The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 351

Chapter 351 Underground Base

Chapter 351 Underground Base

Without the coats constraint, the two large peaks looked even bigger. Qin Haodong couldnt help but swallow when he saw her white skin and bottomless ravine.

Hu Xiaoxian took out a chest binder from the Storage Ring and wrapped the two peaks on her chest tightly. Although her cleavage was still quite large, it was less noticeable with a loose coat.

"What do you think? Is it better now?"

Qin Haodong licked his lips and said, "This Are you not afraid of them becoming smaller and not recovering?"

Hu Xiaoxian gave him a charming look and said with a smile, "So what? Even if they get smaller, you will be the one who suffers!"

"Uh" A black line appeared on Qin Haodongs head. Why would he be the one who suffered? What kind of logic was that?

The two of them found a hidden place, so they rested for a while and ate. Afterwards, they began carefully observing the black-clothed men. In the end, they targeted two of them who had a similar physique with them.

It was impossible to recognize the two of them with the headgear on. The numbers 25 and 26 were written on the front of the clothes and cuffs. They seemed to be the numbers that distinguished them.

The two of them were not worried as they stood behind two gunmen and memorized their tone of voice and habitual movements.

They knocked out the two gunmen when they thought that they had memorized enough. In order to prevent the unconscious gunmen from being discovered, Qin Haodong first pressed their acupuncture points. Then, he tied them to the top of two trees he had picked, which were filled with leaves, leaving them to fend for themselves.

When everything was done, the two of them replaced the gunmen and stood in their original positions, waiting for the next change of post.

To their surprise, they waited the entire night. It wasnt until sunrise the next morning that another group of gunmen walked out of the underground passage.

Qin Haodong and Hu Xiaoxian swapped positions with the gunmen who took over their post. Then, they followed the other gunmen into the underground passage.

They stood at the back of the group and purposely walked slowly so that it would be easier for them to leave later. However, after only a few steps, they heard the leader next to them yell, "No. 25, No. 26, why are you guys not going back to your place? Did you forget your discipline?"

"Oh! Well go back right away," Qin Haodong said while imitating the original gunmans voice.

The two of them returned to the group. This time, it would be almost impossible to leave again if they wanted to. They could only take this one step at a time, as there was nothing else they could do.

They went into the underground passage with the group as the door slowly closed. Between the two of them, one would walk forward while the other would secretly observe their surroundings.

The building was extremely modern, and the environment was clean, tidy, and spacious. The headlights above were so bright that there was no darkness around. If they had not walked in from outside, it would have been impossible to tell that this place was an underground world.

The area of this underground base was huge. After walking in, the leader led them to the resting room on the right. When they walked in, the gunmen found their places, which were labeled with their own numbers. They placed their guns down and then took off their headgear and clothes.

The two of them were a bit stunned. If the rooms had been separated, then it would have been possible to deceive them. However, there was a full view there. If they took off their headgear, then they would be exposed.

The leader next to them shouted, "No. 25, No. 26, what are you two waiting for? Why are you not changing? Get changed quickly and have a shower. Then go to the restaurant for dinner!"

"Uh" Hu Xiaoxian was a bit stunned when she heard that they had to shower. She was a woman. How could she shower in front of a group of men?

Suddenly, a few gunmen next to her began taking off their pants. She couldnt just watch a group of naked men. She had to look at Qin Haodong for help.

Qin Haodong also knew that it would be impossible for them to sneak around again. Luckily, they had already entered the underground base. He took out another Ecstasy pill and crumbled it. Soon, all the gunmen inside the resting room fell to the ground.

"Lets go!"

Qin Haodong took the number from the leaders chest before walking out of the resting room with Hu Xiaoxian. Soon, they sensed the direction of the little fellow as they walked towards it.

Not far from the place they walked out of, they once again came across a heavy metal gate. Qin Haodong scanned the leaders number on the identifier and heard a click. The gate slowly opened on both sides. It seemed like the leader had high authority.

The two of them were shocked by the scene in front of them when they went through the gates. Then, they felt an unquenchable anger.

In front of them was a massive bulletproof glass wall. Behind the glass wall were densely-packed glass containers. Each container was filled with red liquid. Within the liquid was either a human body or various arms, legs, and human organs.

It was obvious that this was where the experiments occurred. Many people wearing scientific research clothes were walking around. They ignored the two of them as they continued doing the work at hand.

The two of them calmed down as they continued walking forward. Then, an even more bizarre scene took place. Creatures of different shapes appeared within the glass containers. Some had snake-like bodies with human heads, some looked like leopard-headed people, and some vaguely looked like humans. They were all made of various creatures that had been pieced together.

When they thought back to all the biochemical creatures they had encountered, the two of them immediately understood. It turned out that this was the base where the monsters were made. The Cyborgs were created here.

Hu Xiaoxian was a woman, so she could not help but gag at the scene in front of her.

She quickly revolved her Genuine Qi and suppressed the urge to throw up. Then, she whispered to Qin Haodong, "Damn it! They are using people to conduct experiments. They will be damned."

Although Qin Haodong had not spoken, he was also extremely angry. He had already sentenced everyone in the base to death. In the eyes of the researchers, this may just be ordinary work. However, this work had crossed Qin Haodongs limits.

Even the Cultivation Worlds Devil Gate disciples were not this cruel. These cut-up test subjects had different skin colors. Some were from the East, some were from Africa, and some were Westerners. However, without exception, they were all living people used as guinea pigs.

He decided right then and there that after they saved the little fellow, he would tear this place down.

Davis and Garnett had just finished a nice breakfast in the lobby at the center of the base. The breakfast had been served by the servants.

Davis picked up a clean white napkin and wiped his mouth.

Garnett said, "It cant be any simpler. There are many violent people like him in Area 13. As long as you give them money, they will do anything.

I am worried about that Huaxia person. After he killed the bearded man, he disappeared. I dont know where that fellow went."

Davis said with a frown, "Qin Haodong is indeed difficult to deal with. However, you dont need to worry too much. We have his daughter after all. As long as we have this bargaining chip, he wont make a ruckus."

Suddenly, a loud siren rang within the base. Everyone immediately became nervous.

This was a sign that an outsider had invaded the place. Garnett grabbed the two-way radio in front of him and said, "Who set off the siren? What is going on?"

The watchman in the monitoring room said quickly, "Reporting, Boss. We just discovered that all the gunmen in the resting room have fainted. Also, two people crossed the experimental area wearing gunman clothes."

"How is this possible?"

Garnett immediately shouted at someone to change the image on the big screen to the resting room footage. He immediately saw the gunmen lying on the ground. They were just like the gunmen that had fainted earlier.

Davis said, "Its Qin Haodong. He must be here. No wonder there wasnt any sign of them outside."

Garnett shouted, "How did he make so many people faint at once? Is he a magician?"

"He definitely isnt a magician," Davis said, "I think he has a biochemical weapon that can make people faint immediately and easily hypnotize someone. We must be careful."

While talking, he waved at the leader of the guards to come over. "Gather all the guards immediately. Everyone must be fully armed and wear a gas mask and sunglasses. Dont get hypnotized by this fellow."


The leader of the guards answered before running away to gather the troops.

Davis picked up a pair of large sunglasses and placed them on his face. At the same time, he threw another pair of sunglasses at Garnett. "Wear it, old man. Our guests are about to arrive."

Qin Haodong and Hu Xiaoxian went through the experimental room and reached the center of the underground base. When they passed another electronic door, they were surprised to see 50 armed gunmen. These gunmen were heavily armed and were also wearing gas masks and large sunglasses.

He couldnt help but smile. It seemed that these people were targeting him.

"Old friend, welcome!"

Davis spoke as he stood up from the sofa. He made a welcoming gesture with a smile on his face. In comparison, Garnetts expression was more serious.

Qin Haodong said, "Davis, did you kidnap my daughter?"

Davis said with a smile, "Qin, what you are saying is terrible. This is not a kidnapping. I only invited your daughter as a guest to M Country. She is happily staying here as we speak."

Qin Haodong said, "Stop talking nonsense. Tell me your conditions. What do I have to do to get my daughter back?"

"Okay then. Since you are so anxious, I will get straight to the point!" Davis said, "Tell your people to immediately stop producing the Blood Revival Elixir. Meanwhile, hand over the formula. As long as you fulfill these two requests, I will return your lovely daughter right away. Its that simple."

"No problem. I can promise you that much," Qin Haodong said, "Before I came, the Tangmen Traditional Chinese Medicine Company had already stopped producing the Blood Revival Elixir. Only the Great Liver-Protecting Pill is being produced right now. This is in line with your requests. As for the formula, I can write it down for you now."

Qin Haodong walked forward as he spoke and grabbed a pen and paper from the table to write down a formula.

After he finished writing, the fluttering piece of paper landed on the tea table in front of Davis, as if it was not affected by any air resistance.

"Mr. Davis, shouldnt you return my daughter now?"

Suddenly, Garnett said, "No. In the past, you gave me two fake formulas. To see whether the formula this time is fake or not, we need to wait until after the experiment is completed. Otherwise, I cant trust you."

Qin Haodong glanced at him and asked, "And who are you?"

Davis held the formula and said with a smile, "Let me introduce to you my partner, Mr. Garnett."

Qin Haodong said, "Bosses, I am currently on your turf. There are also many guns pointed at me. Are you really afraid Ill run away?"

Davis thought about it before he said, "Okay then, let us express our sincerity. We will return your lovely daughter to you first. However, you two will leave after the result is out."

When he finished talking, he waved behind him. A slender woman walked out with the little fellow in her arms.

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