The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 347

Chapter 347 Traditional Chinese Medicine Western Medicine

Chapter 347 Traditional Chinese Medicine & Western Medicine

Everyone in the audience was curious about who the beautiful woman Qin Haodong walked in with was, and even more curious about what Qin Haodong wanted to show them. Then the big screen in the conference room lit up and a video started playing.

The first person to appear on the screen was a man in his 50s. The man had a strange face. No one had seen him. Everyone wondered why Qin Haodong showed them this.

Then came the shock. Qin Haodong took off the man’s mask. It turned out to be Wang Dacheng, the boss of Huaxia Hall of Medical Fame.

“Isn’t this Wang Dacheng? Why did he run away?”

“Yeah, although Huaxia Hall of Medical Fame has an accident, he is an investor. What does it have to do with him?”

“A clear conscience is a sure card. Since he was trying to sneak out of the country, he must have done something bad…”

The video continued. Everyone quieted down slowly. The next scene was Qin Haodong interrogating Wang Dacheng. As time went on, the truth slowly emerged. It turned out that Wang Dacheng was behind all this. He was behind it.

From the day he returned to Huaxia, his plot began.

The establishment of Huaxia Hall of Medical Fame, registering Che Xiaoxiao as the legal representative, traditional Chinese medicine society’s free diagnosis, false death to frame others were all arranged by Wang Dacheng.

Zhang Tianhe’s three patients’ death was not a medical accident at all, but was arranged by Wang Dacheng. He killed Zhang Tianhe and cremated him the next day.

The accident that those patients who took the Blood Revival Elixir and died was him mastermind, and his purpose was to discredit traditional Chinese medicine.

And the Treasure Tablet for Kidney of Hall of Medical Fame was a total conspiracy. Wang Dacheng killed Zhang Guoliang first, took the incomplete formula of the Nine Treasures Kidney-nourishing Pill, and then sent the formula to the Chinese Medicine Practitioner Association. But he lost because Qin Haodong saw through that it was an incomplete formula.

Then Huaxia Hall of Medical Fame began illegal production. Their approval was fake and the drug was poisonous. Their ultimate purpose of sales was to discredit traditional Chinese medicine!

When Wang Dacheng said all this, everyone suddenly realized that Wang Dacheng returned to Huaxia was not to develop traditional Chinese medicine, but to completely destroy it.

When the video was over, everyone was seething with excitement.

“Son of a bitch, Wang Dacheng is a traitor. He must be sentenced to death…”

“His conscience must have been eaten by dogs. He must die a bad death…”

“Support traditional Chinese medicine! Support Doctor Qin! Long live traditional Chinese medicine! Long live Doctor Qin!”

It took five minutes for the anger to die down.

A reporter asked, “Doctor Qin, we want to know where Wang Dacheng is. Why did you only show us a video, and not let him come to the scene and explain the matter clearly?”

Qin Haodong replied, “I just said there’s a special situation. Now I’ll tell everyone what it is. On our way back, we were struck by some killers from M Country. They wanted to kill Wang Dacheng so as to hide the truth. Their ultimate goal is to make Huaxia destroy and block traditional Chinese medicine.”

“They activated the remote-controlled bomb on Wang Dacheng and blew him to pieces. Wang Dacheng is no longer in the world, let alone coming here.”

“They killed Wang Dacheng, but didn’t know that we had the footage. The facts of these cases have come to light. Che Xiaoxiao is a victim, and so are the patients who had to hospitalize after taking the Treasure Tablet for Kidney of Hall of Medical Fame. Even the whole traditional Chinese medicine is the victim of this conspiracy.”

The audience was speechless. What Qin Haodong said surprised a lot of people. In many people’s eyes, the world was peaceful and beautiful. They didn’t expect such a thing to happen.

Another reporter asked, “Doctor Qin, are you sure you’re not telling us a story or joking?”

Qin Haodong answered, “Captain of the Criminal Police Unit Nalan Wuxia was with us when we met the killers. She’s on the scene now. I believe the police will give you an answer later.”

No one questioned the authenticity of the incident when they heard that the captain of the crime squad and Qin Haodong were confronted by the killers together.

A reporter asked, “Doctor Qin, I still have a question. You just said that Wang Dacheng came back to Huaxia under the appointment of an overseas organization, the purpose of which is to discredit and destroy traditional Chinese medicine. However, as far as I know, traditional Chinese medicine is in decline and cannot compare with western medicine. Is traditional Chinese medicine worth them to do it?”

Qin Haodong replied, “That’s a simple question. I’ll give you an account and you’ll see.”

“For example, the price of Wilson Company’s Beconstantine in T Country is 500 yuan, while the cost is only a few dozen yuan, and their price is 28,000 yuan per box. Most importantly, this is just a month’s dose for leukemia patients. It costs more than 300,000 yuan a year.”

“Huaxia has more than four million leukemia patients. You can figure out how much profit they make in a year. Their profits are higher than those of drug dealers. And they don’t have any risk. This is the exploitation of the people of our country.”

“Since the advent of the Blood Revival Elixir, the leukemia patients of Huaxia no longer need to take Beconstantine. This alone causes untold losses to Wilson Company. Do you think it’s worth it now?”

There was an uproar. Many people realized for the first time that the pharmaceutical industry had such huge profits.

Another reporter stood up and asked, “Doctor Qin, now many people on the Internet are clamoring for that traditional Chinese medicine is not scientific and that it should abolish traditional Chinese medicine treatment and be replaced with western medicine. Especially after this incident, many well-known experts and scholars jump out and call for canceling traditional Chinese medicine. As a Chinese medicine practitioner, what do you think of this?”

“As a matter of fact, I can tell you two things about whether traditional Chinese medicine is important or not and whether it should be abolished. You don’t have to know what I think about this. You all know what you’re supposed to think!”

“First, is traditional Chinese medicine scientific or not?”

“Science is a good thing, but modern society is far from scientific. A lot of things are unable to be explained by science, such as the famous Bermuda triangle area, the hanging coffin in Huaxia, the pyramid of ancient Egypt. But no one says they are not scientific, except traditional Chinese medicine!”

“Why do people say that traditional Chinese medicine is not scientific? It’s because the existence of traditional Chinese medicine affects the interests of many people.”

“As a Chinese medicine practitioner, I’m not used to explaining traditional Chinese medicine from a scientific perspective. To test whether traditional Chinese medicine is scientific, you can look back at the history of human development and then you will know immediately.”

“Huaxia has a culture of 5,000 years. Since ancient times, our people have taken traditional Chinese medicine. Western medicine in Huaxia has only 100 years of history.”

“During the Song dynasty, Huaxia accounted for more than 40% of the world’s population, almost half of the world’s population. Just 100 years ago, our country’s population exceeded 500 million, accounting for one third of the world’s population, making it the most populous country in the world.”

“How can our country have such a large population? We are not as physically fit as the strong, white Europeans and Americans; We are not as fertile as the African Negro; We are able to have such a large population base because our medical level is advanced.”

“In the history of human development, the Black Death in Europe killed nearly 100 million people, but our country was fine; The Spanish flu killed 75 million people, but our country was still fine; The Justinian plague killed 25 million people in the west, but Huaxia was still fine.”

“Not one of the world’s top ten infectious diseases has ever occurred in our country. What does this depend on? Is it luck? Of course not, we rely on our magic traditional Chinese medicine.”

“The medical skill has guarded our country for thousands of years, but it is now being questioned whether it is scientific. I think it’s a joke.”

“Many people say that the meridians and acupoints in our traditional Chinese medicine are invisible, so this medical skill is unscientific. But who stipulates that what cannot be explained by modern western medicine and what cannot be discovered by science is unscientific?”

“Unable to explain the magic of traditional Chinese medicine is totally because the current science is not developed enough, or because the level of traditional Chinese medicine makes the current technology unattainable!”

At this point, the audience burst into thunderous applause and cheers.

“Well said! Doctor Qin speaks very well…”

“Traditional Chinese medicine is great! Doctor Qin is great…”

“Long live Doctor Qin! We support you! We support traditional Chinese medicine! We’re going to carry our own skill…”

As the applause faded, Qin Haodong continued, “I’ll make the second point. Why are so many people clamoring that traditional Chinese medicine is pseudoscience and that traditional Chinese medicine cannot cure diseases? It really comes down to money.”

“Now our country accounts for one quarter of the world’s population. Medically speaking, our country is undoubtedly the biggest market. A little market share is enough to make millions of people rich.”

“There is no doubt that western medicine is well developed now. But at the same time it’s expensive. I’m sure you’ve all experienced its astronomical cost of treatment. We always spend thousands, tens of thousands of yuan every time we go to hospital. A bottle of Beconstantine costs 28,000 yuan.”

“Why is the price of western medicine so high? Because they are foreign ‘monks’. They are other people’s ‘children’. They impose so-called patent fees, research and development fees, all kinds of fees on the people of our country.”

“Traditional Chinese medicine doesn’t have that. It is the treasure our ancestors left us. All Chinese medicine practitioners will not charge the patent fees or R&D fees when they prescribe a formula for treating a disease.”

“By contrast, traditional Chinese medicine, with its low cost and low side effects, was a natural target for vested interests in western medicine. So they try every means to suppress and discredit traditional Chinese medicine, even want to root out traditional Chinese medicine. In the final analysis, traditional Chinese medicine stands in their way. Traditional Chinese medicine makes it cheaper for people to see doctors.”

“Some of those who now say that traditional Chinese medicine is a pseudoscience are brainwashed by western ideas. They don’t know anything about traditional Chinese medicine. Hearing people say that traditional Chinese medicine is not scientific, they also follow the call that traditional Chinese medicine is not scientific, as if they could keep up with the pace of the times and they could elevate their class by calling traditional Chinese medicine unscientific.”

“Others are simply bribed. If they say traditional Chinese medicine is a pseudoscience, they can get hundreds of thousands or even millions of yuan. They are willing to do it.”

“Even if traditional Chinese medicine is really abolished and vanished, they need not worry. It’s because they have become rich. The money they receive is enough for their families to pay the high cost of western medicine, instead of waiting to die like ordinary people.”

At this point, the audience fell silent. Qin Haodong’s speech got everyone thinking. Everyone knew about the debate between Chinese and western medicine, but they had never thought about it deeply.

“If western medicine really replaces traditional Chinese medicine, what changes will it bring to our lives?”

“Some people say that without traditional Chinese medicine, more scientific western medicine can also cure diseases. But have you thought about it? Without low-cost traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine will become unscrupulous. Its research and development expense and patent fees will rise rapidly. If you get a serious illness, you’ll either die or lose everything!”

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