The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 303

Chapter 303 Paternity Test

Chapter 303 Paternity Test

“Okay, I am going with you.”

Qin Haodong agreed without hesitation. After all, that was his family business. Tangmen Company had just started and they planned to recruit three technicians. However, only one was working now. This would never happen after the three technicians were all in place.

The two of them left the office together, and Lin Momo got back to her busy schedule. A large group like this had lots of work she needed to handle.

Zhao Kai sneaked out of the lobby. Soon after he left, a proud young man in a neat suit came in.

“Sir, do you need to see someone?” the clerk at the front desk asked politely.

“I need to see Lin Momo.”

The young man looked quite stubborn.

“Sir, do you have an appointment?”

The young man said, “No, but tell her my name is Tang Long. I’m sure she will agree to see me.”

“Well, please hang on for a second then.”

The clerk found the young man different from other medical representatives. Therefore, she hesitated for a moment before she dialed the number of Lin Momo’s office.

Soon, the clerk hung up the phone with a funny look and told Tang Long, “This way, sir.”

She looked funny because she had never seen Lin Momo get angry on the phone. Moreover, Lin Momo had still asked her to take the guy in after getting angry. The clerk wondered how the young man had offended President Lin.

In the president’s office, Lin Momo looked quite grim. The day before yesterday, a fake “Tang Long” had just come by. Now, a second one was coming to see her. The staff of Wilson’s Company never knew when to stop!

Upon receiving the call, she called Saber, Sword and the others in. She swore to herself that she would unmask the fake man in person.

When Tang Long was led into the office, he immediately saw Saber and the others glaring at him. Lin Momo, who was standing across the room, looked even more murderous.


Before he could finish his sentence, Lin Momo waved her hand. Saber and the others stepped forward and knocked him down on the ground. Soon, they stripped off all his clothes.

“Lin Momo, what are you doing? Are you crazy?”

Tang Long screamed and tried to get away, but he was too small to be a match for Saber and the others.

“Check him carefully. He must be wearing a mask!”

Last time, Lin Momo had seen Qin Haodong unmask Kim Donghai. Therefore, she was now sure that this Tang Long was also wearing a mask. It would be too much of a coincidence if his friends, who had disappeared for five years, now showed up again one after another.

However, no matter how hard they tried, even though they almost rubbed Tang Long’s face off and pulled off his hair, they still couldn’t find the mask on his face.

In the end, Saber told Lin Momo, “Ms. Lin, the guy’s face seems to be real.”

“How is it possible? You must’ve been careless. Check him up and down!”

Upon receiving Lin Momo’s order, Saber and the others started screening Tang Long’s body again, starting from his bellybutton. However, they still failed to find any trace of a mask.

“Ms. Lin, still found nothing,” Saber replied.

Lin Momo glanced at Tang Long. His face turned red as she said, “Are you really Tang Long?”

“Seriously? Who else could I be? Lin Momo, what’s all this for?”

Tang Long was furious. Upon entering the door, he had been stripped off by several big guys and his face had nearly been rubbed off.

“I… I… ”

Lin Momo, who found it hard to explain, waved her hand and signed at them to let go of Tang Long.

Tang Long climbed up from the ground and got dressed. Lin Momo still seemed suspicious as she asked, “Are you sure you’re Tang Long?”

Tang Long roared angrily, “It’s me! Me! Just me! Why don’t you recognize me?”

“Fine. Then what are you here for?”

No problem was found after the examination, so Lin Momo almost trusted who Tang Long was saying he was.

“Are you sure you want me to answer in front of so many people?” Tang Long looked at Saber, Sword, and the others.

Lin Momo realized that this might be inappropriate, as it was about her privacy. Thus, she waved her hand at Saber and said, “Excuse us for a second.”

Saber and the others went out of the room. They didn’t need to worry about Lin Momo’s safety while Yao Qianqian was protecting her.

“Fine. Then what are you here for?”

Lin Momo felt both entangled and fearful when she asked that. If the guy was really Tang Long, then he was the biological father of Tang Tang. She was afraid that he was here for the kid.

Tang Long said, “I’ll just let go of what happened five years ago. We’re all grown-ups. I was in the bar trying to hook up with a woman, and I coincidentally ran into you.

I thought it was just a one-time thing and never came back to you ever since. However, days ago, I heard that you were a single mom with a daughter. I want to know who the father is.”

The thing she feared the most had been said first. Tang Long had straightforwardly addressed the kid issue immediately. Lin Momo suddenly felt overwhelmed.

After a short moment of silence, she cried out, “Tang Tang is my daughter! She has nothing to do with you!”

“Nonsense! You can have a daughter all by yourself?” Tang Long yelled, “I just want to know who the father is!”

“It’s… It’s Qin Haodong.”

Lin Momo was very satisfied with her life now. She loved Qin Haodong very much and felt happy. She didn’t want this guy to ruin it, so she lied.

“Qin Haodong!” Tang Long’s lips curled disdainfully as he said, “Don’t treat me like a fool. I investigated before coming here. Qin Haodong was still in high school five years ago. You’ve known each other for barely two months. How could he be Tang Tang’s father?”


A lie was a lie, especially for Lin Momo, who had never lied before. Thus, she panicked and stayed silent.

Tang Long looked at her and said, “If you can’t name someone, I guess I’m the father.”

“No… she’s not yours. Tang Tang is my daughter, and no one can take her away from me!”

Lin Momo argued, sounding panicked.

As the president of two companies, she was used to being able to handle all kinds of situations. However, she couldn’t stay calm anymore, as this was about her daughter’s guardianship.

Tang Long said, “How about we pick up Tang Tang now and run a paternity test? No one can deprive me of my right to be a father if she is my daughter. If she’s not my daughter, I won’t want her anyway.”

Upon seeing Tang Long get so aggressive, Lin Momo hesitated and said, “Well… Fine, but can we just wait for a while before we go?”

She was waiting for Qin Haodong to come back. She would fear nothing as long as he was with her.

However, Tang Long yelled, “No, I’ve waited for five years! I can wait no longer, not for one more minute. We have to go there now!”

Lin Momo thought about it for a while. In the end, she didn’t refuse. She took Saber and the others and left Tangmen Group before driving to Gold Branch and Jade Leaf Kindergarten.

Upon seeing Lin Momo, the little one screamed excitedly, “Mommy? Why are you so early today? Are we going to hang out?”

Unfortunately, this couldn’t comfort Lin Momo at all. She held the little girl tightly in her arms and said, “Mommy’s taking you to the hospital for a physical examination.”

“But Papa is a doctor. Why don’t you let him do it?”

Lin Momo said, “Mommy’s taking you to have a blood test. Papa can’t do that!”

“Okay then.”

The little one hopped in the car with Lin Momo. She screamed at once upon seeing Tang Long in the car. “Mommy! That’s the bad guy Papa fought with! Why is he back again?”

Lin Momo found it hard to explain. She had no choice but to say, “Tang Tang, that one was fake. This one is real.”

Tang Long asked in surprise, “What’s fake and what’s real?”

Lin Momo said coldly, “You don’t need to know.”

Tang Long gave up on that question, turned back to the little girl and asked, “Is she my daughter?”

The little one yelled with dissatisfaction, “Bad man! You’re not my Papa. My Papa’s Qin Haodong.”

Tang Long looked at Lin Momo and scolded her. “How can you lie to the kid? You should tell her I’m her real dad!”

Lin Momo glared at him and said coldly, “Shut up until you get the test results.”


Upon seeing Lin Momo become grim, Tang Long opened his mouth but gave up saying a word.

The car went silent inside. Lin Momo and Tang Tang remained silent, and so did Tang Long. The car drove straight to Jiangnan Hospital.

Lin Momo held her daughter in her arms and glanced at Tang Long. She had to admit that she could see him in her appearance. If Tang Long hadn’t had any plastic surgery and he was not fake, it was very likely that he would be the real dad.

However, she somehow had a feeling that Qin Haodong was more likely to be the real father and Tang Tang had nothing to do with Tang Long. Although she had no proof for this feeling, it felt very real.

They drove silently to Jiangnan Hospital. Then, Lin Momo took the little one, and Tang Long went to the room to have the genetic tests.

After the sample collection, Lin Momo suddenly felt nervous. She wondered what she would be able to do if Tang Long was the real father. How could she explain this to Tang Tang? And what if Tang Long insisted on taking Tang Tang away?

The little one obviously didn’t consider that much. She was running back and forth in the hallway. Tang Long tried a few times to get close to her, only to be rejected. In her opinion, the man was a big bad guy.

Time went by until, half an hour later, a nurse walked out with a test sheet and asked, “Who’s Tang Tang’s family?”

Lin Momo stepped forward nervously and replied, “I am. I’m her mom.”

The nurse looked at her and said, “The results came out. The paternity test results of Tang Long and Tang Tang were 99% similar.”

“How… ”

Lin Momo immediately paled and froze in place. She had basic medical knowledge and knew that if the DNA test results were 99% similar, Tang Long was really Tang Tang’s biological father.

“God, what should I do?”

She felt like her head was going to explode.

Tang Long hugged the little girl excitedly and said, “Honey! Call me Dad!”

“Go away! Let go of me!”

The little one, who was much stronger than an ordinary kid, pushed Tang Long away and jumped into Lin Momo’s arms. Then, she yelled, “Mommy! Get rid of the bad guy! I hate him!”

Tang Long approached Lin Momo and said, “It’s time you told her the truth.”

“She’s my daughter. You stay away!” said Lin Momo while holding the little girl in his arms. “I raised her. You’ve never done one thing for her as a father.”

Tang Long yelled, “That was because I didn’t even know she existed! From this day on, I’ll take my job seriously and take her to M Country.”