The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 391

Chapter 391 The Humiliated Young Master Wang

Chapter 391 The Humiliated Young Master Wang

Yagyuu Yukime was wearing a red dress tonight with a low V-neck cut that revealed her two large, deep peaks. In combination with her high bun, white slender neck, and curves, she immediately attracted the attention of all the males there.

However, her expression looked abnormally cold. The look in her eyes brought a chill to the bones. She was like a beauty carved out of ice. Although she looked very beautiful, she made people flinch and step back.

Many men who thought they would be successful tried to strike up a conversation but were scared off by her cold expression.

At that moment, a young man wearing a famous suit went over with an arrogant expression, followed by a few fierce bodyguards. It was Wang Dazhi from the Wang family.

After Wang Dacheng had died, he had become the Wang family’s only heir. After the shock of losing a son, Wang Haiting had become dispirited and lost his energy. Thus, the family business had been handed over to Wang Dazhi, which had made him even prouder.

It was Wang Haiting who had received an invitation for tonight. However, he was no longer interested in these banquets, so he had told Wang Dazhi to attend it on his behalf.

As the heir to the Wang Group, Wang Dazhi, who was the son of the chairman of the Chamber of Commerce of the Yangtze River, was charming and flattering everywhere he went.

After he walked through the doors, Wang Dazhi immediately spotted Yagyuu Yukime in the crowd. His eyes suddenly lit up.

He had seen Yagyuu Yukime’s photo before, but he had never thought that she would be 10 times more beautiful and sexier than in that photo. This almost made him stop drooling. Apart from the few people with Qin Haodong, he had never seen a woman this beautiful.

He did not dare to provoke Qin Haodong yet, but he had not set his sights on a Japanese woman. According to him, Yagyuu Yukime was an ordinary woman who had come to Huaxia to seek business opportunities. Plus, he was the Wang Group’s heir and the son of the chairman of the Chamber of Commerce south of the Yangtze River, so she had to win him over if she wanted to make money south of the Yangtze River.

At this thought, he became more confident. He took a glass of red wine from a waiter next to him and then walked straight over to Yagyuu Yukime.

“Miss Yukime, welcome to Huaxia!” Wang Dazhi said as he struck the pose he thought looked the most handsome. He raised the wine glass in his hand and said, “Miss Yukime, can I buy you a drink?”

Yagyuu Yukime’s ice-cold face was still expressionless. She picked up her glass and took a sip. The combination of scarlet wine and her delicate red lips made people see breathtaking beauty.

Yagyuu Yukime turned around after taking a sip and asked in a cold voice, “Who are you?”

“Miss Yagyuu, let me introduce myself. I am Wang Dazhi, the Wang Group’s heir. My dad is Wang Haiting, the chairman of the Chamber of Commerce south of the Yangtze River. Since you are south of the Yangtze River, I think we will be working together a lot in the future.

Don’t worry, as long as you work with Wang Group south of the Yangtze River, it will be easy to make money.”

In Wang Dazhi’s opinion, the reason for Yagyuu Yukime’s cold attitude was because she did not know who he was. As long as he stated his identity, he was sure this woman would immediately come forward to please him or even throw herself into his arms.

However, reality was different. The look on Yagyuu Yukime’s face was still ice-cold. There was no sign of it melting as she said coldly, “I’m not interested. If you want to work together, go find deputy commander Miyashiro Yoshida.”

Wang Dazhi was about to smile, yet his face froze. He hadn’t expected this Japanese woman to be so disrespectful to him.

“Miss Yukime, I don’t know if you have heard or not, but my dad is the president of the Chamber of Commerce. I am Wang Group’s heir…”

As he was speaking, there was finally a change on Yagyuu Yukime’s ice-cold expression. After a flash of disgust, she turned away from him and did not look at him again.

As a ninja, she had her own pride. Wang Dacheng’s arrogant expression and his lewd eyes made her uncomfortable. She acted this way only in Huaxia. If they had been in Japan, she would have already cut off his balls and sliced them into pieces.

Wang Dacheng did not know this, but his conversation had caught the attention of others around him. Upon seeing him getting humiliated in front of Yagyuu Yukime, some people began to rejoice, some began to laugh, and some began to whisper.

The crowd’s sneers made Wang Dacheng feel humiliated. As he faced Yagyuu Yukime’s back, his eyes were burning with anger.

“Yagyuu Yukime, you just wait. I will make it impossible for you to do any business south of the Yangtze River.”

After saying these vicious words, Wang Dacheng stepped to one side angrily and began to drink his glass of wine. As for Yagyuu Yukime, she had no interest in looking at him again.

After witnessing the son of the president of the Chamber of Commerce and the Wang family’s young master getting humiliated in front of this woman, everyone else immediately lost any desire to strike up a conversation. No one went to look for trouble again.

Qin Haodong and Lin Momo arrived at Dreamy Jiangnan. For safety reasons, he had brought all the members of the Divine Mercenaries with him.

After getting out of the car, he led Lin Momo to the venue. An extremely good-looking pair like them could not keep a low profile. They attracted a lot of attention as soon as they appeared.

When they handed over the invitation, the waiter led them to the banquet.

As soon as they appeared at the banquet, they attracted the attention of the people around them. At first, only Yagyuu Yukime had shined at the venue and given people the feeling that strangers should not go near her.

Now, there was also Lin Momo. In terms of appearance, aura, and figure, she was not inferior to Yagyuu Yukime. Lin Momo, who had already gotten rid of her ice-cold shell, stood there like a lily with an elegant demeanor.

She was so beautiful and outstanding that she made people ignore Qin Haodong, who was next to her.

When they entered, Qin Haodong instantly noticed Yagyuu Yukime standing in the distance. His pupils immediately shrank.

“An expert at the supreme power level.”

As soon as they came, he paid a lot of attention to this woman, who was known as a two-faced witch. However, it was not enough. Yagyuu Yukime had already reached the realm of supreme power. She was a level higher than him. No wonder she was the Yagyuu family’s genius.

This discovery immediately made his expression become serious. Fortunately, today was just an official banquet. No matter how high Yagyuu Yukime’s cultivation was, she would not just attack.

After he calmed down, he once again looked at Yagyuu Yukime. He felt the coldness this woman radiated, which was different than Lin Momo’s in the past. Lin Momo’s coldness had been fake, just a layer of an ice-cold shell. On the other hand, Yagyuu Yukime’s coldness came from inside of her, from her very bones.

As if she had felt Qin Haodong’s gaze, Yagyuu Yukime turned around slowly. The moment she saw Qin Haodong, a shocking scene unfolded.

Her face, sculpted like a thousand years of ice, melted in an instant and turned into a charming smile. The temperature at the banquet seemed to rise a lot because of this smile, which made everyone feel a spring breeze.

What was going on? Who would have thought this ice beauty could have such a brilliant, charming smile? Most importantly, the young master of the Wang family had not changed her, but she now smiled like a flower. Why was this? Who had the ability to create such a big change on the ice beauty?

As everyone was confused, Yagyuu Yukime walked in one direction. The charming smile and the red dress added a bit more sexiness to her. Coupled with the trembling of her majestic chest while she walked, she attracted the attention of countless more people.

Qin Haodong also felt Yagyuu Yukime’s big change. It seemed that the nickname of the two-faced witch had not been given to her in vain. She was an iceberg on one side and a flame on the other side. He almost suspected that the woman had two personalities. Even the best actors could not do that. Also, the woman seemed to be heading towards him and Lin Momo.

Sure enough, Yagyuu Yukime walked right up to them, smiled slightly at Lin Momo first, and said, “I am Yagyuu Yukime from the Japanese Yagyuu family. President Lin, you are very beautiful. So beautiful that I am a bit jealous.”

“Miss Yukime, you are too kind. You are more beautiful!”

Lin Momo, who did not understand Yagyuu Yukime’s intention, just replied politely.

“President Lin, I want to dance with Mr. Qin. Is that okay?”

Yagyuu Yukime turned to look at Qin Haodong as she spoke. The smile on her face became increasingly charming.

Lin Momo had not expected her to make such a request immediately. Out of politeness, she smiled and said, “I don’t have an issue as long as he wants to.”

Yagyuu Yukime asked Qin Haodong, “Mr. Qin, are you willing to dance with me?”

“It would be my honor to be able to dance with you, Miss Yukime.”

Qin Haodong extended his hand towards Yagyuu Yukime and made an inviting gesture while speaking. At the same time, he quietly whispered to Saber, who was next to him, “That woman is an expert at the supreme power level. Take Lin Momo away from here quickly.”

Although Yagyuu Yukime’s attitude was extremely good after seeing him, the more she was like this, the more danger he sensed coming from her. It would definitely not be good if Lin Momo stayed there. If Yagyuu Yukime really did attack, he would not be able to stop her, and neither would Saber and the others. The best strategy right now was to stay as far away as possible.

Thus, he took Yagyuu Yukime’s hand and walked towards the lawn next to them to dance. He let Saber quickly lead Lin Momo away.

Saber’s expression changed after he received the order. He was aware of how terrifying an expert at the supreme power level was, so he immediately said a few words in Lin Momo’s ear.

Lin Mo smiled apologetically at the people who were about to come chat with her and said, “I’m sorry, something urgent came up at the company. I need to go back and deal with it. I’m very sorry!”

After she finished speaking, she hurriedly left the Dreamy Jiangnan Hotel under the protection of Saber and the others, leaving several people opposite her with a puzzled look on their faces. They did not understand why she had left as soon as she had gotten there.

However, an understanding expression very quickly appeared on their faces. Lin Momo must have felt jealous after seeing Qin Haodong dancing with that Japanese woman. Therefore, she had left in anger.

It was difficult to blame her. The Japanese woman was okay when she didn’t smile, but as soon as she smiled, she was like a seductive demon. Getting jealous was a natural response when that small white face was being eaten by the Japanese woman.

Yagyuu Yukime graciously followed Qin Haodong to the lawn, where several couples were already dancing. She glanced in the direction Lin Momo had left and told Qin Haodong, “Your girlfriend seems to be jealous.”

Qin Haodong smiled slightly. Of course, he would not tell Yagyuu Yukime that he had already seen through her strength.

“Women can be very grumpy sometimes. Besides, it’s normal to be jealous. You are very beautiful after all.”

Yagyuu Yukime smiled and said, “Things are very different between Huaxia and Japan. Japanese women do not get jealous.”

Qin Haodong looked at her delicate, lovely face as he secretly smiled in his heart. She would not get jealous, but she could cut off the opponent’s balls directly.

“Miss Yukime, if I remember correctly, this is our first meeting. How do you know me?”

“It’s because your picture is hanging in my dad’s room. He cuts it several times a day, so I naturally recognized you.”

After she spoke, Yagyuu Yukime smiled again. However, her smile was full of coldness.

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