The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 330

Chapter 330 Interest Charging

Chapter 330 Interest Charging

“What’s the matter?”

Qin Haodong asked. Usually, Liu Yage acted rationally. Since the accident could make her so flustered, it had to be very serious.

“We are going to run out of stock!” Liu Yage said nervously.

Lin Momo asked, “Out of stock? How is that possible? Can’t we just go to the medicine market? We have money.”

Liu Yage said, “President, it’s not about money. I just took our people to the wholesale market of medicinal materials, but there were no medicinal materials. Even if we have money, we can’t buy them.”

Lin Momo said, “How can that be?”

Liu Yage’s statement had surprised her. Jiangnan’s medicine wholesale market was a large market. How could there be no medicinal materials?

“It’s true. All medicinal materials have been sold.”

Lin Momo asked, “Who bought them?”

Qin Haodong said, “There’s no need to ask. It must have been Wang Dacheng. No wonder he didn’t appear at the press conference earlier. He found a fundamental solution.”

Liu Yage said, “Doctor Qin is right. I inquired at the medicine market. It was the Hall of Medical Fame who bought all the medicinal materials.”

Lin Momo’s face immediately became gloomy. She and Wang Dacheng were former classmates. How could this guy unexpectedly do this?

She asked, “Sister Liu, how many medicinal materials does our company have? How long will they last?”

“We need 12 kinds of medicinal materials to produce the Blood Revival Pill. There are still many medicinal materials that can last about half a month. However, one kind went out of stock several days ago, so there is only enough left for one day. If we can’t buy any more medicinal materials today, we will stop production tomorrow.”

“No, we must not stop production,” Lin Momo said angrily, “I’ll go find Wang Dacheng right now.”

Qin Haodong stopped her by saying, “It’s useless. He’d like us to look for him now. However, even if we do, he will only sneer at us. The problem can’t be solved.”

Lin Momo said angrily, “How could he buy all the herbs and leave none for us?”

Qin Haodong said, “Although his practice is ignoble, he paid for the medicinal materials. It’s reasonable and legal. What can you do?”

Although Lin Momo knew this was true, she was angry. “What shall we do? Cant we just shut down?” she said.

“Don’t worry, there will always be a way.” Qin Haodong turned to look at Liu Yage and asked, “Sister Liu, have you ever tried any other methods? Have you ever asked other medicine markets around Jiangnan City if we can buy the medicinal materials we need there?”

Liu Yage shook her head and said, “Jiangnan City’s herbal medicine market is the biggest medicine center. Since it has run out of stock, we can’t buy medicinal materials at any other places. We can ensure that only Shanghai’s medicine market is available, but it will take three days to make a round trip. We have no time.”

Qin Haodong thought for a moment and said, “Don’t worry. Keep the production going at the factory. I’ll take care of the materials. Get the vehicles ready to deliver the medicinal materials and wait for my call.”

Although they didn’t know what he could do, Liu Yage could only nod.

Qin Haodong left Tangmen Traditional Chinese Medicine Company and went to the Jiangnan medicine wholesale market. As Liu Yage had said, the normally bustling medicine market was now quiet.

He sneered. Since Wang Dacheng dared to use this nasty method, I won’t be polite anymore!

After the press conference, Che Xiaoxiao hurried to the production workshop of the traditional Chinese medicine factory. After all, she was now the legal representative and president of the whole company. In her heart, she regarded this as her and Wang Dacheng’s industry, so everything had to be done well.

When she hurried to the factory of the Hall of Medical Fame, she saw that the yard was very busy, and there were trucks full of all kinds of medicinal materials.

What’s going on? Although it was a traditional Chinese medicine factory, she didn’t need so many medicinal materials. Who bought so many useless herbs?

She looked around and saw Wang Dacheng, who was directing workers to move the medicinal materials into the warehouse. She hurriedly said, “Dacheng, what are you doing? How can you buy so many herbs?”

Wang Dacheng smiled proudly and said, “We have a traditional Chinese medicine factory. Naturally, we need to buy more herbs to store them. Otherwise, what will we do when we run out of stock?”

“But you can’t use so many medicinal materials. I’ve seen the treatment of the Kidney Treasure Tablet. It only requires eight kinds of herbs. What did you buy so many herbs for?”

Wang Dacheng said, “The treatment of the Blood Revival Elixir is strictly guarded by Tangmen Traditional Chinese Medicine Company. I don’t know what medicinal materials they need, so I just bought them all. Now, there are no medicinal materials left at the medicine market. I want to see what they will use to produce medicine.”

Che Xiaoxiao immediately opened her mouth in surprise and asked, “Dacheng, so you just bought so many herbs for the sake of Tangmen Traditional Chinese Medicine Company?”

“Yes. No matter how powerful Qin Haodong is, he can’t produce medicine without medicinal materials.”

“Dacheng, how can you do this? This will hurt others without benefiting us.”

Che Xiaoxiao now understood what Wang Dacheng’s plan was. He wanted to buy all the medicinal materials at the wholesale medicine market.

Wang Dacheng laughed and said, “Yes, I just did it. I don’t believe that a doctor can defeat me.”

Che Xiaoxiao wanted to get angry, but instead she cooled down and said, “How much did this cost? We don’t need to do this!”

“You don’t have to worry about money. I was happy to do it.”

Wang Dacheng knew that even if he bought all the medicinal materials at the market, it would only cost him dozens of millions of yuan. However, it would make Qin Haodong lose several hundred million yuan, since the Blood Revival Pill wouldn’t be sold.

Although this method seemed a little inefficient, it was really useful. In a short time, it could make Tangmen Traditional Chinese Medicine Company stop production.


Che Xiaoxiao wanted to stop Wang Dacheng. However, upon seeing this situation, she couldn’t do anything. All the medicinal materials were already in the warehouse.

Wang Dacheng said, “Xiaoxiao, go back to get some rest first. I will handle this.”

While she looked at those herbs, Che Xiaoxiao felt really uneasy. Thus, she nodded and turned away from the traditional Chinese medicine factory. Wang Dacheng organized the workers to put the medicinal materials in storage. When the sun went down, he finally loaded all the medicinal materials into the warehouse.

He beckoned the security captain over and said, “You and your men must guard my medicinal materials well tonight. If you lose a medicinal material, you will get kicked out of here!”

“Don’t worry, boss. I’ll arrange the guards now!”

Although the security captain didn’t understand why someone would come to steal medicinal materials, he agreed without hesitation. After all, Wang Dacheng was his employer.

After doing everything, Wang Dacheng nodded his head with satisfaction and sneered silently. Without the medicinal materials, I’ll see what you can produce!

Wang Dacheng left the traditional Chinese medicine factory. By now, the sun was setting and the sky was getting darker. The security captain arranged his subordinates around the warehouse dutifully according to Wang Dacheng’s instructions.

“Everyone be careful and take good care of the medicinal materials here. Even if one material is lost, you will be sacked.”

After scolding his subordinates, the security captain secretly left the traditional Chinese medicine factory. Today, he had a date with a young woman online to have fun.

He didn’t pay attention to Wang Dacheng’s warning at all. Although there were many medicinal materials, they were not very valuable. Who would steal them? Besides, so many medicinal materials could only be stolen by large trucks.

Since he hadnt taken these medicinal materials seriously, his security guards didn’t take them seriously either. After he left, they began to chat, smoke and play poker. Some of them even began to sleep. No one noticed that a ghostly shadow had appeared in the yard.

In the face of these slipshod security guards, Qin Haodong just smiled and entered the warehouse in an instant.

Upon looking at the mountainous medicinal materials, he was amused. In order to fight Qin Haodong, Wang Dacheng had really used a lot of money. It would take tens of millions of yuan to buy so many herbs.

However, his plan would not work at all. He had just saved a lot of money for Qin Haodong.

Upon thinking of this, he used his spirit to control the Storage Ring. All the medicinal materials that were needed to produce the Blood Revival Pill were collected into it.

At first, he wanted to take all the medicinal materials. However, later on, he thought that this was a big move that might arouse the suspicion of other people. It was better to keep the Storage Ring a secret.

Then, he turned to leave the warehouse. The security guards outside were still busy playing poker, so nobody knew that the warehouse had lost a lot of medicinal materials.


When Qin Haodong left the Chinese medicine factory of the Hall of Medical Fame, he didn’t go home directly. Instead, he headed to the Wang family’s villa. Recently, Wang Dacheng had caused him trouble repeatedly. He needed to pay him back.

Compared to the security guards at the traditional Chinese medicine factory, the bodyguards of Wang’s villa were more conscientious. However, they were not very different in Qin Haodong’s eyes. In a moment, he entered the villa.

The villa of the Wang family was really big. It actually contained five floors. It was midnight now, so all the members of the Wang family had fallen asleep. The whole building was quiet.

Qin Haodong found Wang Dacheng’s room. He was slightly shocked when he opened the door and approached Wang Dacheng’s bed.

He first hit Wang Dacheng’s sleeping acupoint and then took out his Thousand Blades and chopped close to Wang Dacheng’s head.

Of course, he didn’t want to kill Wang Dacheng. If he did, he could do it directly. Soon, Wang Dacheng’s black, shiny hair was shaved. In the blink of an eye, he had become bald.

“Not bad!”

Qin Haodong looked at Wang Dacheng’s bald head, feeling very satisfied with his technique. However, he felt that this was not enough. Shaving Wang Dacheng’s head was not enough to vent his resentment.

Upon thinking of this, he used the tip of his knife to take off Wang Dacheng’s quilt.

When the quilt was lifted, he saw that Wang Dacheng was completely naked.

Qin Haodong used his Thousand Blades to shave Wang Dacheng’s private parts.

Qin Haodong snickered and said, “Boy, I’ll teach you a lesson. If you dare to oppose me again, I will chop you up!”

Then he turned and left the villa, leaving Wang Dacheng, who had been shaved completely.