The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 452

Chapter 452 Boss Of The Boss

Chapter 452 Boss of the Boss

The door of the van opened. A man jumped out, and then there was no more movement.

Seeing that, Hou Qingzhu burst into laughter. He laughed so happily that he almost burst into tears.

A person with so much aura, yet only one person came. Could it be a delivery man?

Funny! It was too funny!

But after he laughed for a while, he noticed that he was the only one who laughed. Not only had Yang Jinlong and Xiong Tiejun not laughed, but also none of their men laughed either, as they looked at the man nervously.

Just when he was trying to understand what was going on, ten more vans drove over. They weren’t empty; after the doors opened, tall and straight figures jumped down one after another.

All those people who had rushed out of the vans were wearing the same style of clothes. They wore black T-shirts with two big words printed on the chest area. The words were "Daddy Security."

After getting out of the car, those people quickly stood in two lines. Although the words “Daddy Company” on their chests looked funny, they emitted a spirit of an iron blood force from their bodies. No one dared to belittle them.

Where did the pretty boy find them?

Hou Qingzhu already felt the strength of those people, as he turned towards Yang Jinlong and Xiong Tiejun. After all, those two people were his strength.

But it was only then that he noticed how their faces were pale. Their bodies trembled slightly, and their eyes were filled with fear.

Behind them, even the hundreds of people from the Biker Gang and the Ssangyong Society showed fear as they retreated one after another. Two of them could not even hold onto their knives as they fell to the ground with a crisp sound.

What was going on there? What on earth made the Biker Gang and the Ssangyong Society so scared?

Before Hou Qingzhu and Zhu Dongmei could figure out what happened, Ma Wenzhuo rushed into the Heming Teahouse with 100 elites from the Daddy Security Company.

Seeing that situation, the Biker Gang and the Ssangyong Society did not dare to stop them. On the contrary, they automatically opened up a road and allowed the people of the Daddy Security Company to go in. They went straight to Qin Haodong and the others.

“Boss, you’re here!”

After seeing Ma Wenzhuo, Yang Jinlong and Xiong Tiejun immediately greeted them with a face full of flattery, their posture was so low that they almost went into the crotch of their trousers.

Hou Qingzhu and Zhu Dongmei were completely confused. What on earth was going on? They clearly knew about the position of those two men in the underworld. Who else could make them lower their proud heads?

Ma Wenzhuo paid no attention to Xiong Tiejun and Yang Jinlong. He quickly arrived in front of Qin Haodong and said, “Boss, what on earth is going on?”

Privately, he and Qin Haodong were brothers. He had always called him Dongzi. But in front of the company staff, he still called him Boss.

Without answering his question, Qin Haodong patted Ma Wenzhuo on the shoulder and said, “It looks like you’re doing well!”

Ma Wenzhuo said proudly, “Of course. Dont you see who Im brothers with!?”

Qin Haodong glanced at Xiong Tiejun and Yang Jinlong, who were smiling nearby, and said to Ma Wenzhuo, “They call you boss?”

“Yes, I am their First Brother now!” Ma Wenzhuo looked back and said to the two people, “This is my boss. Come and say hello to him!”

Xiong Tiejun and Yang Jinlong, who had long lost their arrogance, immediately bowed and said, “Hello, boss!”

With that greeting, Hou Qingzhu and Zhu Dongmei were so scared that they almost fell to the ground.

Who were Xiong Tiejun and Yang Jinlong? Since when had they become someone else’s little brothers? The most important thing was that the young man he had just offended was the boss of their boss. It seemed that there was going to be big trouble that day.

Qin Haodong said, “What on earth is going on? Since when did you become their boss?”

Ma Wenzhuo said proudly, “After I brought people to Shanghai, I thought about how to quickly make our Daddy Security Company famous. Then I came up with an idea: as long as Shanghai’s gangs were cleaned up and behaved, then everyone would know about our company.

“So, I took people to sweep the Shanghai gangs one by one. Not only the Biker Gang and the Ssangyong Society, but also a lot of others. Now, they all recognize me as the boss.”

Only then did Qin Haodong understand why the members of the Biker Gang and the Ssangyong Society were very scared when they saw the people from the Daddy Security Company. It turned out to be their influence.

But after thinking about it, that was normal. People from the Daddy Security Company were all martial artists in the Clear Color Realm. Half of them had even reached the Covert Power Realm. Therefore, taking care of those gangsters was as simple as eating and drinking water.

It had to be said that, although that method was simple and rough, it was very effective. Not only had they quickly gained a foothold in Shanghai, but the Daddy Security Company had also quickly established itself.

What the two of them didn’t know was that after more than a month of severe suppression, Ma Wenzhuo had completely conquered the Shanghai underworld. The bosses of various gangs privately called him Ma, King of Hell. Their faces would change color when they spoke of him. That was also the reason why Yang Jinlong and Xiong Tiejun were so afraid.

Ma Wenzhuo said, “Boss, what’s going on today? Did these kids provoke you?”

“Let me introduce you to someone. This is my friend Jia Shihan.”

Qin Haodong said as he told the story of what had happened just before.

“Shit, they dared hit my brother? They dont want to live anymore.”

Ma Wenzhuo said with a scolding tone. Then, he whispered in Qin Haodong’s ear, “Have you taken a fancy to that woman? Is that why you’re playing the hero to save the beauty?”

Qin Haodong glared at him and said, “Don’t talk nonsense. I just saw someone been unfairly treated.”

On the one hand, the reason why he stood up to help Jia Shihan was that his heart was really moved. On the other hand, he was filled with curiosity about the girl and wanted to find out what secret Jia Shihan had. He wanted to know what was going on with that powerful seal.

“Don’t worry, I will keep it a secret for you. I wont tell Wu Shuang and the others.” Ma Wenzhuo sneered and then said, “Since you are in Shanghai, you don’t need to make a move yourself. I’ll take care of it for you.”

After saying that, he looked back and scolded Yang Jinlong and Xiong Tiejun angrily, “You two have become so bold and fearless that you dare provoke my brother?”

Seeing Zhao Wenzhuo become angry, the two men trembled with fear. A month ago, they had just been beaten like dogs by him. They had been lying in the hospital for half a month and had only just been discharged recently. They didn’t want to be beaten again.

It was a small matter to be beaten. As the saying goes, the ones with bigger fists would be the strongest. They were well aware of the horrors of King Mayan. He could wipe out their Biker Gang and the Ssangyong Society just by raising his hand and could designate another boss in minutes.

Their intestines were remorseful at the moment. If they had known about the relationship between that young man and Ma Wenzhuo, they wouldn’t have stepped into that mess.

But, since it had already happened, they could only try to fix things as much as possible. Otherwise, their two major gangs may cease to exist.

The two men fell onto their knees with a plop and pleaded bitterly, “Boss, please spare us. We didnt know he was your boss. If we had known, we wouldnt have done it even if we had 10,000 guts."

Xiong Tiejun said nervously, “Boss, we know we acted wrongly. Whether its compensation or apologizing, we will do anything.”

The guests who watched from afar all burst into laughter. The two leaders of the gangs were still majestic moments earlier, and in the blink of an eye, the two major gangs had turned into obedient kids.

At the same time, the guests were also full of awe and curiosity towards Qin Haodong. They didn’t know where that young man had come from and how he had become the boss of the Biker Gang and the Ssangyong Society.

On one side, Hou Qingzhu and Zhu Dongmei were pale with fear when they saw the situation. The reason why they had dared to dominate the Heming Teahouse was due to their relationship with them. At the moment, even Yang Jinlong and Xiong Tiejun had turned into kids. It was easy to imagine their fate.

Jia Shihan was also filled with curiosity about Qin Haodong’s identity. Looking around in amazement, Qin Haodong smiled and said, "These are my friends. Let them solve all the troubles. From here on, no one can bully you anymore.”

Jia Shihan felt a sense of warmth from the bottom of her heart. That was the first time she had found that feeling since she left her masters sect.

Ma Wenzhuo continued, “Mobilizing a group of people to attack my boss is looking for death. I will give you guys a chance. Punish yourselves!”

The hearts of Yang Jinlong and Yang Jinlong sank, knowing that they couldn’t get away with what happened that day. Although Ma Wenzhuo looked harmless, they were quite aware of the cruel tactics he used. No fewer than ten gangs had been wiped out by him during that period of time.

Yang Jinlong and Xiong Tiejun looked at each other, and then plopped onto their knees once more in front of Qin Haodong. “Big boss, we were wrong and we were blind. Please let us go this time.”

After saying that, they raised their hands together and started slapping themselves.

Although they hit themselves, they didn’t dare to show mercy at all. After a dozen slaps, their cheeks were swollen and blood flowed down from the corners of their mouths.

After a long time, he saw Qin Haodong nodding slightly. Only then did Ma Wenzhuo say in a low voice, “Enough."

The two simple words were like sounds of nature to Yang Jinlong and Xing Tiejun. If they continued to hit themselves, they were really afraid of beating their brains into paste. They ended feeling quite faint couldn’t tell the difference between North, South, East and West.

Ma Wenzhuo added, “Why were you jointly attacking my boss? Are you out of your minds?”

Yang Jinlong said, “This was a misunderstanding. I was also lied to, otherwise I wouldn’t have dared to hit the boss.”

As far as those gangsters were concerned, they had always harmed others for the sake of their own interests. At the moment, they could only put all the blame onto Hou Qingzhu.

Ma Wenzhuo said, “Who lied to you? Where is that person?”

Hou Qingzhu and his wife, who were hiding in the crowd, had long wanted to swiftly retreat and run away. But the Biker Gang and the Ssangyong Society surrounded them so tightly that they could not run away even if they wanted to.

At that moment, all eyes were fixed on them. It was impossible for them to hide, so they had no choice but to bravely walk out.

Although Zhu Dongmei was usually a vixen, she was trembling with fear at the moment. She couldn’t help but hold Hou Qingzhu’s hand.

Unexpectedly, Hou Qingzhu slapped her hand away and scolded, “You’re a jinx who has caused me a lot of trouble. I will not forgive you!”

Seeing that the situation had changed, he immediately laid all the blame onto Zhu Dongmei.

Ma Wenzhuo saw that Zhu Dongmei’s expression had changed. That woman was a big meatball, and she looked miserable at the moment. The makeup on her face had lines; she didn’t resemble a human nor a ghost. If she acted in horror films, she wouldn’t need any makeup.

He took two steps forward and patted Hou Qingzhu on the shoulder. “Is this your wife?”

Hou Qingzhu hurriedly said with a face full of flattery, “Boss, this is my wife.”

“Your taste is too strong. Aren’t you afraid of being crushed to death when you sleep at night?”

Ma Wenzhuo’s question was so sharp that even Qin Haodong felt a little confused.

Hou Qingzhu originally wanted to say that he was not afraid, but on second thought, he understood what the boss meant by it. Playing along, he hurriedly said, “Boss, I am a little afraid.”

Seeing that the man was such a coward, Zhu Dongmei was so furious that she was about to go mad. He could even say such spineless words.

“Why did you find yourself such a meatball if you’re afraid? Are you out of your mind?”

Ma Wenzhuo asked, as he lifted his leg and kicked Hou Qingzhu’s stomach. From the kick, Hou Qingzhu flew out six to seven meters.

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