The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 327

Chapter 327 Clue Disappeared

Chapter 327 Clue Disappeared

With a scream of “Ah”, the young female rogue grabbed the quilt, put it in front of her chest as a shield, pointed at and abused the two persons, “Who the fuck are you? Dare you enter while seeing I am dealing with something with Mr. Wang? Do you want to be killed?”

In her view, Wang Dazhi, a domineering person, would break the man’s leg and have sex with the woman.

But when she turned her head back, she found Wang Dazhi looked pale in his face and shivered as if he were very scared.

“Why did you, you come here?”

Wang Dazhi asked in a nervous mood. His heart would be filled with honor at the sight of Qin Haodong after the incident in the Dogfighting Ring.

Having Nalan Wuxia wait outside door, Qin Haodong covered his penis with a bedsheet, knocked the young female rogue unconscious and then asked, “I came to see you about the answer to the only question ‘Where did that medicine you used in Dogfighting Ring come from?'”

“Medicine? What medicine?”

Wang Dazhi had realized what Qin Haodong asked. But Wang Dazhi could not tell Qin Haodong the answer, otherwise Wang Dacheng would strip the skin of his body.

“Stop shamming ignorance, I mean the medicinal powder with which you fed the dog.”

This time Qin Haodong directly used Mind-bewitching witchcraft.

“It was stolen from my elder brother!” said Wang Dazhi honestly.

Qin Haodong was surprised, “These things were really taken back by Wang Dacheng.”

“Does Wang Dacheng have lots of this kind of medicinal powders with him?”

“Yes, he has many powders of about ten-odd kinds.”

“Do you know where these powders came from?”

“He took them with him when returning to Huaxia from M Country. But I do not know the exact location from which the powders came from.”

The source of the genetic toxin was nearly ascertained. Qin Haodong asked, “Did the two people take your order to extort money by feigning injury during the free medical consultation at the Chinese Medicine Practitioner Association?”

“It is me who asked those two people to do that and the liquid medicine belongs to my elder brother!”

“Why did you ask me to extort money by feigning injury there?”

Wang Dazhi said, “Because too many people are on your sides, thereby comparing favorably with Hall of Medical Fame owned by my elder brother. So He asked me to find trouble with you in order to tarnish the reputation of the Chinese Medicine Practitioner Association.”

It became clear too that the second thing was really done by Wang Dacheng. Qin Haodong asked again, “What about Zhang Guoliang’s death? Why did you kill him?”

Wang Dazhi said, “Who is Zhang Guoliang? I do not know him, and I did not kill anybody.”

“He is a Chinese medicine practitioner of Hall of Medical Fame.”

“I do not know; I do not know him.”

“I was unlikely for him to tell lies under the influence of Mind-bewitching witchcraft. It seems that I have to ask Wang Dacheng to get a clear idea of it,” He thought. He slapped Wang Dazhi unconscious and then left the hotel with Nalan Wuxia.

After Zhang Guoliang left, Wang Dacheng did not hurry away but sat on the sofa in the Huaxia Hall of Medical Fame, waiting for news.

After a while, his phone rang, “Young master, that person was knocked dead by a muck truck!”

“It is great that it spared us the effort to kill him by ourselves.”

Wang Dacheng hung up with a smile, picked up the wine bottle by him and poured a bottle of red wine for himself.

Zhang Guoliang was dead now and nobody knew the existence of Nine Treasures Kidney-nourishing Pill, giving him the chance to ponder over how to make the remnant recipe in his hand perform its best now.

A noise came from outside of the building when he was absorbed in thought. The bodyguard was knocked down before he tried to block the path of Nalan Wuxia and Qin Haodong.

Looking at the surveillance video, Wang Dacheng laughed scornfully, “It is unexpected they arrived very soon.”

He opened the drawer, picked up a small bottle from it, took out a white pill from the bottle, put it into his mouth, grabbed the bottle of red wine on the desk and took a sip.

The door was stomped open by someone from outside when he finished everything and Qin Haodong stepped in with Nalan Wuxia.

On seeing they enter the door, Wang Dacheng said with a smile, “Nalan Wuxia, since you are the head of criminal police squad, how come you entered in such an impolite way?”

Nalan Wuxia said, “Wang Dacheng, you have been suspected of taking part in an intentional homicide, tell me the details of Zhang Guoliang’s death.”

“Zhang Guoliang, is he dead?” An expression of surprise appeared on Wang Dacheng’s face and then he said with a sympathetic look, “He is a good doctor I hired with a large sum of money. Why did he die and how did he die?”

Those who did not know the details would be deceived by his behavior. It was a pity that he had good acting skills but did not work in film and TV circles.

Nalan Wuxia was pulled by Qin Haodong to the place behind Qin’s back before he wanted to say something more and Qin Haodong said, “Save your breath on him, let me deal with him.”

He looked at Wang Dacheng, asking with mind-bewitching witchcraft, “What did you come to Huaxia for?”

This question had been all along puzzling him who was worried that Wang Dacheng would do something detrimental to traditional Chinese Medicine.

Wang Dacheng said with eyes flashing with confusion, “I returned to Huaxia to start a business, aiming to make a fortune in the industry of traditional Chinese Medicine.”

“Did you do anything harmful to traditional Chinese Medicine?”

“No, I also want to make a fortune at the news that Tangmen Traditional Chinese Medicine Company had gained profits.”

Assured that this guy did not want to do something harmful to traditional Chinese Medicine, Qin Haodong heaved a sigh of relief and asked, “Where did your genetic toxins come from?”

“I took them back to our country from M Country. I bought some from him who conducted research on it.”

“What did you do with these things you bought.”

“I did not think much, I only thought they were absent within our country and might be useful in the future, so I took some back to our country.”

Qin Haodong asked, “Did you plan the extortion at the Chinese Medicine Practitioner Association?”

“I ordered Wang Dazhi to do it. Because too many people were present at the site of your free medical consultation, stealing the show of Huaxia’s Hall of Medical Fame. So I gave him some liquid medicine and asked him to gather some guys together to find trouble with you, which would tarnish the reputation of the Chinese Medicine Practitioner Association.”

Qin Haodong asked, “What is wrong with Zhang Guoliang’s death on earth? Why did you kill him?”

“I do not know; I have no idea how he died. He talked with me about something just now and asked me to send his son to study in M country. There is no reason that I had to kill him.”

On hearing the answer, Qin Haodong frowned, “Zhang Guoliang had genetic toxins with him undoubtedly. But if Wang Dacheng did not kill Zhang Guoliang, who killed Zhang Guoliang? Did other people in Jiangnan City have this kind of thing?

“The possibility was supposed to be very faint. Even if other people have generic toxins, why did they kill a Chinese medicine practitioner? And the last person whom Zhang Guoliang dealt with was Wang Dacheng.”

Qin Haodong stopped meditation, stared at Wang Dacheng again and he was assured that it was unlikely for him to tell lies under the influence of Mind-bewitching witchcraft.

It was very strange and puzzled Qin Haodong very much.

Having asked enough questions, Qin Haodong turned back and left Huaxia Hall of Medical Fame with Nalan Wuxia.

Nalan Wuxia asked after getting on the car, “If it was not done by Wang Dacheng, who else did it?”

Qin Haodong said, “It stands to reason that Wang Dacheng did it very probably. But he did not admit he did it, who else did it if he did not do it?”

“Is it possible that Wang Dacheng told lies?”

“It is by no means possible. I asked him questions in a very special way very similar to deep hypnotism, under the influence of which it was unlikely that he told lies.”

Nalan Wuxia thought for a while and said, ” If the thing is like this, it is very scaring that another person in Jiangnan City has genetic toxins.”

She was greatly aware of the horror brought by genetic toxins. Other people wouldn’t have found this kind of toxins that could kill people imperceptibly if Qin Haodong hadn’t been present on the spot.

Qin Haodong said, “It is very suspicious that Zhang Guoliang is just an ordinary Chinese medicine practitioner, not very excellent one, why did someone kill him at the expense of expensive genetic toxins? What is the secret behind the scenes on earth?”

Nalan Wuxia said, “Stop thinking if you are not able to get the idea of this. If you want to cope with Wang Dacheng, I will have him arrested by someone and after all, it is he who ordered someone to commit extortion on the spot of free medical consultation at the Chinese Medicine Practitioner Association.

“The two people who extorted 10,000,000 RMB on the spot will be sentenced to eight to ten years in prison although their extortion failed. In contrast, Wang Dacheng, the chief plotter behind the scene, will also bear the responsibility for the grave consequence.”

Qin Haodong shook his head and said, “Did you notice that Wang Dacheng said he asked the two people to create disturbance instead of practicing extortion. So the most severe punishment for them will be security detention according to the crime they committed.

“Anyway, he is a classmate of Momo, the boyfriend of Che Xiaoxiao. There is no need to find trouble with him for this trifling thing.”

Nalan Wuxia said, “OK, Let us stop now, I will make a further investigation to find other clues from Zhang Guoliang tomorrow.”

Qin Haodong nodded. Other ways should be sought because the clues had completely disappeared.

Wang Dacheng left Huaxia Hall of Medical Fame before they did and he drove home. Entering his bedroom, closing its door, he took out that cellphone from the drawer and dialed a string of numbers.

Having talked about what had happened today in brief, he said, “Boss, Qin Haodong is a hard nut to crack and has become suspicious of me.”

There came a cold voice, “Before returning to Huaxia, I told you that if you had not had your idiotic younger brother see the genetic toxins, that man would not have become suspicious of you so soon.”

“Sorry, Boss, I was careless,” Wang Dacheng said, “but I took remedial measure by wolfing down the memory-reorganizing pill invented by our company before Qin Haodong arrived, thereby reorganizing the memory of my brain.

“We made the right predictions that Qin Haodong is really capable of some skills similar to hypnotism, he hypnotized me but got the answers which I prepared in advance.

“Bad thing has become a good thing. I believe that he was suspicious of me after I returned to our country and embarked on a career in the industry of Chinese medicine and this incident must have dispelled his suspicion of me.”

The person at the other end of the phone said, “OK, leave this thing alone. You should be careful and not ruin the plan of our organization in the future.”

Wang Dacheng said, “Trust me, Boss. I have got somewhere with this thing. I happened to obtain a recipe of traditional Chinese Medicine, which is of great use to our plan.”

“You did this thing well. But you have to make the best use of your time and had better foil the sales of Tangmen company. You should know even the sale of each Blood Revival Elixir pill in a single day will make our company suffer big losses.

“You should bring down traditional Chinese Medicine and Blood Revival Elixir pills. If you are successful, you will earn a huge reward. Otherwise, punishment will be meted out to you by our organization.”

After finishing his words, he hung up and Wang Dacheng put his phone away with a grim look.

He looked successful upon his coming back to his country but only he knew the big pressure in his heart.

On the next day, Qin Haodong got the feedback from Nalan Wuxia that autopsy done on Zhang Guoliang’s body showed that Zhang Guoliang had not had supper before his death so they ruled out the possibility that Zhang drank excessive alcohol. Besides the feedback Qin Haodong did not get any other useful clue.

Having asked a few more questions, Qin Haodong hung up. At a loss of what to do now, he only had to wait for them to give the game away again.