The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 457

Chapter 457 Deceive Oneself

Chapter 457 Deceive Oneself

Qin Haodong said, “What are you thinking? It is the secret pair cultivation method. There are many restrictions. If one can casually reach the Supreme Power Realm, then who would go cultivate?”

Ma Wenzhuo thought about it and agreed. It seemed that relying on Qin Haodong to take shortcuts to advance his cultivation would be impossible.

He laughed playfully again and said, “I was just joking with you. For a self-reliant person like me, I would never rely on others. With my Kylin Holy Body, I will soon be able to surpass you.”

Watching the two people quarrel, Jia Shihan’s expression did not change much. However, there was a faint smile on the corners of her mouth.

At that moment, Yang Jinlong and Xiong Tiejun walked in with a middle-aged woman who looked extremely fashionable.

Yang Jinlong said to Qin Haodong with a flattering expression, “Boss Qin, I saw that sister-in-law didn’t have many clothes, so I hired a fashion designer to tailor some for her, since it might not be appropriate to buy them in the mall.

“You can rest assured that this is the top fashion designer in Shanghai, who is proficient at the antique style. The clothes designed will be very suitable for sister-in-law’s style.”

Xiong Tiejun, who was unwilling to lag behind, said hurriedly, “Boss, sister-in-law is so young and beautiful, she can’t blindly wear ancient style clothes.

“This is the fashion designer I hired who is proficient in the modern style. The clothes she makes will certainly satisfy sister-in-law.”

In their view, the reason why Qin Haodong stepped in to help Jia Shihan was that he had taken a fancy to her beauty. Therefore, they changed the way they addressed her and directly called Jia Shihan “sister-in-law”.

Hearing them say “sister-in-law” one after another, Jia Shihan flushed and stuttered, “Don’t talk nonsense!”

Qin Haodong also said with a serious face, “Your ideas are good, but don’t talk nonsense in the future. Otherwise, I will rip out your mouths.”

“Understood, boss! We understand!”

The two men had a flattering smile on their faces again. In their view, the boss was afraid of Jia Shihan’s shyness, which was why they were not allowed to say it.

Although he scolded the two of them, Qin Haodong felt that their ideas were still good. Right when Jia Shihan was unpacking her bags, Qin Haodong saw that there were only two pieces of clothes, and they were quite old. They were not suitable for modern society. She did not have any underwear or pajamas. It would be good to make some clothes for her.

After Qin Haodong nodded, the two fashion designers immediately showed their respective talents and began to measure Jia Shihan.

Jia Shihan hesitated for a moment, but in the end, did not reject it.

Very quickly, Yang Jinlong and Xiong Tiejun left with the two designers. Before they left, they promised again and again that the clothes would be delivered in the evening.

“I won’t be a lightbulb in your two-person world.”

Ma Wenzhuo said goodbye to them, then left with his people.

The spacious room suddenly quieted down, leaving only Qin Haodong and Jia Shihan.

Jia Shihan became nervous when she faced Qin Haodong alone, as she said awkwardly, “You… you are not thinking the same thing as them, are you?”

“Them?” Qin Haodong reacted for a moment, then understood what Jia Shihan meant and said with a smile, “Don’t worry about that. Not only do I have a girlfriend, but I also have more than one. I definitely don’t have any other thoughts toward you.”

Jia Shihan nervously pinched the corner of her clothes and said, “Then why are you helping me?”

“I just saw you being treated unfairly. Don’t think too much about it. This couldn’t be any more easier for me.”

Looking at Qin Haodong’s clear eyes without any impurities, Jia Shihan was relieved and said gratefully, “Thank you for saving me. Apart from my master, you treat me the best.”

Qin Haodong said, “Don’t worry. Lifting a finger is nothing.”

Jia Shihan said, “How about this? From now on, I will do all the housework in this house. Count it as my rent. I will go cook lunch for you now.”

After suffering for such a long time, it was now the afternoon. Qin Haodong’s morning tea had been digested and he was indeed hungry.

“Okay then. I will wait to taste your cooking skills!”

“My master says I’m a good cook,” Jia Shihan said as she turned around and walked into the kitchen. But she then very quickly came out again, as she bowed her head and said shyly, “Can you teach me how to use these things?”

“Oh!” Qin Haodong was stunned for a moment before he realized that the girl had been living in the mountains and did not know how to use these modern things.

So, he went into the kitchen and taught Jia Shihan how to use modern things such as the rice cooker, the refrigerator, the gas stove, the induction cooktop, and the exhaust hood.

“What do you think? Can you use these things now?”

“I can!” Jia Shihan nodded. “I’m sorry. I have never used these things before. I have troubled you.”

After she spoke, she opened the refrigerator, then took out two tomatoes and started cutting them.

Seeing Jia Shihan busy cooking, Qin Haodong turned around and walked into the bathroom. After the mess all morning, he had a lot of dust on his body. He was going to take a shower and report to the school in the afternoon after lunch.

After he took off his clothes, he was washing happily in the shower when he suddenly heard a scream from the kitchen.

“What’s going on?”

After he heard Jia Shihan scream miserably, Qin Haodong did not care about putting on clothes as he casually grabbed a bath towel to put around his waist and rushed out.

He thought that Hou Qingzhu had come looking for trouble. However, he found that Jia Shihan was on fire when he rushed to the kitchen. Although she continuously slapped herself, the clothes on her body kept springing out with flames.

Without thinking too much, as saving her was the most important, Qin Haodong tore off Jia Shihan’s burning clothes in two or three movements. He then casually drenched her from the head down with a basin of fresh water that was just used to wash vegetables. Only then were the flames on her body put out.

When the danger was lifted, both of them breathed a sigh of relief. However, right at that moment, Jia Shihan screamed again.

It turned out that Qin Haodong had been so eager to save her just now that he had torn off all her ragged clothes, leaving only a bright red belly band and a pair of ragged flower shorts. At that moment, she was exposed in front of Qin Haodong.

Ever since she was a child, she had never faced a man like this. With her hands instinctively covering her chest, who knew that she would touch the skin that had just been burned as she screamed again?

“Don’t move. The skin on your body is injured. You must not move.”

Qin Haodong hurriedly stopped Jia Shihan. As a doctor, he was well aware of the seriousness of skin burns. If she moved around, it would easily cause the injured skin to fall off. It would then become very troublesome to treat.

Jia Shihan, who had just suffered a loss, stood there awkwardly, as she did not know whether to move or not.

Apart from the TV shows, Qin Haodong had never seen a woman wearing a belly band. He could not help taking a few glances.

Currently, the belly band had many holes in it from being burned. Some parts could not cover up her prominent chest. He could not help saying in his heart that he had not realized that this gentle and quiet little girl had such a good body.

However, when he saw Jia Shihan’s burnt skin, he immediately turned serious. He did not expect that in such a short period of time, it would cause such serious burns. She had mild to severe burns from her face to her body.

The burnt skin formed a sharp contrast with the white skin next to it. Looking at it made a person’s heart palpitate.

He asked, “What is going on? Why was it suddenly on fire?”

Jia Shihan endured the sharp pain on her body. She pointed to the gas stove and said, “I don’t know. Just now I wanted to light a fire to cook, but all of a sudden, it lit up.”

Qin Haodong looked at the burning gas stove and immediately realized that although she had learned to light the gas stove, she forgot the sequence. She had turned on the gas first, then gone to pick up the vegetables before igniting the fire. Because she had left it on a little too long, there was a lot of gas leakage. It resulted in a small-scale gas explosion.

At that moment, Jia Shihan yelled nervously, “How is it? Has my face been disfigured? Why does my face hurt so much?”

Although there were several more severe burns on her body, as a woman, she was most concerned about her appearance.

“Don’t worry, it’s fine. I am a doctor. I can heal you quickly!”

After Qin Haodong spoke, he turned off the gas stove and returned to the living room with Jia Shihan.

“You have too much burnt skin on your body. You must not move around. Just stand there and wait for me to come back and treat you.” After Qin Haodong instructed Jia Shihan, he brought hot water, towels, scissors, and other items. Then, he took out a bottle of ointment for the burns from his spirit ring.

This bottle of ointment was originally prepared for the little fellow. It had the unique formula of the Cultivation World, using many precious medicinal materials. It had a magical effect on the treatment of burns.

Jia Shihan said as she saw him take out the ointment, “My face. You have to heal my face first!”

“Don’t worry. Your injuries are not serious. They can all be healed!”

Qin Haodong spoke while he used his finger to gather a little bit of the green ointment. He gently rubbed it on her burnt left cheek. While smearing the ointment, he applied Green Wood Genuine Qi onto it.

Jia Shihan originally felt a burst of heat and pain on her left face. But when Qin Haodong put on the ointment, she immediately felt cool and very comfortable.

She could not help saying, “Brother, your medical skills are amazing.”

“Like I said, it is just a small injury. It will heal soon!”

Qin Haodong spoke while going from up to down, smearing the ointment on Jia Shihan.

With the gradual downward movement, Jia Shihan’s body slowly tightened up. It was because his current position was getting closer and closer to her chest.

Qin Haodong smeared the burns on her neck and shoulders, and then said, “Your belly band interferes with the treatment of the wound. Can you take it off?”

“No, I can’t.”

Jia Shihan screamed as a reflex. If she took off her belly band, her breasts would all be exposed. She had never been seen by anyone else before. Moreover, it was a man.

“But your belly band is stuck to the burnt skin. You can’t treat it if you don’t take it off.” Qin Haodong worked hard to persuade her. “Don’t worry, I am a doctor. The heart of a doctor definitely won’t have other ideas.”

Jia Shihan was still nervous. She said with a light tremble in her voice, “Can you give me the ointment? I will rub it on myself.”

“That’s not possible.” Qin Haodong said, “The skin on the wound on your chest is seriously injured. If you don’t know how to do it then it’s easy to hurt your skin. On the contrary, it will make the injury worse.”

There was one thing he had not explained. It was that this ointment must work with the Green Wood Genuine Qi to be able to achieve the best effect. Although ordinary people could use it to cure burns, the effect would be greatly reduced, and the time for healing the skin would be greatly prolonged.

“But… but…”

Although she knew that this was required for medical treatment, Jia Shihan was still unable to expose her body calmly. The skin on her entire body turned red from nervousness.

Qin Haodong said helplessly as he saw that the little girl was so old fashioned, “How about this? Just close your eyes and think of me as a woman.”

“Oh! Okay then.”

Jia Shihan seemed to have found a way to avoid her shyness. Then she cooperated after closing her eyes.

“That worked?”

Qin Haodong laughed. He had only casually said it and did not expect that the extremely simple little girl would actually listen to him.

What use was it to shut her eyes when he had not shut his eyes? Was this the legendary saying “deceiving oneself”?

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