The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 453

Chapter 453 Demolition

Chapter 453 Demolition

Hou Qingzhu was a heavy smoker, so he was almost out of breath from the kick.

Ma Wenzhuo coldly looked at him and said, “Hurry up and get your ass back here.”

“Coming boss.”

Hou Qingzhu endured the pain as he rolled back in front of Ma Wenzhuo.

“You two, kneel down!”

Ma Wenzhuo’s order made Hou Qingzhu and his wife tremble all over. They immediately plopped down onto their knees. Just then, even Yang Jinlong and Xiong Tiejun had knelt, so they didn’t dare to think about having any face.

Ma Wenzhuo glanced at Yang Jinlong and Xiong Tiejun and said, “Both of you come here and teach them how to be humans.”

Since he had finally gotten a chance to perform, Yang Jinlong hurriedly said, “Why are you two still acting foolishly? Hurry up and slap yourselves, and apologize to the boss.”

Although he usually had a good relationship with Hou Qingzhu, right then he could not take that into consideration. Plus, those two people had made Hou Qingzhu furious. If it weren’t for the two of them making trouble, he wouldn’t have had such a fate.

Furthermore, he had already slapped himself. What right did they have to not slap themselves?

Hou Qingzhu braced himself as he lifted his hand and slapped himself on the mouth. It was very painful, so the second slap was much lighter.

Zhu Dongmei was a woman. Although she looked ugly, she still cared about her appearance. Therefore, when she slapped herself, she used much less force than Hou Qingzhu.

Seeing that happen, Ma Wenzhuo said unsatisfied, “What are you two doing? Are you massaging yourselves or getting rid of an itch?”

Hou Qingzhu and his wife quickly increased their strength. However, it still didn’t satisfy Ma Wenzhuo, as he turned his head towards Xiong Tiejun and Yang Jinlong. “You two do it. Hit them fiercely. If at any time I’m not satisfied, I will chop off your hands.”

He made Yang Jinlong and Xiong Tiejun slap their own friends. That was to give an explanation to Qin Haodong, but also to hinder their relationship. It would be impossible for them to be friends in the future.

Currently, Yang Jinlong and Xiong Tiejun could not care less. Plus, they had been brought into that problem by Hou Qingzhu, so they were finally able to release the anger they had inside. They repeatedly slapped the two of them on the face.

Hitting others was more satisfying then hitting themselves. Very quickly, Hou Qingzhu and Zhu Dongmei bled from the corners of their mouths, and their faces swelled like pigs’ heads.

Just like that, the two of them were hit repeatedly. The slapping sounds echoed in everyone’s ears.

Looking at the miserable appearance of those two, Jia Shihan’s expression had somewhat changed. She said into Qin Haodong’s ear, “Isn’t it enough? Why don’t you ask them to stop?”

Qin Haodong glanced at her. That inexperienced girl was very kind.

“Have you wondered what our outcome would be if we were the ones in their hands right now?”


Jia Shihan was immediately speechless. She was not a fool. Just then, Zhu Dongmei wanted to castrate Qin Haodong and then find 100 men to take turns with her. With her character, it was not joke. If Jia Shihan and Qin Haodong had fallen into their hands, it was likely that they would have been unable to escape from that fate.

Qin Haodong said again, “In this society, you can’t be soft-hearted towards the wicked. There’s a Buddhist saying that killing evil people is a good deed. People like this who are black-hearted should be taught some lessons.”

Jia Shihan nodded. “I understand!”

Just like that, Hou Qingzhu and his wife were slapped more than 100 times. They were about to faint from all the slapping. Only then did Qin Haodong say faintly, “Okay, let’s leave it here!”

Yang Jinlong and Xiong Tiejun stopped after they heard Qin Haodong’s words. Then, they scolded Hou Qingzhu, “The boss is giving you mercy and letting you two go. Hurry up and thank him.”

“Thank you, boss! Thank you, boss!”

At that moment, Hou Qingzhu and his wife had been completely convinced. After being beaten like that, they still didn’t dare to show a trace of hatred.

Ma Wenzhuo looked at Qin Haodong. “Boss, is this okay?”

“Let’s leave it here.”

Qin Haodong said as he looked at Hou Qingzhu and his wife. “You can now take out the contract, right?”

“Yes, Yes. It’s here!”

Although Jia Shihan was the source of money for their teahouse, the would not think about disobeying Qin Haodong at all. Hou Qingzhu reached into his pocket and took out a contract, directly handing it to Qin Haodong.

Qin Haodong had Jia Shihan confirm it was the right one before rubbing his hands. The contract then instantly turned into powder.

Jia Shihan felt a burst of excitement in her heart. During that period of time, she had been overwhelmed by the contract, just like having a shackle around her neck. After that, she could finally be free.

Hou Qingzhu said in a flattering tone, “Boss, I have given you the contract. Can you let us go now?”

“It’s not going to be that simple!” Qin Haodong said, “I had just told your wife that if I was provoked again, I would tear down your teahouse. Now, it’s time to keep my promise.”

Right after he spoke, Ma Wenzhuo immediately said to Yang Jinlong and Xiong Tiejun, “Did you hear? My boss has spoken. Hurry up and have your people destroy this teahouse.”

Although Hou Qingzhu and his wife were confused because of the slapping, such words were still like a lightning strike. They hurriedly cried out, “You can’t. The Heming Teahouse is 100 years old. You must not destroy it!”

Even after having been slapped for more than 100 times, they were still unable to relax. Even the teahouse had to be destroyed. It made them crazy. They quickly crawled towards Qin Haodong and hugged his leg, but were kicked away by Yang Jinlong.

“You guys are blind. Is what my boss decided something that you can change?”

Ma Wenzhuo looked at him and said, “I will give you two a chance to make up for your mistakes. Hurry up and do it!”

Hearing that there was hope, Yang Jinlong and Xiong Tiejun immediately became excited, as if invigorated. They quickly agreed.

Originally they were worried that the Biker Gang and the Ssangyong Society would no longer have a foothold. However, it seemed that as long as that matter was completed to the satisfaction of the boss, their gang would be saved.

Hou Qingzhu and Zhu Dongmei sprawled on the ground wailing and crying. If the money was gone, they could earn it back. No matter how ugly their faces were from being slapped, there would come a day for the swelling to recede. However, if the Heming Teahouse was destroyed, they would be completely finished.

“Boys, did you guys hear? Hurry up and do it!”

The two of them gave orders to their own men. Nearly 200 gangsters from the Biker Gang and the Ssangyong Society waved the weapons in their hands. They all rushed towards the Heming Teahouse together.

Smoke arose everywhere as the place was smashed. Qin Haodong and Ma Wenzhuo walked out of the Heming Teahouse with the others. They went into the van to watch the lively scene from a distance.

Hou Qingzhu and Zhu Dongmei, who were sprawled on the ground, were also dragged out of the teahouse by the people from the Daddy Security Company. They were thrown in front of the van. For things like destroying a property, the owners had to be present!

Yang Jinlong ordered his people to go to the second floor to remove the plaque of the Heming Teahouse. Then, they cut it into pieces with machetes.

In order to perform in front of Ma Wenzhuo, Xiong Tiejun was naturally unwilling to fall behind. He said to his people, “Brothers, hurry up and destroy this teahouse!”

The task was easy to complete with a lot of people. The 200 or so people shouted loudly, as their combat power soared. Waving the machetes and steel pipes in their hands, they attacked the Heming teahouse together.

They didn’t have the courage to face the Daddy Security Company; however, they were fully fired up when faced against the teahouse. Their ability to destroy things was very strong. In the blink of an eye, the tables and benches had been smashed. Even the various decorations and cultural relics hanging inside the teahouse were all cut and smashed. Soon, everything became worthless.

Even the masters who were cooking in the kitchen at the back had been ousted. They were kicked out of the Heming Teahouse after a beating.

Passersby did not know what had happened, so they stopped and gathered in front of the entrance to watch. At first, they thought the century-old store was going to be renovated, but later it seemed that it was not the case. It was obviously being demolished.

Seeing the once prosperous Heming Teahouse in ruins, Hou Qingzhu and Zhu Dongmei sprawled on the ground wailing and crying while stamping their feet and pounding their chests. That was a century-old shop that was handed down in the family. It had been passed down by their ancestors for more than a hundred years, to then be destroyed because of their actions.

While they were crying, a faint voice sounded behind them, “A century-old store is indeed praiseworthy, but as a manager, if you don’t abide by the most basic rules of competition, it means you don’t even have the basic morality to be a human being.

“There’s no need for such a century-old store to exist if it’s used to oppress employees and as a tool to accumulate wealth through unfair means.”

Ma Wenzhuo nodded and said, “That’s right. It is indeed like this. A century-old store in the hands of such people can only humiliate its own name. It might as well come to an end.”

The two of them weren’t educating Hou Qingzhu and Zhu Dongmei. They didn’t have such interest. They were just expressing their inner views to each other. Whether as a warrior or as the master of the Daddy Security Company, they still had to take their humanity as their bottom line.

Hou Qingzhu and Zhu Dongmei couldn’t understand something that deep. All they had in their hearts was remorse. If they had known that bullying Jia Shihan would lead to such a catastrophe, they would have never done it.

Even then, they still had not reflected on their own mistakes in life. They only felt that the fault lay in provoking people they couldn’t afford to provoke.

While the Heming Teahouse was being destroyed, Huang Cailun was lying on a hospital bed. A middle-aged man in his fifties stood at the head of the bed.

The man was dressed in a suit. His hair was combed meticulously; he seemed to be powerful and influential. It was Huang Jianye, the big boss of Shanghai Real Estate and Huang Cailun’s father.

Huang Cailun cried bitterly and said, “Dad, the doctor said your son’s hand is completely crippled. I will be a cripple in the future… my whole life will be ruined.

“I only touched that woman’s bottom. Who knew it would incite a man to hit me like this. You must help me take revenge.”

Huang Jianye’s expression was very ugly. His eyes were fixed on his son, but they contained no affection nor pity. On the contrary, they were filled with anger.

Huang Cailun cried for a long time, but his father did not respond. Huang Cailun asked in surprise, “Dad, why are you looking at me like that?”

Huang Jianye’s expression suddenly changed, as he slapped Huang Cailun on the face. “Today, I must beat you to death, so you don’t go around making trouble for me.”

Huang Cailun quickly raised his left hand to protect his face as he cried, “Dad, I’m already like this. Why are you hitting me? Am I not your son?”

“I’d rather not have a son like you!” Huang Jianye shouted angrily, “Little animal, you have caused me great trouble today.”

He had been trying to suppress his anger. However, he could no longer control it, as his body trembled with anger.

Huang Cailun, who had always been used to being a dandy, pinched his neck and shouted, “I am like this because I was beaten by someone, okay? How did it get you into trouble?”

“You bastard. You’ve provoked someone you can’t afford to mess with this time around,” Huang Jianye scolded, “Do you still not understand? Because of the trouble you caused today, it is very likely that our family will be affected as well. We might even be doomed because of it.”

Huang Cailun said with a face full of doubt, “That’s impossible. The person is just a pretty boy, and that woman is only a stinky instrument player without any background. How can they threaten our Huang family?”

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