The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 469

Chapter 469 Evil Is Rewarded With Evil

Chapter 469 Evil Is Rewarded With Evil

Holding the ticket in his hand tightly, Tian Boguang said righteously, "Stop dreaming. Even if I betray my girlfriend, I cant betray Shanshan."

Zhi Fubao laughed and said, "Youre talking like a serious man. You have betrayed your girlfriend so many times"

Just as he was speaking, the smile on his face suddenly froze, and then he let out a scream.

Tian Boguang was shocked. "Whats going on? Fat brother, what are you doing? Are you trying to blackmail me? Let me tell you, I wont give you the ticket no matter what happens."

The people around were also shocked by Zhi Fubaos deafening howl.

"Whats wrong with this buddy? In broad daylight, could it be that he was assaulted?"

Although the voice of that person was not very loud, it clearly reached the ears of a few people.

But at the time, Zhi Fubao couldnt care about it. He grimaced in pain, and his white and clean fat face was swelling. He held his left leg with both hands and jumped up and down on the ground.

Li Meiyu said, "Whats wrong with you?"

Zhi Fubaos face relaxed a little. He pointed to a girl in an exposed sling dress in front of him and said, "She stepped on my foot."

They all looked at the girls feet. She wore a pair of red high heels, which were as high as Li Meiyus. They were more than ten centimeters high.

Looking at the tall and thin high heels which were like nails, they all felt sorry for Zhi Fubao.

Although it was finally September, the weather in Shanghai was very hot. Zhi Fubao only wore a pair of sandals; it would be very painful when he was stepped by those high heels.

At this time, his fat foot had swollen quickly like a pigs trotter. It looked blue and purple, people ended being unable to bear it.

They were looking at the girl, but the girl acted as if she didnt see Zhi Fubao at all. She didnt care about him.

Tian Boguang poked her and said, "Hey, you stepped on my friends foot!"

The girl then turned around, looked at Tian Boguang and Zhi Fubao, and said impatiently, "So what? I didnt do it on purpose. There are so many people here, and his feet are so big. Can you blame me?"

Zhi Fubao was suddenly in a bad mood and said discontentedly, "You stepped on me. Are you blaming me?"

In fact, he wasnt a stingy person. Although he was stepped on, if the girl said sorry, it would be alright. But he did not expect that the woman would be unreasonable. Not only did she not apologize, she was blaming him.

"If I dont blame you, who should I blame? Are you a kid? Youre so old that you cant even watch your own feet. Who can you blame for this?"

After considering, the girl didnt seem to be reconciled. She looked down at her high heels, raised her head and cried, "My shoes are Hermes and worth 70 or 80 thousand yuan. If my shoes are damaged, can you afford it?"

When she said that, she was bold and confident. There was no apology on her face at all. On the contrary, she was full of disgust and indifference. It seemed that she really was blaming him, though it was she who had stepped on Zhi Fubaos foot.

Tian Boguang said angrily, "Young lady, what are you talking about? Do you mean that my friend deliberately stretched his foot to let you step on it?"

"Whats wrong with my words? Its just a small case and not a big deal. You should be happy. If you damage my shoes, you wont be able to afford the compensation."

At this time, she put her hands on her hips, showing a temperament that didnt match her appearance at all. She looked like a quarreling shrew.

Qin Haodong didnt take it seriously at first. If she apologized, it would be alright. But the woman not only refrained from apologizing, but also aggressively scolded Zhi Fubao; that went beyond his bottom line.

But before he could speak, a tall man suddenly approached and said to the girl, "Lingling, what happened?"

The man was wearing a limited edition Armani suit and had a Rolexs watch on his wrist. He looked arrogant.

He asked the girl, "Why are you so angry? Who bullied you?"

The girl pointed at Zhi Fubao and said, "Its that damn fatty who kicked my shoes with his feet. This is the limited edition Hermes high-heeled shoes you bought for me. He cant afford it if my shoes are damaged."

After hearing her words, the man quickly squatted down and touched her white and tender ankle. He said with a distressed face, "It doesnt matter if the shoes are torn. Did you hurt your feet?"

"No, but this fat guy is so annoying. It seems as if I were the one to blame."

After saying that, the woman glared at Zhi Fubao with a face full of disgust.

Hearing the conversation between them, Zhi Fubao was very angered by it. He said, "Who do you mean? You stepped on me, okay? I dont care if your foot is injured or not. My foot is injured. You must give me an explanation!"

With that, he loosened his hand that had been covering his foot, then he pointed to the swollen foot and said, "Look at my foot. My foot is seriously injured."

The man stood up, looked at Zhi Fubao with disdain and said, "Youre a big man. Its not a big deal. Dont you feel ashamed that youre still shouting like that?"

Zhi Fubao was so angry. Just now, the woman was unreasonable and he thought that the man who had arrived would be a little better. But the guy was even more unreasonable.

He said angrily, "You behaved so indifferent after stepping on my foot. Im not asking you to apologize, but you should know your mistakes."

The girl took the mans arm and said, "Guohao, look at how fierce this fat man is. You must teach him a lesson for me!"

Just then, she was a fierce shrew, but in the twinkling of an eye, she turned into a good little girl. That tremendous change made many people shake their heads in secret.

The man patted her on the shoulder and said, "Dear, this kind of person has no manners. Lets not argue with him."

After listening to him, Qin Haodong was so angry that he laughed. He found that he knew little about the world. Some people were so shameless that their behavior went far beyond his imagination.

He stopped Zhi Fubao, who was about to lose his temper, and said to the man, "It was your girlfriend who stepped on my friends foot. How can you say that?"

The man glanced at Qin Haodong and yelled arrogantly, "Boy toy, why are you talking to me? Do you know who I am?"

Qin Haodong said, "I dont need to know who you are. I only know that your woman stepped on my friends foot. You must apologize."

"Why are you asking us to apologize?" The man said arrogantly, "Your friend deserved to be stepped on because he didnt watch his feet. Its not our fault"

As soon as he said that, his face suddenly twisted in pain, letting out a scream and jumping with his left leg in his arms.

Seeing that, Qin Haodong was slightly surprised. He didnt expect that Li Meiyu, who had been silent all the time, would take action. She stepped on the mans instep with her crystal shoes.

The girl quickly held the man and glared at Li Meiyu, shouting, "Are you crazy? Why did you step on him?"

"Dont you feel ashamed? You are a man. How can you shout and make a fuzz like that? Besides, how can you blame me? Its your man who didnt watch his own feet. He deserves to be stepped on. Its not my fault."

Li Meiyu returned all the shameless remarks of the couple just now.


The girls eyes were burning with anger, but she couldnt say anything.

"Elder sister-in-law, youre so awesome. Its time for you to show your strength!"

Tian Boguang immediately gave a thumbs-up sign to Li Meiyu.

Even Zhi Fubao, who had been standing with one leg, burst out laughing. It was so cool. "As the saying goes, pay them back in their own coin. The wicked need to be polished by the wicked!"

Li Meiyu glared at him and said, "What are you saying? Who do you think is wicked?"

Zhi Fubao quickly raised his hand and slapped his fat face. "Im wrong, Im wrong. Sister-in-law, you are doing justice and punishing evil actions."

Li Meiyus face relaxed a little, and she completely forgot to care about her title.

The man favored his foot and shouted at Li Meiyu, "How dare you step on my foot? Do you know who I am?"

Li Meiyu lowered her head and checked her crystal shoes. "No matter who you are, if you damage my shoes, you have to pay for them. But I guess you cant afford them."

The girl cried, "What? Isnt it just a pair of cheap shoes? Can you compare your shoes with mine, a Hermes limited edition?"

Qin Haodong suddenly became speechless. He really didnt understand the world of women. At this time, they were still competing over the price of their shoes.

"Is your Hermes pair remarkable? Is the limited edition valuable?" Li Meiyu said with a proud look, "My pair of crystal shoes were made by the Italian master Popov. Completely handmade. Theres only one pair in the world, and theyre worth 1.2 million yuan."

"How is that possible? Why dont you say that theyre worth 12 million yuan? Your shoes are fake. They cant compare with my shoes at all."

Seeing that the woman was still arguing, Qin Haodong felt a little annoyed. He flexed his index finger and flicked it continuously; two invisible shots broke through the air.

When the shots met the womans shoes, her limited edition high-heeled shoes were broken from at heel.

Such a pair of high heels with a height of more than ten centimeters suddenly broke, and the consequences were very serious. The girl was unable to stand firmly and fell to the ground.

The fall was extremely heavy, and her posture was really special. Her legs were wide open, and the hem of her skirt was lifted to the waist, revealing the lower body to everyones sight.

The eyes of the men around her were wide open. The woman was wearing only a pair of sexy casual panties.

They were very revealing, since their size was very small. They were just for decoration, and the material was still transparent. It looked as if she wasnt wearing anything.

It led them to think that the couple was going to do something after the concert, so she wore her sexy lingerie under the sling skirt.

"What the hell? This woman is so rude."

"Shes wearing such fancy panties underneath. Shes so rude"

Qin Haodong didnt care about it. He said to the woman teasingly, "Whats wrong with the quality of your Hermes limited-edition high-heeled shoes? The heels broke so easily. Are they fake?"

The girl had no time to care about Qin Haodongs sarcasm at the time. She quickly got up from the ground and tidied up the skirt, but the pair of high-heeled shoes had become flat shoes. The situation looked too embarrassing.

Both Zhi Fubao and Tian Boguang were laughing so hard that tears were about to flow down their faces.

Although good will be rewarded with good and evil will be rewarded with evil, retribution came too fast. It really was a slap in her face.

The man was stepped on by Li Meiyu as soon as he showed off. Just when the woman was boasting how great and valuable her high heels were, in the blink of an eye, her shoes were broken. God really had eyes.

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