The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 34

Chapter 34 In A Bad Mood

Chapter 34 In a Bad Mood

"Ha-ha-ha, what am I?" Long Haisheng laughed angrily, pointed to Qin Haodongs nose and shouted, "I tell you, in the Jiangnan City, whoever I let live will live, whoever I let die will die!"

Lin Momos heart sank, thinking that they were doomed. Originally, she wanted to talk to Long Haisheng in the name of Lins Group. Now there was no hope of negotiation at all. It would be no use even Lin Zhiyuan had present.

She didnt understand. Qin Haodong was obviously not an impulsive person. Why did he challenge Long Haisheng?

Then Cao Ting came over and screamed sharply. "Honey, chop him to death, you must chop him to death!"

Long Haisheng shouted angrily, "Dafei, get started; kill him for me!"

The bald-headed man had been waiting for a while, waiting for the masters order to start. As he clicked on his finger joints, he looked at Qin Haodong with a grinning look. "Boy, youre looking for death!"

He was 1.9 meters tall, and his whole body was full of muscles, like cast iron, which made people scared. Zhang Desheng and other bodyguards could not muster up a little courage to resist.

Dafei was the No.1 fighter of Long Haisheng. He practiced martial arts when he was young and played black boxing for many years when he grew up. He was very skilled and hard-working. He had made great contributions to Long Haisheng in these years. He once chased more than a dozen people by himself. No one dared to provoke him in the underground world.

He punched toward Qin Haodong in a fierce way. His arm looked thicker than ordinary peoples thighs. If he hit his face, he must be dead or disabled.

Zhang Desheng and others were quite scared of the power of the punch. They involuntarily stepped back, fearing to be affected.

The little fellow also seemed to feel something wrong. She cried out in fear in Lin Momos arms, "Mama, Im scared!"

Qin Haodong appeared as if nothing had happened. He turned back and smiled at the little fellow. "Tang Tang, Papas here. Dont be afraid!"

Without turning his back at all, he raised his hand and grabbed Dafeis fist.

It seemed as if he had eyes on the back of his head, and he firmly held the fierce punch.

Dafei changed his countenance. He had hundreds of kilograms of strength in this punch which could break several boards. Now his punch had been dissolved by the young man before him.

He retracted his fist and felt as if it had just hit the iron plate. His finger bones were shaken and painful, and he could not help but be secretly shocked.

"It seemed you are adept at martial arts."

After he finished speaking, he pulled out a shining dagger from his waist and pierced toward Qin Haodongs chest.

Qin Haodong frowned, for it seemed that this guy really wanted to kill him. He had to fight fire with fire since his opponent was so cruel.

He raised his foot like a lightning and hit Dafeis carpal bone with a gentle tap of his toe. Dafeis carpal bone was kicked in two in a click and the dagger flew away.

Then he kicked again at Dafeis chest. Under the incredulous gaze of all the people, Dafeis tall body flew out like a broken sack and collided fiercely with the wooden horse beside.

"Dafei, are you OK?"

Long Haishengs face was gloomy. Dafei was the first fighter under his command. Today, he was defeated by such a weak little white face.

Da Fei felt that he was hit by a train. It seemed that all the internal organs had been displaced. He spat out a big mouthful of blood. Obviously, he was badly injured and had no fighting power anymore.

"Good boy, a capable fighter!"

The muscles on Long Haishengs face involuntarily twitched in extreme anger. He had controlled the underground world in Jiangnan for many years, never had he been provoked. At this time he just wanted the young man to know his strength.

"You can fight well, let me see how many you can fight with!"

He raised his hand and waved, shouting to the fighters behind him, "Come up together, cut him off for me!"

After being ordered, the men in black behind him pulled out steel pipes, machetes and other weapons, and together shouted and pounced on Qin Haodong.

Seeing this situation, Zhang Desheng and others had been frightened far away, leaving Qin Haodong standing there alone, facing dozens of big men with machetes.

"You are courting death?"

Faced with the fierce men in black, Qin Haodong no longer held back and began to use his fists and feet. Those who were beaten either became dead or disabled. The weapons such as steel pipe and machetes could not even touch the corner of Qin Haodongs clothes.

Looking at the man who was desperately guarding herself, Lin Momo felt warm in her heart. For many years, she wanted to find a strong support for herself and her daughter. Today, she finally found this feeling.

"Papa is great. I love you!"

No longer afraid at this time, the little fellow clapped her hands for Qin Haodong in the back.

Soon the battle was over, the playground was filled with moaning men, who hugged their hands or feet and howled loudly and miserably.

Qin Haodong showed no mercy for he was annoyed that these people were so cruel. All these men were injured and almost all of them were disabled.

"D-did he win?"

Zhang Desheng opened his eyes as if he had seen a ghost. He had never seen such powerful martial art.

Lin Momo was also shocked at Qin Haodongs capability in martial art for she only knew about his excellent medical skills. Dealing with dozens of strong men with knives by himself, this kind of situation could only be seen in TV dramas before, but it happened before her eyes today.

Qin Haodong clapped his hands and walked leisurely to Long Haisheng and Cao Ting. "How about that?" Can you still control my life and death now?"

Unexpectedly, all these competent subordinates were not Qin Haodongs opponents, Long Haishengs face turns blue. This terrible capability had been seen in few people in decades.

But in any case, he was the controller of the underground world in Jiangnan, so he was not very panic although shocked.

"Boy, you really can fight, one person versus dozens of people, but can you resist a gun?

Ive seen a master before, but in the end the man was shot dead. Nowadays, its no use in this society to rely on fists alone. Believe it or not, I can put you in prison with a phone call now?"

He was so proud that he seemed to regain the initiative.

Long Haisheng could dominate Jiangnan city not only because of his men who could fight, but also because of the forces behind him. Otherwise, he would have been removed from power long ago.

Qin Haodong smiled and said, "Believe it or not, I can kill you now?"

He really wanted to kill him. If he didnt get rid of this man, there would be a lot of trouble in the future.

As the most outstanding doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, he had many means to make Long Haisheng die inexplicably, no one could find out the cause.

Though occupying a place in the society for so many years, Long Haisheng felt threatened by the young man before him. Although Qin Haodong was free and easygoing, his fierce eyes made people scared inside.

Just then, a voice came out of the playground. "Doctor Qin, why are you here?"

Qin Haodong turned his head and saw Bai Ziping coming in from outside.

After seeing the wounded black men all over and the iron-blue faced Long Haisheng, Bai Ziping asked in surprise, "Haisheng? Whats the matter?"

His Dog Fighting Ring was an underground business, so he naturally connected with Long Haisheng, the controller of the underground world, who owned 30% of the share of the Dog Fighting Ring. And they were also relatives.

"Cousin, do you know this man?" Long Haisheng asked.

"Haisheng, this is Doctor Qin whom I mentioned to you. His medical skill is very superior. He can definitely cure Xiaobaos disease."

It turned out that Bai Ziping wanted to recommend Qin Haodong to treat Long Haishengs little son Xiaobao after he witnessed Qin Haodongs magic medical skill yesterday. And they two had made an appointment at the playground by telephone, but Bai Ziping came a little late.

"You mean he is the little magic doctor?" Long Haisheng asked incredulously.

"Its absolutely true, Doctor Qins medical skill can only be described by the word magic!"

Bai Ziping said firmly. At first, he was not convinced when heard Qin Haodong from Lin Zhiyuan, but what he saw with his own eyes yesterday convinced him thoroughly. Although there were some gaps in the treatment of people and dogs, medical skills were still interlinked.

Long Haishengs face had changed. His son was diagnosed with leukemia three years ago, and had barely survived to this day relying on his familys huge financial resources. But doctors said he could only live for another three months at most.

In order to cure his son, they had sought treatment all over the world in recent years, but no one could cure Xiaobaos disease.

When he heard about Qin Haodongs amazing medical skills, a glimmer of hope rose in his heart. It was unexpected that the two men should meet in this way.

"As long as you can cure my sons illness, todays incident will be canceled, and you will be my friend in the future!"

For the sake of his sons illness, he finally put down his face.

Qin Haodong smiled. "If Im not mistaken, your son had leukemia three years ago. He had five chemotherapy sessions, but the effect was not ideal. If he didnt get effective treatment, he could only live for three months."

This time, not only Long Haisheng, but also Cao Ting beside him has shocked greatly. He could tell Xiaobaos condition so clearly that he was absolutely not an ordinary person.

Bai Ziping asked, "Doctor Qin, can you cure this disease?"

Qin Haodong said, "Leukemia is nothing serious. I can cure him if I want to."

Long Haisheng was overjoyed, and he said excitedly, "Really? When will you cure my son?"

Qin Haodong said, "I just said that I can cure your son. When did I say that I would treat your son?"


Long Haishengs face suddenly changed greatly.

Bai Ziping said promptly, "Doctor Qin, please help the child. No one in the world can save Xiaobao except you!"

"I have the ability, but Im in a bad mood and dont want to treat people!"

Then he turned to Lin Momo and said, "Lets go somewhere else to have fun."

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