The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 352

Chapter 352 Activating The Phantom Magic Field

Chapter 352 Activating the Phantom Magic Field

That woman’s figure was similar to Lin Momo’s, but her appearance was a lot worse. It seemed that she was the one who had pretended to be Lin Momo and brought Tang Tang here after deceiving her.

“Papa, Tang Tang has missed you so much!”

The little fellow immediately cried out excitedly when she saw Qin Haodong.

That woman looked at Davis. When Davis waved his hand, she released the little fellow. Tang Tang immediately ran over to Qin Haodong and lunged into his arms.

“Papa, Tang Tang has missed you. I want a kiss!”

The little fellow spoke as she reached out and hugged Qin Haodong’s neck. Her little mouth kissed his face.

While she watched the warm scene in front of her, an unexplainable envy welled in Hu Xiaoxian’s heart. When would she also be able to have such an adorable daughter?

However, she suddenly noticed that the little fellow had opened her mouth and spat out a javelin-like sharp tongue that aimed at Qin Haodong’s left eye. At the same time, a sharp knife appeared in her palm and fiercely stabbed at Qin Haodong’s throat.

This was a fake Tang Tang. When she saw the little fellow act strangely, Hu Xiaoxian immediately remembered the Terminator No. 1 she had encountered not long ago. Their behavior was too similar.

“Haodong, be careful!”

Hu Xiaoxian quickly shouted.

Qin Haodong was already prepared. As soon as the woman had appeared with the little fellow, he had known that she was fake. The Blood Tracing had not pointed towards the little girl in front of him.

He had been on high alert right from the beginning. While facing the attack of the fake Tang Tang, he fiercely punched out with his right fist. The fist landed on the attacker’s chest.

The fake Tang Tang screamed before the knife in her hand could touch Qin Haodong’s skin. Her entire body shot over ten meters away like a ball before slamming into the wall. Then, she fell to the ground and stopped moving. Immediately, a computer nearby exploded, emitting black smoke.

Qin Haodong was furious at the person who had disguised as his daughter. Thus, his punch had contained enough power to directly break the chip inside the fake person’s heart.

Garnett yelled angrily after he saw the little girl get destroyed, “Bastard! You destroyed my No. 4 Terminator!”

Davis did not panic. Instead, he clapped his hands and said while looking at Qin Haodong, “Qin, I’m very curious. What kind of eye do you have that allowed you to see through Terminator No. 4, who was cloned using your daughter’s genes? How did you do it?”

“I can only say that you’re really stupid!” Qin Haodong glared at Davis as he said, “I already gave you the formula, yet you deceived me. Is this your sincerity?”

Davis said, “Huaxia man, to tell you the truth, I am very fond of you. I can give you everything you want, including money, women, and rights. You can have anything!”

Qin Haodong said, “Sorry, but I’m not interested in being a puppet. Please return my daughter!”

“It seems that it’s impossible for us to work together!” Davis shook his head in regret. Then, he raised his hand and told the gunmen, “Kill him!”

Upon hearing his order for fire, Qin Haodong and Hu Xiaoxian’s bodies moved. They both lunged towards Davis and Garnett.

However, it was too late. The gunmen immediately pulled the trigger when they heard the order. Fire snakes spewed out and instantly shot holes through the two of them.

Qin Haodong struggled for a bit on the ground before he stopped moving.

“Is he really dead? How could it be this simple?”

Despite seeing the two people on the ground, Davis could not believe his eyes.

Garnett yelled excitedly, “What is there to doubt? With so many bullets, even an immortal would have been blown up!”

He approached Qin Haodong and gave him a few hard kicks before saying while laughing, “Huaxia man, even though you are really strong, in the end, you were still killed by me. Maybe you can fight against our organization in your next life.”

While watching the scene in front of him, Davis felt that it was real. He took a puff of the cigar in his hand and said, “The ending to this story is a bit dull. I still haven’t used my hostage.”

Then, he pressed the red button on the table. The wall next to him slowly opened like two doors and a glass room about 20 square meters big was revealed.

Just like a palace in a fairy tale, the interior of the house was exquisitely decorated. At the moment, the little fellow was sitting on a sofa and eating chips while watching cartoons.

“Since the hostage is useless, we should kill her and use her as experimental material. I think that Huaxia man’s daughter is the best experimental material.”

While he spoke, a ferocious expression flashed across Davis’ big face.

The woman walked towards the glass house at his command, raised her hand, and pressed the button with the skull mark on it. That button was the gas switch. If it was pressed, the glass room would instantly be filled with poisonous gas and the little fellow would be turned into lifeless experimental material.

Just as her hand was about to press the button, a light suddenly flashed across her. She screamed as one of her arms fell to the ground.

Immediately, another light flashed across the woman’s throat. The woman used her remaining intact hand to cover her neck. When she looked around, she could not see anything. The woman fell to the ground with a discontented expression.

Davis was startled. Suddenly, crazy gunfire was heard. A barrage of bullets was fired at the gunmen. All of a sudden, screams were heard as the gunmen fell to the ground one by one.

The gunmen were horrified to realize that they could not dodge the incoming bullets. They were not able to see where the bullets had come from, so they died without finding out who had shot them.

Before they could figure out what had happened, all 50 gunmen in the hall had fallen to the ground after being shot dead.

“Bastard! What is going on? Who is it? Who did this?”

Garnett roared like mad. He could not understand how the situation had suddenly been turned around.

“It’s me. What’s wrong? If you have any complaints, then tell them to God!”

A cold voice spoke as Qin Haodong’s figure slowly appeared next to Garnett. He was holding the radiant Thousand Blades in his hand.

“You… You…”

Garnett’s face became frightened when he saw Qin Haodong reappear in front of him. He turned to the side and saw that Qin Haodong and Hu Xiaoxian’s bodies had disappeared.


Just as Garnett was about to speak, a light flashed across him. His head flew into the air, as he could no longer make a sound.

Everything was over. In the blink of an eye, Davis was the only person left in the base. In front of him stood Qin Haodong, who was holding the Thousand Blades in his hand, and Hu Xiaoxian, who was holding an M16.

It turned out that their earlier death had been an illusion. Qin Haodong had immediately activated the Phantom Magic Field he had set earlier as soon as he had killed the fake Tang Tang. The entire base was under his control. He could be invisible if he wanted to, and he could show Davis whatever he wanted him to see.

While looking at the two people who had murderous expressions on their faces, Davis said in a panic, “Don’t kill me. Please don’t kill me. Your daughter won’t be able to get out if you kill me.”

At that moment, the little fellow inside the glass room saw Qin Haodong and immediately shouted cheerfully, “Papa, you’re here to pick me up!”

“Tang Tang, wait a bit. Dad will come save you immediately.” Qin Haodong turned his head and shouted at Davis, “Open the door and let my daughter out!”

Davis’ heart calmed down a lot when he saw how much Qin Haodong cared for Tang Tang. As long as he had a hostage in his hands, Qin Haodong would not dare to kill him.

“No. If I let her go now, you will kill me. You must promise me my safety first before I let her out.”

Qin Haodong said with murderous eyes, “Fat man, are you trying to make a deal with me?”

Davis said immediately, “I’m telling you, don’t mess around. This room has been custom-made. Although it is made out of glass, it is ten times harder than stainless steel. No one can open the room without my password. You won’t be able to meet your daughter in this life. You will only watch her die in there…”

“You think too much!”

Davis flew out when Qin Haodong kicked his stomach. He landed heavily on the wall behind him and then lay on the ground and spat out mouthfuls of blood.

Suddenly, Hu Xiaoxian pulled the trigger. The M16 fired wildly at a corner of the glass room, making sparks and bullets fly everywhere. Just as Davis stood up, a bullet shot through his leg. He screamed once again and fell to the ground.

He lay on the ground and said, one hand holding his leg while the other hand was holding his head, “Stop shooting. Please stop shooting. Guns are useless. Even rockets cannot penetrate this type of fiberglass.”

Hu Xiaoxian stopped, walked up to the glass room, and took a look. There was not a single mark on the fiberglass. She could tell that the glass was extremely firm.

She took out a Purple Flash Sword and stabbed the sword using internal force. After a jingling sound, the Purple Flash Sword bounced in an arc and left a tiny white mark on the fiberglass.

Qin Haodong walked over and tried to break the glass using the Thousand Blades in his hand. It was still impossible to break the strong fiberglass.

Davis once again stood up, limped over and said, “What do you think? Do you now recognize the power of high technology? Hurry up and release me. If you don’t enter my password within one hour, then the oxygen supply will be cut off and your daughter will suffocate to death very quickly.”

Qin Haodong glanced at Davis with a sneer. He knew this old fellow was trying to blackmail him. However, no matter what happened, he was going to kill Davis today and destroy the base. He was not going to hold him hostage.

Thus, he turned his head and told the little fellow, “Tang Tang, use your Phoenix Fire.”

“Papa, I can use the fire?”

The little fellow’s eyes brimmed with uncontrollable excitement when she heard her dad tell her to use Phoenix Fire.

Qin Haodong said, “Of course you can. You can use it whenever someone threatens your life.”

Davis, who did not understand what Phoenix Fire was, shouted next to them, “Listen, this is a custom-made strong fiberglass that is extremely resistant to high temperature. Ordinary flames are useless…”

While he tried to convince Qin Haodong, he saw a red light flash across the little fellow’s eyes. Immediately, she opened her small mouth and a massive flame shot out. It seemed like a huge firebird was pouncing on the glass wall in front of her.

“This… This is impossible!”

Davis’ mouth had opened wide in surprise. He had even forgotten about the pain in his leg. However, something even more surprising suddenly occured. The originally indestructible glass wall acted like snow being boiled in water and melted instantly when it touched the flame. In the blink of an eye, a hole about two meters in diameter was burned by the Phoenix Fire.

Qin Haodong and Hu Xiaoxian were not surprised by this. Even 1,000-year-old frozen iron could be melted by this fire, let alone this small piece of fiberglass.

“Papa! Papa! Tang Tang has missed you so much!”

The little fellow jumped out of the glass room and into Qin Haodong’s embrace. Her two small hands wrapped around his neck as she acted like a spoiled child.

“Oh my God! What is this monster?”

Davis, who was shocked and frightened, had lost his last remaining hope.

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