The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 318

Chapter 318 Being A Man

Chapter 318 Being A Man

The guy on the phone said, “That doesn’t matter. We have plenty of money. We asked you to approach Maldini Jr. in order to cover for us. Now that you’ve failed, our investment company can accomplish this too. All you have to do now is establish the Hall of Medical Fame and the factories as soon as possible to boost our plan.

As far as Qin Haodong is concerned, it would be nice if you could get the formula. However, if you can’t, you should at least destroy Tangmen Traditional Chinese Medicine Company.”

Wang Dacheng answered respectfully, “Got it, boss. I’ll try harder.”

Upon hanging up the phone, he took out a cigarette and started smoking. Five minutes later, he rubbed the cigarette hard to put it out. Then, he picked up the phone and dialed another number.

After a busy day, Che Xiaoxiao went back to her room, took off her clothes and entered the bathroom.

After taking a comfortable shower, she wiped herself dry with the bath towel. When she looked at her beautiful face and plump body in the mirror, she sighed.

Time didn’t wait. She had waited for five years, but she still didn’t know when that man would be back. She wondered if she would grow old alone.

Just as she sighed, the phone suddenly rang on the bed.

It was too late for a usual call. Had something awful happened? She wrapped herself in the bath towel and walked over. Upon seeing the number on the screen, she started to tremble.

This number had been disconnected for a long time. The sudden call made her feel surprised, joyful and aggrieved.

“Dacheng, is that you?” Even her mouth was trembling as she smiled.

“Smile, it’s me! I’m back!” Wang Dacheng’s charming voice came from the phone.

“Dacheng? Is that true? Am I dreaming?” Che Xiaoxiao sobbed.

“Of course it is true. I promised you I’d come back and I definitely keep my promises.”

Che Xiaoxiao cried for a long time before she said, “What’s taken you so long to call me? I’ve been waiting for you like a fool!”

“I told you, I was receiving special training in M Country, so any connection with my home was cut off. I couldn’t get in touch with anyone, not even the people I’m most intimate with.”

“Well then, where are you now? I have to come see you right now. I’ve been waiting for five years. I can’t wait any longer.”

“Thank you for waiting, Xiaoxiao. I’ll drop by right away!”

“Dacheng, be quick. I want to see you as soon as possible!” Che Xiaoxiao urged him eagerly.

“Don’t worry, I will be there soon.”

Wang Dacheng hung up the phone and drove out of the Wang Villa. Ten minutes later, he showed up in Che Xiaoxiao’s room, smiling from ear to ear.


Che Xiaoxiao jumped into his arms. All the words she wanted to say melted into tears and dripped down nonstop along her cheeks.

“Xiaoxiao, I’m back!”

Wang Dacheng raised his hand and wiped away the tears at the corner of Che Xiaoxiao’s eye. Then, he said gently, “You’ve lost pounds. You look even prettier.”

“Dacheng, you are finally back! I missed you so much in the past five years!” Che Xiaoxiao said with a tearful expression.

“I missed you too. You’re the woman of my life!”

Wang Dacheng then lifted Che Xiaoxiao off the ground and walked to the big bed in the room.

Early the next morning, the glow of the rising sun passed through the windows and shone upon on the big bed. Che Xiaoxiao clung to Wang Dacheng’s arm with a happy, satisfied expression on her face.

Wang Dacheng kissed her on the forehead and said, “Okay! Time to get up!”

Che Xiaoxiao said coquettishly, “No, I want this to last forever.”

“Xiaoxiao, I am back to start a business this time. Why don’t you help me?”

“Okay, I will do anything for you as long as I can see you every day!”

Che Xiaoxiao agreed without hesitation.

“Will you quit your current job for me?”

While looking at Wang Dacheng’s handsome face, Che Xiaoxiao promised obsessively, “Of course! I’d die for you if I had to.”

“You can count on me, I won’t let you down.” Wang Dacheng smiled charmingly and said, “I am going to develop the Chinese medicine industry. I’ll start a medical company and establish the Hall of Medical Fame. I’ll make you the legal representative of both businesses to make up for what I owe you after all these years.”

Che Xiaoxiao looked deeply moved. She held his arms as she said, “There’s no need. I don’t need any compensation. All I want is to be with you.”

“No, I need to show my determination,” Wang Dacheng said, looking quite sincere, “You can quit your job today and we’ll go through the procedures of the legal representative.”

“Fine, I’ll call my boss now.”

Che Xiaoxiao grabbed the phone on the nightstand and called the owner of Jiangnan Hotel. She had been doing a great job all these years. Her boss had never expected that she would quit. Although he tried to hold her back, Che Xiaoxiao seemed very determined. In the end, she quit her job as general manager.

She hugged Wang Dacheng and said coquettishly as soon as she hung up the phone, “Alright. Now I have no job, so you’re going to keep me.”

“You will be the boss of the two companies soon enough. You will have to keep me,” said Wang Dacheng, “Let’s grab some breakfast and then go start the procedures. I noticed a Chinese medicine company at the auction, and I’ve already negotiated a price with them. We can have the ownership transfered by the end of the day.”

Che Xiaoxiao said, “What’s the rush? I want to spend the whole day with you.”

“Of course we should rush! That’s our first business, and time is money. We should hurry up and get it done.”

After breakfast, Che Xiaoxiao and Wang Dacheng went to start the procedure of the Hall of Medical Fame of the Celestial Land and the Chinese medicine factory. They had fully prepared for it, so it was over fast. When they were finished, it was almost noontime.

The Hall of Medical Fame was registered, and the factory was renamed Hall of Medical Fame Chinese Medicine Factory of the Celestial Land. Both business licenses were signed by Che Xiaoxiao.

As she held the two business licenses in her arms, Che Xiaoxiao was really moved. Other than the money, what touched her most was that Wang Dacheng had demonstrated his love for her by handing over to her two companies.

“Dacheng, you don’t have to do this. The money’s all yours, so you should be the owner. I should just work for you.”

Wang Dacheng said, “Listen to yourself! You’re my woman! The landlady! I’ll work for you my whole life!”

Che Xiaoxiao replied happily, “Alright then. What’s mine is yours.”

Wang Dacheng said, “It’s almost noontime. How about we call Lin Momo and take her out to dinner?”

“Okay, I was thinking about calling her anyway. I want to share the news of your return, so that she will stop saying that you’re messing around with me.”

Che Xiaoxiao picked up her phone to call Lin Momo.

At Tangmen Traditional Chinese Medicine Company, it was about noontime and Maldini Jr. dropped by to say goodbye to Qin Haodong and Lin Momo. He looked like a different person compared to yesterday, as joy filled his face. Alice was sticking by his side like a clingy bird.

“Medical Sage, thank you so much for this. I’ve been cured completely!”

Qin Haodong bantered with him. “Mr. Maldini Jr, did you just get out of bed?”

“That…” he answered shyly, “I might have slept in.”

Qin Haodong whispered to him, “Truth be told, how many times did it happen last night?”

Maldini Jr. raised his left hand and then two fingers of his right hand. On his face was an expression that only men could understand. Then, he exclaimed, “Medical Sage, all the years I’ve lived, I’ve never known how great being a real man could be.”

“That’s great!” Qin Haodong patted his shoulder and joked. “Seven times in one night? Not bad at all!”

Maldini Jr. said, “Medical Sage, I really appreciate your help. You and I are going to be friends forever. Don’t hesitate to ask me for anything. I’d even catch a grenade for you!”

His gratitude for Qin Haodong came from deep inside. Without this young man, he would never have known how a real man felt and he probably would have been ashamed of himself forever.

He also proposed to pay an extra diagnosis bill of 100 million dollars, but Qin Haodong rejected his offer.

Qin Haodong had helped the guy because he seemed nice and he had already donated 100 million dollars to the Chinese Medicine Association.

After some more chit-chat, he had to say goodbye to Qin Haodong for real. “Medical Sage, I’m going back to M country. Please visit me there if you have time.”

“Is there such a hurry? Why don’t you join us for dinner before you go?” Qin Haodong detained him enthusiastically.

“I’ll take a rain check on that. I’ve got a world of things to handle in M Country. We’ll meet soon in the future!”

As the president of the Midas Company, Maldini Jr. did have lots of things to deal with. He had to attend to numerous affairs every day. Now that he was cured, he flew back to M Country on his own jet in no time.

After seeing off Maldini Jr. and his fellows, Lin Momo went back to her office and asked, “Haodong, should I call Xiaoxiao and tell her that Wang Dacheng’s back?”

She had been struggling with this for a while now. She wasn’t sure if she should call Che Xiaoxiao. If she kept holding back on her, she would feel sorry. However, if she told her the truth, she was afraid that Che Xiaoxiao would be devastated.

Qin Haodong said, “I think you shouldn’t make the call. What are you going to tell her? That Wang Dacheng expressed his love for you in public? That would hurt her even more, and I’m afraid your friendship would be over.”

“But if I don’t tell her about it, she may waste her whole life waiting for him!”

“But if you did tell her, you would cause her life-long pain. She’s so unfortunate to have met Wang Dacheng.”

The two of them were talking when Lin Momo’s cell phone suddenly rang. She checked it and saw Che Xiaoxiao’s number.

She said intensely, “It’s Xiaoxiao. What am I going to do?”

Qin Haodong said, “Just pick it up.”

“Okay then.”

Lin Momo clicked the answer button. Before she could decide what to say, she heard Che Xiaoxiao exclaim in excitement, “Momo, I’ve got some good news!”

“What is it?”

Lin Momo felt really relieved. She thought Che Xiaoxiao had heard about her and Wang Dacheng.

“Dacheng is back! My Dacheng is finally back!” Che Xiaoxiao exclaimed excitedly.

“Really? Congrats!”

Lin Momo didn’t react much, but Che Xiaoxiao, who was thrilled, ignored this and said, “Momo, I feel so happy. Dacheng said we should have lunch together. It’s been a while since the old gang got together. Are you available?”

“Sound… sounds good to me.”

Although Lin Momo would hate to see Wang Dacheng, she realized that Che Xiaoxiao was too upset right now to be turned down. Therefore, she agreed.

“Great! Bring your young doctor with you. I’ll see you at Jiangnan Hotel!”

Che Xiaoxiao then hung up the phone.

Lin Momo looked back at Qin Haodong and said, “Wang Dacheng had her call us to go out for lunch. What’s he after this time?”