The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 305

Chapter 305 Self Explosive Device

Chapter 305 Self-Explosive Device

Annoyed by this guy’s noise, Qin Haodong said, “Gag his mouth!”

“Okay, Boss!”

Sword immediately took Tang Long’s socks off and thrust them directly into his mouth. Then, together with Spear, he pushed him into the sack and tied it shut.

“Haodong, is this suitable?”

Lin Momo asked nervously.

“Don’t worry, I will give you an answer soon.”

Qin Haodong patted Lin Momo on the shoulder. Then, he entrusted the little one to Lin Zhiyuan, who had just gotten back, and took Lin Momo, Saber, and the others to the yard.

He asked Saber to put the sack into the trunk of the car. Then, they left the villa together.

At the underground experimental base of M country, Garnett looked at the black electronic screen and exclaimed in surprise, “What is this Chinese man doing? Why is he treating Test Body No.1 like this?”

Davis lit a cigar, took a leisurely sip and said, “Old man, I think that the man has seen through the identity of Test Body No.1.”

“No way, that’s impossible!” Garnett cried, shaking his fist. “Test Body No.1 is nearly perfect. How could he tell?”

“Intuition, believe it or not,” Davis said, “But I’m sure I’ll win the game. Be ready to remit 10 million dollars into my account.”

“No… It’s impossible. The Chinese man must be jealous. He’s taking revenge on Test Body No.1, but I believe that China is a legal country, and he will dare not do anything to him. ”

Garnett still couldnt believe what he was seeing. In his opinion, Test Body No.1 was so perfect and impeccable that it could even escape DNA identification. Qin Haodong had no reason to suspect it.

Qin Haodong took Lin Momo to Daddy Security Company. Meanwhile, Saber was carrying the sack. They reached Qi Wan’er’s room together.

Qi Wan’er had just had supper and was about to take a bath. Upon seeing the visitors, she greeted them. “Haodong, Sister Momo, you are here!”

When she saw the sack wriggling in Saber’s hand, she asked, “Haodong, what is this?”

“Come with me first!” Qin Haodong led Qi Wan’er to the next room and asked, “How much do you know about high-end DNA technology?”

“I have some knowledge, but it’s all theoretical. I don’t have practical experience.” Qi Wan’er then asked in surprise, “Aren’t you a TCM doctor? Why do you care about that?”

Qin Haodong didn’t answer her question. Instead, he asked, “Then tell me, given current technology, could a Cyborg be made with DNA technology?”

“It could be achieved with modern technology, but there are relevant regulations in various countries. Such an experiment would not be allowed,” Qi Wan’er said.

“If you create a Cyborg with DNA technology, is there any way to control his words and actions?”

Qi Waner thought for a moment and said, “A Cyborg who is quickly copied by DNA technology should have no thoughts and ideology. However, if a chip is implanted in his brain, his words and actions could be controlled through a computer.”

After hearing Qi Waner’s words, Qin Haodong was surer that Tang Long was such a being. Thus, he said, “If there was such a Cyborg in front of you now, would there be any way to cut off the other party’s control over him?”

“It’s not too hard. Just cut off the signal connection between the chip and the computer. The equipment of our security company could do it,” Qi Waner said.

“Great!” Qin Haodong said, “That sack contains a Cyborg. You can cut off his signal connection for me now.”

After they finished speaking, Qi Waner immediately ordered someone to move the signal shield out of the room and then connect the laptop and start the program preparation.

Three minutes later, she said, “I’m ready. I can cut off the signal at any time.”

“Wait a minute. You can do it when I ask you to.”

Qin Haodong returned to the room and made Saber open the sack and release the fake Tang Long inside.

Qin Haodong, Qi Wan’er, Lin Momo and Tang long were in the room.

What Qin Haodong had done had confused Lin Momo even more. Therefore, she asked, “Haodong, what are you doing? He is Tang Tang’s father. You can’t be impulsive… ”

“You’ll soon know what’s going on!” Qin Haodong replied before telling Qi Wan’er, “Let’s start now!”

The reason he did this was to let Lin Momo see that this was a Cyborg, not the real Tang Long.

After receiving Qin Haodong’s order, Qi Waner immediately pressed Enter.

In the underground experimental base of M country, the image on the large screen had been restored. Garnett exclaimed excitedly, “As I said, Test Body No.1 is perfect! The Qin boy won’t find anything…”

However, as soon as his voice fell, the image on the large screen flashed into snowflakes, which was a sign of signal interruption.

The two technicians over there shouted, “Boss, we’ve lost contact with Test Body No.1 completely!”

“My God, how could this happen? It’s impossible! Impossible! Isn’t Qin Haodong a TCM doctor? How could he see through Test Body No.1? And how come he has the technology to interrupt the signal?”

However, the truth couldn’t be denied. No matter how much he roared, there were still snowflakes on the big screen. There was no sign of signal recovery.

“What’s the matter? Is there something wrong with you?”

Garnett shouted at the two technicians.

A technician quickly said, “Boss, there is no problem here. The problem is the strong interference between the connection signal of the computer and Test Body No.1.”

“Chinese boy, you will regret this!”

Garnett roared like crazy.

Davis took out a cigar and said happily, “Old man, you’d better think about how to keep the secret of Test Body No.1. If Qin Haodong hands it over to the Chinese authority and divulges the secret, you’ll be in great trouble. Maybe the big boss will turn you into a test body!”

Garnett’s expression changed and he soon calmed down again. Then, he said coldly, “That’s impossible. Our technicians have set up a special explosive device in Test Body No.1. As long as the signal loses contact for more than a minute, Test Body No.1 will automatically explode and the boy will be blown to pieces.

If he dies, the development of the Blood Revival Elixir will end. Anyway, I’m eradicating a big problem for the organization. I believe that the big boss will reward me.”

At Daddy Security Company, after Qi Waner cut off the signal connection, Tang Long, who was still wriggling and protesting, immediately became a puppet. The light in his eyes disappeared, and his whole body responded no more.

Lin Momo, who was startled, cried out in surprise, “What’s the matter? Haodong, did you kill him?”

She knew that Qin Haodong had many magical means. Maybe this was just one of them.

Qin Haodong shook his head and said, “I didn’t kill him. He’s a man-made Cyborg.”

“Cyborg? How is this possible?”

Lin Momo still couldn’t believe it.

Qin Haodong elaborated. “Wilson Company found out what happened between you and Tang Long through their means, so they sent a fake Tang Long. After their last failure, they made an upgraded version of the fake Tang Long in order to get our formula.”

Lin Momo said in shock, “But… But the similarity between his DNA and Tang Tang’s is 99% a match… ”

“That’s no surprise. Wilson’s strength exceeds our imagination. It’s not difficult to get a piece of Tang Tang’s hair.

They must have gotten Tang Tang’s DNA sample first, and then made a Cyborg based on it. In that case, the paternity test would show high similarity.”

“Er…” Lin Momo’s face was pale as she went silent. She knew that what Qin Haodong said was true, but all this had a great impact on her.

Qi Wan’er put down the computer and said, “Sister Momo, you don’t need to worry. Although they are cunning, they still have been discovered by Haodong.”

After a moment’s silence, Lin Momo said, “But I’m still worried. What should I do if Tang Tang’s father approaches us one day?”

Qin Haodong knew that there was absolutely no such possibility. If someone claimed he was Tang Long, he would definitely be a fake. He just wanted to comfort Lin Momo, yet suddenly his scalp went numb. An unprecedented sense of crisis rose from the bottom of his heart.

“Oh! No! There’s a bomb!”

Qin Haodong took Lin Momo and Qi Wan’er in his arms, got down to the corner of the room, and then ran Genuine Qi crazily to generate a Genuine Qi shield to protect them.

He had just done all this when Tang Long’s eyes flashed red and exploded with a bang. A huge storm swept all around the room. All kinds of furniture and items suddenly became fragments. Then, the wall collapsed, burying everything in the room.

“Boss, Test Body No.1 has successfully started self-exploding!” cried a technician in the Laboratory.

“Great!” Garnett exclaimed excitedly, “Although I wasted one of my most precious Test Bodies this time, I finally killed the Chinese boy. The plan was still a success.”

“Garnett, it’s not as simple as you think,” Davis said, “I’ve dealt with that Chinese boy a few times. He’s very powerful. I’m afraid he’s not that easy to kill.”

Garnett said scornfully, “Qld man, are you afraid of Qin Haodong, or are you jealous of my achievements? Do you know how much dynamite I put in Test Body No.1? Enough to blow up a tank! Qin Haodong is not made of steel. How could he not die?”

It was true that enough explosives had been placed in Test Body No.1 and the power of the explosion was huge. When Qin Haodong was attacked by the first wave of air, he spat out a mouthful of blood.

Before he could recover, a large number of bricks and stones fell down like raindrops, engulfing the three people in an instant.

Qin Haodong ran his Genuine Qi like crazy and once again spat a mouthful of blood. Fortunately, he managed to keep Lin Momo and Qi Wan’er safe.

The two women didn’t understand why Qin Haodong had suddenly pushed them down until they heard the sound of the explosion and streams of hot liquid were sprayed on their faces. Then, a smell of blood reached them.

Qi Wan’er was a strong person with great internal strength. Thanks to the protection of Qin Haodong, she had not been hurt even a little, so she reacted faster and cried out eagerly, “Haodong, are you okay?”

“I’m fine.” Qin Haodong, who felt weak after two injuries, said, “That son of a b*tch Davis dared to put explosives in the Cyborg. When I go out, I have to dismantle his bones.”