The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 482

Chapter 482 Miss Zhou's Boyfriend

Chapter 482 Miss Zhou’s Boyfriend

Liu Yue looked at the beautiful girl in front of her and asked, “Sister, do you know what’s going on?”

“Here’s the thing…”

Li Meiyu took Liu Yue to the corridor and told her what had happened from beginning to end. “Sister, can you help Haodong? He was really defending himself.”

“I can’t believe such a thing happened,” Liu Yue frowned and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll think of a way to deal with this matter.”

After that, she went downstairs and went back to the car. She took out her mobile phone and dialed Zhou Xinzhu’s phone number. “I arrived at the Shanghai Medical College, but Qin Haodong was just taken away by the police.”

She told Zhou Xinzhu what Li Meiyu had told her again and then said, “Miss, do we need to help Qin Haodong?”

“Yes, of course!” Zhou Xinzhu said decisively, “Go to the Shanghai Public Security Bureau on behalf of the Zhou family to find Director Dong. Ask him to find out about this matter immediately and give Qin Haodong justice.”

She was a grateful person. Qin Haodong had just saved her the night before, so he had to help him.

Moreover, her current situation could not be delayed. When she called Qin Haodong just now, he didn’t say anything about the efficacy of the medicine. It could be troublesome if she took too long without eating the second pill.

From this point of view, she had to rescue Qin Haodong as soon as possible and get the red Chest Shaping Pill in his hand.

“Yes, Miss. I’ll go right away.”

After saying that, Liu Yue immediately ordered the driver to go straight to the Shanghai Public Security Bureau.

As one of the three top aristocratic families, the Zhou family enjoyed a high standing in Shanghai. It had a great influence on both economy and politics.

Even if Liu Yue was Zhou Xinzhu’s assistant, she went directly to Director Dong Bicheng’s office without any notice when she arrived at the Shanghai Public Security Bureau.

“Miss Yue, why are you so free today? Are you here to visit your Uncle Dong?”

Dong Bicheng was very polite to Liu Yue, because Liu Yue always represented Zhou Xinzhu wherever she went. If he offended the Zhou family, his position as director of the Public Security Bureau would be lost.

“Uncle Dong, I’m here today to ask you for help.”

“Don’t be so polite to me. You can talk to me if you need anything. As long as I can do it, I will definitely do it for you.”

“Uncle Dong, I have a friend who was taken away by the police in the university campus…”

Liu Yue told him how Qin Haodong was attacked by gangsters and how he was taken away by the police. Then she continued to say, “Uncle Dong, my friend is indeed responsible for acting in self-defense but the matter was dealt in a way that wronged him. He has barely registered in college. If this matter is not handled well, it will have a great impact on him.”

At this point, she whispered in Dong Bicheng’s ear, “The most important thing is that he is Miss Zhou’s boyfriend.”

That was the method Liu Yue came up with on the way there. In order to save Qin Haodong as soon as possible and get the Chest Shaping Pill, she had to give him a special identity.

Anyway, she had already misunderstood that Qin Haodong was Miss Zhou’s boyfriend before, so she just needed to do it again.

Sure enough, this method worked. Dong Bicheng immediately jumped up from his chair when he heard that Zhou Xinzhu’s boyfriend had been mistakenly arrested by his men.

“I really don’t know how these guys handled the case!” Dong Bicheng patted his chest and said, “Yue, don’t worry. Let’s go to the police station in the university campus now. Uncle Dong will definitely give you justice.”Visit website

Liu Yue smiled. That was what she wanted. “Thank you, Uncle Dong.”

Dong Bicheng called his secretary and followed Liu Yue’s team to the police station in the university campus.

The middle-aged policeman directly led Qin Haodong into the interrogation room of the police station without handcuffing him. He just had Qin Haodong sit on the iron stool in the room.

He took the pen and paper and was ready to interrogate Qin Haodong. However, as soon as he sat down, he frowned and said to the policeman next to him, “Zhang, go and make a mixture with this material. My cervical spondylopathy is acting up again. It’s causing me a severe headache every time I lower my head.”

Qin Haodong said, “Officer, it’s not a serious illness. It will be completely cured in a few minutes if I treat you.”

The middle-aged policeman looked up at him and reprimanded, “Young man, don’t talk nonsense. Today is the first day of your college life. I’m afraid you haven’t learned enough yet. How could you cure my cervical spondylopathy?”

Qin Haodong smiled and said, “I have my family’s medical skills. I came to the school just to continue my studies.

“If I’m right, your cervical spondylopathy is also an old problem. It wasn’t very serious before. Three months ago, it suddenly began to worsen. You felt dizzy and had a headache, then sometimes you felt nauseous.

“Am I right? As long as you believe me, your cervical spondylopathy will be cured in a few minutes.”

The middle-aged policeman was slightly stunned. His illness was completely described by Qin Haodong, but he still shook his head and said, “I’ve already gone to the hospital. The doctor said that there is no way to cure it. I can only recuperate slowly.”

“That’s what an incompetent doctor would say. You must have gone to a hospital that works with western medicine. Western medicine doctors really haven’t found ways to treat such a chronic disease.”

Qin Haodong stood up and went straight to the middle-aged policeman. “Give me three minutes and I will give you a surprise.”

Seeing that the middle-aged policeman was still hesitant, he said again, “Being in the station, you’re not afraid of me attacking you. Are you?”

Seeing the confidence on Qin Haodong’s face, the middle-aged policeman thought for a moment and said, “Well, you can give it a try.”


“I’ll deal with it in a few minutes. It won’t take long,” Qin Haodong said as he placed his right hand on the middle-aged policeman’s neck. With the Green Wood Genuine Qi and his unique massage technique, it was really a piece of cake to treat a cervical spondylosis.

He first dredged the blocked meridians in the neck, and then he reset the slightly dislocated bones with a few cracks.

After patting on the neck a few times, he said, “Well, your cervical illness has been completely cured. As long as you give a reasonable use to your cervical vertebrae in the future, it would be alright.”

“This fast?”

The middle-aged policeman a great comforting sensation in his neck, as if he had unloaded a weight of dozens of kilograms. He stood up and stretched his body. Indeed, all the headache and dizziness had disappeared, and he was not sick anymore.

“You’re amazing, young man. Your medical skills are amazing!”

“It was a piece of cake.”

Qin Haodong smiled and turned back to the young policeman next to him and said, “If I’m right, your left shoulder was injured once; you suffer from periarthritis humeroscapularis because of an improper treatment. It hurts badly when it rains on a cloudy day, or if you exert too much strength, right?”

“Yes… yes… It’s true. My arm was injured during my training, and then it worsened as you said.”

The young policeman said excitedly, “Little brother, can you cure my disease?”

“It’s just a minor ailment. It’ll be cured in a minute,” Qin Haodong said, and then he began to treat that young policeman.


The reason why he treated those two policemen in succession was to buy time. He knew that the Zhou family would soon come to save him. After all, Zhou Xinzhu’s illness was obvious and it could not be delayed.

Five minutes later, the young policeman stretched his arms. When he did this in the past, he would feel an extreme pain, but he didn’t feel anything at all after the treatment, as if he hadn’t been hurt.

He said gratefully, “Little brother, your medical skills are really amazing.”

“It’s okay, it’s okay. It’s just a minor problem.”

Then Qin Haodong sat in his chair once again.

The illness of the two people had been cured, and their attitude towards Qin Haodong had immediately changed. The middle-aged policeman sighed and said, “Young man, I know what’s going on with this case, but this was deputy superintendent Zhao’s order, and I can’t do anything about it.

“Well, I can lend you the phone. If you have any friend who can help you in Shanghai, call him quickly. Otherwise, I’ll have to send you three to the detention center today.”

Qin Haodong smiled and said, “It doesn’t matter. Someone will come to help me later. Your deputy director will be discharged.”

The middle-aged policeman frowned slightly and said, “Young man, don’t underestimate our Deputy Superintendent Zhao. He has something to do with the…”

While they were talking, the door of the interrogation room was suddenly pushed open. A middle-aged policeman in his 40s came in, followed by Zhong Anguo and the skinny leader of the gangsters that day.

The middle-aged policeman’s name was Zhao Lisheng. He was Zhong Anguo’s uncle. He was also the deputy superintendent of the police station at the campus.

He landed the deputy superintendent position because of Zhong Anguo’s father. So, when Zhong Anguo asked him to arrest a student, he immediately agreed without hesitation.

After Zhao Li Sheng entered the door, he frowned and said to the middle-aged policeman, “Li, what’s going on? Why wasn’t the suspect handcuffed when you arrested him?”

The middle-aged policeman said, “Deputy superintendent Zhao, I haven’t figured out the situation yet, so I didn’t handcuff him.”

Zhao Lisheng said discontentedly, “What else do you want to ask? You have seen the injured people. It was these people who beat them. Just do some procedures and send them to the detention center.”


The middle-aged policeman hesitated for a moment and said, “Deputy superintendent Zhao, I don’t think it’s appropriate to do so. I think it’s better to gradually investigate the facts.”

“Li, when did you become so hesitant?” Zhao Li Sheng waved his hand. “How about this, both of you go out. I will handle this case myself. They are just two students who have just come to register. It’s not a big deal.”

The police sighed and left the interrogation room with the young policeman.

When they walked out of the interrogation room, the middle-aged policeman took out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket, taking out one and throwing it to the young policeman. Then they started smoking together.

The policeman said indignantly, “Obviously, it’s Deputy superintendent Zhao’s nephew who bullied a college student with hooligans, and now he wants to arrest him and send him to the detention center. Quite the bully if you ask me.”

He was originally a right-minded young man with a sense of justice. Qin Haodong had cured his shoulder injury moments before, so he was indignant about the matter.

“Wang, you haven’t been in the service for a long time. There are some things that we can’t manage.”

The middle-aged policeman placed the cigarette in his mouth. He took a deep drag and said, “This young man is a good person, but this time deputy superintendent Zhao is determined to throw his weight around for his nephew’s sake. I hope that this young man’s family has some connections, otherwise it will be really troublesome…”

Just then, his face suddenly froze.

The young policeman looked in the direction where he was looking and saw seven or eight cars driving into the police station. At the front was the director of the Public Security Bureau, Dong Bicheng’s car. Behind it was a luxury motorcade. Each one of them was worth more than several million yuan.

After the motorcade was parked, the head of the Public Security Bureau, Dong Bicheng, was the first to get out. There was a beautiful woman in her 20s beside him.

The young policeman said in surprise, “Brother Li, why is the director here?”

The middle-aged policeman’s hand, which was holding a cigarette, began to tremble. He said excitedly, “The young man just said that deputy superintendent Zhao was at the end of his career. Now it seems that he was telling the truth!”

He secretly rejoiced. Fortunately, he didn’t make any excessive movements against the young man just then. Otherwise, he would have been as unlucky as Zhao Lisheng!

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