The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 343

Chapter 343 The Game Was Not Over

Chapter 343 The Game Was Not Over

Wang Dacheng grinned coldly and said, “Did you say the Blood Revival Elixir? As far as I know, many people went to criticize Tangmen Traditional Chinese Medicine Company yesterday. I heard that some patients died because of the Blood Revival Elixir.”

“I don’t want to comment too much on whether this is true or not, but traditional Chinese medicine has no scientific basis at all. It may be all right now, but who knows what will happen tomorrow.”

“Whether you believe in traditional Chinese medicine or not, I never believe it. I only take western medicine when I’m sick. I only believe in western medicine, and never see Chinese medicine practitioner, not to mention taking traditional Chinese medicine!”

“Mr. Wang, I’d like to ask you something. Is your Hall of Medical Fame going to compensate those patients who have hospitalized for taking the Treasure Tablet for Kidney?”

“Why should I compensate them? Why?” Wang Dacheng slapped the table and self-righteously shouted, “I didn’t force them to buy the Treasure Tablet for Kidney. Since they are stupid, willing to believe in traditional Chinese medicine and buy it, how can they blame me when they got sick? They have only themselves to blame for their stupidity!”

“To be honest, I don’t understand the intelligence of these people. A few days ago, a doctor of Hall of Medical Fame Zhang Tianhe’s tree patients died, but they still chose to believe in traditional Chinese medicine and continued to take the Treasure Tablet for Kidney. How can they blame me for what has happened?”

When he finished, the reporters on the scene were stunned. They could understand that Wang Dacheng chose to let traditional Chinese take the blame, but he had to do so completely out of business. After today’s press conference, Huaxia Hall of Medical Fame would be closed.

Another reporter asked, “Mr. Wang, do you mean Hall of Medical Fame is not responsible for this incident?”

Wang Dacheng smiled and replied, “Of course we’re not responsible. They should blame traditional Chinese medicine. From a personal point of view, I suggest that Huaxia cancel traditional Chinese medicine. It’s unscientific, and it’s going to kill someone sooner or later.”

There was another uproar. A person who was engaged in the traditional Chinese medicine industry proposed to abolish traditional Chinese medicine, which would definitely cause a great uproar throughout Huaxia.

Wang Dacheng gave a smirk. When the audience was a little quieter, he continued, “That’s all I’m going to answer today. The press conference is over.”

Then he turned to the backstage. A lot of reporters wanted to continue asking, but was stopped by the venue security.

Che Xiaoxiao quickly caught up with Wang Dacheng and asked anxiously, “Dacheng, how could you do this?”

Wang Dacheng looked at her, smiled and said, “What? Xiaoxiao, what do you think I did wrong?”

Che Xiaoxiao said, “How can you put all the blame on traditional Chinese medicine? What you mean is obviously that we are irresponsible. We’ll be forced to close Hall of Medical Fame.”

Wang Dacheng responded, “So what do you think I should do?”

“Compensating and apologizing! Then looking for responsibility. That’s the right attitude.”

“And then? Our factory still will have to close.” Wang Dacheng patted Che Xiaoxiao on the shoulder and said, “This is such a big deal. If they want full compensation, how much will it cost? The best thing to do now is to do nothing about it. Let those people mass up!”

“But…” Che Xiaoxiao thought that it was absolutely wrong, but she couldn’t convince Wang Dacheng for the moment.

“All right, I’ll stay here for the time being, and you go to the traditional Chinese medicine factory to have a look. If my guess is correct, the Sanitary Bureau is going to seize our factory soon.”

“All right then!”

Che Xiaoxiao looked helpless, turned and left Hall of Medical Fame.

Wang Dacheng looked after her as a trace of guilt flashed across his face. Then he murmured, “Don’t blame me, Xiaoxiao. It’s all because you’re stupid!”

He then returned to his office, told his secretary not to allow anyone else to disturb him before he slammed the door shut.

After Qin Haodong watched Wang Dacheng’s press conference at Jiangnan Traditional Chinese Medicine Company, his eyes were full of anger. The damned man obviously wanted traditional Chinese medicine to fall.

At this point, his cell phone rang. It was Hou Weiguo.

“Haodong, have you seen the press conference of Hall of Medical Fame?”

“I just watched it. Wang Dacheng not only framed traditional Chinese medicine, but also wanted it to fail. I guess he’s behind all this.”

After he said this, Qin Haodong’s mind immediately became clear. Wang Dacheng’s purpose was not to develop traditional Chinese medicine industry, but to destroy it.

Hall of Medical Fame was the tool he used to bring down traditional Chinese medicine, so he made Che Xiaoxiao the corporate legal representative. The purpose of his producing the Treasure Tablet for Kidney of Hall of Medical Fame was to cause a huge negative impact on traditional Chinese medicine, so that all Huaxia people no longer believed in traditional Chinese medicine!

“I don’t understand what Wang Dacheng thought. As a Huaxia person, how could he do such a thing? The Treasure Tablet for Kidney of Hall of Medical Fame has greatly struck traditional Chinese medicine industry. There are growing calls to abolish traditional Chinese medicine. If it’s not handled properly, it can be a real hassle.”

Pausing for breath, he continued, “It is fortunate that you have done so much this time. A few patients have taken your Great Liver-protecting Pills, and their condition has been significantly improved. I have asked the Sanitary Bureau for permission and you can now produce this medicine quantitatively.”

“Our Tangmen Traditional Chinese Medicine Company have started to produce it. Early tomorrow morning, the first batch of Great Liver-protecting Pills will go on sale. To calm the storm, I decided to sell it for free for the time being.”

Hou Weiguo was moved and said, “That’s great, Doctor Qin! I thank you on behalf of these patients and traditional Chinese medicine!”

“You’re welcome. I am a Chinese medicine practitioner and it’s my duty to do something for traditional Chinese medicine.” Then Qin Haodong suddenly thought of a question and asked, “Sir, how did they get the approval when the Treasure Tablet for Kidney of Hall of Medical Fame has such strong side effects?”

Hou Weiguo replied, “I’ve just realized the problem too. I’ve sent someone to look it up. Hall of Medical Fame has not gotten approval at all, so they produced it illegally. Legally they are selling fake drugs.”

“They didn’t get approval?” Qin Haodong was taken aback. If they were really selling fake drugs, Che Xiaoxiao, as the legal representative of Hall of Medical Fame, would definitely be punished severely, and even sentenced to death.

That was when Qin Haodong realized how sinister Wang Dacheng was. Wang Dacheng had already made Che Xiaoxiao a scapegoat.

“They really didn’t get approval. Our Sanitary Bureau is going to investigate and punish the traditional Chinese medicine factory of Hall of Medical Fame together with Public Security Bureau!”

“Sir, I want to go with you.”

Qin Haodong hung up the phone and drove to the traditional Chinese medicine factory of Hall of Medical Fame.

He had just parked his car when a squad of police cars and the Sanitary Bureau’s law enforcement vehicle entered. Nalan Wuxia led the team at the Public Security Bureau, while Pan Gaofeng led the team at the Sanitary Bureau. After greeting, they entered the door of the traditional Chinese medicine factory together.

Hearing the noise, Che Xiaoxiao came out immediately.

Looking at the gaunt girl, Qin Haodong sighed secretly. This love-struck girl was the scapegoat for Wang Dacheng before she knew it.

Nalan Wuxia stepped forward and said, “Che Xiaoxiao, as the legal representative of Hall of Medical Fame, your company is suspected of producing fake medicines. We are now placing you under arrest for questioning.”

Che Xiaoxiao looked shocked and said, “Officer Nalan, if you say something is wrong with my medicine, I’ll admit it. But how could you say I’m producing fake drugs? My medicine is approved. Our production is legal. How could it be a fake?”

Pan Gaofeng said, “Bring me your approval.”

Che Xiaoxiao seemed ready for it. She turned around and took out a pile of approval documents from her bag and handed them to Pan Gaofeng.

Pan Gaofeng went over it carefully and then stated, “This approval documents are fake. They’re not really endorsement.”

“They’re fake? That’s impossible! Dacheng gave it to me. He said he had asked many people for help to get them.”

Pan Gaofeng shook his head and said, “I can responsibly tell you that they’re fake approval documents.”

“Impossible! That’s impossible! Dacheng wouldn’t lie to me.”

Pan Gaofeng said sternly, “I inform you as the director of the Sanitary Bureau that these documents are fake.”

“They’re fake. Did Dacheng lie to me? Why did he lie to me?”

Che Xiaoxiao’s face suddenly darkened, and her eyes were filled with disappointment and dead silence. She stood like a sculpture of wood and clay, not even responding when the police handcuffed her.

The factory was completely closed down and Che Xiaoxiao was taken to the crime squad. Qin Haodong said to Nalan Wuxia, “That’s unfair. I have to go to Wang Dacheng. I’m going to get the truth this time anyway.”

“I’ll go with you!”

When Nalan Wuxia and Qin Haodong arrived at Huaxia Hall of Medical Fame and knock on the door of Wang Dacheng’s office for a long time, there was no response.

“Isn’t Wang Dacheng in here?” Nalan Wuxia asked the secretary beside her.

“He should be here. Mr. Wang returned to his office after the press conference and never comes out.”

Sensing something was wrong, Qin Haodong broke the door lock. Then they pushed the door open and went in.

The office was empty, and they didn’t find Wang Dacheng after a long search.

Qin Haodong saw a note on the desk. He picked it up and saw something written on it, “Qin Haodong, I knew you’d come for me, but it was too late.”

“You’re capable, but so what? Finally you still lost to me. I came back this time to destroy the traditional Chinese medicine company you manage. So far it works well. I believe that Huaxia will soon issue restrictions on traditional Chinese medicine. Your Tangmen Traditional Chinese Medicine Company will be buried with traditional Chinese medicine.”

“The game is over. I’m gone. Come to M Country when you have time. I’ll buy you a drink! By the way, don’t try to find me for the time being, because you won’t find me.”

Nalan Wuxia also saw the note in Qin Haodong’s hand and scolded, “That bastard, he ran away.”

Qin Haodong smiled coldly and uttered, “The game is not over yet. He can’t get away.”

When arriving at the Jiangnan airport, Qin Haodong parked his car and walked to the airport lobby with Nalan Wuxia.

Just then a passenger plane landed, the passengers out of the exit. In the stream of people, a tall woman with an enchanting expression on her face looked particularly attractive. Several pretentious men approached her and tried to hit on her, but the woman refused them without hesitation.

As many males watched her and swallowed, the woman walked quickly forward and threw herself into the arms of a handsome young man.

What made people more surprised was, at this time there was a very beautiful policewoman standing beside that man, and the policewoman’s appearance was not inferior to that woman at all.

The enchanting woman was Hu Xiaoxian who just got off the plane. She hugged Qin Haodong’s arms tightly and pressed her big breasts against him, saying in a sweet voice, “Man, are you here to pick me up? How did you know I was coming back today?”

Qin Haodong came to see Wang Dacheng, and didn’t expect to meet Hu Xiaoxian here. He withdrew his arm in some embarrassment and said, “I… I’m looking for someone at the airport!”

“I thought you were coming for me. I was so happy.” Hu Xiaoxian didn’t let go her hands and continued, “You’re looking for Wang Dacheng, aren’t you?”

Qin Haodong asked in surprise, “How do you know?”

Hu Xiaoxian laughed. “Of course I know. You won’t let that guy run away after he made traditional Chinese medicine turn upside down, will you?”