The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 433

Chapter 433 Anthony The Big White Bear

Chapter 433 Anthony, the Big White Bear

A flash of maliciousness flashed across Black Panther’s eyes. His strength was his leg work that could easily break a stone pillar. The person in front of him unexpectedly wanted to fight leg against leg with him. Wasn’t he looking for death?

He was furious in his heart, as his legs suddenly became even faster. The two legs collided with a bang.

The strong against the strong, as the legs hit each other. Afterwards there was a cracking sound. The two of them stopped all their movements and stood on the stage like statues.

“The leg is broken. It’s the leg that is broken. I could hear the sound of a fracture.”

“Whose leg is broken? Weak Chicken’s or Black Panther’s?”

“Of course it’s Weak Chicken’s. I’ve seen the Black Panther’s legs before; even stone pillars can be destroyed by them.”

“Are you blind? Can’t you see that Black Panther’s leg is already broken?”

Among the boiling noise, people were surprised to find that the Black Panther’s lower leg had been heavily kicked into a v shape by Chen Fugui. The Steel Sweeping Leg, which had kicked the heads of countless opponents in the past, was broken by a contender’s kick.

Since his debut, Black Panther, who had never been defeated before, had unexpectedly lost! It still only took one move to beat him, challenging his strongest point!

Feeling the sharp pain in his leg, Black Panther could not believe that all that was real. How could his strongest Steel Sweeping Leg be weaker than the person in front of him who came from Huaxia?

Chen Fugui slowly withdrew his right leg. His current cultivation had reached level two Covert Power. Not to mention a stone pillar, even a steel pillar could be broken from his leg that was filled with Genuine Qi. Furthermore, it was only one of Black Panther’s legs.

“Bring it on!”

After the failure, Black Panther had lost his mind. With one hand on the ground, he lifted his left leg in the air and kicked towards Chen Fugui.

As a proud fighter, he couldn’t say the two words “I lost”. Also, he knew what kind of mission he was shouldering that day. If he admitted defeat on the ring, he would not live for long after he walked off the ring. He would be shot to death soon after.

Facing Black Panther’s deathly blow, disdain flashed across Chen Fugui’s eyes again, as he raised his hand and punched out.

Generally speaking, fists weren’t as powerful as legs. However, the cultivation gap between the two of them was too big. One was only a black fist boxer, while the other was an expert with level two Covert Power. There really was nothing to compare.

Soon, another crack sounded on the ring. Black Panther’s left leg was broken again by Chen Fugui.

After losing his legs, Black Panther could no longer stand. He fell on the ring and struggled several times without being able to get up.

At the end of the match, Chen Fugui won again.

There was another burst of cheers. Gamblers who bet on Chen Fugui celebrated their victory. The waitress who wore a bikini almost jumped up from joy. She had won twice in a row, which brought her $100,000 US dollars of income.

She turned her head to look at Qin Haodong. It was because she made a bet by following that man that her life had changed.

“Thank you sir!”

She said respectfully to Qin Haodong.

Qin Haodong smiled and said, “It was your own decision to bet on who you wanted. There’s no need to thank me.”

The waitress said, “Sir, you’ve won the match again. Would you like to take the bonus or keep betting?”

She trembled unexpectedly at the thought that the man had won 100 million US dollars.

“I will keep betting. As usual, I will bet on Weak Chicken.” Qin Haodong glanced at the excited waitress and said, “There aren’t many opportunities. If you want to bet then you should quickly do it. You won’t have more opportunities if you miss this chance.”

“Sir, do you think Weak Chicken will still win this match?”

The waitress was hesitant. She wanted to put all the 100,000 US dollars into another fight, but she was a little uncertain, so she wanted to stop as soon as it was good enough.

Qin Haodong said with a smile, “Believe me. I am betting 100 million US dollars. What are you afraid of?”

The waitress thought about it and realized he was right. He didn’t hesitate to bet 100 million US dollars, which showed that he had enough confidence in that Weak Chicken.

Coupled with the previous three victories, she had already been completely convinced by Qin Haodong in front of her. So, she decided to gamble again.

“Thank you sir.”

With that, the waitress bet all the 100,000 US dollars she had.

In the ring, Black Panther, who had two broken legs, was dragged down. Although the referee was extremely reluctant, in the end it was still announced that Chen Fugui had won the match.

Chen Fugui looked at him and said, “Are there any other challengers?”


Up to that point, the referee couldn’t make the decision at all. He turned to look at the manager of the boxing venue.

The manager was also anxious with a cold sweat on his face. Even the strongest Black Panther from the venue had been kicked to the point where his legs were broken. Who else dared to go up and challenge that terrifying person from Huaxia?

Just then, a cold voice was heard from the entrance of the venue, “Huaxia person, I will challenge you.”

Everyone looked toward the source of the sound and saw a Caucasian man who was two meters tall appear at the entrance of the venue. That guy weighed more than 200 kilograms and seemed to be much stronger than King Kong. He was just like a walking big white bear. He caused tremors in the venue with each step.

The man looked like a hippie gangster in a western movie with a yellow mohawk on top of his head. His face however was extremely serious and his body exuded a powerful murderous air.

He was Anthony, the chief instructor of the Blood Clothes Team from the Siberian training camp, nicknamed the Big White Bear.

Seeing Anthony appear, Qin Haodong’s face changed a little bit. That guy didn’t have any internal cultivation skills. It was very rare to enhance cultivation to the peak level nine Overt Power just by crazily training to stimulate his personal potential.

However, he wasn’t worried. There was an essential difference between Overt Power and Covert Power. Chen Fugui was still a few levels higher than that guy.

Also, as a former Soldier King, Chen Fugui would not lose to that Big White Bear in terms of killing and battling skills.

At the backstage of the venue, Ruan Chengfa breathed a sigh of relief after he saw Anthony on the big screen. Otherwise, he really did not know how to end today’s events.

Qin Haodong bet 50 million US dollars on the match just then. Although he had the odds adjusted to 1:2, he still had to pay the 100 million US dollars wager.

Although he had made a lot of money each day before that day’s matches, he was afraid that Ruan Zhendong would immediately break his bones.

Things were all good after that. He had seen Anthony fighting before. His attacks were terrifying. He was simply a killing machine. Therefore, in Ruan Chengfa’s view, no matter how strong the Huaxia person was, he couldn’t be Anthony’s opponent.

Anthony walked to the front of the ring step by step. He looked sharply at Chen Fugui and said, “I want to challenge you!”

Chen Fugui said indifferently, “Okay. As long as you’re not afraid of death.”

Seeing that Chen Fugui had accepted the challenge, the boxing venue’s manager breathed a sigh of relief and immediately displayed the two sides and the latest odds on the big screen.

According to Ruan Chengfa’s arrangement, Chen Fugui’s odds were adjusted to 1:1.5, while Anthony’s odds fell to 1:2.

That wasn’t to say that Ruan Chengfa had no confidence in Anthony. After so many years of operating the casino, he knew very well about those gamblers.

The lower the odds were, the more those people would bet on Chen Fugui. When Anthony defeated that person from Huaxia called Weak Chicken, not only could Ruan Chengfa get back all the money he had just lost, he could also make a lot of money.

As he expected, those gamblers had seen Chen Fugui’s terrifying skills. He easily won three games in a row, and each game, he had only used one move. Although that Anthony also looked very imposing, they still bet all their chips on Chen Fugui.

Ruan Chengfa looked at the rapidly rising betting data on the electronic screen and the corners of his mouth rose to sneer. At the same time, he stared closely at Qin Haodong, who was sitting at the VIP table, hoping that he would bet all his money again.

What he feared the most was that the person from Huaxia would stop betting. If that was the case, then the 100 million US dollars the boxing venue had to pay would hurt him to the bone. Failure to pay would greatly affect the reputation of the casino.

As he had hoped, Qin Haodong once again placed all that he had won, the 100 million US dollars, on Chen Fugui.

It wasn’t until that moment that Ruan Chengfa was relieved, as he sneered at the figure on the big screen, “Brat, you should spit out the same way you eat.”

Ten minutes later, the betting time was over and the fight began once more.

In the ring, Chen Fugui glanced at Anthony and said, “At least you are better than those losers. Make your move.”

Anthony said with a murderous look, “You first. You will die if I attack first.”


Chen Fugui shook his head and stopped saying nonsense to Anthony. He punched towards Anthony’s chest.

Anthony’s pupils shrank as he reached for Chen Fugui’s fist. That was a trick he often used to break his opponent’s arm first, then smash their head like a rotten watermelon with his knee.

Chen Fugui’s punching speed was not too fast, it seemed that its power was not too great either. It could be easily caught by Anthony.

He mouth change into a sneer. He wanted to break Chen Fugui’s arm, but was soon surprised to find that his hand could not catch Chen Fugui’s fist. Not only could he not grasp it, he couldn’t even stop it for a moment.

The fist that looked very ordinary actually contained a surprising power. It pierced Anthony’s hands in the blink of an eye and hit his chest hard.

With a muffled bang, Anthony’s body that weighed more than 100 kilograms was flung into the air, to then slam against the iron cage behind him.

Seeing that Chen Fugui had punched Anthony, the entire audience immediately boiled up. The gamblers who had made a big bet on Chen Fugui howled crazily,

“Well done Weak Chicken. You did good.”

“Kill him. Kick him in the head, crush his balls…”

Conversely, the gamblers who bet on Anthony turned green with remorse. They kept swearing,

“Useless. Bastard Bai grew up so big yet he can’t even stop a punch.”

At the backstage of the boxing venue, Ruan Chengfa had been proudly looking at the big screen. But then, the smile on his face froze immediately, as he stood there like a stone statue.

“How is that possible? Wasn’t Anthony a killing machine? How could he be blown away with one punch?”

Just when everyone thought that Chen Fugui would win the match again with one move, Anthony got up from the ground. No matter what, he was also a martial artist at the peak of level nine Overt Power. He also had abundant fighting experience. Although he had suffered some internal injuries just then, it had not reached the point of breaking his muscles and bones.

He looked at the person from Huaxia in front of him, who was much smaller in comparison. His eyes turned serious, something never seen before. He had never met such a strong person in the past, someone who was even stronger than the instructor at the Siberian training camp.

Chen Fugui looked at Anthony who got up again and said faintly, “You’re indeed better than those people, but you are still a Weak Chicken.”

After he spoke, he punched Anthony again.

After testing the strength of his opponent, Anthony didn’t dare to take the attack head on a second time. He slipped his foot and flashed about a meter to the side, ready to dodge the punch before looking for a chance to fight back.

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