The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 385

Chapter 385 He Is The Murderer

Chapter 385 He Is the Murderer

The thought of it made Qin Haodong’s hair stand on end. He asked again, “You can’t be mistaken, auntie?”

“What are you talking about?” Li Shulan said. “I’m not a dotard. How could I forget my daughter’s birthday? That’s right. When your sister was born, it was after nine o’clock at night, and I was ready for bed…”

At the moment, Qin Haodong didn’t have time to listen anymore. “Auntie, I’m in a hurry to deal with something. I’ll call you back when I have time,” he said quickly.

After finishing his words, he hung up with a grim look.

“What’s the matter, Haodong?” Nalan Wuxia asked. She had rarely seen Qin Haodong so nervous.

“My sister was born in the year, day and hour of the earth element. I have a bad feeling that she is the next target of the murderer.”

“Then what are you waiting for? Ask your sister where she is, and we’ll go and protect her now. First, keep her safe. It would be good to catch the murderer by the way.”

Qin Haodong nodded, reached for his cell phone, dialed Wang Rubing’s number, and asked, “Sister, where are you?”

Wang Rubing replied excitedly, “I’m with Zhang Hao. He said he was going to give me a special birthday tonight.”

Qin Haodong said, “Tell me where you are. I’ll come and find you now.”

Wang Rubing laughed and asked, “What are you doing here? Don’t you think it’s an eyesore to be a third wheel?”

Qin Haodong was no longer in the mood for a joke, but he didn’t tell Wang Rubing what was going on, fearing that it would scare her by telling her the truth. Instead he said, “Auntie asked me to get you a birthday present. I want to send it to you now.”

“Wait a minute, then. Zhang Hao and I were in the car. I’ll send you the location when we get there.”

“Where are you going?”

“I don’t know. I’m in Zhang Hao’s car. He said he was taking me somewhere special.”

There was a mixture of excitement and anticipation in Wang Rubing’s tone. This was her first birthday being with her boyfriend.

“That’s it. When I get there, I’ll text you.”

With that, she hung up.

Nalan Wuxia, standing right next to Qin Haodong, heard their conversation clearly. “She’s with her boyfriend. Are you thinking too much?” She asked.

Was Qin Haodong really thinking too much? There was no doubt that Zhang Hao loved Wang Rubing, and Qin Haodong could feel it. But why was he always a little uneasy? This restlessness came from the perception of his Spirit, so it should not go wrong.

Suddenly, a series of pictures flashed in his mind first, Fang Yuqi said at lunch, “The director was a famous surgeon in Guangren Hospital. His surgical skills are so good that even I feel inferior, but later he became the director and seldom performed the operation himself.”

It was followed by a conversation over tea with Zhang Hao. “People who are left-handed are smart. My dad’s left-handed too!” “My dad just asked about Rubing’s birthday and the eight characters of a horoscope. He had someone check our birthdays and the eight characters of horoscopes. It was said that we were perfect for each other…”

The last was what Zhang Tingting working in the archive said. “Only the director has a copy of the patient’s electronic file!”

Nalan Wuxia saw him in a daze and asked, “What’s the matter with you, Haodong? Why don’t you talk?”

“I’ve figured it out. I know who the murderer is!”

“Really? Who is it?” Nalan Wuxia asked, her eyes wide.

“It’s Zhang Lijun, the director of Guangren Hospital. Previously, we only fixed our eyes on the doctors in Guangren Hospital, but forgot their director. He has all the information about all the patients in the hospital, so he can look it up.”

“Director Zhang? Is that possible?”

Nalan Wuxia was shocked by the answer.

“That’s him. I can’t go wrong. I’ve already learned that Zhang Lijun has a very good surgery skill and is left-handed. These are consistent with all our previous predictions.”

At that point, Qin Haodong’s face suddenly changed. “He asked about my sister’s birthday and the eight characters of a horoscope. He seemed to be ready for it. Zhang Hao said that Zhang Lijun was going to celebrate my sister’s birthday with them tonight. This is a conspiracy. He must be thinking of doing it then.”

Speaking of this, he reached for his cell phone and called Wang Rubing again. He wanted Wang Rubing to return quickly and did not want to risk her sister’s life.

But to his surprise, when he dialed Wang Rubing’s phone, she had turned it off. He called Zhang Hao then, and his cell phone was also turned off.

“That’s bad!”

It was just over an hour before nine o’clock in the night. Qin Haodong turned to Nalan Wuxia and said, “Now I’m 100% sure that the Zhang Lijun is the murderer, and my sister will be the next target. Get your tech department to locate their phone right away. We’ll get there as soon as we know where they are.”

Nalan Wuxia also realized the seriousness of the problem and gave orders. The whole crime squad began to operate in tension.

At the same time, Wang Rubing was sitting in Zhang Hao’s Passat. When she got off the phone with Qin Haodong, Zhang Hao said, “It’s a special day. Turn off your phone. Don’t let others disturb us.”

“Is that all right? What if something comes to me?”

“You’re not the president. What will come to you? If anything comes to you, you can deal with it tomorrow.” Then he took out his phone and turned it off first.

“All right, I also turn down my phone!”

Wang Rubing hesitated for a second and finally pressed the power off button.

Soon the Passat was out of town, heading for the suburbs.

Wang Rubing smiled and asked, “Zhang Hao, where are you taking me? You’re not going to sell me, are you?”

Zhang Hao grabbed her hand and said, “How can that be? You are more important than me in my heart. Even if I sell myself, I won’t sell you.”

“Then where are you taking me? Shouldn’t we find a hotel with a romantic atmosphere to celebrate my birthday? How did you get me out of town?”

“I have a surprise for you. It is a surprise, so I can’t tell you. Otherwise, it won’t be a surprise.”

Zhang Hao said and drove on. About 20 minutes later, they were out of town for good. Then they turned off the road and drove along the unpaved road until they came to a small mound.

Getting out of the car, Zhang Hao put out the lights. It was dark all over here, without light, not even a tree. Wang Rubing asked nervously, “Zhang Hao, you don’t really want to bury me here, do you?”

Zhang Hao took her hand and said, “No, this is your birthday party I prepared for you!”

With that, he raised his hand and snapped his fingers. Suddenly, the whole mound suddenly lit up. It turned out that the whole hill had been covered with various kinds of lights of colorful shapes, forming a beautiful heart-shaped picture.

In the center of the heart was a large, crystal-like table with a three-tiered birthday cake. Everything looked like the world in a fairy tale, with its charming colors in the light.

Wang Rubing covered her mouth in surprise as she watched. “Zhang Hao, did you prepare all this?” She asked, moved.

“Not just me, but my dad. We’ve prepared this unique birthday party for you.” Zhang Hao said, “My dad is very metaphysical. He said you belong to the earth element, so you had better spend your birthday in the earth environment. Then you can live a long life.”

“Thus, I chose this place for you. Here is only earth, without stone, water or fire. There is not a piece of metal, not even a tree. Although it looks bald, my dad said it would be very good for your future fortunate.”

At the moment, Wang Rubing’s heart was filled with happiness. She took Zhang Hao and said, “Thank you, and thank Uncle Zhang!”

Zhang Hao smiled and said, “I’ll say you’re welcome. But if you want to thank my dad, thank him in person!”

Wang Rubing asked in surprise, “What? Is Uncle Zhang here, too?”

“Yes, my dad looked at your picture and was very pleased with you. He wants to celebrate your birthday with me. He helped me prepare everything here in advance.” Zhang Hao took Wang Rubing to the table and called to an off-road vehicle parked on the other side of the hill. “Dad, Rubing is coming. Come out!”

“Okay, here I come!”

With that, the door of the off-road vehicle was opened and two men got off. Leading the way was Zhang Lijun, the director of Guangren Hospital, Zhang Lijun, who was followed by an old Taoist.

The old Taoist was a man of 60 or 70, with bushy eyebrows and beard, a gray robe, and a sword behind his back. He has the temperament of an immortal and the demeanor of a superior man.

If Qin Haodong were here, he’d immediately recognize this guy as the Dao Tong who had been wounded by them and fallen into the Devil Way.

Zhang Lijun’s arrival came as a bit of a surprise to Wang Rubing. She was not ready to meet Zhang Hao’s family, but Zhang Hao brought his father. She also wondered why Zhang Lijun had brought an old Taoist to her birthday party.

Zhang Hao didn’t know Dao Tong either and asked Zhang Lijun, “Dad, who is this Taoist?”

Zhang Lijun replied, “This is my master, Taoist Dao Tong. He is a detached master. You should call him grandmaster. Come and greet your grandmaster.”

He was not superstitious, but out of respect for Zhang Lijun, Zhang Hao saluted the old Taoist. “Nice to meet you, grandmaster.”

Dao Tong just nodded his head, but focusing on Wang Rubing, with greed and excitement glimpsed in his eyes.

“Hao, your grandmaster is here today to celebrate your girlfriend’s birthday too. Introduce her to us at once.”

Then Zhang Hao introduced Wang Rubing to Zhang Lijun and Dao Tong, and the four of them sat down at the dinner table for a formal birthday party.

In addition to the birthday cake, they also prepared a sumptuous dishes and red wine on the table. Zhang Hao poured everyone a glass of red wine and lit the candles on the cake.

Then Wang Rubing would blow out candles and make wishes. Nothing was different from a normal birthday party. When this was done, Zhang Hao brought out a beautifully wrapped box and handed it to Wang Rubing. “Rubing,” he said, “here’s my birthday present for you. Open it and see if you like it?”

Wang Rubing took one look at Zhang Hao and opened the box with great anticipation. When she lifted the cover, she was stunned.

Inside the box was a crown-shaped hair clip, and the entire crown was made of gold and set with several sparkling gems. In the light, it looked both noble and beautiful, incomparable beautiful.

After a full minute, Wang Rubing came to her senses and exclaimed, “What a beautiful hairpin! Is this for me?”

Zhang Hao was very pleased with Wang Rubing’s response and said proudly, “For you, of course. How’s that? Do you like it?”

“Yes! I like it very much!”

Wang Rubing was a little surprised by the arrival of Zhang Lijun and Dao Tong tonight, but one surprise after another from Zhang Hao had filled her heart with happiness.

“Try it on and see if it looks good!”

Zhang Hao said, carefully removing the crown-shaped hairpin and placing it on Wang Rubing’s head.

“Beautiful, very beautiful indeed. You will be my queen!”

Wang Rubing looked happy and said, “Zhang Hao, thank you for the birthday present. I love it!”

Just then Dao Tong looked at Zhang Lijun and said, “Time’s up. Let’s get started!”