The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 435

Chapter 435 The Absolute Repression

Chapter 435 The Absolute Repression

Ruan Chengfa was rolling on the ground, but his gunmen remained unmoving.

Qin Haodong skimmed around. He acted that way for two reasons. First, he wanted to establish a reputation in Myanmar; second, he wanted to weaken the strength of the Lutheran Society. Therefore, he had no mercy for those people.

He said to the gunmen of the Lutheran Society, “You have two choices. Drop the guns and break your hands, or die here immediately.”

For those gunmen, if their hands were broken once, they would never be able to work as a gunman again.

As soon as Qin Haodong finished speaking, several gunmen were still trying to struggle. The moment they made their move, bloody holes appeared on their heads. All of them fell loudly on the ground.

Ruan Chengfa’s gunmen were as many as the elite guards of Daddy Security Company, but there was a huge gap between their qualities. Those people didn’t even have the chance to raise a gun.

After five gunmen were killed in succession, the others lost their courage to resist. They dropped the guns in their hands. Obviously, their lives weighed much more than their hands.

Chen Fugui and Zhang Tieniu collected those guns and snapped their hands.

Ruan Chengfa had already wetted his pants out of the fear of how the young man would treat him.

Qin Haodong glanced at him and said, “Tie him up and take him to the Lutheran Society. We’ve got lots of accounts to clear with them.”

He then got in the car.

Zhang Tieniu took out a rope to tie Ruan Cheng up like a mummy. Then he threw him into the trunk. The car drove forward behind Qin Haodong’s car.

The headquarters of the Lutheran Society were in the suburbs of Pa Gan city. It was a huge manor with a great number of gunmen at the gate.

Somewhere inside the manor, the sons of the Rans were looking at the pickup truck in front of them excitedly.

“Thank you for your hard work!” Ruan Zhendong said as he waved his hand to his men. “Lift the canvas and show me how does 1 billion dollar jade look like.”

After he said that, all eyes present were caught by the giant piece of jade on that pickup truck. They were born in Myanmar, but none of them had seen such a huge piece of jade before.

Two of his men went forward and pulled down the canvas, revealing a large piece of stone under it.

Everyone exclaimed. Ruan Zhendong stepped forward and checked. He then looked back at Ruan Zhennan and asked, “Are you sure this is jade?”

He saw nothing but a large granite rock on the pick-up truck, with mud and moss on it. The 1 billion dollar jade was nowhere to be found.

Ruan Zhennan turned grim and said coldly, “Damn, we’ve been fooled by Qin Haodong.”

Ruan Zhenxi felt quite embarrassed. He yelled in anger, “Brother, I’ll send someone to blow his head off right away. Nobody messes with the Lutheran Society.”

Ruan Zhendong looked gloomy when he realized he had sent so many people to rob a stone with no value. If that spread out, the Lutheran Society would be unable to live with the shame.

While he was hesitating whether he should agree to Ruan Zhenxi’s request, a noise was heard from the gate. A large group of people walked in.

They were led by a handsome man and a beautiful woman. The woman was holding a cute little girl in her arms. Both were smiling casually, walking into that place as if they were at a park.

Behind there were 30 gunmen in black. Their eyes looked sharp and murderous, scanning the place like leopards.

“Who are you? How did you get in?”

Ruan Zhendong’s facial expression changed drastically. Those were the headquarters of the Lutheran Society, which were tightly guarded. He really wondered how those people had barged in.

At the same time, one of their gunmen was going to pull out his gun to shoot Qin Haodong. However, before his right hand could touch the gun, a bloody hole appeared on his forehead. He also fell down to the ground on his back.

Qin Haodong answered, “See? That’s how we got in.”

They had met plenty of gunmen of the Lutheran Society on their way there, but none of them had the chance to pull out their guns in front of the elites from Daddy Security Company. The gap between them was massive.

People continued to rush out when they heard the noise. After several of them were killed in a row, nobody dared to touch their own guns again.

Even their hidden snipers had been killed by the members of Daddy Security Company.

That was absolute repression!

Although Qin Haodong’s team didn’t have an advantage in quantity, they had successfully suppressed the entire Lutheran Society. Nobody dared to move at the moment.

The facial expressions of the four brothers changed. Their headquarters were under attack and under absolute repression. That was the first time they had been in such a situation since the organization was established.

The Lutheran Society was the most powerful among the three local gangs in Myanmar. They were under attack and they didn’t even have the chance to put up a fight.

Qin Haodong walked to Lu Zhendong and said, “Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Qin Haodong, a doctor from Huaxia.”

Ruan Zhendong’s face looked horrifying. “Why are you attacking the Lutheran Society?”

Qin Haodong said, “I’m here to settle accounts with you.”

He waved to the people behind him. Chen Fugui threw Ruan Chengfa to them. The way he was tied up made him look like a mummy.

“Please help me!”

Ruan Chengfa started yelling as soon as he saw Ruan Zhendong.

Ruan Zhendong looked at Ruan Chengfa and hesitated for a moment. Then he rolled his eyes because he didn’t even know how to get himself out of that pinch.

He looked at Qin Haodong and asked, “Why are you tying up my people?”

Qin Haodong said, “I was in a good mood today. I watched a few matches in your boxing stadium and gambled. I didn’t earn that much; It was just 150 million dollars.

“The guy couldn’t bear the loss. He brought his people and tried to rob me. What do you think about that?”

The muscles on Ruan Zhendong’s face twitched. 150 million, that was one billion yuan. How was that “not much”?

Before he could say that out loud, Qin Haodong continued, “That’s nothing serious. The most shocking thing was that you were trying to rob my things.

“I bought something precious in the raw gemstone exhibition today. A piece of jade that was worth one billion dollars. Your people took it from me, we’ll have to settle accounts with you on that.”

As the biggest gangsters in Myanmar, they were used to going to other people’s places and have everything settled. At the moment, the same thing was happening to them. Feeling greatly humiliated, Ruan Zhenxi yelled in anger, “Qin Haodong, what do you want from us now?”

Qin Hao laughed and said, “Nothing much. I want you to give me back the thing you robbed from me. Moreover, your people have been bringing me troubles. I need a mental damage compensation. I won’t ask for much. How about one billion yuan?”

Qin Haodong turned ruthless when he said, “I’ll leave as long as you give me the money and the jade, or I’ll destroy this place.”


Ruan Zhenxi was about to take it out, only to be stopped by Ruan Zhennan. He knew they would get hurt of if they played tough, because they were being aimed at by the opponents’ guns.

He read the whole situation. His people were all being killed within one shot. That was beyond good marksmanship. He could tell how coordinated and powerful his opponents were. Those elites were quite different from his mob.

He said to Qin Haodong, “Mr. Qin, it was our fault to have sent Ruan Chengfa to chase after you. I apologize for it. But as you can see, the priceless jade is still on the pick-up truck. It’s actually just an ordinary rock. Can we just forget it?”

Other people felt their hearts twitch when he said that. As one of the bosses of the gang, he had never apologized to anyone before. They felt so humiliated, but they could do nothing about it.

Qin Haodong wouldn’t buy it because he was there to make a case out of it. He needed far more than an apology.

He pointed at the pickup parked there and said, “The jade was on it at that time. Many people saw it. You stole it and replaced it with a piece of ordinary stone. Now you’re telling me the jade turned into a rock. Do you really think I would buy that story?”

The apologetic smile disappeared from Ruan Zhendong’s face. He knew Qin Haodong was blackmailing him because that used to be what they were good at. It had never occurred to him that they would be blackmailed by others someday.

Ruan Zhennan’s facial expression was frozen. He finally understood why Qin Haodong would allow a single driver to carry a piece of stone anywhere. It turned out Qin Haodong had always been plotting against them, waiting for them to bite the lure so that he could blackmail them.

He didn’t want to argue anymore. The truck was there, and it was indeed stolen by the Lutheran Society. He found that impossible to deny. Instead of one billion dollars, they had brought a great disaster home.

Ruan Zhendong and Ruan Zhennan were trying their best to figure out a proper way to deal with that. Just by then, their brother Ruan Zhenxi lost control.

“You damn gigolo boy! Who do you think we are? How dare you blackmail us? Now get out of here before you get yourself killed.”

Qin Haodong was still quite calm when he saw the arrogant man yelling. He replied slowly, “As the old saying goes, we don’t hit those who are lazy or greedy; we only hit those who are arrogant and stupid ones. You still can’t figure out the situation at this moment. You’re one of those arrogant and stupid people.”

Qin Haodong waved to the people behind him and said, “Slap his face for me!”

Upon hearing his order, Zhang Tieniu took the first two steps forward and grabbed Ruan Zhenxi like grabbing a chicken. Then he slapped Ruan Zhenxi’s face with a heavy hand.

“How dare you hit me? I’m the chairman of the Lutheran Society…”

Ruan Zhenxi was indeed one of those arrogant and stupid guys who relied upon their status quo. He was still trying to put on airs at that moment.

Zhang Tieniu wouldn’t let him. The strong hand slapped Ruan Zhenxi’s face before he could even finish saying that whole sentence. He had to swallow the rest of the words back because he had just lost many of his teeth.

Seeing their chairman being beaten, many members of the Lutheran Society felt like they had to do something.

“Bang… Bang… Bang…”

After some muffled shooting sounds, several people fell on the ground. All the living were completely silent. All they could hear was Zhang Tieniu slapping Ruan Zhenxi hard.

The firepower from Daddy Security Company was too intense. All the members of the Lutheran Society were like lambs waiting to be slaughtered. They didn’t even have the right to speak for themselves.

Ruan Zhendong was devoid of expressions at that point. He said to Qin Haodong, “Let go of my brother, and then we can negotiate.”

One of his brothers had been crippled, and one was being slapped in front of everyone. He almost lost it under such humiliation, but he knew he had to keep a clear head for the sake of the Lutheran Society.

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