The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 377

Chapter 377 Fatty Dragon

Chapter 377 Fatty Dragon

No wonder he was so angry. Although he was rich now, 400,000 yuan was not trivial to him. Besides, today, he had set a trap for Qin Haodong and Fang Yuqi and had paid the bill in the end. What the hell was going on?

Song Wu said innocently, “Can you blame me? You have to pay for it. I can’t stop you. I don’t know what you were thinking just now.”

“That’s 400,000 yuan!” Lu Fei was so distressed that he grabbed Song Wu and said, “Old classmate, you are my brother, aren’t you? You can take the money back from your hotel for me, right?”

Song Wu pushed him away and said, “What a joke! Although we have a good relationship, you paid it to the hotel’s account. How can I give it back to you at will? My boss checks the account every week. 400,000 yuan is a lot of money. If my boss finds out, how will I explain it to him?”

“You mean you can’t give it back to me?” Lu Fei’s eyes were red.

“Of course I can’t do that. You paid it yourself. Can you blame someone else?”

Song Wu was becoming angrier. You didn’t listen to me earlier. Now, how can you come to ask for money? It’s ridiculous!

“Bastard! How dare you blackmail me!”

Lu Fei, who had lost his senses, raised his hand and punched Song Wu in the face, making one of his eyes swell.

“How dare you beat me, you bastard!”

Song Wu was a short, fat man. His body was not strong because of his recent lavish lifestyle. However, although he was no match for Lu Fei by any means, he had many security guards.

“Somebody, kick this guy out of here!”

Although the security guards didn’t know why their manager had suddenly quarreled with Lu Fei, they didn’t hesitate upon hearing the order. They rushed over and pushed Lu Fei to the ground before they lifted and threw him out of the hotel.

After struggling for a long time, Lu Fei got up, turned to the hotel, scolded him. “Song Wu, wait for me.”

Then, he calmed down slowly and recalled what had just happened inside the hotel. Why had he suddenly lost his mind? Why had he rushed over to help Fang Yuqi pay the bill? Am I crazy?

While he was thinking about this problem, his cell phone suddenly rang in his pocket. He took it out and looked at the phone number on it, his expression changing slightly. Then, he pressed the answer key.

A low voice said through the speaker, “Old place. Be quick. There is something important to do.”

Lu Fei said, “Can’t it wait for another day? I have something to do today!”

That day, he had lost his position as director and then also lost 400,000 yuan. He had also been kicked by the security guards out of the hotel. He was in a terrible mood.

“It absolutely can’t wait. You have to come here right away. The police suddenly enhanced its strength to search all over Jiangnan City. Once they discover our secret, both you and I will be finished.

I just contacted the buyer. He will come to receive the goods tonight, so we must finish this deal. Then, we’ll send the goods away and enjoy life safely and steadily.”

Upon hearing this, Lu Fei knew that he had to do it and said, “I will come right now.”

After hanging up, he got in his BMW and drove straight to the outskirts. Unfortunately, he didn’t notice that he was being followed.

Lu Fei drove out of the city and reached an abandoned wharf by the sea. He parked his car, looked around carefully, and then walked into the wharf.

This was an old wharf of Jiangnan City. It had been abandoned for many years for some reason. Because it was so desolate, few people came here anymore.

Lu Fei walked to a small house beside the wharf, raised his hand, and knocked three times on the door. Then, he paused for two seconds and knocked twice again before knocking four times in succession.

After knocking, he waited quietly in front of the door. About ten seconds later, the door slowly opened, creating a gap. A bald man looked out and asked, “Who is it? What’s wrong with you?”

“It’s me!”

As he spoke, Lu Fei turned his face to let the bald man see him clearly.

Upon seeing Lu Fei’s face clearly, the bald man immediately smiled and said, “It’s Doctor Lu. Come in quickly. The boss has been waiting for you for a long time!”

He opened the door and let Lu Fei in. Then, he closed the door.

Several people in the room were holding guns and looking at the door with extreme vigilance. When they saw Lu Fei, they collected their guns.

“Doctor Lu, please follow me.”

The bald man led Lu Fei directly to the inner room. With a clap, the ground slowly cracked, revealing an underpass.

They walked down the passage, where a different world existed. It covered about 200 or 300 square meters, so it was very spacious. The decoration was also very luxurious. A fat man who weighed more than 100 kilos was sitting on a leather sofa, slowly enjoying red wine.

He was their boss, whose nickname was Fatty Dragon. Although he was like Maitreya and he looked white, fat, and kind, his means were actually extremely cruel. He specialized in selling human organs.

Upon seeing Lu Fei, Fatty Dragon nodded with a smile and said, “Doctor Lu, this is an emergency. We must hurry up. Recently, the police have been working very strictly. It’s said that they are looking for a Taoist, which is not good for us. Under the circumstances, we’ll be discovered soon.

We must finish this business as soon as possible and then leave Jiangnan City for a few days. I was just informed that the buyer will send someone to pick up the goods in two hours. This mean that you have two hours to finish the job as soon as possible.”

Lu Fei nodded and asked, “How many people do I have to deal with?”

“Three in total. At your speed, it should take less than two hours.”

Fatty Dragon stood up and opened the door beside him. There was a fully-equipped operating room inside. Three people were on the ground, including two middle-aged men who looked like tramps and a five or six-year-old girl. They were looking at them in horror.

Lu Fei frowned and asked, “Why is there a girl?”

Fatty Dragon looked at him and said with a smile, “What’s up? Are you feeling compassionate? There are about 100 people whose organs were removed by you over the years. This is not bad for such a child.”

He walked over, patted the little girl’s cheek and said, “You know, this kid is a customized product. She is worth a lot of money. Even ten adults can’t match her.

In the Middle East, the daughter of a millionaire is suffering from a serious liver disease and needs a liver transplant. She is the same age as this child, so he is willing to buy a matching liver at the price of 10 million dollars.

For this job, we have spent a lot of effort and checked a lot of information. Thanks to a physical examination report, we know that the liver of this child matches the liver of the daughter of the rich man very well, so we found an opportunity to kidnap her.”

Lu Fei’s face showed that he felt a little pity as he said, “But…”

The smile on Fatty Dragon’s face suddenly disappeared. He interrupted him and said, “Don’t talk nonsense. If I had not helped you change master, your hands would have been chopped off. How can you still be a doctor? How can you feed yourself?”

When he took a slow breath, his voice softened a lot. Then, he said, “Although we killed a girl here, we also saved a girl. It’s not a crime at this point.

As long as you do this job, you will get one million dollars as a 10% commission. One million dollars is enough for you to have fun your whole life.

After so many years of work, I’m tired. I’m ready to retire completely after making this deal. I’ll take my brothers to South Africa, buy a piece of land, and be a happy farmer.”

Lu Fei hesitated for a moment. Upon thinking of the dollars, he didn’t say anything else.

“Well, doctor, hurry up. We don’t have much time!”

Fatty Dragon waved his hand and two people immediately came over and threw the little girl on the operating table like cargo. Then, they took off her coat and secured her hands and feet on the special steel rings of the operating table.

The little girl, who was frightened, was struggling desperately. However, she was too weak to free herself.

Lu Fei walked to the operating table, looked at the little girl, and then sighed. He took a white towel and grabbed a bottle of pink liquid medicine before pouring it on the towel. Then, he put the towel on the little girl’s mouth.

It was an effective anesthetic. After about a minute, the little girl was completely unconscious as she lay on the operating table, looking like she was asleep.

Lu Fei opened the operation box beside him and took out a shiny scalpel. After a moment’s hesitation, he was ready to insert it into the little girl’s chest.

Suddenly, the door was opened from the outside. With a cold flash, Lu Fei’s left hand, which was holding the scalpel, fell to the ground with a snap.

“My hand! My valuable left hand!”

Lu Fei held his elbow in his right hand and looked at his left hand, which was still holding the scalpel. It was on the ground. He immediately started howling wildly.

His left hand was his everything. After losing his left hand, he would be worthless.

“You don’t deserve to be a doctor and use a scalpel!”

Upon seeing that Lu Fei was going to hurt a little girl, Qin Haodong felt furious and waved the Thousand Blades again. Lu Fei screamed and his right hand fell to the ground too.

Fatty Dragon now realized what had happened and hurriedly cried out for his guards. “Kill him, kill him for me!”

Several guards in the room touched their pistols one after another. However, before they could push the trigger, the pistols and the hands holding them all fell to the ground.

In this small space, the speed of the Thousand Blades was 100 times faster than their pistols. In the blink of an eye, these people’s hands had all been cut off, including Fatty Dragon’s fat hands.

When Qin Haodong had said goodbye to Fang Yuqi, he had followed Lu Fei quietly. After Lu Fei had entered the room, he had subdued the people outside.

At first, he had wanted to wait for Nalan Wuxia. However, upon seeing that Lu Fei wanted to harm an innocent little girl, he had been forced to stop Lu Fei.

Noisy footsteps were heard before Nalan Wuxia rushed in with a team of policemen.

Upon looking at the fallen arms and the wailing people, she asked, “Haodong, what happened?”

After briefly explaining the situation, Qin Haodong pointed to Lu Fei and said, “Even though he is a doctor, he participated in human organ trafficking. His hands were covered in blood, and now he is the main suspect behind the serial murders.”

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