The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 454

Chapter 454 Pay A Visit To Make Amends

Chapter 454 Pay a Visit to Make Amends

“What do you know?!” Huang Jianye cursed, “That woman indeed doesn’t have any background, but that pretty boy is not someone we can afford to offend. Even King Mayan of the Daddy Security Company calls him boss. The Heming Teahouse was destroyed by him!”

“What? King Mayan’s boss?”

Hearing this, Huang Cailun’s expression also changed.

Their Huang family was a big property developer, but they were neither black nor white. They often engaged in dirty businesses, such as forced relocation through their relationship in the underworld, in order to gain greater benefits.

Because of this, the relationship between the father and son of the Huang family and the underworld was very deep, especially the Sickle Society of Shanghai, who used to play the role of a thug for their family.

However, around a month ago, Shanghai’s underground had undergone a great change. The Daddy Security Company appeared out of thin air and wiped out many gangs in one night. The Sickle Society was one of them.

Ever since then, although the Daddy Security Company did not engage in underworld activities, it had ruled the underworld and became the existence of distortion talked about by people of the underworld; in particular Ma Wenzhuo, who was secretly nicknamed King Mayan.

Even their partner, the Sickle Society, was wiped out. The Huang family’s father and son naturally knew how terrifying the Daddy Security Company was. Ever since then, Ma Wenzhuo had been listed as a person that could not be provoked. But who would have thought that he would be provoked today?

Huang Jianye said, “Just now, our people sent back news that the pretty face was the boss of King Mayan. Xiong Tiejun of the Biker Gang and Yang Jinlong of the Ssangyong Society were on their knees and slapping themselves to make amends. Because of the pretty boy’s words, even the Heming Teahouse has now been torn down.”

Huang Cailun also felt fear and hurriedly asked, “Dad, what should we do?”

Huang Jianye spun around in place two times and then said, “What else can we do? Let’s quickly go pay them a visit and make amends, otherwise the Biker Gang and the Ssangyong Society will rush to tear down our real estate company as soon as King Mayan orders it!”

After 10 minutes, the Huang family’s father and son arrived at the scene. At that moment, the Heming Teahouse had been almost demolished. Although the main body of the building was still there, it had been turned to ruins filled with smoke. There was no longer any of the grandeur of the past.

Seeing this scene, the two of them looked at Xiong Tiejun and Yang Jinlong, whose cheeks were extremely swollen. The father and son could not help trembling from the bottom of their hearts.

Even the Heming Teahouse, which was shared by both the black and white underworld, had been smashed, and the boss of the Biker Gang and the Ssangyong Society had become like this. The father and son did not dare to have any hesitation as they immediately arrived in front of Ma Wenzhuo with faces full of flattery.

Huang Jianye bowed and said, “I’m very sorry Mister Ma. My son has caused you trouble. I brought this rebellious son here to apologize to you.”

Although Huang Cailun was hurt all over his body, especially the hand that had been crushed with pain that went right down to the bone, he could not neglect the present circumstances. He could only shatter his teeth and swallow his blood, and bow while doing so.

Ma Wenzhuo looked at the father and son coldly, then said, “The person you need to apologize to is not me.”

He pointed at Qin Haodong next to him. “This is Qin Haodong, my boss. As long as he is satisfied, then this matter will be finished. But if he is not satisfied, then you two can think of your own consequences!”

Hearing this, Huang Jianye’s body trembled, as he quickly turned his head and bowed to Qin Haodong, “I’m sorry Mr. Qin. I am not strict enough with my son and am not good at teaching him. I ask Mr. Qin for forgiveness.”

Qin Haodong said, “You don’t need to apologize to me. Your son has offended my friend. How to deal with it will be up to her.”

Huang Jianye turned his head again and looked at Jia Shihan on the side. There was a flash of surprise in his eyes. This woman was extremely beautiful. No wonder his son couldn’t control himself.

However, stunning was stunning, and understanding was understanding. What he needed to do now was to calm Qin Haodong’s anger. He quickly apologized to Jia Shihan. “Miss, please forgive my dog son this time.”

Jia Shihan had seen little of the world and had very little social experience. When she was insulted by Huang Cailun, she wanted to cut the guy into thousands of pieces. However, when the Huang family’s father and son bowed their heads and apologized, she did not know how to deal with it. She even looked a little stiff.

“Forget it. Let bygones be bygones. In the future, don’t let him bother me again.”

“Don’t worry miss. After we return, I will definitely be more strict with this little animal. He will never offend you again.”

Seeing that Jia Shihan no longer held him accountable, Huang Jianye breathed a sigh of relief. He took out his checkbook, then wrote a cheque for one million and gave it to Ma Wenzhuo.

“Mr. Ma, my little animal inadvertently offended Mr. Qin and this lady. Take this money as an apology. Please accept it.”

Huang Cailun bowed his head behind his father. He was suffocating inside so much that his palms were about to be crushed. Yet now, he had to apologize and lose money. However, when facing the legendary King Mayan, he did not dare to show his dissatisfaction at all.

Ma Wenzhuo took a look at the check. It was a check with a face value of one million. He flicked it in his hand and said sarcastically, “Boss Huang, I heard that you are a big developer in Shanghai. You offer such a small amount after offending my boss, isn’t this too stingy?”


Huang Jianye was originally a stingy person. When he saw that Qin Haodong and Jia Shihan were both dressed in plain clothes, he thought that the one million was a lot. However, he did not expect it to be pointed out to his face.

As if reading his mind, Ma Wenzhuo said, “Boss Huang, you don’t lack this money right? Let me tell you, a few days ago, our boss gave benefits to our employees. Everyone was given 10 million, even our Daddy Security Company’s cleaner. Are you not embarrassed about taking out only one million?”


Huang Jianye’s old face looked embarrassed. He had never thought that this quiet young man in front of him would possess such a large amount of money. 10 million per employee? How much would that be altogether? Wouldn’t it be more than one billion?

At that moment, Yang Jinlong, who had been standing on the side respectfully, said, “Old Huang, you are really stingy. Asking my boss to forgive you is already a great kindness, yet you only take out such a small amount of money. Didn’t you see what happened to Hou Qingzhu?”

Hearing this, Huang Jianye suddenly realized his situation again. If he was like Hou Qingzhu, then he would really go bankrupt.

He quickly said, “Mr. Ma, you have misunderstood. This one million is just pocket money for Mr. Qin’s future. In addition, I am giving a house to Mr. Qin as an apology.”

Seeing his attitude, Ma Wenzhuo nodded slightly. “That’s a good idea. My boss has just arrived in Shanghai, and he indeed doesn’t have a place to live yet. You have so many houses there, so you must give a house that’s worth it. If our boss is not satisfied, I will have your real estate company torn down immediately.”

He knew Huang Jianye very well. This guy usually made a lot of underground money. He deserved to be slaughtered.

“Don’t worry, he won’t. The house I’m giving to Mr. Qin will be the best.” Huang Jianye wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and said, “The best community from our real estate company is number one in Shanghai. I’m going to give the best villa in Shanghai’s number one community to Mr. Qin.”

Ma Wenzhuo looked at Qin Haodong. “What do you think, boss? Are you satisfied with this house?”

Qin Haodong thought about it. He had just arrived in Shanghai, so he indeed did not have a place to live. Also, Lin Momo and their daughter would arrive after a period of time, so he would need to buy a house sooner or later. This guy giving him a house was just perfect.

He said, “How far is that house from the Shanghai Medical College?”

Huang Jianye said, “Not far, not far. It’s just across the road.”

Hearing this, Qin Haodong nodded. “Okay then, I will take it!”

Seeing that the boss was finally satisfied, Huang Jianye secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

When Xiong Tiejun was demolishing the house, he fell behind Yang Jinlong and was not able to get the plaque. Fearing that Ma Wenzhuo would be dissatisfied with him, he hurriedly seized the opportunity to please Ma Wenzhuo and say, “Boss, do you have your identification card on you? I still have some connections in the real estate bureau. I will go take care of the real estate formalities for you now.”

Qin Haodong took out his identification card, then tossed it to Xiong Tiejun and said, “Thank you for your trouble!”

Hearing this, Xiong Tiejun immediately became overjoyed. As long as this boss was satisfied, then in the future, his Biker Gang could go one step further in Shanghai.

He turned around and said to Huang Jianye, “Why are you still here? Hurry up and go take care of the property deed for the boss.”

“Yes, I will go right now!” Huang Jianye said as he called his driver over.

Xiong Tiejun said, “That car of yours is too slow. How about you ride with us?”

After he spoke, he waved his hand. Immediately, a member of his Biker Gang brought over his Crown Prince motorcycle. He hopped on it first, then turned his head and yelled to Huang Jianye, “Get on!”

In a place with traffic jams like Shanghai, riding a motorcycle was indeed much faster than a car. Xiong Tiejun’s decision had greatly improved the efficiency.

“Wait a minute.” Seeing that the limelight was being stolen by his buddy, Yang Jinlong quickly said, “Old Huang, where did you say the house was located? I will go take a look at it now. If there is something missing, then you need to compensate the boss immediately.”

Huang Jianye said, “It’s villa number one in Shanghai’s number one district. It is fully decorated. You just need to buy some household appliances and daily necessities.”

After he heard his dad speak, Huang Cailun’s heart suddenly twisted. This house had been left by Huang Jianye for his marriage. Now, it had been given to someone else.

However, there was nothing he could do. He had messed with the wrong person. Now that the matter had been settled, he quietly returned to the hospital with his men.

Xiong Tiejun sped away with Huang Jianye and a dozen of his men. Qin Haodong turned to Jia Shihan and said, “Where do you currently live?”

Jia Shihan said, “I am renting a place!”

With the harshness of Hou Qingzhu and his wife, Jia Shihan’s living environment was probably not that great. Qin Haodong said, “I have a house now, so why don’t you move to my place to live?”

Jia Shihan’s face flushed. She said shyly, “That’s okay. That place is yours, and it’s inconvenient for me to live there.”

“There’s nothing inconvenient about it. You also heard that the place is a villa. There are enough rooms. You just need to choose one.”

What could Jia Shihan say? Qin Haodong said again, “It’s not safe for you to live alone. It would be bad if this couple of dogs were to come and trouble you again.”

Jia Shihan thought about it, then nodded and said, “Okay then. I will have to trouble you!”

“It’s nothing. It would be empty for me to live alone in such a big house!” Qin Haodong then asked, “Is there anything you need from the house you are currently renting?”

Jia Shihan said, “Yes, I need to go there. All my clothes are there.”

“Okay. Let’s go get them now.”

Jia Shihan nodded and said, “Thank you.”

Thinking of the fact that she was going to live in the same house with a man, she still felt a little hot on her cheeks, even though the building was very big.

For some reason, she had a strange feeling of trust toward this man whom she had met for the first time.

Ma Wenzhuo secretly pulled Qin Haodong aside and whispered in his ear, “Boss, you are really my boss. This skill of picking up girls is really the best. As soon as you arrived in Shanghai, you were able to find such a beautiful woman. You even brought her immediately back to your house.

“When will you pass it on to your brother? I have been in Shanghai for such a long time, but I’m still single!”

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