The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 413

Chapter 413 The Life Sacrifice

Chapter 413 The Life Sacrifice

Yagyuu Yukime said, "Im from Nihon. Im an expert in ninja and sword skills. I know nothing about arrays."

Leng Feng said, "Im just a warrior. Ive got plenty of ways to kill a man, but I know nothing about arrays. Ive never seen an array before, let alone knowing how to break it."

The three people turned to Hei Shi at the same time.

"Hail to the one and only God!"

Hei Shi said, "Im a Taoist. I know a lot about Taoist skills, and I know a lot about how to catch ghosts or eliminate demons, but I know little about arrays."

Seeing that no one there knew how to break the array, Leng Feng asked, "Then what to do? We cant wait here forever."

Hei Shi replied, "Why not? Weve got food and drinks here. I dont think they can hide in there for long. Ill kill them as soon as they come out."

Yagyuu Yukime agreed, "I came here to kill Qin Haodong. Thats my only goal. I wont leave until I cut his head off."

Leng Feng considered it for a moment. That was the only solution at the moment; they had to wait until Qin Haodong and Hu Xiaoxian came out of the array.

At the same time, Zhou Tianhu yelled, "Theres one more way!"

The others looked at him and one asked in surprise, "What, do you have any ideas?"

Zhou Tianhu laughed, "I dont know how to break the array, but Ive got guns and cannons. Lets blow their heads off."

The other three peoples eyes were enlightened as soon as they heard the idea. They usually werent interested in hot weapons. They realized that, although the Killing Array could keep people from entering, it couldnt resist guns and cannons. Sometimes the simplest ways were among the most useful ones.

Leng Feng said excitedly, "Thats a good idea. We can give it a try!"

Zhou Tianhu looked quite smug. He called two of his men and ordered, "Gather all the gunmen here. Shoot the two targets inside the array."

Soon, more than ten gunmen gathered outside the killing array. They had pistols, AKs, two light machine guns and a small rocket launcher.

"Go on, hit them hard." Zhou Tianhu shouted fiercely.

Those gunmen could barely see anything inside the array, and they wondered what they were targeting. However, since their commander had given them orders and they didnt need to pay for the bullets, they kept pulling the triggers, firing at the open space in front of them.

As the gunfire poured, smokes arose. The ground before them turned into a mess.

Ten minutes later, Zhou Tianhu felt that it was about time. So he waved his hand to his gunmen and had them stop.

He turned back and said to the other three people, "I think weve done it."

Leng Feng picked up a branch again and threw it at the Killing Array. The branch was soon crushed into pieces like the previous time.

It seemed that the bullets and cannon shells could enter the array, but they failed to destroy it.

Hei Shi frowned and said, "I can feel that theyre not dead yet."

Zhou Tianhu yelled, "Thats impossible. Nobody can survive so many bullets, not even an immortal."

Hei Shi said, "We cant see whats inside the Killing Array because theres one more array in there. I have this feeling that theyre still alive."

"Then" seeing the intense fire fail to kill Qin Haodong, Zhou Tianhu panicked severely. The other three people were all supreme powers, they werent afraid of Qin Haodong at all. Once Qin Haodong came out of the array, Zhou Tianhu would be his only target to kill.

He said nervously, "What else can we do now?"

Hei Shi answered, "The simplest and most hopeful way is to wait here. They have no food or water in there. Days later, theyll come out by themselves."

Zhou Tianhu answered hastily, "Alright. Ill have the men prepare food and tents here. Thank you for your hard work."

Hei Shi and Yagyuu Yukime had made up their minds to kill Qin Haodong. Leng Feng drooled for Hu Xiaoxian. Everything the three wanted was inside that array. Therefore, they agreed on that plan very soon and sat beside the array.

Inside the killing array, Qin Haodong was in Hu Xiaoxians arms after he fell on the ground.

She took out a blanket from his Storage Ring and spread it on the ground, Then she laid Qin Haodong on the blanket carefully.

As soon as Qin Haodong lay down, he spewed blood profusely. His face looked as pale as white paper, and his breath was faint.

"Haodong, are you okay? Im so scared!"

Hu Xiaoxian said nervously.

Qin Haodong took out some healing pills and placed them in his mouth. However, those pills didnt seem to have helped him much. Hei Shis attack was so powerful that his internal organs were all seriously injured.

The most terrible thing was that his Dantian had been completely destroyed. Without the nourishment from the Green Wood Genuine Qi, those injuries would not heal. He was temporarily not dead, but there wasnt much time left for him.

He took a breath and said weakly, "Im sorry, Xiaoxian, I made the plan as carefully as I could, but I didnt expect that Hei Shi would join in. I never knew that Zhou Tianhu would be able to hire three supreme powers at one time. Its my fault to have you involved in this"

"Its not your fault" Hu Xiaoxian was holding his hand. "How are you feeling now? Youre the Medical Sage. You can save yourself, right?"

A bitter smile emerged on Qin Haodongs face. "Im the Medical Sage, not God. The old-timer had already reached the second level of the Supreme Power Realm. He destroyed my dantian. Nobody can cure me now, not even God."

He felt so desperate when he said that. God had made such a joke about his life. He found his daughter after his reincarnation, and met the best girlfriend. Now He was trying to take all that away from him.

Hu Xiaoxian shared Qin Haodongs feelings. She tried to comfort him. "Little man, dont be so sad, well make our way out of this."

Qin Haodong said, "Dont try to fool yourself. If I cant save myself, then nobody in this world can"

After he spoke, he couldnt help puking blood.

Hu Xiaoxian wiped the blood at the corner of his mouth and said, "Little man, dont be afraid, I know how to save you. Just take this pill."

Qin Haodong was at the edge of losing consciousness. He saw Hu Xiaoxian holding a pill and trying to feed him. The funny part was the color of the pill: it was a blue.

He was badly injured and wasnt able to speak, but he still knew what Hu Xiaoxian was feeding him.

A blue pill at this time? What did the woman want? Did she?

Hu Xiaoxian already started to take off their clothes. Soon Qin Haodong was completely stripped off, then Hu Xiaoxian followed suit.

Qin Haodong felt so embarrassed. He was at the doors to hell, and Hu Xiaoxian still wanted to do that He knew the woman loved him deeply. Since he didnt have much time left, he found that it might be the only thing he could do for her.

Qin Haodong had understood what she wanted. Although he was quite weak at that time, his little soldier had stood upright. He lost consciousness under that strange feeling.

Hu Xiaoxian sat beside Qin Haodong. She sat on him as soon as she saw that the small blue pill took effect. Her beautiful face looked a little pained at first, and then she looked decisive, murmuring, "Heavenly Fox Life Sacrifice."

When Qin Haodong regained consciousness, he felt the meridians in his body tremble. His whole body had been filled with Spiritual Qi, flowing from his dantian to his meridians. Those injuries were nowhere to be found at the moment.

When his dantian was broken, all the Genuine Qi escaped to his meridians. With the nourishment of the Spiritual Qi, the Genuine Qi grew stronger and stronger. At last, his meridians failed to accommodate that Genuine Qi. He felt his meridians were nearly ripped open.

As the former Emperor Green Wood, Qin Haodong was familiar with that feeling. His broken dantian was trying to form a core.

Qin Haodong was confused. He had been severely injured by Hei Shi not long ago. He wondered why his dantian was forming a core right then.

But he didnt have time to think that much. If he hesitated a few minutes later, his meridians would blast under the pressure of the Genuine Qi. Then he would die in no time.

Thinking of that, he got rid of all other thoughts and tried to introduce the Genuine Qi in his meridians to form a core in his dantian.

His dantian was completely broken at the moment. The condensed Genuine Qi had no place to stay and as more Genuine Qi flew in, the pressure became stronger. After a low cracking sound, a rice-size core appeared in the middle of his dantian, and started to spin slowly.

At the same time, Qin Haodong felt extremely comfortable from the innermost of his heart. His cultivation level had rocketed up, and with the Genuine Qi flowing in, the golden core grew bigger and bigger, into the size of a litchi.

"The early stage of Golden Core Realm!"

Qin Haodong was ecstatic. Instead of dying there, he had accidentally formed his own core.

Qin Haodong felt so powerful right then. His blood was flowing and roaring inside him. The space around him was shaking. Each and every one of his meridians was like a river.

He felt more powerful than ever.

That was the second time for him to have formed a golden core. He felt that the current one was much more powerful than his first. The power inside him was endless. One punch, he could smash the earth into dust.

He knew that was just his imagination. However, his cultivation level had been greatly promoted after he reached the early-stage of the Golden Core Realm. Although he was just at the early-stage, his power equaled to that of a supreme power at the third level.

He wondered why he could form such a high-quality core, given the thin Spiritual Qi on Earth.

As a cultivator, he needed extreme purified Spiritual Qi to reach the Golden Core realm, which was more than any Spirit Stone could provide for him, or he couldve made a breakthrough a long time ago, instead of waiting until then.

Finally, the core became completely solid inside his dantian. It shone like a bright star, radiating gentle lights, and giving out a horrible pressure.

Hei Shi and the others had waited out there for a long time, and they didnt hear anything from inside the array. Zhou Tianhu asked, "Is it possible that Qin Haodong has already died?"

Yagyuu Yukime answered, "No, hes still alive."

Zhou Tianhu said, "But why doesnt he even make a sound?"

He barely finished his words when the array suddenly changed. Endless Spiritual Qi poured into the array like crazy. Moments later, an overwhelming power burst out of the array. Even Hei Shi trembled when feeling that power.

Hei Shis face changed suddenly and he yelled, "Someones breaking into the Supreme Power Realm!"

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