The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 331

Chapter 331 Being Bald

Chapter 331 Being Bald

After leaving the Wang Family, Qin Haodong drove out of the urban area and stopped at a desolate open space in the suburban area. After taking out all the medicinal materials from his Storage Ring and placed them on the ground, he called Liu Yage.

As Qin Haodong had told her, Liu Yage had been waiting for Qin Haodong’s call with several trucks. However, it was already midnight and she received no news. She could not help but sigh and think to herself, “It seems that he is not that capable. He must haven’t found any medicinal material yet.”

Right then, the telephone at her bedside rang. She picked it up quickly and answered the call.

“Doctor Qin, have you found any medicinal material?”

“Yes, I have them all prepared for you. I’ll send you the address. Tell your men to carry them away as soon as possible.”

Qin Haodong hung up the phone and sent his location to her through the message.

After receiving the message, Liu Yage, leading a team in person, hurried to where Qin Haodong was with five trucks.

“Haodong, how did you get these medicinal materials? Why are they here?” Liu Yage asked in surprise at the sight of the pile of medicinal materials after finding Qin Haodong.

“Well, no questions. It doesn’t matter as long as they are enough for the production of tomorrow. I got to go home and have a rest, so, go on with your own business.”

Qin Haodong was not in a mood to talk more. As he finished his words, he went back to his car and headed to the Lin’s Villa.

The following day, Che Xiaoxiao arrived at the Hall of Medical Fame of Huaxia early. When she found that Wang Dacheng was yet to come, she called him.

In sound sleep, Wang Dacheng was woken up by the ringing of his phone. He grabbed the phone reluctantly and answered the call.

Che Xiaoxiao said to him with a smile, “Dacheng, why are you still in bed?”

Wang Dacheng took a look at the alarm clock at his bedside and found it was nine in the morning. He then replied, “I overslept. I’m so tired these days.”

While talking on the phone, he sat up from the bed and suddenly found many furs on his bed.

“What are these?”

Wang Dacheng raised a lock of fur to his eyes and took a careful look at it. Then, he realized it was probably a human’s hair.

He went sober immediately and felt the top of his head, but he touched nothing but a shaven head.

“What the fu*k! Where has my hair gone?”

He went to a mirror and took a look at himself, finding his head completely shaven and gleaming in the light.

“What happened to me? Did I have a hair loss? But was it impossible they all fell off in one night?”

While in a puzzle, he suddenly found some curly hair among the hair on his bed. “What’s going on? I didn’t have a perm, but why is there some curly hair?”

When he looked between his legs, he found the part was shaven and bald as well. Then, he realized the curly hair was shaven from there.

At the findings, he confirmed that he did not have a hair loss but that someone shaved his head. He was certain that the one who did this was that toy boy Qin Haodong.

Having not received any response from Wang Dacheng for a while, Che Xiaoxiao asked with concern, “Dacheng, what’s going on? Do you have a problem?”

Wang Dacheng answered in anger, “Qin Haodong broke into my house last night and shaved my head.”

He was so embarrassed that he did not tell her his private part was shaven as well.

“How could that happen? There were so many bodyguards in your house, how could he break in?” said Che Xiaoxiao in surprise.

“Nothing is impossible to that guy. He is a good martial artist,” Wang Dacheng replied angrily, “no one dared to put his hands on me except Qin Haodong. Even if it was not him, it must be someone good at martial arts he sent over.”

Che Xiaoxiao responded with a smile, “To be honest, Dacheng, you didn’t have to go tough with him, since there was no actual contradiction between the two of you. Moreover, his wife, Momo, was our classmate. Why are you so determined to have it out for them?”

“It’s none of your business. I know what I’m doing.”

After saying this, Wang Dacheng hung up the phone heavily.

Staring at the bald himself in the mirror, Wang Dacheng said with a grave expression, “Are you trying to threaten me, Qin Haodong? Shaving my head is all you can do, and it won’t change the fact you’re short of medicinal materials for production. Wait and see, I’ll destroy your company in few days.”

All of a sudden, he had a foreboding. He put on his clothes in a hurry, fetched a hat, and put it on his bald head before leaving home with several bodyguards.

When he arrived at the warehouse of his factory, fury got the better of him as he saw a dozen security guards in sound sleep on the ground.

“Bastards, did I pay you to sleep in my warehouse?”

He growled as he kicked a security guard at the butt. However, it didn’t wake up the guard, who turned over asleep.

“Wake these bastards up!” he yelled at the bodyguards behind him.

Right then, the head of the security guards of the warehouse hurried back from making love with a young married woman overnight, with excitement on his face.

When he saw his men lie on the ground asleep, he was dumbfounded. “Are these men pigs? How dare they sleep in working time in front of boss?”

“Bastard, where have you gone? Did you turn a deaf ear to my words?”

Seeing the head of the security guards, Wang Dacheng was in greater rage that he slapped him on the face.

The head of the security guards covered his cheek where was slapped and said, “Sorry… Boss, my mom fell ill…”

Wang Dacheng didn’t bother to hear any excuse. He snarled, “Cut the crap. Wake your men up and check out if anything in the warehouse is missing.”

“Yes, I’m on it.” the head of the security guards answered.

He took all his anger out on the sleeping security guards by punching and kicking them, and even threw cold water on them. Finally, the asleep security guards were woken up.

They were thunderstruck as they went sober and saw the dark-faced Wang Dacheng, without any awareness of how they fell asleep last night.

“What the hell are you doing? Did the boss pay you to sleep here?” the head of the security guards shouted. “Hurry, open the door and check out if anything is missing.”

The security guards struggled up in fluster and ran to open the door of the warehouse. Taking the lead, the head of the security guards went in and started checking on the medicinal materials.

Five minutes later, he ran back and said to Wang Dacheng in a hesitant tone, “Boss, it seems like some medicinal materials are… missing.”

Wang Dacheng threw him another slap on the face and yelled, “Are they exactly missing or not?”

The head of the security guards answered, “Some of them are, but not in a great amount.”

The head of the security guards should not be blamed for his not knowing how many medicinal materials were missing, because they bought too many medicinal materials yesterday and did not itemize them before piling them in the warehouse.

“You’re fired, bastards, all of you. Piss off now!”

In great fury, Wang Dacheng ordered his bodyguards to drive all the security guards out. Sure that it was Qin Haodong who stole these medicinal materials, he realized it was impossible for him to paralyze Tangmen Traditional Chinese Medicine Company and that he suffered a loss of millions from this.

Che Xiaoxiao hurried over at the moment. “Dacheng, what happened?” she asked.

Wang Dacheng took a deep breath and suppressed his anger, saying, “Well, just a small trouble. The security guards fell asleep during their duty and lost some of my medicinal materials.”

“It’s just losing some medicinal materials, it’s no big deal. Don’t let the fury get the better of you.” Che Xiaoxiao tried to comfort him. “The first batch of the products of our company, Treasure Tablet for Kidney, is ready and will be put on sale in half of an hour. Come with me to witness this moment together.”


Wang Dacheng nodded. He knew at the present, the new product was of the most significance, so he followed Che Xiaoxiao to their outlet.

Similar to Tangmen Traditional Chinese Medicine Company, Hall of Medical Fame of Huaxia built ten outlets in Jiangnan City to sell their products, and these stores would open to the public at two to eleven in the morning.

With the successful promotion of Blood Revival Elixir, the fame of Chinese medicine reached its peak and was widely believed among people. More and more patients turned to Chinese medicine for help.

Furthermore, because Hall of Medical Fame had spent a lot of money on popularizing its products, the outlets were crowded with patients of nephropathy who came in the hope that Treasure Tablet for Kidney would be as effective as Blood Revival Elixir.

Seeing that the first batch of the products was sold out in only two hours, Che Xiaoxiao said with excitement, “Dacheng, you’re right. The Chinese medicine industry is indeed promising. If nothing goes wrong, we’ll make millions in the future.”

Wang Dacheng showed a smile, but if one were to take a close look at his face, he would find that it was a smile of helplessness and bitterness. That was because Wang Dacheng knew he had more to do than just making money.

In the president’s office of Tangmen Group, Lin Momo made Qin Haodong a cup of tea and brought it to him while saying, “Where did you get those medicinal materials?”

Since Qin Haodong did not hide his secret of rebirth to her, he would not hide his Storage Ring from her either. As he put out his right hand to Lin Momo, a bunch of red roses appeared in the hand.

“Wow, are you playing a magic trick?” asked Lin Momo in surprise.

While speaking, she took the roses in her hand and observed carefully. She then found they were real flowers and even saw dewdrops on them. With a sniff, she smelled a pleasing fragrance.

Qin Haodong did not answer her question, and with a sheer of his will, the table in front of Lin Momo disappeared in the air all of a sudden.

“What’s… going on?”

Lin Momo reached out to touch where the table was a moment before, yet she touched nothing. It was not a trick; the table actually disappeared in the air.

With a wave of Qin Haodong’s hand, the table reappeared at its original position.

While pointing at the tattoo-like Storage Ring on his finger, he explained to Lin Momo, “Momo, this ring is named Storage Ring in Cultivation World. It has a huge space within it and can store everything except living beings.

“Last night, I paid a visit to Wang Dacheng’s warehouse and brought back everything we needed through the ring.”

“Are you not lying? It is so amazing,” Lin Momo said as she touched the ring on Qin Haodong’s finger.

If Qin Haodong had not shown her the magic power of the ring in her presence, she would never believe it was real.

“Haodong, how long have you stored these roses in your ring? Why do they look so fresh with dew? Did you buy them a moment ago?”

“Nope. The best part about the ring is, it is an independent space in which time does not exist, so, the tea will remain as hot as when you put it in even after ten years. Nothing will undergo changes in it.”

“Amazing. With it, it will be more convenient for me to go shopping, and I can buy whatever I want.” Lin Momo held Qin Haodong’s hands and continued excitedly, “Do you have any other Storage Ring? Please give me one.”

Qin Haodong was speechless upon hearing the words for he never heard anyone want a Storage Ring for shopping. Women did think differently as compared to men.

“Well, Storage Rings are common in Cultivation World but extremely rare on Earth. I’ll bring you one if I come across one someday,” said Qin Haodong, “but in fact, even if you possess one, you won’t be able to use it until you become a cultivation artist.

“Your will power has to be strong enough to make a Storage Ring at your use.”

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