The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 480

Chapter 480 Run For Class Monitor

Chapter 480 Run for Class Monitor

"Pah Pah Pah Pah"

The influence of a beautiful teacher was great in a classroom with more men than women. There would be a burst of applause no matter what she said!

Zhi Fubao clapped his chubby hands desperately. He was deeply regretful at the moment; he wouldnt have chosen a seat in the last row if he had known that the supervisor was so beautiful.

Although he was full of respect for his teacher, everyone loved beauty; it was good to take a few more looks at her.

Tian Boguang, who was next to him, complained, "What a dumb idea! Bullshit! You want to attack now? Can you do it?"

Although Zhang Xiaoyan was very beautiful, she was not a vase. She had rich experience in managing classes and was very capable in setting up jobs.

In less than half an hour, she had already explained the work of the new semester clearly. At the end she said with a smile, "Today is the first day of our formal meeting, so we are not familiar with each other yet. Next, please come on stage one by one to introduce yourselves."

Since there was a beautiful teacher who livened up the atmosphere, the enthusiasm in the class was at an unprecedented high. The men who were most eager to perform began to introduce themselves one by one. Some of them had a great flow of speech and took the opportunity to show off their eloquence, while others were extremely nervous. They even said their own names wrong, which made the crowd laugh.

Right then, a tall and handsome boy walked onto the podium. After greedily glancing at Li Meiyu and Su Hui, he said, "Hello, my classmates. Let me introduce myself. My name is Fang Zhaoping.

"I have been an excellent student since primary school. My grades have always been at the top three in the whole school. I was ranked ninth in all of Shanghais college entrance examinations of this year.

"Before that, I have won second place at the math Olympics competition three times, the second place in physics and third place in chemistry"

This Fang Zhaoping talked non-stop. Tian Boguang leaned against Qin Haodong and said, "Boss, this guy is not introducing himself at all. Hes just showing. Is it necessary to be so obvious?

"People should always be modest. Its not a big deal to get a few awards. Ive had dozens of girlfriends since I was a child. Should I go and talk about them one by one on stage?"

Zhi Fubao also said, "Yeah, he is so good with all that showing off. I guess he must be coveting my sister-in-law and Su Hui."

Qin Haodong smiled but didnt say anything. He had already seen that Fang Zhaopings purpose of showing off was to attract Li Meiyu and Su Huis attention.

As Fang Zhaoping talked about himself, he glanced at Li Meiyu and Su Hui from time to time. He thought it would be good that one of those two extremely beautiful women was attracted to him.

He continued to say, "The reason why I applied for the School of Chinese medicine with such a high score is that I came from a well-known family of traditional Chinese medicine. My grandfather is one of the leading doctors of traditional Chinese medicine in our Medical College. On the other hand, I came here to pursue Su Hui."

After the guy showed off, he began to bare his love for Su Hui in public. The rest of the class looked at their supervisor Zhang Xiaoyan at the same time.

Zhang Xiaoyan wore a smile on her face. It could be seen that her thoughts were still very avant-garde. She did not stop Fang Zhaoping.

"Su Hui and I were classmates before. She is my favorite girl since she was a child. I will go wherever she goes. I hope that one day I can win her favor!"

Finally, after saying that, he took a deep look in the direction of Su Hui and Li Meiyu, and then he walked down from the podium.

Although Fang Zhaopings words were not bad, the audience was silent after he finished speaking. There was no applause.

The reason was very simple. There were only two girls in the class, and everyone was thinking about them. He expressed his love for Su Hui in the open. It was obvious that he was the rival of the other 36 boys in love. Who would be stupid enough to applaud for him?

As for the two female classmates, Li Meiyu just took a look at Su Hui with great interest, while Su Hui acted as if she didnt hear his words. Her expression was still calm, without any happiness, excitement, emotion, or any change at all.

Zhang Xiaoyan seemed to be very interested in this calm female classmate. After Fang Zhaoping, she directly asked Su Hui to introduce herself on the stage.

Seeing Su Hui standing gracefully on the podium, everyones interest was aroused. They didnt know how this girl would react after Fang Zhaoping bared his love to her.

Given Fang Zhaopings talent, if he was put in other classes, a group of girls would like him. They didnt know if Su Hui would accept or refuse.

Under everyones gazes, Su Hui began to introduce herself. "Hello, everyone, Im Su Hui.

"My situation is very simple, because since primary school, I have always been Fang Zhaopings classmate. The reason why he said that he was always among the top three in the whole school was because Ive always been first place. The reason why he only achieved second place in the other competitions was because I had also won first place in them.

"There have been many boys who have tried to pursue me over the years, but I refused them all. There are conditions to be my boyfriend. First of all, his level of traditional Chinese medicine should be higher than mine. Second, he should make me admire him.

"Thats all. Thank you all."

After finishing her words, Su Hui strode down the podium and returned to her seat.

Unlike moments before, the classroom was immediately filled with a thunderous applause after she finished speaking; everyone was cheering.

After the applause died down, many people began to sigh secretly. It seemed that there was no hope for them to pursue such an excellent girl.

A faint smile appeared on Qin Haodongs face. How could a girl with such a personality refuse Fang Zhaoping in such a tough way? Not only she refused his love, but also gave him a hard slap in the face. It seemed that she was annoyed by Fang Zhaopings pestering.

On the other hand, Fang Zhaopings face was very gloomy. He knew that Su Hui would very likely reject him, because she had not accepted him after so many years. However, he didnt expect that Su Hui would directly slap him in the face.

As they continued to introduce themselves, Zhi Fubao and Tian Boguang went to the podium one after another. As expected, many people burst into laughter after they said their names. Even Su Hui, who had been calm all the time, curled her lips slightly.

The last one was Qin Haodong. He was at the Medical College because of a mission, so he didnt want to say too much. He just said a few words and returned to his seat.

Seeing that all classmates had finished their self-introductions, Zhang Xiaoyan went back to the podium and said, "We just met each other, so we dont know each other well. Now I recommend a temporary class monitor, who will be responsible for a month. One month later, when you become familiar with each other, we will vote for class monitor again."

After hearing the supervisors words, many peoples eyes flashed with eagerness. On the one hand, many people were attracted to the class leaders. On the other hand, as long as they could be chosen as the monitor of the Chinese medicine class, they would fully prove their abilities and might have a chance to catch the eye of one of the beauties.

However, everyone knew that becoming monitor was not so simple. There had to be some conditions.

Sure enough, Zhang Xiaoyan continued to say, "The class monitor is very important to a class. Even the temporary class monitors selection cant be too casual. Well, everyone is a student of Chinese medicine. I have a question. Students who are interested in being the class monitor are going to recite Sun Zimiaos "The Proficiency and Honesty of Great Doctors" on the podium. Whoever can recite it best will be our class monitor."

"The Proficiency and Honesty of Great Doctors?"

After Zhang Xiaoyan finished her words, the eagerness in many peoples eyes disappeared immediately.

"What is this?"

At first, Zhi Fubao and Tian Boguang had wanted to perform on the podium. But now, they looked at each other. It was the first time for them to hear the name of the book that their teacher had mentioned.

There were many people present who were just ordinary college entrance examination students. There were very few children like Fang Zhaoping who came from a family of Chinese Medicine practitioners. They had been studying mathematics, physics, and so on in the past. They had never recited "The Proficiency and Honesty of Great Doctors" or had never even heard of it.

Moreover, "The Proficiency and Honesty of Great Doctors" was neither a prescription nor a medical skill. Even famous Chinese medicine practitioners seldom recited it.

Seeing this situation, Fang Zhaopings eyes flashed with excitement. The condition proposed by the supervisor was creating an opportunity for him.

He came into contact with Chinese medicine when he was a child. His grandfather had once forced him to recite "The Proficiency and Honesty of Great Doctors." Although he had already forgotten most of it, he would definitely have an advantage over others and even surpass Su Hui, who was always better than him.

Just before she finished speaking, Zhang Xiaoyan said to the audience, "What do you think? Do you want to have a try?"

"Teacher, Ill go first!"

Fang Zhaoping excitedly walked to the podium, sweeping away his depression after just being slapped on the face.

"As a good doctor, one must have a soothing mind. One should have no desires, first release great compassion and swear he is willing to save the pain of the people"

He started to recite quickly, but gradually became rusty, and he could only memorize a third of it intermittently.

But this had already made other students envious, as if they had heard the Tomes of the Arcane. Although this guy was a little bit pretentious and arrogant, he did have some ability to recite that thing.

Under the envious and jealous gazes of many students, Fang Zhaoping proudly walked down the podium; he glanced at Su Hui and Li Meiyu, and then returned to his seat.

In his opinion, he had basically won the position of monitor.

Zhang Xiaoyan nodded and said, "Fang Zhaoping did a good job. Who else can come here to recite?"

The audience immediately fell silent, but everyones eyes converged on Su Hui at the same time.

This girl had said that Fang Zhaoping could only win second place in everything. They didnt know whether she could overshadow him this time.

"Teacher, let me give it a try"

Su Hui stepped onto the podium without any bashfulness.

Over the years, she was become truly annoyed by Fang Zhaopings advances. She would never give this guy any chance to hope.

"As a good doctor, one must have a soothing mind. Dont worry about the future, think of the good and the bad. Protect peoples lives"

Since it was a book that had been handed down for hundreds of generations, Su Hui was obviously more familiar with it than Fang Zhaoping. She quickly recited the part that Fang Zhaoping had just recited, and continued to recite it without stopping.

After half of the book was recited, Su Hui slowly stopped a few minutes later. This medical giant could only memorize half of it.

Seeing that he had been surpassed again, Fang Zhaoping showed anger and unwillingness on his face. This smart and beautiful girl, like a goblin, always had to suppress him.

The classroom was filled with thunderous applause when Su Hui stepped down from the podium. Everyone cheered for her wonderful performance.

Zhi Fubao poked Qin Haodong and said, "Boss, can you go to the podium and have a try? As long as you can be the monitor, those two beautiful women will definitely look at you with new eyes."

Tian Boguang also said, "Yes, Boss. According to my understanding of womens psychology, their favorite is an outstanding boy. Su Hui said that her boyfriend has to be stronger than her."

Those two guys couldnt do it themselves, so they staked all their hopes on Qin Haodong. Subconsciously, they felt that their boss was almost omnipotent.

Qin Haodong smiled and shook his head. He wasnt interested in being in the limelight at all, and he never thought about chasing Su Hui.

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