The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 317

Chapter 317 Finally Standing Up

Chapter 317 Finally Standing Up

Maldini Jr. picked up the coffee and took a sip. Then, he licked his lips. The world-famous financial giant and living Midas people looked up to now seemed a little intense.

After a pause, he asked, “Medical Sage, what do you think of this whole investment thing?”

“I’ll think about it. We’ll discuss the cooperation in detail when I’m ready to enter the European and American markets.” Qin Haodong looked at him with an intrigued look and then asked back, “Mr. Maldini Jr, is this really what you want to talk about?”

He had already sensed that the man bore an unspeakable difficulty that might be some kind of disease.

Maldini Jr. looked both intense and embarrassed as he replied, “Medical Sage, I’m here to talk about my disease. That’s also why I visited the Celestial Land this time.”

He had suffered from an unspeakable illness for years and visited a great number of famous doctors, but none of them had been able to treat him. A couple of days ago, Qin Haodong had cured Old Maldini’s brain tumor with acupuncture. He had been talking his son into this trip to the Celestial Land ever since. Maldini Jr. hadn’t trusted Chinese medicine back then, so he’d thought being cured wouldn’t be possible.

However, a few days ago, when the Blood Revival Elixir had entered the market, Maldini Jr. had sent someone to study this specific situation. After he was convinced that Qin Haodong had developed a drug that could completely cure leukemia, he became a believer of Chinese medicine and started trusting Qin Haodong’s medical skills. In no time, he had set off on this trip to the Celestial Land for the treatment.

“Oh, what can I help you with?” Qin Haodong asked.

“Well… I’ve heard that Chinese medicine practitioners have a magical way to diagnose things. They can tell the illness by feeling one’s pulse. I wonder if that’s true.”

Maldini Jr. didn’t answer Qin Haodong’s question directly.

“Of course it is. The four ways Chinese Chinese medicine practitioners diagnose are by looking, listening, questioning and, like you’ve said, feeling the patient’s pulse.”

“Then can you feel my pulse?”


Qin Haodong put his hand on his veins as soon as he answered. He had already diagnosed Maldini Jr.’s illness vaguely. He was just trying to make a trick out of this, and he became certain about his idea after feeling the pulse.

Maldini Jr. found it hard to talk about this because he had a serious male-specific disease. In the slang of the Celestial Land, this was called “Emasculated since Birth”, which meant that his penis worked for nothing but peeing. No wonder Lin Momo said he still hadn’t gotten married or created any rumors. He’d had no chance to be caught in gossip under the circumstances.

Given the position he was in, he must’ve had many wooers. However, the more women courted him, the bigger the burden he felt. His assistant, Alice, had been batting her eyelashes at him, but he wouldn’t even look at her if she stripped off.

After getting all the information, Qin Haodong retracted his hand. The man asked nervously, “Medical Sage, what’s wrong with me?”

He had been visiting famous doctors from all over the world in private all these years, but none of them had been able to cure him. The diagnosis of the hospital was that his physical development was normal. Why did his penis keep lowering its head before women then?

Qin Haodong actually liked this passionate, straightforward guy. Therefore, he quit trying to make fun of him and said bluntly, “I’ve heard of your problem, and I know there’s nothing western medicine can do about it. Chinese medicine is your only hope.”

“Medical Sage, are you saying that you can cure my illness?”

He had harbored a lot of hope while coming to the Celestial Land this time, but he had also been captured by fear. His voice was trembling while he heard Qin Haodong say that his illness was curable.

“Chinese medicine has a concept called ‘match the medicine to the indications’. You’ll be cured fast as long as we can find the cause,” Qin Haodong said as he took out his needle bag, “Calm down. In ten minutes, I’ll make you a second-to-none sex machine.”

It turned out that what caused Maldini Jr.’s Erectile Dysfunction was the blocked meridians he had been born with. The meridians that connected his manhood and other parts of his body couldn’t transfer nutrients, which was why his penis wouldn’t stand up.

Western medicine had no way to solve that dysfunction. Even among all the Chinese medicine practitioners, Qin Haodong, who used Rejuvenative Acupuncture, might be the only one who could cure this.

Ten minutes later, Qin Haodong pulled all the silver needles out of Maldini Jr.’s waist and asked, “How do you feel?”

“I feel warm on my waist. It’s comfortable, but it still doesn’t work,” Maldini Jr. answered intensely.

“Don’t worry! There’s one last step!”

Qin Haodong then pressed on the Shenshu Point in his lower back and injected a wisp of Green Wood Genuine Qi. Maldini Jr.’s meridians, which had been blocked for more than thirteen years, were immediately fixed. His penis stood up in no time.

He had never felt this before. Maldini Jr, who couldn’t be more excited, cried out with tears in his eyes, “It’s standing up! Finally!”

His family business was worth hundreds of billions, so he had been surrounded by beauties all day. He had experienced deeply the feeling of ‘no playing, only watching’. Now that he had been cured, he would be able to hold his head up at last.

Qin Haodong patted his shoulder and smiled. “Mr. Maldini Jr, I’m glad you’ve been cured. Have a good day!”

He then knocked on the door of the other room and left the hotel with Lin Momo, leaving Maldini Jr. and Alice alone for the night.

As Qin Haodong walked, his lips cured into a smile. Maldini Jr. had finally gotten his penis to stand up, so he would definitely make up for suffering for so long. Qin Haodong could even hear Alice cry out in joy.

After hopping in the car, Lin Momo said, “What was that about, Haodong? Was Maldini Jr. hiding something? Did he say anything important to you?”

Qin Haodong repeated the whole curing process and concluded, “Now you know why he had no girlfriend and created no gossip.”

Lin Momo was surprised by the news. It had never occurred to her that this world-renowned rich man would have that kind of secret sorrow.

Qin Haodong smiled and said, “Happiness is actually always around you. Your daily life may be what someone else is striving for. Now let’s go back and enjoy our lives!”

He patted heavily Lin Momo’s thigh while watching her charmingly.

“Stop it!” Lin Momo certainly knew what Qin Haodong was implying. Her blushing cheeks glowed like the sunset.

She soon realized something and sighed indignantly. “Poor Xiaoxiao. She waited for that jerk for more than five years. That man is such an ungrateful scumbag.”

“She’s poor, indeed, but we’re all grown-ups. No one else is to blame for the way she chose to live her life.”

“No one except Wang Dacheng. That jerk! Xiaoxiao has been so nice to him. Their family business took off because of the help of Xiaoxiao’s father. I still can’t believe he pursued me over her. I bet that guy’s head has been kicked by a donkey!”

Qin Haodong said, “Think about it, Momo. There were many more complicated factors that drove him to pursue you.”

“Complicated factors?”

Lin Momo was a very smart woman, or she wouldn’t have become the president of the group. She had been occupied this time only because she felt angry.

She thought calmly for a few minutes and then said, “Now that you’ve mentioned it, I find it weird, too. Wang Dacheng had never shown any affection to me before. It was strange that he suddenly came here and tried to pursue me.

He knew very well that Xiaoxiao and I are BFFs. He shouldn’t have chosen me even if he wanted to use a woman as a target.”

Qin Haodong said, “That’s why I thought he was acting suspiciously.”

Lin Momo contemplated this and said, “Is this about the Blood Revival Elixir?”

“Very likely.” Then, he added, “As you’ve said, he wasn’t that into you before, but now he showed his affection for you in public. That’s unusual.

He chose to do it at a special time, when the Blood Revival Elixir had just entered the market. He did this to arise public attention. The fact that he just came back from M Country makes him even more suspicious.”

Lin Momo’s expression changed as she asked, “You mean that he had something to do with Wilson’s Company?”

“Maybe, but I’m not so sure. Many people see the Blood Revival Elixir as a chicken that can lay golden eggs. Many companies, including Wilson’s Company, have been watching us. This could be another opponent hiding in the dark.”

He thought about it. “Apparently, Wang Dacheng knows nothing about Chinese medicine, which means that he was never a fan. However, he came back hastily and established the Hall of Medical Fame. He is either going after our formula, or trying to share a piece of the pie of the Chinese medicine industry.”

“Now that you’ve mentioned it, it’s crossed my mind that Wang Dacheng does not trust in Chinese medicine at all. He had made quite a lot of speeches against Chinese medicine during student union activities. Now, he suddenly wants to invest in the industry? How weird is that?”

Qin Haodong said, “We’ll see. I don’t care what he is after. Regardless of whether this is his personal compassion or desire to get a finger in the pie of the Chinese medicine industry, I’ll welcome him warmly as long as he helps Chinese medicine develop. If he tries to poison the well, then I’ll show no mercy.”

His eyes turned grim when he said that. Chinese medicine was declining now. Therefore, he wouldn’t allow anyone to harm the industry.

In the Wang Villa, Wang Haiting and his son went back to their own rooms frustratedly after they returned home.

Wang Dacheng had been depressed after coming back from the club, but his face changed immediately when he closed the door of his room. His disappointment disappeared, and he looked like someone else.

He checked the door to see if it had been locked. Then, he took another phone out of the drawer and dialed a number.

When the call was connected, the person on the phone asked, “How’s it going?”

“Not so well. There’s been an accident!” Wang Dacheng said, “I pursued Lin Momo to cause conflict between her and Qin Haodong, but it didn’t seem to work.”

“Why? You should be charming enough to attract her. Qin Haodong will be mad if she’s affected.”

Wang Dacheng said, “This time was different. Lin Momo had no feelings for me. She actually hated me because of my relationship with my ex-girlfriend. Qin Haodong seemed pretty cool with it and sure about Lin Momo’s love. He didn’t look jealous at all.”

“It’s fine. It doesn’t matter if they turn on somebody or not.” The man then asked, “How’s the establishment of the Hall of Medical Fame going?”

“Just fine. I’ve established it, but now that Qin Haodong is the president of the Chinese Medicine Association, half of the famous doctors in the Celestial Land have refused to join us.”

“That annoying bug! He’s such a pain in the neck!”

Wang Dacheng agreed. “He’s a big trouble-maker. The cooperation between us and Midas Investment Corporation has changed because of him. Maldini Jr. refused to cooperate with me clearly, so we’ll have to find another way to solve the funding issue if you want to invest in the factory.”