The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 316

Chapter 316 The Billionaire

Chapter 316 The Billionaire

Upon seeing that, those who followed Maldini Jr. were dumbfounded. They stood there frozen, unable to believe what they saw.

Maldini Jr. had just saluted a young man from the Celestial Land. What was going on here?


Suddenly, someone screamed in the hall. It turned out to be a man whose finger had been bitten by his companion. The woman was trying to see if this was real, and she got a positive answer when she heard the man shrill.

The expressions of the father and son changed again when they figured out what was actually happening. The father and son had just chased after Maldini Jr. and bowed before him, only to be ignored. Now, Maldini Jr. was bowing before Qin Haodong. They were both Celestial Land people, but the difference between their attitudes was significant.

This was akin to slapping their faces.

Wang Dacheng had just said that Maldini Jr. admired him very much and the man had come to the Celestial Land to invest in his business. Why wouldn’t the man even look at him now? What had happened?

Within a short moment, many people started to question Wang Dacheng’s previous announcement. Judging by the way Maldini Jr. acted, he wasn’t interested in investing in his business that much.

Qin Haodong greeted Maldini Jr. by nodding and saying, “Mr. Maldini Jr, welcome to the Celestial Land!”

“Dear Medical Sage, I’m a huge fan of yours. Your Blood Revival Elixir is marvelous. It’s a miracle that has exceeded my imagination.

I would like to invest in Tangmen Chinese Medicine Company. I can invest 10 billion yuan… no, 20 billion yuan… to help you build factories in Europe and America. I’ll help you distribute your products everywhere around the world. All I need is 20% of the shares…”

The onlookers’ mouths opened even wider as soon as Maldini Jr. said that.

A 20-billion investment only for 20% of the shares implied that the market value of Tangmen Company was at least 100 billion yuan.

What would that look like? Wang Haiting was supposed to be one of the ten top billionaires in Jiangnan, but his assets were worth one billion at most. The assets of the whole Jiangnan Chamber of Commerce could barely reach 10 million, yet that was the value of Tangmen Company. No wonder Lin Momo was so confident that they wouldn’t need the resources of the Chamber.

Their expressions as they looked at Qin Haodong had totally changed. At first, they had considered him a gigolo, but now they realized the guy looked handsome enough to live off others, but he insisted on earning a living by himself. He would become a real billionaire!

Wang Dacheng’s fame quickly faded next to Qin Haodong and he became less attractive in the eyes of those rich girls.

Upon seeing that the fortune he was going to make would be taken away by Qin Haodong, Wang Dacheng could no longer put up with it. He stepped forward hastily and made a polite request. “Mr. Maldini Jr, you said you were going to invest in Haitian Group. I’ve just established the Hall of Medical Fame of the Celestial Land and I’ve invited plenty of famous doctors in Jiangnan City to join in. I promise I won’t let you down.”

Maldini Jr. straightened his spine and looked back at Wang Dacheng. Then, he replied, “I was interested in the Chinese Medicine industry you mentioned to me because I looked up to the Medical Sage. The Blood Revival Elixir is ingenious. It’s a perfect demonstration of the miraculous aspect of Chinese medicine. That was why I dropped by your place to take a look.

I will invest in the Medical Sage’s business, but I’ll check out and consider yours later. I ought to think twice about it. It’s currently more of an investment intention!”

Suddenly, the people there realized that, instead of Wang Dacheng, Qin Haodong was the real reason Maldini Jr. had agreed to come to the Celestial Land and inspect the Haitian Group’s project.


Wang Dacheng felt quite embarrassed at the moment and wished he could hide in a crack on the ground. He had thought that Maldini Jr. admired his talent, but it turned out that he had been benefitting from Qin Haodong, his rival in love. That was the first time in his life that he felt so ashamed.

Wang Dazhi had been following him, but he was no more than a playboy who only knew how to eat, drink and have fun. He had never heard of Midas Investment Corporation before, and he had no idea about Maldini Jr.’s high position in the financial world.

All he knew was that Qin Haodong had executively put his family in an awkward position and embarrassed them. He now hated Qin Haodong even more. Thus, he asked the guards that were standing by, “Am I paying you for nothing? I already told you to throw that gigolo out. What are you waiting for?”

He was taking this too lightly, as he thought that everything would be settled without Qin Haodong there. He did not realize that things were completely different now. Maldini Jr. had made some cooperation proposals to Qin Haodong, yet he came forward and tried to drive him out. That was humiliating for Maldini Jr.

Maldini Jr. waved his hand at his bodyguards with a long face. “Protect the Medical Sage.”

The guards of Jiangnan Club, who had been berated, rushed over and tried to move but they were no match for Maldini Jr.’s bodyguards. Soon, dozens of guards had been knocked down on the ground by the big and tall special forces.

Wang Dacheng, who finally realized what had happened, snapped at their guards and stopped them.

Maldini Jr. lashed out. “Wang Dacheng, what are you doing?”

Wang Dacheng explained desperately, “I’m sorry, Mr. Maldini Jr. You’ve misunderstood. My brother is not doing that to you!”

“You know what? I’m a fan of the Medical Sage, and he’s a friend of my family. How dare you lay a finger on him! You’re provoking my family!”

He pointed to Wang Dacheng’s nose with his finger as he lashed out. His angry spit was scattered on Wang Dacheng’s face. Wang Dacheng could only silently submit to this humiliation. After all, this man was Maldini Jr, a financial giant his family couldn’t afford to piss off.

Wang Dazhi was about to explain further, but Wang Haiting stopped him. He was well aware of the consequences of infuriating Maldini Jr.

Qin Haodong said, “Mr. Maldini Jr, let’s not outstay our welcome. We should probably leave.”

Maldini Jr. said, “Medical Sage, can you tell me what’s going on here?”

Qin Haodong glanced at Wang Dacheng and Wang Haiting. His glance made the father and son’s hearts miss a beat. They had a bad feeling. Now that they knew Qin Haodong was so respected by Maldini Jr, they realized that the Wangs were about to have a really hard time.

“Earlier, the young master of the Wangs was turned down by my girlfriend in public. Then, he tried to have us thrown out and announced that he would kick our company off the member list of the Jiangnan Chamber of Commerce.”

His words were simple but clear enough to summarize what the father and son had done. He had never considered Wang Dacheng a threat, but he wouldn’t mind getting this love rival in trouble.

“What a scumbag!”

Among the limited vocabulary of Maldini Jr, that was the only word he could use to express his anger. He looked at Wang Dacheng and said, “You’re so disappointing. How can you treat my friend so rudely? I am now announcing that I’ll cancel my intention to invest in Haitian Group.”


Wang Dacheng had never seen that coming. He had strived for the opportunity to cooperate with Maldini Jr, but it had been ruined because he had offended Qin Haodong.

Wang Haijun walked over intensely and explained, “Mr. Maldini Jr, there must have been a misunderstanding. I hope you can give my family and our group a chance. I am now the president of the Jiangnan Chamber of Commerce. If we unite, you’ll benefit a lot from the Chamber.”

“Jiangnan Chamber of Commerce?” Maldini Jr. sneered. “That’s a tiny force Midas Investment Corporation doesn’t even care about. I’m announcing now that the Jiangnan Chamber of Commerce and our company have a hostile relationship. All the chamber’s members will lose the chance to cooperate with us.”


Wang Haiting’s forehead was full of cold sweat. He had thought that the Jiangnan Chamber of Commerce would be an advantage during the negotiation. However, on the contrary, it had caused the resentment of Maldini Jr.

Other members of the Chamber were also there to watch the show. They thought they would have nothing to do with the fight between the Wangs and Qin Haodong, no matter who was the winner, but Wang Haiting had just dragged all of them into the muddy pond.

Some people had been waiting for the opportunity to get close to Maldini Jr. and striving to cooperate with him. However, their dream had been crushed now, so they took it out on Wang Haiting.

At the same time, they were curious about the capacity of Qin Haodong. After all, he had won the respect of the prideful Maldini Jr.

The father and son, who were completely dumbfounded, didn’t come back to their senses until Qin Haodong left Jiangnan Club with Maldini Jr. Their intention had been to humiliate the young doctor, but it had never occurred to them that they would provoke Maldini Jr, who was a living Midas.

Wang Haiting also realized that the members of the Jiangnan Chamber of Commerce who had been following him no longer felt as much respect for him. It was evident in their eyes. Some of them even looked at him with resentment and left the Jiangnan Club in no time.

Wang Dacheng looked quite frustrated. He hadn’t yet figured out what was going on. Thus, he asked with resentment, “Father, shall we hire someone and teach a lesson to this guy?”

“Can’t you do anything right?”

Wang Haiting slapped him to the ground and scolded him. “Do you know who he is? Are you trying to get back at him? If you piss him off today, our family will be devastated tomorrow and we’ll be begging on the streets the day after tomorrow!

From this day on, you are grounded. Don’t provoke Maldini Jr. and don’t even dare provoke Qin Haodong.”

Wang Dazhi covered his cheek as he realized the huge trouble he had caused.

Outside the Jiangnan Club, Qin Haodong and Gao Fengwen were saying goodbye to each other. They then went to the Hilton Hotel, where Maldini Jr. stayed. Maldini Jr.’s assistant Alice had already booked a room at this fancy hotel.

In Maldini Jr.’s presidential suite, Alice warmly greeted Qin Haodong and Lin Momo. When they were all seated, she served two cups of coffee and helped Maldini Jr. take off his suit.

Qin Haodong took a sip of coffee and then shot a glance at Alice. The woman was very beautiful and had a seductive figure. She had a thick booty and a plump chest.

Apparently, she was very affectionate with Maldini Jr. However, this was purely unrequited love, as Maldini Jr. did not respond to her enthusiasm at all.

After chit-chatting a bit, Maldini Jr. asked Lin Momo, “Dear Ms. Lin, would you excuse us for a second?”

“Of course!” Lin Momo said before standing up immediately. Then, she was led into another room by Alice.

Now that there were only two people in the room, Qin Haodong smiled and said, “Mr. Maldini Jr, you can tell me what you want now.”