The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 439

Chapter 439 The Great Vengeance Must Be Fulfilled

Chapter 439 The Great Vengeance Must Be Fulfilled

“Let’s talk in the private room!”

Seeing Yagyuu Yukime speak solemnly, Yagyuu Shinji directly took Yagyuu Yukime to the private room of the family. He told the warriors guarding the door to not disturb them no matter what happened before they came out.

After the two of them entered the secret room and closed the heavy door, Yagyuu Shinji asked, “Yukime, what on earth has happened?”

At that moment, Yagyuu Yukime’s expression changed. The previous respectful expression disappeared, and was replaced by a face full of hatred.

Yagyuu Yukime pulled out the Doujigiri Yasutsuna and said in a cold voice, “Yagyuu Shinji you animal. I’m going to talk about a big matter. That is, I want to avenge my parents today.”

Yagyuu Shinji’s expression changed slightly. However, he said calmly, “Yukime, what are you talking about? Are you crazy? I am your father.”

“Stop lying to me.” Yagyuu Yukime said furiously, “I have known the truth for a while now. After you raped my mother, you killed my father and adopted me in order to make me work for your Yagyuu family.

“All these years, I have wanted to take my revenge every day, but I wasn’t strong enough. The day has finally arrived. You are going to hell!”

The muscles on Yagyuu Shinji’s face jumped and said, “Who did you hear it from?”

“From your damn son. He told me while he was drunk.”

Yagyuu Shinji laughed wildly all of a sudden. After he laughed enough, he said, “Now that you know the truth, there’s no need for me to keep it from you!

“Yes, I did kill your parents, but can you blame me? It was your mother who was too attractive, but she had turned me down. I am the heir to the Yagyuu family, while she was just an ordinary woman. What rights did she have to refuse me?

“And your ungrateful father, who was willing to fight with me for the sake of a woman. How could he have been my opponent? So, I hacked him with my sword.”

Yagyuu Yukime recriminated, “Animal. You finally admit it!”

“I admit it! Why wouldnt I? “Even if you hadn’t come to ask me about it, I would have still told you.” Yagyuu Shinji looked at Yagyuu Yukime with lewd eyes. “I have to say, you are very beautiful. You’re even prettier than your dead mother back then. Do you know how much saliva I have drooled for you over the years?

“It’s just that in order to play the role of a father, I have been putting up with it this entire time. I finally don’t have to pretend any longer. I’m going to subdue you today, and then I’m going to get you to give birth to a lot of sons for me. In the future, they will inherit the estate of our Yagyuu family.”


Yagyuu Yukime trembled with anger and said with a murderous look, “I will kill you today, you beast, and avenge my dead parents.”

“It’s too late, don’t you think? Not even the goddess Amaterasu is on your side!”

Yagyuu Shinji laughed wildly again. Then, he said arrogantly, “You should have done it when you broke through to the heavenly ninja realm. At that time, if you had secretly assassinated me, there would still be some hope of success. But you, a stupid woman, waited so long, and even openly declared war against me.

“Do you know? Just yesterday, I broke through to level two of the heavenly ninja realm!

“Now, I’m an expert in the second level of the heavenly ninja realm. I’ve reached the highest achievement in all the history of the Yagyuu family. Now, even without you, no one would dare to provoke our Yagyuu family, because they won’t be able to bear the anger of someone at my level!”

After saying that, his aura rose sharply. He tore the kimono he was wearing, revealing his strong muscles.

“What do you think? See, this is the strength of a level two heavenly ninja. Lie on the bed obediently, and wait to be spoiled by me!”

After he spoke, Yagyuu Shinji laughed wildly again. In his opinion, he had completely controlled the situation, and Yagyuu Yukime could only be a little sheep waiting to be ravaged by him.

“Yagyuu Shinji, it’s too early to be happy,” Yagyuu Yukime said, “Do you know why I didn’t choose to sneak attack you, but instead chose to kill you openly? It’s because I am extremely confident.”

Yagyuu Shinji smiled disdainfully. “Confident? What confidence do you have? Facing against an expert in the level two heavenly ninja realm, what else can you do but tremble?”

“Let me tell you. Qin Haodong is not dead. He is now my master and has helped me to increase my cultivation.”

“What? You actually accepted a person from Huaxia as your master? You’re too shameless!” Yagyuu suddenly became really angry. He looked at Yagyuu Yukime and said angrily, “I wondered why your force had changed. Have you lost your virginity?”

Yagyuu Yukime said, “Of course. As a servant, I’ve given my most precious thing to my master.”

“Slut, go die. I will kill you now, and then I’ll go and kill Qin Haodong!”

Yagyuu Shinji had been regarding Yagyuu Yukime as his forbidden property all those years. He would have never thought that he would be overtaken by his own enemy who had killed his son.

With a roar, he waved the Japanese sword in his hand at Yagyuu Yukime and chopped downwards.

In his view, he had reached level two heavenly ninja realm, so Yagyuu Yukime didn’t have any chances of fighting back. It had to be known that once you stepped into the heavenly ninja realm, the gap between each level would be extremely wide. Even if she had the Doujigiri Yasutsuna in her hand, it would be useless.

But right when Yagyuu Yukime slashed with his knife, the color on his face changed. His eyes suddenly widened, as a huge powerful pressure headed towards him. It was 10 times stronger than his power.

Under that kind of pressure, the light of the sword he drew across the air quickly disappeared, leaving only a lone Japanese sword. The air also seemed to have solidified, which quickly slowed down the speed of his sword.

Immediately afterwards, he felt a sharp pain from his wrist. The arm that held the sword fell to the ground together with the Japanese sword.

“You…You’re actually at the level three heavenly ninja realm. How is this possible? How is it possible?!”

Yagyuu Shinji couldn’t believe everything that was in front of him. He had worked hard for most of his life to finally reach the level two heavenly ninja realm. Yet, the woman in front of him who had just reached the age of 20, had actually reached a higher level!

If it wasn’t so, how could his arm have been cut off from one sword strike?

Yagyuu Yukime held the Japanese sword upside down, letting the blood on the tip of the blade drip on the floor.

She said with a cold expression, “All this was given to me by my master, so that I can kill an animal like you, and have my revenge.”

Yagyuu Shinji couldn’t figure out how Qin Haodong had helped Yagyuu Yukime advance from level one heavenly ninja realm to level three heavenly ninja realm in such a short time. Could he be an immortal?

However, he had no time to think about it at the moment. The sword attack just then had made him realize that he was a piece of meat on a chopping block. He didn’t have the ability to fight back against Yagyuu Yukime.

He begged, “Yukime, please let me go. I’m now a useless person. Letting me go won’t pose any threat to you. I will personally pass on the position as the family master of the Yagyuu family to you. I will give you all of the Yagyuu family’s properties!”

“Now that your son is dead, I will kill you. Who else can sit in the family master seat of the Yagyuu family except me? So, go to hell!”

Yagyuu Yukime said, as the sword light of the Doujigiri Yasutsuna in her hand flashed. It directly pierced Yagyuu Shinji’s heart.

Yagyuu Shinji opened his eyes wide. Although his face was unwilling, he couldn’t do anything but stop breathing.

Yagyuu Yukime withdrew the Doujigiri Yasutsuna, then plopped onto her knees and murmured, “Father, mother, your daughter has avenged you!

“Thank you master! From today onwards, Yukime won’t do anything to you!”

Immediately afterwards, the Yagyuu family released two pieces of news one after another to the public. The first one was that the family master, Yagyuu Shinji, had unfortunately died of a sudden heart attack. The second one was that Yagyuu Yukime had taken over the position as the family master.

Immediately after the news was sent out, it caused a great shock amongst the Yagyuu family members.

After Yagyuu Yukime entered the ranks of the heavenly ninja realm, the Yagyuu family had two people in the heavenly ninja realm. It pressured the other families of similar strength so much that they were out of breath. As Yagyuu Shinji had died, it allowed those families to clap and cheer.

At the same time, they also kept a close eye on the rich Yagyuu family again. The first one to step out was Hanaki.

That time however, he didn’t act rashly. He joined hands with the other four families to eliminate the Yagyuu family. They were ready to take the profits together.

Yagyuu Yukime wore a white mourning gown. She looked even more beautiful.

She sat in front of the funeral hall. She looked at the several people in front of her and said in a cold voice, “All of you, what are your intentions coming to see the Yagyuu family during such a time?”

Inuichiro Hanaki said with a smile, “Little girl, I will tell you the truth. As soon as Yagyuu Shinji, that old thing died, we all agreed that there was no need for the Yagyuu family to exist anymore.

“As a woman, you don’t have to live such a hard life. From today onwards, you can move to our Hanaki family and be my seventh wife. I will make sure that you won’t need to worry about food and drink. You can be carefree for the rest of your life.”

He laughed wildly after he spoke, as if he had seen the image of the enchanting Yagyuu Yukime lying on his bed.

Yagyuu Yukime looked at the family masters of the other four families and asked again, “Do you share the same thoughts?”

Fujita Takeshi, the family master of the Fujita family, said, “We also agree with this. Only, we don’t want people, we just want money. We will split the Yagyuu family’s property, a fifth each.”

The family masters of the other three families nodded their heads one after another. In their view, the Yagyuu family had no power to resist that time.

Yagyuu Yukime glanced at the several people present and said with a sneer, “Such grand remarks. Did you guys really think there’s no one else in our Yagyuu family?”

Inuichiro Hanaki smiled and said, “Yukime baby, you shouldn’t resist. It’s stupid to be stubborn if you don’t have the strength…”

Before he had finished speaking, he saw a flash of cold light in Yagyuu Yukime’s hand, followed by a pattering sound immediately after. A piece of ear fell to the ground.

“This… Whose ear is this?”

Right after Inuichiro Hanaki spoke, he felt a sharp pain in his ear and immediately realized that it was his.

All of a sudden, he was frightened to death. Losing an ear wasn’t a big deal. The most important thing was that he hadn’t been able to see how Yagyuu Yukime did it before his ear was cut off. “What cultivation was this? Even the level two heavenly ninja realm would not be this scary, right?”

“You… You…”

He looked at Yagyuu Yukime terrified, and wasn’t even able to say a complete sentence.

The color on the faces of the family masters of the other four families had also changed. As soon as an expert made a hand movement, they would have noticed. The family masters immediately realized that even if they did their best, they would be unable to stop the terrifying slash that Yagyuu Yukime had just made.

Yagyuu Yukime inserted the Doujigiri Yasutsuna into the floor in front of her. A huge sword aura quickly shrouded the five people, making it very difficult for them to breathe. They didn’t have the courage to use a sword at all.

“Is this the level three heavenly ninja realm?”

The five people seemed to have thought of how terrifying it was. The color on their faces suddenly changed, as they looked as white as paper.

In Japan, the strong had always been respected. When they realized that Yagyuu Yukime was an expert in the level three heavenly ninja realm, the five people immediately lost the will to fight. They plopped to the ground, “Lord Yukime, we have offended your majesty. Feel free to punish us.”

Yagyuu Yukime said in a cold voice, “I will give each of you two roads. Either buy your lives with 300 million US dollars, or die!”

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