The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 406

Chapter 406 Getting Too Violent

Chapter 406 Getting Too Violent

“How dare you beat me, you bastard!”

Piao Zhenghuan was furious. He climbed up from the ground and tried to argue with Qin Haodong, only to be knocked to the ground again by another punch.

Seeing the two dark circles around Piao Zhenghuan’s eyes, Qin Haodong nodded, for he found the two symmetrical circles very amusing.

Everybody was astonished at how impulsive Qin Haodong was. They had never seen any doctor like this, and that was totally different from how cowardly Qin Haodong might be.

Before anybody else could react to it, Qin Haodong walked closer to Gullit. He grabbed his collar with one hand and slapped him in the face with another.

Gullit was supposed to gain the upper hand because he looked much taller and stronger than Qin Haodong. He might weigh more than 100 kg, but he was currently being lifted away by Qin Haodong, struggling like a lamb.

Having got rid of Gullit, Qin Haodong stepped to Fernand.

Fernand was even stronger than Gullit, and he had learned boxing. He put on the preparing posture immediately when he saw Qin Haodong coming over. However, before he punched out, Qin Haodong’s fist punched his nose. Blood flowed out of his nostrils, and he fell down on his back.

Gullit growled angrily, “You savage! How barbaric!”

Qin Haodong took out a tissue and wiped his own hand. Then he said, “How dare you people from M Country call other people barbaric? Your ancestors stole the land and killed the residents. Now you’re calling us barbaric?”

Fernand climbed up from the ground. He wiped the blood on his face and argued, “You’re a doctor. You are a kung fu fighter, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re good at medical skills, too.”

Piao Zhenghuan agreed, “On the contrary, appealing to violence only exposed your weakness in medical skills.”

Qin Haodong sneered, “I hit you because of your rudeness. You can’t insult Chinese medicine, it’s our national treasure.

“As for medical skills, I’ll show you what real Chinese medicine is later on.”

Gullit and the others still had things to say, but they closed their mouths immediately after seeing Qin Haodong’s cold and grim eyes. This man from Huaxia was not like the others; he was so violent and ruthless.

They swore to themselves that once they cured General Li Site’s son, they would let Genera Li Site teach the guy a hard lesson.

Now that they all stopped talking, Qin Haodong sat back on his spot. Everyone in the room stayed silent after seeing how powerful he was. The room fell in absolute quietness.

Moments later, Han Baochang came over. He hesitated for a while upon seeing Gullit and the others being so confounded. So he asked, “What happened? Sir?”

Before they could answer him, Qin Haodong laughed. “They admired my kung fu skill, so I performed it for them.”

Han Baochang immediately understood what had happened, but he couldn’t care less about it. On the contrary, he appreciated Qin Haodong much because his leg had been cured. So he ignored those people and said, “Please follow me, everybody, we’re going to see our young master right away.”

After he said that, he showed his guests out of the living room and led them to a room on the second floor.

Upon entering the door, Qin Haodong found the layouts of the room very strange. Right behind the door, there was a large reinforced glass wall. The facilities in the room were simple. There was nothing but one bed on which a young man was lying. He must be Li Site’s son, Li Pingan.

Lin Pingan was not that tall, but he was strong enough. He was actually a good-looking young man. He remained calm after all those people came in, which indicated that he had been used to being visited by many guests.

The room was about 50 square meters. The reinforced glass wall divided the room into two sections. Li Pingan’s bedroom was about 30 square meters, and the other 20 square meters outside were for chairs and tables.

After everybody sat down, Han Baochang said, “As you can see, this is our young master, Li Pingan. Please allow me to give you a brief introduction. About three years ago, he went insane someday, beating all the ones he met.

“The situation has gone worse and worse lately. The insanity happened to him once in three months, and then it shortened to two months. Now he is attacked by insanity multiple times a day.

“That’s pretty much all of it. Now you can start your treatment. Who would like to be the first one?”

“Please allow me!”

Fernand was the first one to stand up. He stared at Qin Haodong with resentment. He wanted Li Site to kill Qin Haodong as soon as he cured Li Pingan’s disease.

He asked Han Baochang, “Sir, can I take a look at young master’s medical history?”

“Here it is.” Han Baochang signed someone to hand over a thick stack of inspection results to Fernand.

Li Pingan had done all the medical examinations he should have done over the years. The craniocerebral ct, brain blood flow diagram, and MRI, which were almost all the doctors could do.

Fernand took over the papers and read them one by one. The more he read, the grimmer he turned to be. At last, he frowned.

The result wasn’t bad; in fact, there was nothing bad in it at all. Judging by the results, Li Pingan should be healthier than most people. Nothing was wrong about him.

According to what Han Baochang just said, Li Pingan was sick indeed, and the disease was acute. However, Fernand failed to find the cause of the disease, let alone cure it.

Li Pingan had invited countless famous doctors over the years. He had known the results by reading Han Baochang’s face. “Doctor Fernand, any idea?”

Fernand blushed and answered, “Well… that… I’m at the end of my wits, sir.”

“Then get out of the way.” Seeing the man running out of ideas, Han Baochang wasn’t polite to him anymore. He pulled Fernand aside and said to the others, “Anyone else?”

“I’d like to.” Gullit stood up proudly and replied, “The disease is psychiatric. You can’t find it with ordinary methods.”

Han Baochang’s expression changed slightly, and he said, “Are you saying you can deal with it?”

“Of course!” Gullit looked even prouder. “I am a psychiatrist well known for being good in hypnosis. I’ve cured thousands of patients over the years. I believe I can get the young master cured soon.”

Han Baochang said, “Please do so. He who cures our young master will be generously rewarded by the general.”

“Rest assured, sir. I’ll do the hypnosis right away, and we’ll see the effect very soon.” Gullit then looked at Qin Haodong. “I’ll teach you the real science, the real modern medicine, and the real hypnosis.”

Qin Haodong smiled, stretching his wrists.

Gullit was startled because he thought Qin Haodong was going to hit him again. The young man was a barbarian. He appealed to violence too easily.

Gullit wished he could cure Li Pingan so that he could ask Li Site to shoot Qin Haodong. Gullit thought and walked into Li Pingan’s room. Someone locked the door as soon as he entered.

“Hello, I’m Gullit from M country. I’ve got an M.D. degree, and I major in psychiatric treatment. Please allow me to take care of you.”

Li Pingan looked numb, barely reacting to what Gullit had said.

Gullit remained passionate. He had seen enough of dull patients. He took a crystal pendant out and swung it in front of Lin Pingan.

“Look at it… Look…”

His voice was deep and enchanting. However, just when he was about to go all-out, a big fist appeared. It was Li Pingan’s.

The guy’s eyes radiated red rays, and he looked dysphoric. His two fists kept hitting on Gullit’s face like raindrops.

“Stop, stop now. I’m a doctor. I’m here to treat you!”

No matter how hard Gullit yelled, Li Pingan wouldn’t even slow down. He kicked and punched, as if trying to kill a foe.

“Help, somebody help..”

Gullit had realized that begging for mercy was useless, so he ran hastily to the door.

The berserk Li Pingan went totally out of control and wouldn’t let Gullit go. He chased him and beat the hell out of the guy.

Poor Gullit couldn’t stop screaming. He tried to protect his vital parts and wouldn’t dare to fight back because as long as he laid a finger on Li Pingan, he wouldn’ be able to make it out of the camp alive.

Another doctor from M Country pleaded Han Baochang, “Sir, please let Doctor Gullit out, or he might get killed.”

Han Baochang refused coldly, “No. It would be more troublesome if young master went out with him.”

The doctor said, “But…”

Han Baochang continued, “There’s no ‘but’. Our young master’s safety mattered more than anything else. The insanity lasts for only three to five minutes usually. He doesn’t have any tools in the room. Nobody will get hurt.”

Till then, all the guests realized that the 10,000 dollars were not that easy to earn.

Fernand felt so fortunate. He found himself lucky to not have entered the room. Or he would be the one being beaten up in there.

Five minutes later, Li Pingan finally calmed down. He kicked Gullit away and sat down on the bed, gasping and falling back into silence.

Han Baochang then waved his hand. Two servants opened the door and dragged Gullit out. The man was almost dying.

Gullit looked extremely miserable, with bumps all over his bald head. His face was swollen, and that made him look like a pig. Even his family wouldn’t be able to recognize him.

Other guests seemed quite scared to see what had happened. They were hesitating whether to see the berserk patient or not. It was possible that the doctor would die before the patient.

The worst part was that the young man was Li Site’s son. No one would dare to fight him back.

Han Baochang glanced at the crowd and said, “Who’s next?”

No one stood out because they had all seen how miserable Gullit was.

Han Baochang waited for a while, but there was no volunteer. So he pointed to Piao Zhenghuan and said, “Your turn!”

Piao Zhenghuan was so scared that he even shook a little. Li Pingan seemed to have practiced kung fu before. His punch and kick were so violent that even Gullit, the big guy, couldn’t resist. Piao Zhenghuan believed he would get killed if he went in.

He asked in fear, “I’d like to, sir, but can you please have him tied up before I go in?”