The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 314

Chapter 314 Diamond Rose

Chapter 314 Diamond Rose

No one had thought that the third thing Wang Dacheng would announce would be a confession. Thus, this caused a sensation immediately.

“It’s really abnormal that Wang didn’t fall in love in so many years. Who is the woman he loves?”

“My God, the woman that Dacheng mentioned must be me. I’m going to die happy. He has always loved me!”

“Don’t be shameless. You didn’t graduate from primary school five years ago. He didn’t know you at the time, okay?”

People kept talking about it. Every girl hoped that she was the one. The men were also full of curiosity. They didn’t know which woman could make the Wang Family’s young master so partial.

Lin Momo was very excited and happy for her girlfriend. Che Xiaoxiao had been waiting for five years, but it had not been in vain. Wang Dacheng finally wanted to express his love to her. She stretched her neck and looked around, trying to find the shadow of Che Xiaoxiao.

Qin Haodong said, “Give up. Che Xiaoxiao didn’t come at all.”

“No way. Don’t you see that he is going to show his love for her? How could she not come?”

“The girl he wants to show his love for is not Che Xiaoxiao, but you.”

Lin Momo said with a shocked expression, “What? Me? That’s impossible! Are you kidding me? Xiaoxiao likes him, not me. ”

Someone who was impatient shouted, “Wang, who is your favorite girl? If she is here today, can you introduce her to us? ”

“Yes, which girl is so lucky? Please introduce her to us!”

Wang Dacheng gave everyone a charming smile before he pointed in Lin Momo’s direction and said, “This is my goddess, Miss Lin Momo!”

The crowd went into a great uproar. Everyone looked down and saw Lin Momo’s perfect face.

Upon seeing that Wang Dacheng’s favorite girl was Lin Momo, those crazy girls became desperate. Although these girls all boasted about being extraordinary, they were still far worse than Lin Momo. They could not compare to her in terms of family background, appearance or ability.

Lin Group was a large enterprise in Jiangnan City that was just as strong as Haitian Group. In her twenties, Lin Momo had been the president of the two groups, unlike those ladies, who had only cared about beauty and shopping.

However, some people also expressed their disdain. Lin Momo was beautiful and excellent, but she was already the mother of a child. She was not worthy of Wang Dacheng.

Regardless of what others thought, Lin Momo was really shocked. She couldn’t understand what Wang Dacheng was doing. Her astonishment did not recede for a long time.

Wang Dacheng stepped down from the stage and walked towards Lin Momo in a dandy way. Then, he said, “Mo Mo, please forgive my hasty confession. In fact, there are two purposes for my return from M country: One is to strengthen Haitian Group, and the other is to be with you.”

Then, he beckoned and the waiter came with a tray. The tray was covered with a red cloth, so no one knew what was on it.

Wang Dacheng uncovered the tray and revealed a rose. Wang Dacheng picked up the rose and gave it to Lin Momo while saying in a deep voice, “Momo, this is the rose I prepared for you. Do you like it?”

By now, people had noticed the differences of this rose. The golden petals were made out of pure gold, and the green branches and leaves below were made of high-quality jadeite. The most striking thing about it was that the petals of the rose were inlaid with 99 diamonds the size of rice grains.

“My God, this is a diamond rose. How much are all these diamonds worth?”

Everyone, men and women alike, was shocked by the value of this rose. The eyes of the women were full of jealousy for Lin Momo. If only this rose had been given to them!

“What do you know? The heart beats everything. It can be seen through this rose that Wang Dashao feels a deep affection for Miss Lin.”

“Do you think Miss Lin will accept him?”

“Isn’t it obvious? No woman can refuse this unique rose… ”

Many people believed that Lin Momo’s heart would be captured by Wang Dacheng. They even clapped their hands and shouted, “Get together! Get together!”

Unexpectedly, a shocking scenario took place. Lin Momo, who had recovered from the shock, not only didn’t take the rose, but she slapped Wang Dacheng across the face.

Everyone was shocked. Those who had been shouting opened their mouths but were unable to make a sound.

No one had expected that things would turn out like this. In a TV series, the heroine would have been moved to tears and then dived into the arms of the man before they started a happy life. Why had Miss Lin slapped him?

Lin Momo was still angry as she pointed at Wang Dacheng’s nose and said, “Wang Dacheng, what are you doing? Is it right for you to do so? Do you know how much Xiaoxiao has sacrificed for you? Do you know that she has been waiting for you for five years?”

She was really angry. Che Xiaoxiao had given so much to Wang Dacheng and done so much for the Wang Family. However, unexpectedly, Wang Dacheng had abandoned Che Xiaoxiao to pursue her. She couldn’t accept this in any way.

Although five bright red fingerprints were left on Wang Dacheng’s handsome face, he didn’t get angry. He handed the rose to the waiter next to him, touched his red swollen cheek, and then said with a wry smile, “Momo, I know I didn’t treat Xiaoxiao fairly, but you can’t make me love her!

When I was studying at university, I always liked you but I didn’t see my feelings clearly. During my five years in M Country, I finally saw through my heart and realized who I loved. I was just friends with Xiaoxiao. I didn’t love her. I only love you.

Give me a chance. I really love you. I love you deeply. As for Xiaoxiao, I will compensate her!”

Wang Dacheng’s confession was touching. If Lin Momo had been an ordinary girl, she might have been really moved. However, her heart was filled by Qin Haodong. She didn’t care what Wang Dacheng said. She only cared about Che Xiaoxiao’s feelings.

Lin Momo said angrily, “Compensate her? How will you compensate her? Xiaoxiao has been waiting for you for five years. She sacrificed the best time of her life for you. What can you do to compensate her? Listen to me, Wang Dacheng. Apologize to Xiaoxiao and express your love for her, or I won’t spare you.”

Wang Dacheng, who didn’t seem to be reconciled with this, said, “Momo, I will explain everything to her clearly, but the one I love is really you!”

“Momo, step aside!”

Upon seeing that Lin Momo was going mad again, Qin Haodong pulled her behind him and told Wang Dacheng, “Wang Dawang, did you ever think about my feelings before you pursued my girlfriend so openly?”

Suddenly, many people noticed the existence of Qin Haodong. Although he had been with Lin Momo before, some people had thought he was just a bodyguard or attendant. No one had thought that this young man would be Lin Momo’s boyfriend.

Wang Dacheng said, “No matter who you are, you can’t stop me from pursuing Momo. As long as Momo doesn’t get married, I have the right to pursue her. Besides, you are Momo’s boyfriend today, but not necessarily tomorrow. Maybe I will be the one to accompany her at last.”

The guests of the banquet were looking on with great interest. This scene, when the two men competed over a girlfriend, which they often saw in films and TV plays, was now staged in front of them.

However, no one was optimistic about Qin Haodong. Although this young man was no inferior to Wang Dacheng, how could he compare to the heir of Haitian Group? They believed that Wang Dacheng would be Lin Momo’s final choice.

As if to confirm this idea, Lin Momo told Wang Dacheng, “You’re wrong. He’s not my boyfriend.”

Upon hearing this, many people were relieved. The plot changed so fast that Lin Momo had changed her mind in a few minutes. However, everyone believed that Wang Dacheng was the best choice.

Wang Dacheng flashed her a smile. In so many years, no woman had been able to escape from the palm of his hand. Lin Momo was no exception. However, Lin Momo suddenly said solemnly, “Qin Haodong is not my boyfriend, he is my man. He is the only man in my life!”

This was a declaration of love that ruined all hope for Wang Dacheng and implied that she and Lin Group were on the opposite side of the Wang Family.

Sure enough, Wang Haiting was not happy. His son had just confessed his love for Lin Momo. Although he could not participate too much, he had been watching silently. Now, he had to stand up and speak.

“Momo, as an elder, I want to advise you. As the saying goes: Men are afraid of choosing the wrong career, and women are afraid of marrying the wrong man. Marriage is the most important thing in a woman’s life. Don’t be sentimental. Otherwise, it will be too late for regrets later.”

The first half of his words seemed like exhortation, and the second half was a bare threat.

Lin Momo’s face sank as she said in a cold voice, “Uncle Wang, choosing my man is my own business. I will only choose one man in my life, and I will never regret it!”

Upon seeing that Lin Momo was not threatened, Wang Haiting immediately spoke with fake earnestness. “Momo, the Chinese propose marriage between families of an equal social ranking. Even if you don’t choose Dacheng, you need to find a man who is your match. How can this boy be worthy of you?

You’re the president, and he’s just a little doctor. You’re the only successor of Lin Group, and he’s just a poor boy. How can he compare to Dacheng?”

Lin Momo took Qin Haodong’s hand and said, “The wisest choice I’ve made in my life is choosing Haodong. He is the best man in the world. To some extent, I don’t deserve him!”

Everyone was shocked. In their opinion, Qin Haodong was just a toy boy who lived off women. They hadn’t expected Lin Momo to have such a high opinion of him.

While everyone was confused, Lin Momo added, “Haodong is not a second-generation rich person, but he is an entrepreneur. Although he is only a traditional Chinese medicine doctor, he has developed the pill that can completely cure leukemia. On this basis alone, as long as he wants to, he can immediately enter the ranks of millionaires.

He did all this by relying on his personal effort, not on his family or his parents. This kind of man is the man I appreciate. Men who go abroad for a degree and come back to inherit the family business are not his equals.”

Lin Momo couldn’t stand the Wang Family’s contempt for Qin Haodong. They were making a fool of themselves when they compared Dacheng to him.

One depended on his family, the other on himself. One was a rich second-generation man, the other an entrepreneur. It was quite clear who was worth loving.

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