The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 484

Chapter 484 Amazing Praiseamazing Praise

Chapter 484 Amazing Praise

Qin Haodong said, “I don’t know who you are, but I don’t have many friends in Shanghai. Only Miss Zhou, Zhou Xinzhu, has the ability to invite the director of the Public Security Bureau.

“Also, she made a phone call before, wanting to send someone to pick up the medicine. I’m guessing little miss is here to pick up the medicine.”

“I didn’t expect for someone as handsome as you to be so smart,” Liu Yue smiled and said, “Let me introduce myself. I am Liu Yue, Xinzhu’s assistant. You can call me Sister Xiao Yue in the future.”

Qin Haodong nodded, “Sister Xiao Yue, thank you for your help.”

“No problem. You helped our miss, so I should naturally help you.”

Qin Haodong brought out two small jade bottles from his pocket. He first grabbed one and said, “Sister Xiao Yue, this red pill is for Miss Zhou. Get her to take it as soon as possible.”

Then he grabbed the second small jade bottle, “This is another breast enhancement pill. If Miss Zhou is not satisfied with her figure, she can take this one as well.

“Every time she takes a pill with this medicine, it can help her increase a cup size. However, you have to tell Miss Zhou that she needs to take the two types of pills together. Otherwise, it will be very troublesome.”

Liu Yue looked at the two small jade bottles in her hands and her eyes glowed. Every woman longed for a good figure. Although she often showed off in front of Zhou Xinzhu, she only had a cup size A. If she could have this elixir, then it would at least increase to a cup size B.

But no matter what, she was also a woman. Since she had just met Qin Haodong for the first time, she was a little embarrassed to ask for the elixir. Therefore, she bit her lip and refrained to ask for it in the end.

Qin Haodong seemed to have read her mind, as he pulled out another small jade bottle from his pocket, “Sister Xiao Yue, thank you for helping me this time around. This is for you!”

Liu Yue immediately took the small jade bottle with a smile on her face. She had personally witnessed the magic of that medicine on Zhou Xinzhu. It seemed that increasing a cup size was just around the corner for her.

“Thank you, brother!”

“You’re welcome,” said Qin Haodong, “It’s just two elixir pills. It can’t compare with Sister Xiao Yue’s help.”

“Brother, you have such a sweet mouth.”

Liu Yue was very satisfied with Qin Haodong’s performance. She took out a business card and gave it to him. “In the future, no matter what happens in Shanghai, you can call me,” said Liu Yue.

When Qin Haodong took the business card from her, Liu Yue added, “Brother, I’m afraid that the young miss will become anxious from waiting, so I won’t send you back to the school. I will go back now to deliver the medicine to her.”

“No worries. It’s not far from here. We can call a taxi.”

Qin Haodong walked out of the interrogation room after saying goodbye to Liu Yue. At the same time, Zhi Fubao and Tian Boguang had also been released.

When the two of them saw Qin Haodong, they immediately ran over and said, “Boss, what’s going on? Why did they suddenly let us go?”

“That’s normal, as we were indeed wronged. The police has found out the truth already, so of course they should let us go.”

There were some things that Qin Haodong did not want his two brothers to know, so he added, “You two have suffered. I will treat you guys to lunch. Let’s find a big restaurant to have a good meal.”

With that, he placed his arms around their shoulders and walked towards a luxurious restaurant opposite the police station.

Through this incident, the feelings between the three of them had become much deeper. Qin Haodong’s understanding of those two had also been deepened.

Zhi Fubao’s character was generous and righteous, and he was willing to help a friend at the loss of one’s life. Although Tian Boguang was a bit lewd and his character a bit cowardly, he was still reliable during critical times.

At the Jiangnan Medical College, Zhang Xiaoyan waited for two hours before the principal, Hou Wenbin, returned to the office after the meeting in the city.

“What can I do for you, Miss Zhang?” Hou Wenbin asked.

“Principal, it’s like this…” Zhang Xiaoyan told the story of how Qin Haodong and the others had been taken away by the police, and then said, “Principal, I think these children are still pretty good, especially the one named Qin Haodong. Originally, I wanted him to be the class monitor. However, now that this kind of thing has happened, do you think our school should communicate with the police station?”

Hou Wenbin thought about it and said, ” Since they were taken to the police station, there must be a reason for it. We should not get involved in this too much.

“Moreover, there have been too many accidents among the freshmen this year. Our school has always been very strict, so now we must strictly take care of things. If these people really have some problems, then they should be immediately expelled.”

As the principal of a school, he had too many things to take care of, so he didn’t pay attention to those freshmen at all.

Since the principal had made his decision clear, Zhang Xiaoyan had no choice but to leave the principal’s office.

Right after she left, Hou Wenbin’s phone rang. He looked at it and saw it was his old classmate, Dong Bicheng.

“Old classmate, how come you have time today to call me?”

Dong Bicheng said, “Old Hou, we have a case here that involves the students from your school, so I called to give you a heads up…”

As he spoke, he talked about Qin Haodong’s case from beginning to end. Finally, he said, “The matter has been cleared. The three students led by Qin Haodong from your school had been wronged. Also, they even dared to fight against the dark forces of society. I think your school should commend them.

“We’ve already written a commendatory letter. It will be faxed to you right away.”

Hou Wenbin frowned. Things were already made clear. Qin Haodong was wrongly accused.

But who was Dong Bicheng? He was the boss of the whole police force in Shanghai. Did such a small case require his attention? Could there be something special about this case?

Sure enough, Dong Bicheng continued on to say, “Old Hou, the member of our personnel who made such a mistake has been strictly dealt with. Not only has he been stripped of his position, he has also been fired from the police force. As for your side, what you do will be up to you.

“As an old classmate, I want to warn you that the freshman named Qin Haodong is the boyfriend of Miss Zhou from the Zhou family, Zhou Xinzhu.”

It was only then that Hou Wenbin suddenly realized why Dong Bicheng paid so much attention to such a small case. It turned out to be because of this factor.

“I understand old classmate. Thank you for warning me.”

After he hung up the phone, Hou Wenbin slowly began to contemplate things.

The Zhou family was one of the three major families in Shanghai. Every year, they would make a huge donation to the Medical College. Since the matter involved Zhou Xinzhu’s boyfriend, he had to be cautious.

As for Qin Haodong, he had to be commended regarding this matter, in order to please Miss Zhou.

That student named Zhong Anguo had colluded with off-campus hooligans to beat up the students of this school. Normally, he would have been given a chance to stay in school with a probation, but since that close-minded guy had provoked Miss Zhou’s boyfriend, he could only be expelled.

At two in the afternoon, the opening ceremony for the freshmen of Shanghai Medical College was held inside the school auditorium. President Hou Wenbin and the other school leaders sat on the podium together.

Just when everyone thought that the opening ceremony would be as boring as it always was, Hou Wenbin, the principal, spoke first.

“In today’s opening ceremony, I first would like to announce one thing. Earlier this morning, I had a meeting in the city. The city leaders asked our school to strengthen our management of our students and enforce campus discipline, so that a person who endangers others does not appear.”

As soon as Hou Wenbin spoke, Zhang Xiaoyan’s heart sank. It seemed that the school was going to seriously deal with Qin Haodong and the others.

Next to her, there was a smirk on Fang Zhaoping’s face. The kid who had stolen his limelight was doomed to meet a bad end. It seemed that the principal was going to expel that kid.

“So what if he could memorize ‘The Proficiency and Honesty of Great Doctors?’ So what if he showed amazing skills? Let’s see if he can still compete with me in the future.”

Other students in the class also seemed to have realized what the principal was trying to say. The most important thing was that Qin Haodong and the other two had not returned yet. Seeing the seriousness of the matter, they could not help but sigh.

Hou Wenbin continued to talk with a serious expression, “As students of our Jiangnan Medical College, they actually colluded with off-campus citizens to beat up the freshmen of our school.

“Fortunately, the three freshmen from our school were fearless and had the courage to fight. Not only did they catch the black sheep of our school, they also helped society to get rid of the pest.

“As soon as these freshmen came to our school, they received a recommendation letter from the Shanghai Public Security Bureau. They won honor and glory for our school. This is an example for all the teachers and students of our school to learn from.

“Now, I would like to announce the names of these three freshmen. They are Qin Haodong, Zhi Fubao and Tian Boguang from the Department of Chinese Medicine Practitioners.”

As soon as the principal finished speaking, the whole auditorium suddenly became noisy. Some people were shocked by the news, while others laughed after hearing the names Zhi Fubao and Tian Boguang.

The teachers and students from the Department of Chinese Medicine Practitioners opened their mouths wide in surprise. None of them had expected this result. Instead of being dealt with, Qin Haodong and the other two had actually earned praise from the principal.

Afterwards, everyone began to applaud enthusiastically. Only Fang Zhaoping looked disappointed. Just earlier, he was looking forward to Qin Haodong’s dismissal, yet now, he had become a role model for the entire school.

Motioning for everyone to be silent, Hou Wenbin continued, “Now, I would like to announce how the school will be handling this incident.

“Zhong Anguo, a third year college student who didn’t want to improve himself, colluded with citizens outside the school. He has seriously violated the school rules and discipline, and has made a bad impact on the school. According to the management regulations of Shanghai Medical College, we have decided to expel him from our school.

“As for the freshmen Qin Haodong, Zhi Fubao and Tian Boguang, the school will give them a commendation letter to reward them. At the same time, we will give Qin Haodong a bonus of 10,000 yuan, and give Zhi Fubao and Tian Boguang 5,000 yuan each. We will also waive all their fees for the next four years.”

After Hou Wenbin announced the results, the entire auditorium was boiling again.

The actions that the school decided to take were beyond everyone’s expectations. The punishment had never been as severe as this. Zhong Anguo was not given any chances and was directly expelled.

As for Qin Haodong and the other two, their rewards were pretty amazing. Not only were they given a commendation letter, they were also given a generous reward bonus, and had their four years of fees waived.

Li Meiyu and the others applauded warmly, while Fang Zhaoping’s face became gloomy and frightening. He had thought that he would become the Department of Chinese Medicine Practitioners’ pride after entering college. However, as soon as school started, he had been completely robbed of the limelight by that kid.

“Next, let’s invite Qin Haodong and the other two students onto the podium.”

After Hou Wenbin finished speaking, Qin Haodong and the other two walked onto the podium while wearing a red flower. No wonder they had not appeared among the Chinese Medicine Practitioners group. They were taken to the office early in the morning to prepare for the award.

Qin Haodong was very indifferent towards that kind of recognition, while Zhi Fubao and Tian Boguang were quite excited about winning this honor right at the beginning of school. In the future, they could boast about it with their parents and classmates. It seemed that they had a bright future ahead of them if they followed the boss.

Hou Wenbin personally presented the awards and bonuses to the three of them. Then, after taking a photo as a souvenir, they stepped off the podium amid the applause.

The three of them returned to the group of students from the Department of Chinese Medicine Practitioners. After they returned, the students in their class applauded thunderously.

Zhi Fubao and Tian Boguang sneered. One stood to the right of Fang Zhaoping, while the other stood on the left.

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