The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 392

Chapter 392 Love At First Sight?

Chapter 392 Love At First Sight?

Upon witnessing Qin Haodong and Yagyuu Yukime hugging each other tightly and dancing, Wang Dazhi gritted his teeth in hatred. He punched the table hard and vented. “That bitch! She was like an ice cube with me. I thought she was a chaste woman. Who knew that she would show her true colors when she saw that small white face. It’s as if she has never met a man before. It’s pissing me off!

Sooner or later, I will get you into bed. I will play with you to death then.”

As he said this, he was in the corner. All eyes were focused on Yagyuu Yukime, so no one had noticed his dissatisfaction.

“Young master, you don’t have to be angry about such a woman.”

The person who had spoken was Zhao San’er, one of his bodyguards. He was the Wang family’s old man. This time, Wang Haiting had specifically sent him to stay beside Wang Dazhi after Wang Dacheng’s death.

Wang Dazhi angrily said, “I’m so pissed off! No matter what happens, I am still the heir to the Wang family, and my father is the president of the Chamber of Commerce south of the Yangtze River. However, this Japanese woman is not only ungrateful, but she even went to hook up with that small white face.”

Li San’er said with an evil grin, “Young master, you don’t need to be angry. Isn’t she just a Japanese woman? It is very easy to get her into bed.”

Wang Dazhi turned towards him and asked, “What kind of methods do you have?”

Li San’er scanned his surroundings, When he saw that no one was looking, he pulled a small glass bottle out of his pocket. The bottle contained a clear liquid. “Young master, this was brought back by my friend from abroad. I heard it is a high-tech product. Even if a large elephant drank it, it would be in heat. When the time comes, you can play however you want,” he said quietly.

Wang Dazhi’s eyes lit up before he said, “Does this thing work that well?”

Li San’er smiled and said, “Don’t worry, young master, I have already tested it. The result is amazing. Not long ago, a female singer at a bar used to be vicious to me when she saw me. However, ever since I used this thing, she turns into a little sheep when she sees me.”

“That’s great!” Wang Dazhi then added, “But how do I use this thing properly? There are too many people here. I’m afraid it’s not the right method.”

Li San’er said, “Young master, that’s easy. The new manager at the Dreamy Jiangnan is my cousin. In a minute, I will go check which room that woman is staying in. Then, I will put this inside her drink. Once she returns to her room, she will definitely drink it. When the time comes, you will get your chance.”

“Can it work? She is the leader of the Japanese group of delegates. If something happens, it will be troublesome.”

Li San’er said with a lewd smile, “Young master, don’t worry about this. Women change as soon as you sleep with them. That female singer of mine was previously a tiger, but she is now a sheep.

Also, as I have said, all Japanese women are like this. As soon as you get into bed with them, then it is no different than in those films.”

Wang Dazhi thought about it and agreed. Yagyuu Yukime had completely changed after she had seen Qin Haodong. Wang Dazhi no longer hesitated. He patted Li San’er’s shoulder excitedly and said, “You go take care of this as soon as possible. As long as you succeed, I will give you a reward of one million!”

“No problem! Thank you, master!” Li San’er immediately ran outside as soon as he heard about the one-million reward. He was able to easily find out Yagyuu Yukime’s room number. Then, he secretly opened the door and sneaked in.

Yagyuu Yukime was too careless. Ever since she had advanced to Heaven Ninja, she felt that ordinary people could not harm her. Not only had she not brought a bodyguard, but she had also not set up any protective measures in her room. This made it easy for Li San’er to take advantage of the loophole.

He poured the clear liquid into the water dispenser, thought for a moment, and decided that the liquid was not enough. This could delay his one million, so he took two more small bottles out of his pocket and poured the liquid into the water dispenser.

“I’m sure the young master will have a lot of fun. He might even give me an extra reward.”

Li San’er looked at the water dispenser with a lewd smile. Then, he turned around and sneaked away.

Very quickly, he returned to the banquet. He proudly nodded at Wang Dazhi after spotting him.

Wang Dazhi, who knew that everything was done, turned his gaze back to the banquet and continued to swallow his saliva while staring at Yagyuu Yukime’s plump figure.

At that moment, Gao Fang, the organizer of this banquet and director of the Merchant Bureau, was having a glass of wine with Miyashiro Yoshida, the deputy commander of the Japanese delegates.

When he saw Yagyuu Yukime hugging tightly with Qin Haodong, a smile flashed past Gao Fang’s face. This young man was very flirtatious, even with foreign women. However, he could not deny that, given Yagyuu Yukime’s appearance and figure, any ordinary man’s heart would skip a beat when they saw her.

He held up his wine glass towards Miyashiro Yoshida and said, “Mr. Miyashiro, it seems only young people speak a common language. I wish the business elites of our two countries a pleasant cooperation.”

Miyashiro Yoshida was a Japanese man over 40 years old and a typical small man. He raised his wine glass and gently touched it to Gao Fang’s. However, he did not approve in his heart.

He understood Yagyuu Yukime very well. In Japan, any man who knew the famous Yagyuu Yukime would not go near her. People who knew nothing feared nothing. He was afraid that it wouldn’t be long before this young man from Huaxia was kicked in the balls or even had his balls broken.

No matter what, the end result was doomed to be bad. Otherwise, there would not have been a word demon in Yagyuu Yukime’s nickname.

At the venue, Qin Haodong’s expression did not change after he heard Yagyuu Yukime’s words. There was no fear or shock. Instead, he extended his hand to caress her hand and playfully said, “Miss Yagyuu, your hand is so smooth. It feels good!”

“Are you not afraid that I will kill you?”

Yagyuu Yukime still had a charming smile on her face, but her voice was ice-cold!

“I’m not afraid!” Qin Haodong said with a smile, “Although the members of your family hate me, you would not kill me in a place like this. After all, this party was organized by the Huaxia authorities. I can guarantee that you at least won’t attack me now.”

After she listened to him, Yagyuu Yukime’s expression froze for a moment. Then, she smiled charmingly. “Not bad. You are very smart. I like smart men.”

“I also like women with big breasts and big buttocks like you!”

Qin Haodong smiled wickedly. Then, his arm forcefully held onto Yagyuu Yukime’s slim waist as he suddenly hugged her.

When she felt the two peaks in front of her chest being tightly squeezed against Qin Haodong’s solid chest, the smile on Yagyuu Yukime’s face disappeared. Afterwards, she shot him a murderous look and said, “Do you believe that I will kill you now?”

“Of course I don’t believe you. If you wanted to kill me, then you wouldn’t need to make it so complicated. There would be no need to buy the medicine wholesale market first for three billion yuan. Even if the Yagyuu family had a lot of money, it would not be used like this. Plus, the Yagyuu family does not seem to have a lot of money right now!

What do you think? Miss Yukime, am I right? I’m guessing you guys came to Huaxia with another goal. Before this goal is achieved, you will not make a move against me. Is that right?”

After he spoke, he simply ignored the murderous look in Yagyuu Yukime’s eyes. His big hand actually slid down and directly blocked the plump area below the waist.

Yagyuu Yukime’s body shuddered slightly. This area had never been touched by anyone before, yet it was being unexpectedly touched shamelessly by this detestable Huaxia person.

After the two of them stared at each other for a full minute, Yagyuu Yukime once again smiled charmingly. “It seems that you already know a lot about our family. So, how much do you know about me? Aren’t you afraid I’ll kick your balls right now?”

Qin Haodong smiled slightly and said, “I know you are the two-faced witch. You are a sick woman with a split personality. Your cultivation is very high, and you like to kick other people’s balls.”

“But you don’t seem to be worried now?”

Yagyuu Yukime pushed her stomach hard and pushed forward a little as she spoke.

“Of course I’m not worried, because I know you are a woman with great ambition. Before you complete your mission, you won’t make a move against me.”

“But if I complete my mission, then I will cut you into eight pieces and feed you to the dogs!”

When she spoke, Yagyuu Yukime gritted her teeth. Her voice was extremely cold, because she felt that Qin Haodong’s hands were getting stronger and stronger, as if they were about to be embedded in her flesh.

“Future things should be talked about in the future. I’m an idiot if I don’t take advantage of an opportunity. Even if I behave myself with you now, you will still kill me in the future.”

Qin Haodong held her tighter after speaking. The distance between them became even smaller, so they could hear each other breathe.

“Do you want to infuriate me?” As if she was aware of Qin Haodong’s purpose, Yagyuu Yukime once again smiled like a flower. “I didn’t expect the magnificent Medical Sage to be a hooligan who likes to take advantage of women.”

“The Medical Sage is just a name. I’m still a man after all. A normally-developed man. Therefore, I naturally like to take advantage of beautiful women like you.”

Yagyuu Yukime giggled and said, “Don’t forget that, while you are taking advantage of me, I am also taking advantage of you. We both have nothing to lose.”

As she spoke, she grabbed Qin Haodong’s neck with both hands, puffed up her delicate red lips, and blew a kiss at Qin Haodong.

“Being fake is too boring. If you want it, we should do it for real.”

Qin Haodong suddenly hugged Yagyuu Yukime’s neck after he spoke and kissed her hard.

Yagyuu Yukime’s body instantly froze. It didn’t matter if she was a Heaven Ninja or not, or whether she had the heart of a devil. She was still a woman. A woman who had never been in such close contact with the opposite sex or been kissed like this. For a moment, she was completely absent-minded. She even lost the ability to think.

Although the two of them had arrived behind a big tree under the intentional guidance of Qin Haodong, they were still within the line of sight of other people. Others could still see what they were doing behind the tree.

“That bitch!”

Zhang Dazhi was so angry that his eyes seemed to be spitting fire when he saw the two of them get closer and closer before they kissed. He actually felt like he was being cheated on. He wanted to immediately strip Yagyuu Yukime and throw her onto the bed to vent it out. Unfortunately, there was nothing he could do now except wait there quietly.

Gao Fang, who had witnessed everything, smiled and said, “Mr. Miyashiro, young people are always so energetic. It seems that our relationship is going to go a step further.”

Miyashiro Yoshida was also surprised. Although Yagyuu Yukime was as beautiful as a flower and looked extremely sexy, she was notorious in Japan for never getting close to a male. Some people even privately said that she was homosexual.

However, for some unknown reason, she seemed to feel an indescribable affection for this Huaxia man. She was even a little too intimate with him, which made no sense.

He now felt that his brain was inadequate. Was this the legendary love at first sight? Or was it Yagyuu Yukime’s sudden hormonal explosion?

A moment later, Yagyuu Yukime regained her sanity. Then, a surge of anger welled from the bottom of her heart. This Huaxia man had gone too far. He had dared to kiss her in public and take advantage of her shamelessly. She decided that she would kill Qin Haodong at any cost.

At that thought, she raised her hand and fiercely hit the back of Qin Haodong’s head.

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