The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 346

Chapter 346 A Life Saving Brooch

Chapter 346 A Life-Saving Brooch

The pistol was no longer useful in such close combat. Nalan Wuxia had to throw away it and punch terminator No. 3’s claws.

Her fist met his claws, making the two people retreat four or five steps. They were even on this blow. However, terminator No. 3 did not stop. He again turned into a shadow towards Nalan Wuxia, to play the advantage of speed to the extreme.

Although Nalan Wuxia had already stepped on the threshold of the Covert Power, she had little combat experience. Besides, terminator No. 3 was too fast. Nalan Wuxia was subdued. For a time she was in danger.

When Qin Haodong saw her critical situation, he knew that he couldn’t wait any longer and had to defeat his opponent as soon as possible. He stretched out his right hand, and the Thousand Blades appeared in the middle of his palm, turning into sword lights and attacking the tall woman.

As terminator No. 1, the tall woman was the best the three of them, but it was all about her weird abilities and her physical strength. Her speed and moves couldn’t compete with Qin Haodong’s. Soon she was stabbed through her chest by the Thousand Blades.

Instead of bleeding, she took advantage of the opportunity to hold out her claws, one for Qin Haodong’s face and the other for his heart.

Qin Haodong kicked her out of the way, and then adjusted his attack strategy. Since she would not be stabbed, Qin Haodong could cut her. He struck the tall woman in the shoulder and cut off her left arm.

The tall woman let out a scream, but her shoulder was still bloodless. She grabbed the fallen arms and put it in place. The shocking scene happened again. A few seconds later, the severed arm grew back and looked exactly the same.

Qin Haodong frown. “Who made this monster? Her body is so strong. Although you are very strong, let’s try whether you grow fast or I cut fast.”

Thinking of this, his speed rose sharply. Before the tall woman knew it, the Thousand Blades had cut off her newly grown left arm, then her right arm, her left leg, her right leg, and finally her head. In the blink of an eye, the tall woman’s body was cut into six pieces.

That woman’s body was really tough. At the moment, she was not quite dead. The limbs that were cut off were ceaseless moving, seeming to have the tendency that moved toward together.

“She’s not dead?”

Qin Haodong brandished the Thousand Blades again and divided her limbs into five or six pieces. This time the tall woman was completely dead, without any sign of movement.

After the woman died, Qin Haodong turned and lunged at terminator No. 3.

At this moment, Nalan Wuxia was forced to retreat all the time. Her uniform was torn, and she looked extremely embarrassed.

But the speed that terminator No. 3 prided himself on was nothing when it came to Qin Haodong. He used his powerful Spirit to target his enemy. Everything was illusion. The blade light of the Thousand Blades flashed and plunged into the back of his heart.

Terminator No. 3 let out a wild howl. The blade pierced his heart. He did not have that kind of strong recovery ability like that tall woman. He lay on the ground after struggling for a few times and stopped moving!

Nalan Wuxia had just been fired up by this guy. She picked up the pistol from the ground and slammed all the bullets into his body. Terminator No. 3 was dead!

Having killed terminator No. 3, Qin Haodong, Nalan Wuxia and Hu Xiaoxian surrounded terminator No. 2 in the middle.

Although this guy’s defense ability was amazing, he could not withstand the attack of three masters with powerful internal strength. Soon he was stabbed in the back of the head by Qin Haodong’s Thousand Blades. The battle was completely over.

Hu Xiaoxian breathes a sigh of relief, saying, “Where all these monsters come from? They are so difficult to deal with.”

Thinking about the genetic Cyborg that once posed as Tang Long, Qin Haodong said, “They’re supposed to come from Wilson Company. I didn’t expect they were so tough.”

Hu Xiaoxian, looking unusually serious, said, “I didn’t expect M Country to develop such a thing. I have to report to my superiors. The bodies of these monsters must be handed in, too.”

While saying this, she felt a surge of energy from the three terminator monsters. Thinking of the self-explosion of the fake Tang Long, he hurriedly shouted, “These things are going to explode.”

With that, he threw himself on Nalan Wuxia and Hu Xiaoxian and made them under him.

Boom! Boom! Boom… As one explosion after another, the bodies of the tall woman and two others were blown to pieces, leaving no complete piece of flesh.

After the explosion, the three got up from the ground. Hu Xiaoxian snapped, “Damn it! These people are really cunning. I was about to hand them in for research, but they blew up.”

“They should have been prepared,” Qin Haodong said. “They’re afraid we’d get the proof.”

Hu Xiaoxian said, “I’ll take some anyway, even if it’s crumbs. At least the science department can study how their genes have been modified.”

Then she took a plastic bag out of her pocket, picked up some larger pieces of the body and put them to the bag.

Although Nalan Wuxia had been a criminal police officer for so many years, she still felt nauseous when seeing these crumbs, and couldn’t help admiring Hu Xiaoxian’s strong psychological endurance.

At the moment, police sirens sounded on both sides of the road. The road was closed by two vans and there were gunfire and explosions, so the police were called. A dozen patrol wagons came and nearly a hundred officers surrounded the area.

Nalan Wuxia stayed behind to deal with it. She commandeered a patrol wagon for Qin Haodong to use so that he could quickly return to the Jiangnan City.

Shortly after they got on the car, Qin Haodong’s cell phone rang. It was Lin Momo.

“Haodong, the press conference will start in half an hour. Many reporters have come to our company now. Why haven’t you come back yet?”

“Er… I had some trouble on the way. I’m going back right away.”

Then Qin Haodong hung up and put his right foot on the gas pedal. The patrol wagon bellowed and dashed forward.

“Wang Dacheng is dead. What are you going to explain to the reporters?” Hu Xiaoxian asked.


Qin Haodong realized the key point. Originally, he wanted Wang Dacheng to clarify to all the media that this was a conspiracy and had nothing to do with traditional Chinese medicine.

But now that Wang Dacheng had been blown to bits, it might be hard to convince the press.

How to do? Cancel the press conference? It didn’t work. News had been released, and now a lot of reporters had been waiting in Tangmen Company. If the press conference was canceled now, there would be a strong negative effect.

And he had to face this matter. Sooner or later he had to give an account to the people and the authorities.

The very thought brought Qin Haodong out in a cold sweat on the forehead. For a moment he could think of nothing better.

Hu Xiaoxian glanced at him and smiled petulantly. “Hey, I can help you solve this problem.”

“Tell me your idea. Quickly.”

Qin Haodong uttered eagerly.

“Here’s the way!”

Hu Xiaoxian said, raising her hand to her plump chest.

Today she was wearing a small black suit with white skin and deep furrows between the lapels. In particular, the curvature gave one a sense of ecstasy.

Qin Haodong swallowed hard and said, “Stop that now. It is not the time to play such a joke on me!”

“It’s the only thing that can help you solve this matter today.”

Hu Xiaoxian, with a sly smile on her face, pointed to her chest again.

“This… How is that possible?”

Qin Haodong looked incredulous.

Hu Xiaoxian grabbed his right hand and pressed it directly against her chest.

“No, Xiaoxian, no, I’m driving…”

Qin Haodong was refusing when he suddenly felt an object in his hand, which was hard and should not her skin. He held it up to his eyes. It was Hu Xiaoxian’s brooch pinned to her collar.

“What is it?” Asked Qin Haodong in surprise.

“People in special department like us usually go out with a hidden camera. This brooch is a video camera. I videotaped you interrogating Wang Dacheng at the airport. Show the video to the reporters later.”

“My God, Xiaoxian, thank you so much!” Qin Haodong put his foot on the brake, then hugged Hu Xiaoxian and gave her a big kiss.

“It’s my lifesaver. It will justify traditional Chinese medicine,” he cried excitedly, fiddling with the brooch.

“What did you think I wanted you to see?” Hu Xiaoxian gazed at Qin Haodong with eyes so charming that it looked as if there was water dropping.

“I thought, thought you showed me here!”

Qin Haodong answered, glancing at her neckline before swallowing again.

“Do you want to see it?” Asked Hu Xiaoxian in a sweet voice.

“Yes, er… No, I mean we’d better get back before the press conference starts!”

Qin Haodong started the car again and sped off.

Hu Xiaoxian said, “This brooch is mine, man, but I didn’t say it was free for you. If you want to use it, you must promise me one condition!”

“What is it?”

Qin Haodong had a bad feeling.

“My condition is that you sleep with me tonight!”

“Er… This is not good!”

Qin Haodong said, and he couldn’t help glancing at Hu Xiaoxian’s collar again, with a flashback to the night they had slept together.

“Do you promise? If you don’t, you give me back the brooch, and solve it yourself!”

Hu Xiaoxian said, reaching for the brooch. “I promise! I promise!” Shouted Qin Haodong.

Hu Xiaoxian scratched her finger on the palm of his hand and demanded, “That’s what you said. Remember, everything is at my disposal in the evening!”

Qin Haodong’s body quivered slightly. He wondered if this woman wanted him to drive well.

The big conference room of Tangmen Traditional Chinese Medicine Company was already full of people, including journalists from all over the country. Pan Gaofeng and Hou Weiguo also heard the news and rushed over. They had been busy with the matter about the Treasure Tablet for Kidney of Hall of Medical Fame in the past two days, hoping Qin Haodong could bring them a miracle.

It was the appointed time, but they hadn’t seen Qin Haodong yet.

“What’s the matter? Why hasn’t Doctor Qin come yet?”

Hou Weiguo looked at his watch, anxious. The reporters off the stage began to whisper. Tangmen Company released the notice, but why it hadn’t started.

Just as everyone was getting impatient, the door of the conference room opened. Qin Haodong hurried in from the outside with Hu Xiaoxian.

Lin Momo came up and asked, “Haodong, are you ready? Do you want me to push it back?”

“No need!” Qin Haodong took the miniature memory card out of the brooch and slipped it into Lin Momo’s hand, saying, “Put this video on the big screen right now.”

Then he sat down on the stage and said to the reporters, “I just had a special situation. I’ll talk about that later. Everyone, first watch a video, which has the answer you want!”

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