The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 381

Chapter 381 Shut Up Idiot

Chapter 381 Shut Up, Idiot

"Uh that"

Those people looked at each other, seemingly surprised at Qin Haodongs reaction.

They already had the plan that they would provoke the old man, Hua Zian. They believed that the hospital would eventually take their side during the confrontation. After all, many of them were well-educated doctors who had once studied overseas, and had been promoted as directors of their offices. They thought themselves to be the authority of their own fields, and the core of the hospital.

That was why they looked down on Chinese medicine practitioners, and they were trying to edge Chinese medicine practitioners out of the Guangren Hospital.

However, the situation had suddenly changed. The quick-tempered old man wasnt there, and the young man present at that moment looked calmer than most old men. He didnt react much to their successive provocations.

If two patients wouldnt work, then they would wait for more patients to come. They wanted to play the game until Qin Haodong gave in. He wouldnt be able to stick to it for long if they remained without patients.

At the moment, an old man in his sixties showed up at the door and asked, "Im having a headache. Can anyone help me?"

Dong Kai immediately greeted him and asked, "Headache? You should go to western-medicine doctors for help. What are you here for?"

"I I trust Chinese medicine. It can cure the root cause!" answered the old man.

"Youre so senile. Curing the root cause? Thats what they told you to take you in?" said Dong Kai, spittle flying. "A headache? Theres nothing Chinese medicine practitioners can do about it. Have you heard the story of Hua Tuo? Hes the ancient medical sage from legend, but he failed to cure his Kings headache and was thus sentenced to death. Do you really think Chinese medicine practitioners nowadays can treat you?"


The old man was hesitating, feeling Dong Kais words somehow made sense.

"Just go to the Neurology department and let them take a look. Headaches can be a big deal. What if you have a tumor? Early detection is good for the treatment."

Dong Kai pushed the old man out of the TCM clinic. He turned back and looked at Qin Haodong with a smug look; however, Qin Haodong ignored him, sipping his tea leisurely.

"What the heck? The young man is such a pushover! Why isnt he angry?"

Dong Kai thought to himself out of surprise, looking at Qin Haodong disdainfully.

Besides Dongkai, the two nurses sitting next to him also sneered at him. They thought to themselves that the young doctor was such a good-for-nothing. Dong Kai was insulting him so badly, but he didnt even try to put up a fight.

"Doctor, please take a look at my son. Whats wrong with him?"

A woman in his fifties took a young man inside. Their clothes looked ragged, which indicated that they were from the bottom class of society.

Dong Kai came again and asked, "What happened to your son? Whats the problem?"

The old woman answered, "It began the day before yesterday, somethings wrong with his skin. His whole lower body turned dark and blue."

Dong Kai said it again, "Then you should go to the western medicine doctors. Theyre more professional in this regard. Traditional Chinese medicine is so not reliable. The director of the dermatology department of our hospital is here. Ill invite him to come and take a look at your son."

He turned back and pulled Director Zhang over; however, the old woman saw Director Zhangs face and refused, "We met him yesterday. He sent us to the blood and urine tests. Nothing seemed to be wrong. It cost us 1000 yuan, more than what my son earns in half a month."

Director Zhang had also recognized the old woman and her son. He said embarrassingly, "Ive tried, maam. Your sons disease isnt all about his skin. There must be something else that has gone wrong.

"But rest assured. All the experts from the various departments of our hospital are here today. We can offer your son a joint consultation. Well definitely find the cause."

Dong Kai nodded and said, "Thats right. Joint consultation is one of the biggest advantages of western medicine. Theyll all come and check on the young man."

Those experts gathered in a circle, surrounding the young man. Then one of them asked, "Take off your pants. Let us see whats going on."

Seeing so many experts taking care of his son, the old woman answered hastily, "Dont be shy, son. Show them."

The young man hesitated for a while but he eventually took off his pants. Parts of his body that were lower than the belly had all turned dark blue, from his genitals to his ankle.

All the experts frowned upon seeing it.

"Does it hurt?"


"Does it itch?"

"Do you feel numb on this part?"


The experts asked several questions successively. The young mans skin there looked quite scary, but neither did he feel pain or numbness. They were all experienced experts, but none of them had seen that before."

Seeing the grim look on their faces, the old woman asked hastily, "Whats wrong with him? Is it bad?"

Director Zhao for Gastroenterology said, "Did you eat any unsanitary food? It looks like food poisoning."

The old woman said, "Thats impossible. We dont often eat out. Our family dinner is always simple and light-flavored. I eat exactly the same thing with him every day. How come nothings wrong with me if it were food poisoning?"


For quite a while, Director Zhao was speechless. Then Director Zhang broke the silence and asked, "Is it an allergy? Are you allergic to anything?"

The young man denied, "I worked on the construction site every day, facing concrete and bricks. I dont think Im allergic to any of that. Also, only the skin under my waist is black. If Im really allergic to something, my whole body should turn black instead.

"Besides, didnt you run the allergens on me yesterday? Nothing seemed to be wrong!"

Director of Andrology, Mr. Zhou said, "Young man, did you ever have any unprotected sex recently? It might be STD."

They discussed and argued with each other, but nobody seemed to have convinced the others. They seemed to be taking wild guesses. The young man lost patience and yelled in anger, "Thats nonsense! Youre the one who have STD! All of you!"

Director Zhou seemed angry. "Were helping you out! Watch your language!"

The young man said angrily, "Youre not helping at all! You quack! Youre guessing blindly! I dont even have a girlfriend, and Im still a virgin now. Where can I get STD?"


Seeing the young man take it out on them, all the experts were dumbfounded. They were trying to cure the young man and leave Qin Haodong with no patients to treat, but it had taken them so long to look for the cause of the disease. That was so humiliating!

Qin Haodong laid down his teacup and stood up. Then he glanced at those people and laughed, "What now? Arent you experts? Thats what you called science? Why cant you cure them?"

Director Zhangs facial expression froze for a while, but he didnt want to give in. "Thats our preliminary diagnosis. Well need to run a more detailed examination using precise instruments to confirm the diagnosis. The young man will go back with me later and Ill try my best to find the cause."

Soon after he said that, the young man refused him with agitation, "What else do you know besides examination? The examination yesterday already cost me 1000 yuan. Will you get it free for me today? Or will you pay for it?"

Director Zhang persuaded him, "The confirmation takes precise examination. Thats science, you have to trust in it!"

"Your science can go to hell!" The young man said in anger, "I worked my butt off on the construction site every day, and earned only 100 yuan. Now you want to steal it away from me, and still leave me in sickness. You quack!"

Director Zhang felt so angry and grieved being pointed at his nose and called a "quack", but he didnt argue because it was true that he failed to find the cause of the disease.

On the contrary, Qin Haodong was so happy to see them being unhappy. He asked, "You call that science? Arent you experts? Why did all of you fail to find the cause? Does it feel good to be called a quack?"

Dong Kai looked embarrassed and asked, "Its still too early for you to get so complacent. Its true we failed to find the cause, but can you?"

Qin Haodong smiled and answered, "Of course! It is not as complicated as you think. You didnt find the cause because youre arrogant, and think highly of yourselves. Youre stuck in your science dream and wouldnt stand in ordinary peoples shoes."

Upon hearing that the young man could be cured, the old woman asked, "Doctor, can you find the cause for him?"

Qin Haodong said, "Im not a quack. Its really easy to solve your sons problem."

The old woman couldnt stop thanking him, "Thank you. Thank you so much for saving my son!"

Dong Kai said immediately, "Hes just bragging. These experts couldnt find the cause, let alone him."

"Ill convince you all," said Qin Haodong. Then he asked the nurse standing next to him, "Get me some clean water and a bar of soap."

The nurse was confused. She wondered why the treatment involved clean water and soap. She had never heard that those two things could cure diseases.

Dong Kai sneered, "Are you saying that the patient is dirty? Why do you want a bar of soap? You havent diagnosed him yet!"

Qin Haodong threw a glance at him and said, "Did anyone ever tell you that the more one speaks, the more ignorant he is?"

"You" Dong Kai lashed out and replied, "I dont think you can cure him. Well see."

Soon, the nurse came in with some water and soap. Qin Haodong asked the young man to sit on a chair, then he took off the young mans shoes, putting his feet in the water.

Dong Kai couldnt help jeering at him again, "Tang Feng, isnt that the TMC method for all disease? A footbath?"

Qin Haodong ignored him. He rolled up the young mans trousers and splashed some water on his leg. Then Qin Haodong put some soap on it. Just when everybody else was wondering what he was doing. The dark color on the young mans feet faded fast and showed the yellow skin in them."

The old woman asked in surprise, "What on earth is going on?"

Qin Haodong stood up, then smiled and explained, "Hes not sick at all!"

Director Zhang yelled, "Nonsense! I have 20 years experience. If someones skin has that color, hes definitely sick! There must be something wrong with the water! Youve put illicit drugs in it!"

Qin Haodong looked at the idiot and jeered, "Shut up, you idiot. Youre qualified to be a dermatologist. How can you not notice that his pants are losing color?"

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