The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 389

Chapter 389 The Price Of Medicinal Materials Rises

Chapter 389 The Price of Medicinal Materials Rises

The men from the Hanaki family looked at the door in union and saw a very beautiful woman standing in front of the door. Her figure was curvaceous, but her pretty face was frosty and murderous. She was Yagyuu Yukime!

“How dare a woman show disrespect to our Hanaki family? I’ll show you how strong the men of our Hanaki family are.”

The speaker was Hanaki Naoki, a three-star top-grade ninja, behind Hanaki Inuichiro. He had learned about the Yagyuu family before, and found that under Yagyuu Shinji, Yagyuu Yukime was the strongest one in the Yagyuu family. But she was just a three-star top-grade ninja, and had not become a heavenly ninja.

This guy thought himself as the best below the heavenly ninja, so he didn’t pay any attention to Yagyuu Yukime. He intended to teach Yagyuu Shinji a lesson, let him see how powerful the Hanaki family was. So he pulled out his knife and rushed at Yagyuu Yukime.

“One Blow of Knife!”

After a loud shout, Hanaki Naoki’s knife flashed from his hand. The blow carried tremendous momentum and was terrifying.

“Look out, Yukime!”

Yagyuu Shinji’s pupils shrank, but he didn’t dare to help because Hanaki Inuichiro was staring at him wickedly.

Hanaki Naoki’s mouth tinged with satisfaction. In his opinion, this blow contained the essence of the One Blow of Knife, and as a woman, Yagyuu Yukime had no choice but to dodge. He had even begun to prepare the next move.

“You’re courting death!”

However, at this point, a cold light flashed through Yagyuu Yukime’s eyes. She waved the knife in her hand to stab Hanaki Naoki. It was incredibly fast, so fast that Hanaki Naoki didn’t even see the blade. He only saw a flash of light before his eyes, and then he felt a terrible pain in his chest.

Then, like a balloon that was pricked, he lost all his strength in an instant, unable even to control the knife he wielded in midair. The knife fell to the ground with a thud.

“You… heavenly ninja…”

Hanaki Naoki stared at Yagyuu Yukime, his eyes full of horror. He never thought that Yagyuu Yukime had already become a heavenly ninja.

You knew that there was a wide gap between the Covert Power and the supreme power, and the top-grade ninja and the heavenly ninja. Once this gap was crossed, the strength of the warrior would increase tenfold.

In front of a true heavenly ninja, even a heavenly ninja who was about to become a heavenly ninja was vulnerable. If they knew in advance that Yagyuu Yukime had become a heavenly ninja, Hanaki Naoki just would not attack her, and the Hanaki family dared not come to provoke. It was because a top-grade ninja was not able to offend a heavenly ninja.

But it was too late to regret. Yagyuu Yukime cut off Hanaki Naoki’s chest. He rolled his eyes and could only die unwillingly.

Yagyuu Yukime did not put away her knife, the tip of which was still dripping red blood. Her cold eyes darted around again, and she said to Hanaki Inuichiro in a murderous voice, “The one who offends the Yagyuu family will be killed!”

Yagyuu Shinji couldn’t believe his eyes when Yagyuu Yukime killed Hanaki Naoki with one knife. He knew very well how hard it was to cross the threshold from a top-grade ninja to a heavenly ninja. This was why the heavenly ninja was so rare and noble. He had no idea that his daughter had become a heavenly ninja.

“Yukime, you made it? You are the pride of our Yagyuu family!”

At this point he was very excited, and stopped being depressed. In Nihon, it was rare for one family to have two heavenly ninjas. With this strength, at least the Hanaki family was not able to provoke them!

Yagyuu Yukime nodded and said, “Yes, father. Just now I break through and become a proud heavenly ninja!”

“Great! It’s really great. Amaterasu blesses our Yagyuu family.”

Yagyuu Shinji looked back at Hanaki Inuichiro and said proudly, “Now, Hanaki, do you still want our Yagyuu family’s casino?”

Hanaki Inuichiro’s body tensed up and he didn’t dare to be careless in the face of two heavenly ninjas. He even didn’t dare to look at Hanaki Naoki who was lying beside him.

“Family Master Yagyuu, this is our Hanaki’s fault. We are willing to accept punishment.”

His attitude had completely changed from what it was before. In Nihon, everyone respected the strong. Strength was king. At this time the Yagyuu family had two heavenly ninja. The Hanaki family was absolutely not able to afford to provoke the Yagyuu family.

And people under other’s eaves had to bow. Although there were three of them now, he was the only one who was a heavenly ninja, and the other two were just top-grade ninjas. Even if they joined forces, they were unable to resist 10 moves of the two heavenly ninja. At that time, the two top-grade ninjas would definitely die, and he would face the joint attack of Yagyuu Shinji and Yagyuu Yukime, which would cause him to be in danger.

Yagyuu Shinji could leave all three of them here if he wanted to. If they died, the Hanaki family would soon be nibbled by other forces, leaving nothing.

“That is very sensible of you!” Yagyuu Shinji said with a happy face, “From now on, the Hanaki family’s dock at diving bay is owned by the Yagyuu family. Do you have a problem?”

The dock at the diving bay was very important for the Hanaki family. It almost made the Hanaki family roll in money, so it was their important economic source. Yagyuu Shinji’s asking for the dock was equivalent to cut a piece of “meat” on the Hanaki family. But there was no room for Hanaki Inuichiro to object. After all, a piece of “meat” was better than their death.

“We have no problem. From today on, the dock at the diving bay is the property of the Yagyuu family.”

Hanaki Inuichiro could make snap decisions when the going got tough.

“You’re really sensible. Then get out of here!”

Yagyuu Shinji drove the people from the Hanaki family out of the house. He was not worried about Hanaki Inuichiro going back on his word. Strength was everything. At the moment their Yagyuu family had two heavenly ninjas, which was their biggest confidence.

Those people from the Hanaki family bowed to Yagyuu Shinji and Yagyuu Yukime deeply, and then fled the Yagyuu family in a very awkward position.

Yagyuu Shinji looked back at Yagyuu Yukime and said excitedly, “Good job, Yukime. I’m right about you!”

He had been under a lot of pressure recently since the family was badly weakened, but now things were looking up. The addition of another heavenly ninja of the family was enough to make up for the loss, and even greatly improved their strength.

After the Hanaki family spread the news, no one dared to find fault with the Yagyuu family any more.

Yagyuu Yukime bowed her head and said, “I am where I am because of your training, father!”

Yagyuu Shinji laughed and said, “That’s all. Now you have entered the threshold of being a heavenly ninja. I want you go to Celestial Empire.”

Yagyuu Yukime looked up, a little surprised expression on her delicate face. “Father, didn’t you say we couldn’t go to Celestial Empire in a short time?”

Yagyuu Shinji shook his head and said, “That was then, and this is now. At that time you just a top-grade ninja. Our Yagyuu family was facing many enemies, so the first thing to do was to ensure survival. It’s different now. With you and I, two heavenly ninjas, no one dare to provoke us.”

Yagyuu Yukime said, “Father, you’re right. I will go to Celestial Empire tomorrow to avenge brother.”

Yagyuu Shinji said, “Your brother’s revenge must be paid, but not immediately. You have another important mission when you go to Celestial Empire this time.”

Yagyuu Yukime asked, “What do you need me to do, father?”

“Our family has not been doing very well financially recently. And since many people had died, a large sum of money was spent on the allowance alone, making the family’s finances even more strained,” Yagyuu Shinji explained.

“I’d like to organize a delegation and let you take it to Celestial Empire.”

Yagyuu Yukime stated, “Father, all due respect, although Celestial Empire’s economy has been growing rapidly in recent years, it is still far from being able to solve the problem. Even if we do a few deals, it won’t ease our situation any time soon.”

“You’re right, but my asking you to do business is just a front, not our real purpose,” Yagyuu Shinji explained. “During the period of your seclusion, a company named Tangmen Traditional Chinese Medicine Company appeared in Celestial Empire and produced a kind of traditional Chinese medicine called Blood Revival Elixir. This drug can cure leukemia once and for all.”

“If we can get the formula for this medicine, we can make a lot of money every day. Then our family will never have to worry about money.”

“And the boss behind Tangmen Company is our big enemy Qin Haodong. So you’re going for two purposes. One is to get the formula of the Blood Revival Elixir; the other is to kill Qin Haodong and avenge your brother if you can.”

“I was a little hesitant to send you to Celestial Empire. Now that you have become a heavenly ninja, I think you can finish this mission.”

Yagyuu Yukime said, “Yes, father. I won’t let you down!”

“You must remember that there are priorities. You must first get the formula in hand, because this is related to the lifeblood of our Yagyuu family. After this mission, if there’s a chance, kill Qin Haodong.”

After a pause, Yagyuu Shinji added, “Celestial Empire has always been a land having talented men that remain in concealment. Although you have now become a heavenly ninja, you’re not invincible. So you must be careful in Celestial Empire.”

“In order to ensure your safety, I am going to contact the ministry of foreign affairs and ask them to set up a delegation in the official name, with you as the head of the delegation. So you have an identity protection. Celestial Empire people should not mess around.”

Yagyuu Yukime said, “Father, is it necessary? I feel that with my present strength I am quite capable of complete the task you have assigned me.”

Yagyuu Shinji said, “You’d better be careful. The first two failures were because we were too careless and underestimated the Celestial Empire people. We must not repeat that mistake this time.”

“Our Yagyuu family can’t afford to lose any more. You, in particular, are very important to our family right now. Even if the mission fails, you can’t have any slip-ups. You must come back safe and sound.”

“Got it, father, for our Yagyuu family, this mission will not fail!”

After saying that, Yagyuu Yukime left directly.

In Jiangnan City, Qin Haodong was back on track after solving a series of murders. After breakfast the next day, he and Lin Momo sent their daughter to the kindergarten and then went to work in Tangmen Company.

He sat in the president’s office all morning, sipping tea and looking across at Lin Momo who was working. His life was a bed of roses.

Toward noon, Liu Yage came in from outside with a heavy look.

“President, something’s wrong!”

Lin Momo looked up and asked, “What’s the matter, Sister Liu?”

Liu Yage replied, “This morning I went to the wholesale market with the purchasing department to buy herbs, but found that the prices of all the herbs we needed had increased two or three times. In this way, the cost of the Blood Revival Elixir will be greatly increased, and we have to sell to more than 1,000 yuan to recover the cost. Besides, the Great Liver-protecting Pills will also be greatly affected.”

Lin Momo’s face changed and she asked, “How did that happen? The market for medicinal materials has been very stable recently. And I heard that the place of origin had a good harvest. How can the price go up?”

“We don’t know exactly why. The wholesale market said it was because of a change of boss. The entire wholesale market has been bought by a Nihon company. The boss asked for a price increase,” Liu Yage said.