and pick up the formula.

“Be quick! Finish it as fast as you can!”

Huang Weili rubbed his hands excitedly. Once he got the formula of the Blood Revival Oral Liquid, he would be able to earn more than he could ever spend in his entire life.

Suddenly, his phone rang. It was Qin Haodong.

“Huang Weili, I’ve given you the formula. Where’s my daughter?”

“You are a sneaky guy. I won’t be able to help you find your daughter until I test if the formula is real. Rest assured, the kid will get back to you safely as long as the formula is real.”

Huang Weili hung up the phone as soon as he said that. Now that the little girl was in his hands, he was the one controlling the situation. Thus, he didn’t need to care about how Qin Haodong felt.

James was in a really good mood after the call. The concerned guy would just give in to him because he wouldn’t be able to bear the killers’ harassment anymore. Getting the formula would just be a matter of time.

While he was in this good mood, he went out with his bodyguard team to see his lover, Alice. However, Alice was killed by an assassin before they could even take off their clothes. The old man could’ve also died if his experienced guard David hadn’t reacted in time.

Even so, a bullet had left a hole in his left arm, and Alice had been killed directly.

The first assassination started and ended ten minutes after Qin Haodong posted the mission on the Deep Web. It was executed by a killer lurking in M Country.

The 500-million reward was enough to heat the whole underground world. People lurking in Huaxia had a geographical advantage, so they naturally would move first.

The first killer had the best chance to succeed, because James had barely been alerted before seeing the posted reward. Thus, he didn’t have too much defensive power around him.

After he escaped narrowly, he immediately sensed that something was wrong. He went back to his villa in a hurry under the escort of his bodyguards. On the way home, they ran into successive assassinations.

Back home, he sat on his wide sofa in the living room and had his wounded left arm wrapped by the family doctor. Then, he yelled at the bodyguard next to him, “Did you figure it out? What’s going on? Where did those killers come from?”

David took a laptop and entered the page of the Deep Web. Then, he told James, “Boss! Check it out!”

James glanced at the laptop, looking dumbfounded right away. At the top of the page was a scarlet assassination task. According to the rules of the website, the redder the words were, the higher the task reward would be.

The task that he had posted was right underneath Qin Haodong’s in a light orange color.

He clicked on the task and saw that his life was wanted for a 500-million-yuan reward. No wonder he had run into so many killers. Given the 500-million reward advertisement, those killers would fight with their lives!

“What the hell? Who did that?”

James roared in anger.

However, he was an experienced financial tycoon. After this short anger, he calmed down soon and tried to piece this thing together. Then, he realized that this assassination task must have something to do with Qin Haodong.