The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 315

Chapter 315 Unearned Reputation

Chapter 315: Unearned Reputation

Wang Haiyan looked gloomy. He was surprised that Lin Momo would embarrass him and his family like this.

In contrast, Wang Dacheng seemed much calmer. He said, "Momo, I know hes the inventor of the Blood Revival Elixir. He mightve run into a formula that could cure leukemia, but thats pure luck.

I was born to the Wangs, so other people see me as a trust fund baby. However, I build my own career in M Country by myself. For example, Maldini Jr. is thinking about investing in the Celestial Land only because of the charm of my personality. That has nothing to do with my family."

He expressed his opinion in a logical and subtle way. At first, he expressed his disapproval of Qin Haodongs achievements indirectly, and then he showed off his biggest achievements so far. Those favored by Maldini Jr. surely were never ordinary people.

The other people on site gave him a warm applause upon hearing that, including his relatives, who were also cheering for him. Being connected with Maldini Jr. was definitely something they could be proud of!

Wang Dacheng seemed quite satisfied with that achievement, as he believed Lin Momo would look up to him.

However, Lin Momo did not seem to have noticed him at all. Instead, she argued calmly, "You think youre the only one who has endeavored to succeed? Haodong developed the Blood Revival Elixir because he has superb medical skills. He earned the reputation and title of the Medical Sage because he deserved it."

"Did he?" Wang Dacheng replied disdainfully, "Hes too young to call himself Medical Sage, which means hes definitely an arrogant man. Im afraid thats an unearned reputation."

As soon as he said that, someone argued angrily, "His medical skills helped him win the title of Medical Sage. Im afraid I cant agree with whoever calls this unearned reputation."

Gao Fengwen spoke as he walked among the crowded room with other members of the Chinese Medicine Practitioner Association. He now admired and respected Qin Haodongs medical skills and personality a lot. He stepped forward and argued right away when he saw someone doubt Qin Haodong.

"Mr. Wang, judging from what you said just now, I believe that you dont know a thing about Chinese medicine and dont respect Chinese medicine practitioners. Im telling you right here, right now, that I wont join your so-called Celestial Land Hall of Medical Fame."

"Count me in! I, Shen Fuxiang, wont join the Hall of Medical Fame either"

"I, Zhong Sihai, wont join the Hall of Medical Fame either"

One voice fell while another rose. All the members of the Chinese Medicine Practitioner Association in Jiangnan had taken this side and refused to accept the invitation to join the Celestial Land Hall of Medical Fame.

Although Wang Dacheng appeared calm, he was very shocked deep within. He was astonished to see how influential Qin Haodong was in the Chinese medicine field. People reacted so violently based on his simple words.

Upon seeing his family get humiliated again and again, Wang Dazhi finally lost control and yelled, "Old-timers, how dare you yell and scream in the Wangs presence! Ill establish the Hall of Medical Fame without you. Now, get out of here!

Security, toss them out of the club!"

His yelling voice made more than ten guards come in. They rushed over and got ready to kick out Gao Wenfeng and the others.

Upon seeing his dumb brother evicting the guests, Wang Dacheng couldnt help sighing. The Hall of Medical Fame would only be a hollow organization without a foundation, so it would be much less credible!

However, it was now too late to hold back. He had no choice but to let this be for the sake of their familys reputation.

Lin Momo glared at the father and son. Then, she took Qin Haodongs hand and said, "Since this is the Wangs territory, wed better leave too!"

The family had lost face over and over, so Wang Haiting joined the club and lost control too. He shouted in anger, "Lin Momo, before you leave, dont forget that youre a member of the Jiangnan Chamber of Commerce. Take one step out of the club and Ill kick Lins Group off the Chambers list immediately!"

Lin Momo stopped walking and looked back at him. "Wang Haiting, are you threatening me?"

"What if I am?" Wang Haiting said fearlessly.

"Fine, but you dont have to do that. Im officially announcing here that Lins Group withdraws from the Jiangnan Chamber of Commerce from now on. Well never go back as long as Wangs Group is a member!"

Upon seeing Lin Momos decisive look, Wang Dacheng sighed again. There had been opportunities to hold the situation back at first, but now his father and brother had blown everything and pushed him into a dead end.

Wang Haiting yelled, "Lin Momo, dont regret what youve said. Without this membership, youll lose all the shared resources of the Chamber of Commerce. I hope you wont beg me to let you back in."

Lin Momo sneered, "Are you referring to the resources of your Chamber of Commerce? I dont want them, so I dont care!"

Qin Haodong was standing and watching. The father and sons provocation was too shallow to work on him. On the contrary, Lin Momos reaction had moved him deeply.

As the president of the group, she did care about the resources of the Jiangnan Chamber of Commerce, but she renounced the Chamber without hesitation because of the great place Qin Haodong occupied in her heart.

Lin Momos reflective reaction surprised most people on site. Wang Dazhi was the only onlooker that was happy about it. He had lost too many times to Qin Haodong before, so he had now come to take revenge.

"Somebody throw this insolent junk out of the club!"

He knew Qin Haodong very well. There would definitely be conflict as soon as he called security. Although Qin Haodong was powerful, the Wangs had paid a lot for these elite security guards. There were nearly a hundred of them present.

This gigolo might be powerful enough to beat ten or even twenty of them, but 100? Certainly not!

He was trying to take advantage of this troubling situation. Once Qin Haodong resisted, he would have his guards cripple him. No matter how serious this could be, he would always have a big family to back him up.

Upon receiving this order, dozens of guards firmly encircled Qin Haodong and the old Chinese medicine practitioners.Read more chapter on v

Wang Haiting had seen it all. However, instead of stopping them, he chose to stand by and watch. He intended to let the others see everything so that they knew that whoever messed with the Wangs would pay, or their prestige in the Chamber of Commerce might weaken.

Qin Haodong sneered. The father and son were way out of line. If he kept suppressing his anger, the two of them would consider him a push-over.

Just as he started losing his temper, another guard ran over and whispered something to Wang Haiting and Wang Dacheng.

Wang Haitings face changed before he announced cheerfully, "Stop messing around. Lets welcome the following honorary guests!"

Then, he could no longer hold his excitement inside and told the guests next to him, "Good news. The president of Midas Investment Corporation, Maldini Jr, is now here at Jiangnan Club. I hope all of you can join me and welcome him with our warmest and kindest greeting."

That announcement made the crowd get heated. Wang Dacheng had mentioned Maldini Jr. several times tonight. Some of the guests even thought that he was using Maldini Jr. as a banner to impress people and show off.

Thus, they were surprised to see that he did have a connection. The financial giant, whose sneeze could cause storms in the field, had dropped in in person.

It turned out that Wang Dacheng hadnt lied. Maldini Jr. did intend to invest in Haitian Group. Otherwise, he wouldnt have traveled thousands of miles to the Celestial Land.

The guests now respected the elder son of the Wangs even more. He couldve been a spoiled rich kid, but he had earned the approval of Maldini Jr. by himself. That mustve cost lots of real effort, as the assets of Haitian Group would be lighter than farts compare to the wealth of Maldini Jr.

The happiest person around was Wang Dacheng. Maldini Jr. was the first guest he had invited, but he had been turned down. Later, the agent had told him that Maldini Jr. might drop in at Jiangnan club. He hadnt announced this to the public because he had been uncertain.

Now that Maldini Jr. had actually come to visit, he felt like he was at the peak of his life.

The crowd flowed to the gate. As soon as they arrived, a team of tall and strong bodyguards walked in. They were all big and strong, each one taller than 1.90 meters. Some of them were black, and others were white, but they all looked murderous and imposing.

Upon entering the hall, the bodyguards were divided into two groups. They parted the crowd and made a path for a white man in a suit and tie, who walked into the hall.

The man was about 1.85 meters tall and looked like a typical European gentleman. The resemblance between him and Old Maldini clearly showed that this was Maldini Jr.

This was the first time the guests were seeing this legendary rich man. They were all excited and they tried to impress Maldini Jr. If Midas invested in them, their business would skyrocket and they would get rich for sure.

As the owner of the club and the president of the Jiangnan Chamber of Commerce, Wang Haijun ought to be the first to welcome the guest. He walked to the front of the crowd with a big smile on his face. Then, he bowed deeply before Maldini. "Mr. Maldini, welcome to the Celestial Land. Im Wang Haiting from Haitian Group."

Before he could even finish, Maldini Jr. walked straight into the hall without stopping, leaving the bowing guy behind. He was walking and craning his head, as if he was looking for someone.

Wang Haiting rose, looking a little embarrassed at first. However, he soon came around. This guy was a world-renowned financial giant. It was understandable that he would naturally ignore people. It looked like Wang Haitings son, Wang Dacheng, was the only one the giant favored and had come here for.

However, all in all, they were all a family. The Wangs had the opportunity to be promoted greatly. The only thing they would need was for Maldini Jr. to simply nod. Then, they would ascend and become the top family in Jiangnan Province, or even in the Celestial Land.

Other people shared the same thoughts, including Wang Dacheng. As Maldini Jr. was craning his head, Wang Dacheng thought to himself that he was the guy he was looking for. He felt so proud. He neatened his collar and straightened his spine before he strolled forward.

"Dear Mr. Maldini, welcome to the Celestial Land"

Wang Dacheng greeted Maldini Jr. and bowed deeply.

A weird thing happened then. Maldini still didnt stop. Instead, he continued to walk without even taking a look at Wang Dacheng.

All the onlookers, including Wang Dacheng and Wang Haiting, looked surprised and dumb. They were wondering what was going on. It was understandable that Maldini Jr. would ignore Wang Haiting. However, why would he ignore Wang Dacheng, too? They wondered if there was a third person in the club that the man wanted to meet.

Wang Dacheng stood straight, looking overwhelmed. He tried to figure out what Mr. Maldini Jr. was doing. "Isnt he here for me? Does he admire my talent? Has he seen me yet?"

Just as he was about to catch up with him, Maldini Jrs eyes lit up and his face became joyful. He walked fast towards the lobby.

The bodyguards protected him on both sides and pushed Qin Haodongs guards away. Maldini Jr. then walked straight to Qin Haodong and bowed deeply before he greeted him respectfully. "Dear Medical Sage, what a great honor and pleasure it is to see you!"

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